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Title: SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 6
Post by: puddin on October 22, 2004, 09:41:44 PM
 thanks to , DCReads56 @ Sucks  († †:)()

Lots of good Stuff here† (#)
 Welcome to Survivor Insider!

DC Notes: Thank you to everyone for waiting! And a BIG thank you to those who actually say thank you. It takes a lot of time to do these, and I absolutely adore it when my work goes acknowledged.

I FINISHED! Do a victory dance!

My favorite clip was "Twila's Tough". Also, check out "A Day at Lopevi", strictly for vanity reasons.

Yasur Tribal Council
Lisa 'Liminiated

Eliza (Votes Lisa): Lisa, cross me once, shame on you. Cross me twice, shame on me. I wasnít going to let it happen again. You tried to get me voted off, and Iím not standing for it. Iím sorry. Your time to go.

Lisa (Votes Rory): Well, I really donít want to vote you off, but I want to prove that my word is good with the ladies. And I donít think youíre going anyway. But anyway, good luck.

Rory (Votes Lisa): Lisa, you know how I feel about you. I love you by your personality and your character. Youíre a godful-fearing woman. You support your family. You love your family. And I absolutely adore you. This is the hardest vote Iíve had to make. But Iím the only man standing, and I gotta go with the flow. Ainít nothiní personal, itís just business.

Ami (Votes Lisa and doesnít say anything)

Leann (Votes Lisa): Iím sorry that my performance today may cause you to go home. I apologize for that. And the only reason why Iím voting for you is because of a sliver of mistrust I have. And thatís the only thing I got to go on. Sorry.

Scout (Votes Rory): Rory, I told you about this. This is not a vote against you. This is a vote in support of our alliance and itís an honoring vote for Lisa, who I really cherish. I couldnít put her name down. Love you Rory, youíre doing great.

Final Words

DC Notes: These last words are all alike. 1) "Survivor is hard." 2) ďI will appreciate everything.Ē 3) "I was voted off unfairly."

Lisa: I was voted off because there were a few women in the tribe, particularly Ami, that did not trust me for whatever reason. I donít know. Itís quite unfair. But she definitely had some power over the other women, so they voted me out. And thatís the way it is. But I believe it was totally unfair.

I voted for Rory specifically to prove to those women that I stuck to my word and I was behind them. And if for any other reason to get voted off, I wanted to leave with dignity and I wanted to show them that Iím good for my word. And by voting for Rory, I did that, knowing that he was not going to get voted off. But I still wouldíve done it.


When I walk away from the experience of Survivor, I walk away realizing whatís important in life. People that trust you, that love you, that respect you and donít judge you based on one thing you say. And I learned that the group I was with, theyíre not those type of people that I want to be with. Although I have to say, I love the game of Survivor.


I think what surprised me the most about Survivor is that itís a heck of a lot harder than it appears. As far as not having luxuries and food and comfort and just the workload. Itís not relaxation. Itís constant work to get a meal. So I think what shocked me was how incredibly hard that part of it was, but also how hard it is to deal with people. And I pretty much get along with most everyone, at least that I know of. It was tough getting along with this group of people. Iíve had to bite my tongue several times. That was very hard.


Well, one thing I learned about myself is I will never take my family or my lifestyle for granted. I love my friends. I love my family. I love my church. And mostly I love the lord. And I will never take that for granted. And that is, to me, the most important thing in my life.

The Day After

Lisa: Well the Survivor experience was about the most incredible, hardest thing Iíve ever done in my whole life. It was everything I expected, and then some. Really. It was very challenging. It was difficult as far as elements. As far as food and water, it was extremely difficult. And then mostly, as far as the personalities: I think that was the hardest. But the overall experience was something I will always cherish and remember. I absolutely had the most incredible time of my life. It was amazing (laughs). Really.


There were definitely several contestants that really were totally opposite as far as personalities. I was on the tribe with mostly women. Well, it was all women at first. I thought we were all, everyone one of us, were very different. There were nine of us, and I would say that maybe 2 were close in personalities, but really, we were all different. Well, there were two women on the tribe that are gay, and then I was the only married one, I believe. I have six children, so I have the most kids. No, I think there was one other with one child.

DC Notes: She doesnít know her tribe that well at all! Twila says her proudest accomplishment is raising her son as a single mother. Leann is really emotional about her divorce from her husband. These are prominent facts about her tribemates, impossible to ignore.

Lisa: We were just all from different backgrounds. Religions. Politically weíre all different. There were times when religion and politics came up, and you could tell! You could tell that we were quite different in those two areas. And especially in the way that we think and deal about the world. And they were totally different than me as far as of that.

So you had to deal with, one, a lot of the girls were a lot younger than me and knew a lot more about the world right now than I do, and then there were a couple older than me, so I kind of had to fit in with all those different age groups and the different personalities and the different ways they live in with the world. Our lives are different. Iím a mom. And theyíre single (laughs). So thatís different!

