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Title: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: puddin on April 21, 2005, 11:02:47 PM
Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out

NEW YORK, April 21, 2005

Janu Tornell snuffed her own torch after being faced with an ethical ultimatum in "Survivor: Palau." (Photo: CBS)

"She's crazy; she is a crazy person."
Katie Gallagher, on Janu Tornell

Will Superwoman Steph have the skills to sway her teammates not to vote her off next episode?

(CBS) She lurked in the background and lounged in the hammock. Twenty-one days on the island and she didn't know how to use a flint.

This is the story of Janu Tornell, former stage dancer from the neon-lit clubs of Las Vegas. Episode 10 of "Survivor: Palau" picks up on this story to narrate two days in the life of Janu.

At this point, her cheeks had hollowed. So had her spirit. She thought she'd have been voted off days, or even weeks ago.

"Last night Coby was voted off, and I had no words," Janu said, making it clear she thought she'd been in the bull's eye position for castoff. "I felt betrayed, because I had no idea."

"Betrayal," is a euphemistic description of the rift between Janu and the rest of the team. Katie Gallagher, who is quickly becoming island the gossip queen, said more bluntly: "She's crazy; she is a crazy person."

Challenge I: Reward
Janu struggled through the reward challenge more heartily than she typically performs. He strong team of Firefighter Tom Weston and tough-Alpha male Gregg Carey competed against the young women and Ian Rosenberger to construct a tower of heavy metal scaffolding in the water. The reward: a Palauan feast at a tribal meeting house. Served: local beer (which elicited a giddy smile from Jenn), a meal (Steph sighs) and a dessert (Ian groans in anticipation).

The scaffolding wasn't easy to maneuver in the water, and as host Jeff Probst so kindly noted, each tribe was only as fast as their slowest member. Janu seemed to be the weak in one group, and Jeff repeatedly singled Katie out as the slowest member of other.

Despite dealing with the lagging, lanky Janu, the team comprised of Tom, Gregg, Caryn and Janu built their tower and won the meal. The elicitors of groans, sighs and smiles stayed behind.


"I'd never been in the presence of a real chief," Caryn said as the Palauan tribe leader placed a flower crown on her head and blessed her.

As they sat down to eat, the four left all tribal politics at the door.

But Janu's stomach couldn't handle the delicacies of the island. They weren't anything like the unhatched duck fetuses some castaways gagged on in an earlier episode. Corn, doughnuts, chicken … doesn't seem too hard to stomach. But the audience was subjected to watching her running out of the tribal leader's hut, ducking behind some brush, and vomiting it up. The leaders, and her fellow castaways, didn't seem too pleased at the bulimic behavior (and show of disrespect to the tribe).

Challenge II: Immunity
The tide rose, and the castaways were challenged to stay behind bars as long as possible, underwater. First one out would be banished to an isolated island with just water and a flint for the night. Last one remaining would win immunity.

But before the tide rose, before it was invading their breathing room, Jeff asked Janu how she'd feel about being alone for a night. "Which would be worse, that or staying in the cold water?" Janu visibly shivered. She went under and ducked out of the cage.

One by one, the others ran out of breathing space. Tom, Gregg and Ian seemed to pinch their faces more aptly between the bars of the cage than the women. Was it big noses or endurance that kept them up? Well, Tom won.

Just like last episode.


Janu looked almost delighted to be on a different island than her fellow castaways.

"This is a challenge for me, but I needed time away from that camp," Janu said. "I am the happiest I have been in these 26 days, because it's all about me and this little island!"

She did a twirly dance. "The moon, the stars, my little fire…it's all mine!"


Back on the island, the men had a chief meeting in their lodge. Their important tribal business was debating which woman they should vote off. Despite the obvious fact that Janu was a weak link, the men seemed threatened by Stephenie LaGrossa (remember the scrappy Superwoman who conquered all of Ulong tribe?), and not by Janu.

"It almost seems like no one wants to talk about it," Steph said. "I think it's me." And guilty looks on everyone else's face seemed to prove that suspicion.

Tribal council continued with that narrative of guilt.

Jeff pitted the narratives of Janu, the weak, against the strong-hearted Stephenie. He asked Janu why her tribesmembers should bother keeping her around. She couldn't answer.

