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Title: EP2 Tonight play by play
Post by: puddin on November 23, 2004, 08:47:58 PM
From  SurvivorLDog93 @
 Sucks  (

Early teams off the plane at dusk and into SUVs ... Aaron/Hayden, Gus/Hera, Don/MJ. Then Adam/Rebecca, Lori/Bolo.

Lena and Kristy are still in the airport getting a personal escort ... a young gentleman.  He accompanies them in the SUV.

Jon/Kris have trouble driving stick shift.
Maria screws hers up entirely and starts bitching about it.
(Rabbit starts, anybody?)

Freddy/Kendra believe they're lost on the highway.
Gus/Hera have passed their spot and get directions.
It's dark now.
Driving, lost, is Don.
MJ: This was the part we were supposed to be good at. What happened?
Victoria is whining.
Jonathan conf: Her worst quality is she's a panicker.
Maria finally gets it going, but stalls it out. She gets it going again.
The dude with the sisters gives them directions.
Kris: I was a geographgy major in school. I know how to get there.

Kris/Jon and Lena/Kristy, ROADBLOCK.
Who is ready to perform an Olympian feat?
Phil: New rule. No person can perform more than 6 roadblocks in the entire race. One person has to climb to the highest ski jump in Scandinavia, then zipline 1,000 feet to the next clue.

Kris/Jon finish zipline in 1st.
CLUE: Find the (rock?) at Viking Village.

Kristy takes the zipline, to finish in 2nd.

Maria stalls out the SUV again.
M: I can't! (Whining) I can't do it!

Maria: I can't do it, Merry. I'm so sorry.
Mere: It's all right.
Maria restarts the SUV and gets it going.
Mere: Good job.

Lori/Bolo see the TAR flag and race in 3rd, to the Roadblock. Adam/Rebecca in a close 4th.
Reb: Can you do it? Decide!
A: I'll do it.
Reb: Are you gonna wimp out on me!?
Bolo goes before Adam, giving Adam more time to worry about heights.
Bolo is thrilled, gets the clue and they leave.
Reb: Come on, Adam!
Adam screams and kicks his feet like a baby all the way down.
Adam, screeching: I love you!
They kiss at the bottom like they've never kissed before.

Gus/Hera, 5th. Hera goes to the top.
Freddy/Kendra 6th, she'll go.
Kendra kicks her feet on the way down, but less than Adam.
Gus/Hera and Freddy/Kendra head for the next clue.
Lena/Kristy thank their "tour guide" as they get to the clue in 1st.
CLUE: Welcome to a traditional Viking Village.
Phil: The first teams will get to decide who'll race these traditional vessels across the water in the morning.

In 7th and 8th, respectively, Don and Jonathan decide to take the zipline.
MJ: We had decided *I* would do the high stuff. I'm pissed.
They get their next clue and head for the Village.
Don: It was there.
MJ: But, I can climb!

Maria stalls out again.
Meredith: You're really doing a good job. You are. You are.
Jonathan gets directions.
V: Write it down. You won't remember it.
J: I'm trying.
V: You didn't write anything. I mean, come on.

Lori: Which city?
Bolo, showing her the map: Can you figure this out?

Don/MJ lost also.

Victoria and Jonathan arrive at Village, 3rd, still arguing.
Jonathan: We are #1!
Victoria: We are not.
Jonahtnan: What # are we?
Victoria: #3.
Jonathan: I cannot believe it. This teaches you about yourself. You owe me an apology. Look inside yourself. Do something different.
Lena/Kristy giggle aloud.
Jonathan: I am SO proud of myself!
Don/MJ get there, 4th.

Aaron/Hayden are next-to-last, 9th, leaving the zipline.

Viillage arrivals: Lori/Bolo 5th, Adam/Rebecca 6th, Gus/Hera 7th, Freddy/Kendra 8th.

Very, very far behind are Meredith/Maria, just now getting to the Olympian roadblock.
Maria screws up the gears again, headed toward the Village.
Arriving at the Viking Village, Aaron/Hayden think they're last, but apparently forgot Meredith/Maria.

Teams of 5:

Lori/Bolo, Reb/Adam, Kris/Jon, sisters, Aaron/Hayden. (The "in shape teams.")

Everyone else is on the other boat. (The "out of shape teams.) They compete to see who'll get across the water first, to the other side of the shore.

As expected ... the in shape team wins, and the other teams are suffering on the other boat. Jonathan is pissing everyone off in the slow boat.

Kris/Jon conf: We kicked the other teams' butt!

Phil: Teams must take a train to the town of Vossk. Drive 5 miles to a marked bridge, for the next clue.

In the last group, Freddy/Kendra start to argue.
Meredith is bawling in the SUV.
Mere: Jonathan didn't have to scream at me in the boat!!
Adam/Rebecca are lost.

Honefoss Station.
They have to catch a train ... and there'll be a bunching.
Lena/Kristy in 1st.

Reb: Where's your sunglasses?
Adam: I took off my sunglasses 'cause you told me to! I lost them in the boat. I'm never gonna talk to you again for the rest of my life. I have no glasses. Thank you.
After they stop ...
Reb: Our relationship is gonna be so over. I'm losing it. I don't know. It's going away. I don't know what to do. It makes me not want to be with you.
Adam: I"m gonna jump on the train tracks.
Reb: You're such a drama queen.
Adam: If that'll make it better.

