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Title: First ever spousal abuse case on Reality TV , by Trevor Freeman
Post by: puddin on December 15, 2004, 08:00:09 PM
Trevor's article brought over from the  RFF News page ..enjoy  (#)

First ever spousal abuse case on Reality TV
Posted on Wednesday, December 15 @ 09:52:05 EST
Topic: The Amazing Race 
Read here for a recap of last night's Amazing Race.

by Trevor Freeman

Before I get started, last night’s episode of the Amazing Race is going to be remembered as the one that made observers gasp in horror. First we had Kendra continuing to string together some “borderline” comments about Africa. Since Kendra is an aspiring model, I gotta think her agent/representative was shaking his head last night. Kendra first came with, “They are disgusting” when talking about the people in Senegal and then in Berlin tossed out, “At least we’re not in the Ghetto Third World”. Then at the end of the show, Jonathan after finishing second verbally abused his wife Victoria and gave her a nice hard shove. Made her cry. The host, Phil gave him one of the best “I’m morally superior to you” looks I have seen in a long time after this as he told Jonathan, “I think you should talk to your wife.” I think Jonathan is in desperate need of an “a$$ kicking”. I’m going to venture out on a limb and say that of all the people I watch on television he might have moved himself into the top three in terms of people requiring a good “a$$ kicking”.

The team eliminated last night proved to be Don & Mary Jean. To be quite honest, I thought they would be a smarter team than they were. They proved me wrong and were a deserving elimination.

The show began in Senegal as the teams for the “Slave House”. This house was where people captured and held as slaves before being brought to the New World back in the 1800s. The first team to get there and leave there were Kris & Jon. Following this, all the teams had to fly to Berlin. There was no separation here as they were all on the same flight. The only highlight was Hayden & Bolo getting into it. Hayden’s comment, “Just because you’re 5’5” and on steroids doesn’t mean I’m scared of you.” That got me to spit soda on my television. Eventually they apologized to each other. On a sidenote, Bolo seemed really defensive about the steroids comment. Makes you wonder a little bit if he has a little Barry Bonds in him.

Once the teams landed in Berlin they had to find the cluebox by the Berlin Wall. There was a little separation here as Jonathan & Victoria jumped out to a nice lead. Once the teams got to the cluebox they had to find the “Broken Chain” statue. It was here that they got their detour, which was “beer” or “brats”. Both were easy. In brats you had to make seven inch sausages. I saw Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie do this, so I knew it was simple. In “beers” you had to find five coasters with your picture on it in a Beer House. Because Jonathan and Adam aren’t really men they opted against the beer. Don & Mary Jean’s downfall happened because they inexplicably could not find the Broken Chain Statue. Gus stole the show at this point with his performance in the “beers” section. His, “Don’t worry I’m looking for coasters while downing beers as fast he can” routine was hysterical. At the end, when Hera was imploring him to hurry and leave and Gus pretended to be looking for his bag, but was really trying to slam another beer was just a “Five Star” reality TV performance.

Following this detour the teams had to race to the highest point in Berlin and complete a Go-Cart racecourse. Every team did this without any hitches. Lori & Bolo and Don & Mary Jean were the last two teams to finish and were the ones racing to avoid elimination on the way back to the Roadblock.

The race for first was heated. Jonathan & Victoria and Freddy & Kendra were neck and neck. Jonathan ditched his bag, but Victoria picked it up. This slowed that team down and caused Freddy & Kendra to win first. There was a nice contrast as Jonathan let his wife carry his bag while Freddy was running with his bag and Kendra’s. Speaks to the size of Freddy’s testicles compared to Jonathan’s. In third place was Hayden & Aaron followed by Kris & Jon, Gus & Hera, Adam & Rebecca, and Lori & Bolo. Don & Mary Jean finished last and were eliminated. 
Title: Re: First ever spousal abuse case on Reality TV , by Trevor Freeman
Post by: Cole on December 15, 2004, 08:23:00 PM
Jonothan's abuse is sickening. It almost makes me not want to watch.
Title: Re: First ever spousal abuse case on Reality TV , by Trevor Freeman
Post by: Blue Jean Baby on December 15, 2004, 09:43:32 PM
How in the world did they pick two abusive men on the same show?  Jonathan and Adam are both abusive jerks.  Adam is so mean to his partner and then when she finally stands up for her self he starts acting like a jerk, "What me to throw myself in front of the train? "Whant me to junp off the ferry?"  i swear last week when he was acting so bad i would have told him "Yes, jump off the freaking ferry."  Jonathan took it to other level my punching her shoulder (shoving her) however you took it.