"I'd be sick of myself, too," Janu said, admitting she'd lay down her torch out of indifference to whether she is voted off or stays. She said she'd gotten everything out of her Palau experience she could have asked for. (Need we remind her of the cool $1 million that's at stake here?)

But every other member seemed set on Gregg's master plan of kicking Stephenie out before she got ahead. And little Steph pulled out all the stops. Logical argument. Emotional diatribe. Tears. Puppy dog eyes.

But in the end, it seemed a bend of rules saved Superwoman.

Jeff let Janu sacrifice herself (only after allowing the women an emotional bonding moment) to save Steph. Janu snuffed her own torch and walked happily away.

"I begged them to please let me go home and they didn't take me on it," Janu said. "So I laid down my torch."

Get the former Vegas showgirl's scoop, tune in to Friday's The Early Show
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: gammonwoman2 on April 21, 2005, 11:29:47 PM
hey puddin!! :<(  i am looking forward to the early show, just to see how janu is really doing!!  she just looked horrible!! |(
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: RudyRules on April 22, 2005, 04:11:59 AM
yeh. me too, gammy. I'm gonna set my VCR for early show. 
Janu would've already been long gone before now, had koror lost some IC's!!
I'm glad she laid her torch down, even tho a sad way to go.  :-\ But had she not done it, Steph would be gone!
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: Riverrat on April 22, 2005, 09:36:58 AM
oooooooooooo that article is so prejudiced!!!!!!! Caryn was the weak butt in that foursome. She acted like she may get her hair wet.  }}
Title: Early Show Highlights
Post by: puddin on April 22, 2005, 10:54:34 AM
As posted at SurvivorFever (

Early Show Highlights
Survivor: Palau Episode 10 Cast-Off
Janu Tornell
( 4.22.05)
Segment 1:

Julie Chen:   Janu Tornell, good morning.

Janu:  Good morning, Julie.

Julie Chen:   Since quitting the game, any regrets?

Janu:  Absolutely not.  It was the best move spiritually and for the game.

Julie Chen:   When did you make that decision to quit?  Right then and there while Jeff Probst was having this Tribal Council discussion or did you go into Tribal Council that night thinking you were going to snuff out your torch?

Janu:  I think I went into Tribal Council thinking that that's what I was going to do.  Spending that night by myself on the island kind of took me there, so...

Julie Chen:   Why, what happened that night by yourself on that island?

Janu:  It was just amazing.  I was by myself away from the tribe...

Julie Chen:   What a relief.

Janu:   ...and for them as well.  I mean who wants someone who sits on a hammock and does nothing?  It was great to just be by myself.  I got alot of things out of it.  It was a great epiphany.

Julie Chen:   The way it looked to the average person watching Survivor at home last night was maybe you were doing it to save Stephenie.  Because if you stayed in the game it really looked like she was going to get it.  She was a fierce competitor and people wanted her out of the game.  It wasn't to save her?

Janu:  No, it wasn't to save her and she is a fierce competitor.  It was the thing that Koror wanted to do...whoever would come along we would get them out.  Then she came over and it was all this "Stephenie, Stephenie we love you".  Which we liked her.  She always smiled at us during challenges.  I love her.  But we fought against her for so long and she was part of the other tribe.  Why not keep our tribe together all the way to the end?  But then they decided to take Coby out which shocked me and I terribly missed him.  And then I couldn't take anymore.  I just didn't want to compromise my integrity.  And I never did during the game.  I stood for what I believe in and that's it, I took myself out.  But it wasn't to save Stephenie.

Julie Chen:   And was it to play a psychological game with the remaining players in Palau?

Janu:  Sure.  I threw a wrench into their game because I think that they were going to use me as a pawn.  And I wasn't going to be a pawn piece for anyone.

Julie Chen:   If anything it revealed just how committed Stephenie is to this game.  They all must have walked back to the tribe that night, to camp, and thought, "she is definitely next".   She broke down into tears because she thought you weren't giving it your all.  That you were quitting.  She was disgusted by you. 

Janu:  Yeah, I'll never forget that.  We were sitting there and she just really got very emotional which is fine but I thought, that has nothing to do with this.  If you wanted something so badly and I want it in a different way, respect the fact that I want it in a different way.  I respect your commitment to the game, respect mine.   

Julie Chen:   Let's talk about Katie.  You and Katie were not bosom buddies.  And it got a little bit catty when you overheard her gossiping and badmouthing you.  What happened there?