Endurance, or Accuracy?
Phil: This detour, teams choose.
Endurance, teams roller-ski (poles and all!) a 1 3/4 mile course.
Accuracy, successfully complete 3 viking games. Toss sticks, knock over logs. Then, one team member throws an axe. Stick the axe in the log, then shoot an arrow into a target 30m away.

Lori/Bolo, Freddy/Kendra, Adam/Rebecca, Aaron/Hayden, choose roller-skiing.

Jonathan/Victoria, Gus/Hera choose accuracy.

After a brief attempt at skating/skiing, a team chooses to try accuracy.

Don/Mj are laughable at the accuracy.
Other teams are laughably falling on the concrete trying to rolller-ski.
Oops! Aaron goes down hard on the concrete and starts to writhe in pain

Title: Re: EP2 Tonight play by play
Post by: puddin on November 23, 2004, 08:49:43 PM
Hayden: Come on, baby! Baby? Aaron. Do you see what I'm doing?
Aaron, channeling Colin: YES!
Hayden: Well you didn't answer me. 

Gus/Hera finish the first targets. Kris/Jon also finished. Both move on to the axe.

Sisters are skidding down the road on skis, dangerously fast.
Hera instantly follows Dad's instructions and nails the axe in the log!

Adam/Rebecca don't know how to roller-ski.
Kris/Jon complete the axe.
Gus/Hera do the target.
Gus, CLUE, in 1st. (WHOA!) Get yourselves to Nesheimstunet.

Phil: Nesheimstunet. The pitstop for this leg of the race. Last team to check in, MAY be eliminated.
Having eschewed the rollerski, Freddy/Kendra finish task #1 (the logs) and #2 (the axe).
Meredith and Maria are struggling with the logs.

Stopping, Gus/Hera and Kris/Jon get directiosn to the pitstop.

Kendra: You should have had me do the OTHER thing!
MJ: I did this in college and NEVER hit the target!
Don, conf: The problem was that we had MJ do the bow and arrow.

Lena/KRisty finish the skiiing on concrete and get clue.
Lori/Bolo finish. It's now raining.
Aaron/Hayden finish 6th, head for the pitstop.

Woman: Welcome to Norway.
Phil: Kris/Jon, you are team #1. You've won a 7 night cruise to Alaska.

MaryJean finally makes the target! They get the clue and head for the pitstop in 7th.
Other teams are still struggling.
Jonathan and Gus are competing now, on the highway.
It's a footrace.

Jonathan: What's up, Phil!?!?
Phil: Jonathan/Victoria, you're team #2.
Phil: Gus/Hera, you're team #3.
Gus: That's good.
Phil: Real good!

Lena/Kristy seem lost.
Meredith/Maria finish a task, the logs.
Adam/Rebecca still having trouble finishing the ski. FInally they make it through the course.

Back seat of the SUV, MJ: This is NOT our car.
Don, driving down the highway: You GOTTA be kidding me!!!!
Rebecca opening the door on the SUV: This isn't our car!!
Adam looks confused.
Title: Re: EP2 Tonight play by play
Post by: puddin on November 23, 2004, 08:56:43 PM
Don: We have to go back.
MJ: No we don't!
Don: We can't take their stuff. It's stealing.

Rebecca panicks.
to Adam: Pull the brakes! Just go!
Adam gets in an SUV and leaves.
Lori/Bolo get directions.

Phil: Hayden/Aaron, you're team #4.
Phil: Lori/Bolo, you're team #5.
Lori: Better than 6th!!

Lena: We went the opposite direction we were supposed to go.
Phil: Freddy/Kendra, you're the 6th team to arrive. But you broke a rule. Freddy, you took a 2nd clue. The rules are clear. Only one clue. A 30 minute penalty. Step off the mat and wait 30 minutes.

Meredith/Maria and Lena/Kristy finally head toward the pitstop in the right directions.
Meredith: Thank God we got this map!

Phil: Freddy/Kendra, come over to the mat.
They approach.
Phil: Okay. You're now team #8.

Phil: Lena/Kristy, you're team #9.
Both: Whew! Omigosh!

Seconds later in TAR time ...
Phil: Meredith/Maria, you're the last team to arrive. Sorry to tell you, you've both been eliminated from the race.

Maria: Being on the Race brought our friendship to a new level.
Mere: Maria is like a family member. We just love each other to death. Maria is my very best friend.
Title: Re: EP2 Tonight play by play
Post by: puddin on November 24, 2004, 02:18:09 AM
What do you think of the new  Road Block Rule ? The new rule says that one person on a team can perform a Max of six roadblocks?? I'm not sure that I understand it?
Title: Re: EP2 Tonight play by play
Post by: Texan on November 24, 2004, 09:09:45 AM
A couple of things about the new rule.... my sister and i were discussing last first i thought good move, but then sister said you pick your partner.  It definetly gives the weaker teams more of an advantage.  I think this came from Kim and Christie not doing any (okay 1 or 2) of the roadblocks.

The thing that threw me off was 6 a piece...only 12 episodes is that correct?
Title: Re: EP2 Tonight play by play
Post by: puddin on November 24, 2004, 10:54:29 AM
I didn't realize that TAR only had 12 Ep  :':') . Maybe that's it Texan..Chip N Kim ..I don't remember Kim Evah doing a roadblock? Maybe it is fair and it will help the weaker teams as the MEN will not always be the ones to do the Tasks  :)_{}..I like it  ;D
Title: Re: EP2 Tonight play by play
Post by: 'keeta on November 26, 2004, 05:57:44 PM
I like the new rule, also. The teams will have to chose carefully on who will do what. Don better calm down and stick to the plan or MJ will be doing some physical blocks.