Janu:   Katie is a very unique individual.  I am my own person and we're different.  Obviously that was apparent.  She  couldn't get along with the fact that I was always getting sick and I was falling to pieces and whatever.  And she always has humor in her answers and her interviews and she just kind of got nasty.

Julie Chen:   What was the hardest part of this game?  Dealing with personalities or dealing with the elements?

Janu:  I think both.  We dealt with alot. We dealt with rats.  I had to deal with my stomach every single day.  I had to deal with people that I don't know, that some I have been very close to now, like Coby.  And different personalities, you're in a different element.

Julie Chen:   How does it compare, because you've been a showgirl in Vegas for nine years, six nights a week, two shows a night.  Which is easier?

Janu:  I can tell you, being on stage.  <laughter>

Julie Chen:   Janu is going to stick around and take questions.

Segment 2:

Harry Smith:   It was big time TV last night, really fun to watch.  Janu welcome back.

Janu:   Thank you.

Caller:  Janu, first I'd like to say, you're beautiful...

Janu:  Thank you.

Caller:  ...and also, I like the drama that you gave us last night, standing up for yourself against Katie.   Do you think the tribe is going to be more scandalous against Stephenie?

Harry Smith:   What do you think is going to happen?  A big chemical change happens because she is still in the game.

Janu:  Absolutely.  I think that I threw them for a loop and now they are going to have to deal with this power play.

Harry Smith:   And you can't really talk because you're on jury...

Janu:  You'll have to watch, I'm sorry.

Caller:  It was evident that Janu was physically soft and mentally spent very early in this game.  Janu, what I find hard to believe is that you decided to just throw down your torch and quit at Tribal Council last night.  What and when exactly was your moment of clarity in regards to just quitting the game and how do you feel about being the second member of the Survivor quitters club?

Janu:  Good question.  I think I came to that realization when I went on the island by myself.  It was my own special moment.  As far as quitting, you know what, it's probably a great club to be a part of if you learn something from the game.

Harry Smith:   It seems clear to me that you really had an epiphany there.

Janu:  It may not be the same for everyone but for me it was ok.  I don't regret it.

Caller:  I've been watching the show since the beginning of the season and yesterday Gregg made a comment that whoever fits into his plan deserves to be in the game.  I never saw him... in fact his claws are coming out for the first time.  Does anybody else see that on the tribe?

Harry Smith:   It's like he's been under the radar and we at home have been saying, this guy is playing everybody.  Is that what it felt like to you as you were still in the game?

Janu:  Sure, they were using me as a pawn piece.  They needed me.

Caller:  Why didn't you form an alliance with someone after the conflict with Katie?

Janu:  The alliances were made and in my head I thought I was just standing alone.  And after Coby left I was really alone.  So, that's why.

Harry Smith:   It was so interesting, because you were so cold in the water in that challenge last night.  You go off to that island and you end up so peaceful and so happy.  I'm very happy for you.  It was fun watching you play.

Janu:  Thank you so much.

Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: Texan on April 22, 2005, 11:16:37 AM
Glad she stood up fro herself......and they are wrogn abotu the 2nd itn the quitters club....Yes she is only the second to have her torch laid down.....but Jeff quit, ashlee quit.....Jeann M in all stars and Sue in all stars...I agree too many people wanted to be there...but there have been several that have been asked to be voted off  ~ which to me is the same as quitting.
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: rmax on April 22, 2005, 12:25:56 PM
Glad she stood up fro herself......and they are wrogn abotu the 2nd itn the quitters club....Yes she is only the second to have her torch laid down.....but Jeff quit, ashlee quit.....Jeann M in all stars and Sue in all stars...I agree too many people wanted to be there...but there have been several that have been asked to be voted off  ~ which to me is the same as quitting.
I think those Early Show hosts aren't really into Survivor, they pretend to be because they have to, so they wouldn't remember Jenna and Sue quitting (neither had votes).  So that makes Janu the 4th official quitter, not the second (at least Ashlee and Jeff had votes, but they "quit" nonetheless).

For the record, it was a caller who said Janu was the 2d quitter, not Harry.  Still, he didn't correct the error.
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: dreamerbeliever on April 24, 2005, 09:49:25 PM
I liked Janu in the very beginning when monkeygirl climbed the tree to hang the rope and her quit is almost justified (as was all-star Jenna) but a quit is a quit. What gets me is that all of these contestants have to know that there will many hardships along the way and they will be tested both mentally and physically. If you have any doubt what so ever that you wont be able to hack it, then don't even apply for the show. Thinking let's just try it and see what happens really shouldn't apply to this show.

I believe that this may indeed be the fault of the casting director rather than the contestant theselves. Really who doesn't want to star in a hit show and get a shot at a cool million. Guess it just makes me a little upset that thousands get turned down each season so that someone like Osten/Janu can quit. I am happy that Steph got a reprive, how long it last, we'll have to wait and see. 

Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: Riverrat on April 25, 2005, 09:24:48 AM
I know Janu quit------evetuallly but, don't you think she had a lot of help from Jeffy? At first she didn't even mention quitting but he kept pounding at her. She was just being honest when she said if she were the rest of the tribe she would be sick of her to. He pounced on that and bullied her into laying down her torch. If the votes had been cast she would still be there and Steph would be gone. Do you think Julie should start worrying yet? That was all or mostly all Jeffy to keep Steph in the game. Maybe he was concerned for Janu's health or, maybe he just decided Steph deserved it more but regardless he played Janu or, there was a lot more said that we didn't get to see.

It suited Tom which may be the worst thing or best thing for him now. He wouldn't have to be told that someone was out to get him this week. He's usually smarter than that. Anyone who would kill to be there would obviously do most anything else. He should have known Steph would snuff him out in a heart beat.

Janu should have rapped Jeffy up side of his head with her torch.
Title: Survival Of The Snittiest
Post by: puddin on April 25, 2005, 04:05:30 PM
Survival Of The Snittiest
(Page 1 of 2)

NEW YORK, April 24, 2005


(CBS) Analysis of "Survivor: Palau" Episode Ten, by's Ellen Crean.
 Watching Episode Ten was more like watching a nature show on cable than it was like watching "Survivor."

One nature show in particular comes to mind. It was about a family of eaglets that picked on one of their siblings until the poor thing nearly wasted away and died. (The lesson there was survival of the fittest.)

On "Survivor," of course, we're dealing not with a nest of adorable little baby birds, but a cabal composed of some pretty sneaky human beings, beginning with Katie, and proceeding to Gregg and down through, yes, even Ian the Dolphin Boy. And the poor little outcast eaglet? Janu the Former Jungle Goddess.

Katie kicked things off by reporting to the camera that, "Janu is completely mad," and then making fun of Janu behind Janu's back, she thought. But Janu happened to overhear her and called her on it: "What are we? Junior high?"

Yes, Janu! That is exactly what Koror is! And Katie is that "popular girl" who hardly anyone remembers fondly, so you'd better run while you have the chance.

Even when Janu said the words, "I am very hurt," that was not enough to churn up any remorse in the heart of Popular Katie. All it got Janu was a snotty "I'm sorry," followed by a statement along the lines of: "And if that's not good enough for you, too bad!"

Oh yes, and then there was Gregg, The Guy Who Doesn't Get It, telling the camera that Janu had become a "buzzkill."

Janu actually appeared to be physically ill and unpopular because she was drawing a different experience from the game than anyone else. At that point, she certainly knew that she was not playing the game to win, so it would have made sense for her to behave differently from the others.

It's always dangerous to be different, but it's especially so when someone like Katie is around to helpfully point out to everyone (behind her back) that Janu's smile is weird and she looks like a jack-o'-lantern.

Anyway, the reward challenge called for the Survivors to break into two teams of four members each and build a scaffold in the water in order to reach a flag, which was then to be brought to shore.

Just look for the team that had Fireman Tom and you could pretty much predict the winners (Tom, Caryn, Gregg and Janu), all of whom were sent to an island feast, bedecked with flowers and plied with local beer and corn and chicken and barbecued ribs.

Janu (the "buzzkill") got sick mid-feast and vomited in the bushes, causing Gregg to complain that she had taken away from his enjoyment of the meal.

The winners were nice enough to bring some of the food back to Kamp Koror, to share with the losers. But in Katie's world, apparently, no deed goes unpunished and she complained that Janu "stuck her hand in there and ate our dessert." As a footnote, she mentioned that Caryn did the same thing, but because Caryn is not Janu, it seems the deed was not as egregious.

(It should occur to the most casual observer that Caryn had better watch her step, because now that Janu is out of the picture, Katie is going to be looking for another eaglet to pick on. And since Stephenie is not about to take garbage from anyone and Jenn is Gregg's girlfriend, it seems that Caryn would be the next logical choice for Picked-On Eaglet. We'll see.)

The immunity challenge this time was pretty hideous. The Survivors had to stay under metal bars in the water as the tide came in, gradually covering their faces and forcing them to either hold their breath under water or bob up to the surface and give up immunity. It was a situation designed to invite a panic attack.

On top of that, the penalty for being the first person to "bail" was a night alone on different beach. Fireman Tom wisecracked: "I'm thinking of stepping out just to get away from this crowd." But that was no joke to Janu, who gave up six minutes into the challenge.

In the face of Janu's misery, the response of the other Korors was to make more jokes and laugh, which prompted Jeff Probst to remark that it appeared there was "no love lost" between Janu and her tribe mates. When the others protested, Jeff pointed out that, since they were all carrying on like it was "open-mike night," what else was he to think?

Mercifully, that seemed to sink in, because everyone clammed up and concentrated on the challenge after that.

A contest involving breathing control and stamina. Guess who won?

So Fireman Tom donned the immunity necklace, Janu got taken away in a speedboat, and everyone began to get ready for Tribal Council. But first, we got to see Janu on her own, triumphantly producing a fire after trying for nearly three hours, then dancing on the beach in the dark, rhapsodizing, "Right now, I'm probably the happiest that I have been in these 26 days. ...The moon, the stars, the water and my fire. It's all mine!"

Meanwhile, back at Kamp Koror, Stephenie was smelling a rat, and not the kind that is native to Palau. To the viewers, it was made clear that Gregg 'n' Jenn want Stephenie out, and it was also made clear that Tom and Ian were prepared to go along with that, even though "the women" (read "Katie") seemed to want to get rid of Janu The Odd Eaglet.

Tom, especially, seemed reluctant to oust Stephenie, telling the camera, "It's not where my heart is, but anything can happen."

You said it, Mr. Fireman! But chances are good that not even Tom foresaw the strange happenings at that night's Tribal Council, and we are not talking about Coby's appearance as Juror No. 1.

First of all, Janu was quite candid when Jeff asked her how she did when she was exiled. "I did great," came her answer, and furthermore, she said she did not feel like she belonged at Kamp Koror when she returned the next day. She also told Jeff she did not care whether she stayed in the game or not.

This was followed by a heart-wrenching interrogation of Stephenie, who seemed to intuit that she was the next to go. She had been saying all day that she had a feeling that it was her neck that was on the chopping block and not Janu's. Stephenie basically said it was killing her to hear Janu say she did not care whether she stayed or went when she, Stephenie, wanted so much to stay in the game.

"I guess I showed too much heart, too much will," Stephenie concluded, weeping openly, and she didn't even know just how on-target she was in that statement.

At that point, it took only a little prodding from Jeff to get Janu to say that she wanted out of the game and to voluntarily lay down her torch. In doing so, she bought Stephenie at least three more days in the game, and had the chance to actually thank Jeff for snuffing out her torch.

Next week: Stephenie tries to organize a rebellion against Tom, and the immunity challenge involves using a heavy firehouse to extinguish flames in a burning building. Just kidding about the immunity challenge, but quite serious about Stephenie's rebellion.
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: Riverrat on April 25, 2005, 06:12:47 PM
 /*^ Oh wow! Good read. Thanks puddin. I was wondering if i was the only person that felt something definitely wasn't right with Jeffy.
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: puddin on April 25, 2005, 06:23:51 PM
I think I'll rewatch last weeks episode again  *%# I want to see there faces when Jeff calls them out for laughing at Janu  :)*
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: dreamerbeliever on April 25, 2005, 09:57:22 PM
Thanks for posting this puddin  (*( Gee this wasn't posted at any of the other boards I post at, good find and things like this keep me coming back to RFF!  |#'

yes, even Ian the Dolphin Boy.
This line cracked me up, who says CBS doesn't read the Survivor boards? Ian has had this nickname online since pre-start of Palau. So this just proves that CBS is lurking in our shadows and taking notes.

Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: puddin on April 25, 2005, 10:33:54 PM
Your welcome dreamerbeliever  ]**] , theres one story about Steph " A wolf in sheeps clothing " that really makes me think that CBS /EPM read the spoiler boards  :)*

Steph 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing'? (

Snewser (
Title: Probst stops cameras at TC
Post by: Texan on April 26, 2005, 10:09:32 AM
Thought this article would help some of you understand the quit.....

Janu says she wasn’t coerced
into quitting show
"Survivor Palau" contestant Jalu chose to leave the game.
The Associated Press
Updated: 5:28 p.m. ET April 22, 2005NEW YORK - Quitters never win, but if they make it far enough on “Survivor,” they get to be on the jury.

Janu Tornell, 39, became the fourth person in “Survivor” history to quit the competition, but she’ll still help decide the winner of the $1 million prize as a member of the nine-person jury — a heated issue the tribal council cameras didn’t capture.

“It wasn’t to save Stephenie (LaGrossa) in the game,” Tornell told The Associated Press Friday. “It ended up like that. At the same time, it was almost like a power play because I threw a wrench into their game.”

The former Las Vegas showgirl said host Jeff Probst didn’t coerce her into departing “Survivor: Palau,” although it may have seemed otherwise.

“He aided me,” said Tornell. “I was at the point where I thought, ‘I want to go, but I don’t want to jeopardize being part of the jury.’ I was still battling with ‘quitter.’ I hate that word. But I did it. I laid down my torch. No regrets whatsoever.”

Viewers didn’t see Tornell’s concern about whether she would be on the jury if she quit the CBS reality show. After going back and forth for several hours, Tornell said Probst asked for a break in the filming.

“The cameras stopped,” said Tornell. “Tribal council got really heated. You guys didn’t even get any part of that. (Probst) goes, ‘This is off the record. What’s going on, Janu? What are you worried about?’ And I said, ‘Basically, I don’t want to lose my place in the jury. I don’t know where this takes me.”

Tornell said Probst left the tribal council area and consulted with producers. (The three players who quit “Survivor” in previous seasons departed before juries were formed.)

“It was all a new drama situation for everybody involved,” said Tornell.

Probst returned and assured Tornell that she wouldn’t forfeit her place on the jury by quitting. The cameras started back up, and Tornell did just that.

Now, as a jury member, she’ll be on the lookout for the player “who I thought played the game the best.”
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: Riverrat on April 26, 2005, 11:53:49 AM
 |#' Yay Janu gets a half mill and Katie's head on a plate in final two for lettting Jeffy off the hook.  ]#*

Just kidding lest anyone thinks I know something. LOL However, it wouldn't surprise me.  8-)'
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: dreamerbeliever on April 26, 2005, 03:23:36 PM
Interesting last statement by Janu ...

Now, as a jury member, she’ll be on the lookout for the player “who I thought played the game the best.”

Well it's probably a pretty good bet that if Tom does indeed make the final two, monkeygirl will be casting her vote for him. Another clue that Janu will vote for Tom is the pep-talk that Tom gave Janu when she was laying the hamock. Really there was no reason to show that by the editors unless it was a hidden clue as to which way she will be voting on the jury. I'm sure that Tom wasn't the only one who tried to buck her up but it was his that was shown. I love editing clues.  

Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: Riverrat on April 27, 2005, 07:22:47 AM
That could be editing misdirection also. Coby is Janu's bud and while he can't stand Katie he hates Tom. They will be where ever the jury is together talking about the players still in the game. Add Steph to that mix after she tries to oust Tom and anything can happen.

I almost always amazed at who votes for whom. Caryn already doesn't like Tom or Katie. Looks like it may come down to who they dislike the least or most. I honestly think Tom could count on a vote in his favor from Steph more so than Janu. Steph just wants him out to give herself a chance. The others have issues with Tom.

Remember how quick Coby got twenty people not to pick Jonathan to play at all. He could very possibly sway Janu to vote against Tom.
Title: Re: Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out
Post by: Texan on April 27, 2005, 09:48:31 AM
keep in mind...It maybe Caryn putting a bug in TOM'S ear about she may not be a big fan, but it may get her a little farther.  Or it coudl be the other way around.... Tom says she can be final 4....Katie will have no part in that, and will  bring her buddy.  So TOm would get Caryn's vote over Katie who helped boot Caryn