I thought it was very hard at first to relate to the entire tribe. I did not say that, but when I found out it was a tribe of all women, I really was not happy about that. Namely because I knew I could get along with the men. There were some of the men, I didnít know them because we werenít allowed to talk. But I could sense that they were more like me than some of the women. They looked more like dads or something.

But I knew when it was all women, I just thought I was in trouble. I feel like I had a hard time fitting in even with the language. There was a lot of cursing and a lot of sex talk, and Iím just not into all that. I was real uncomfortable. I liked them all. Itís not that I judged them on it. But I just was uncomfortable. That first night, we were trying to find our camp, and we were all snuggled under a tree, and it was storming. And we couldnít sleep. It was dark, it was freezing, it was storming, it was dark. We were hyper. We were all excited. All we did was talk. And just the language and the topic of conversation. I was real uncomfortable. And I just felt like if there were more men around, probably we wouldnít have gone that deep into that kind of discussion. So I felt real uncomfortable, and I felt it was going to be hard to fit in.

And then after a day or two, I felt comfortable. I was okay. But we still all think and just are different.


It was harder than I expected. The whole Survivor game was harder. I knew it was going to be hard. But yes, it was definitely harder than I expected. You go into the game, and you prepare. I prepared myself. For two months I worked out hard. I cut back on the sugar and on caffeine and everything I thought Ė I knew I wasnít going to have. I tried to cut back on so I could get used to it. So my body could get used to it. And I was in really good shape.

So I thought, okay, itís going to be hard, but it canít be that hard. I can do without food. Weíll eat coconut, and thatíll be enough. And Iím so strong. But let me tell ya, you start eating that coconut, and you donít even look at it again. And then itís hard to chew because youíre thirsty and youíre not getting enough water, so to swallow the coconut is even hard. And then you eat things like unripe plantains, and theyíre so nasty that you canít eat another one. And all you think about is food. Thatís all you think about. I heard that it happens, but until youíre there, that is all you can think about. Your next bite of chocolate or your next big plate of lasagna. And thatís all we talked about (OTHER THAN DOING THE NASTY). It was crazy! It was the craziest thing! I never thought I would miss food that much. And it was wild how thatís all we could think about. Even more so than our families (laughs). I totally couldnít think! So it was very, very, very hard.


I think probably I was a good representation for mothers. I hope that I was. I tried to be not a prude, Christian mother. ďGosh, theyíre cursing.Ē Itís not like that I was, ďI canít hear thatĒ or ďmy kids will hear that I hear that.Ē Itís not that because people are people. And I tried to be, ďthatís how they are.Ē I didnít want to be a prude. So I think I was a good representative for mothers.

Itís my Christian side that Iím hoping more than that that I was a good example for. There were a couple of times in there where I feel I did a couple of things Ė like Scout wanted me to swear on her hand like it was a bible, that I was telling the truth, and I did, because in my mind I was thinking, ďThatís not a bible. Thatís her hand.Ē But then I looked back and I thought, ďYou know what? Thatís sacred to me.Ē I donít take that lightly. Even it was her hand or even if I was swearing on the bible or to god, I donít take that lightly. Youíre in the moment of the game, and people are looking at you, and they want you to do that. And youíre like, ďWell, if I donít do that, theyíre not going to believe me.Ē And you want them to believe you, so you do it. But then you think, ďNow why did I do that?Ē

What I wish I would have done was said, first of all, I donít take this lightly. This is very serious to me. If I do that, I want assurance that you will believe me. But I did it. I did that, and they did still not believe me. So thatís the kind of thing I wish now I hadnít done now.

Other than that, I think I taught them some Christian songs. I tried to talk about my beliefs to the point where I could slip it in without disrespecting anyone or insulting anyone or offending anyone. Heck, they talked about ďthe spiritsĒ all the time. I was like ďYeah, whatever.Ē Scout didnít want me to throw the coconut at the tiki in case it would, I donít know, send off evil spirits. When she turned around I threw it anyway! (Laughs) So it doesnít matter.

A Day in the Life of Lopevi

Description: John describes a typical day at Lopevi. A typical day when no Tribal Council looms, that is.

DC Notes: This is just a typical description of JOHN'S day at camp.

Sarge's typical day:
- Build a mud replicate of Royry and yell at it for being lazy and not helping around camp
- Flirt with Twila
- Stare at Julie
- Flirt with Twila
- Stare at Julie
- Yell at Royry for staring at the girls and not helping around camp

Chris's typical day:
How should I know? He falls off balance beams and has blisters on feet. He doesn't get any screen time.

Chad's typical day:
- Remove leg and leave it at camp
- Enjoy a big, heaping breakfast with the Survivor production team
- Laugh because no one notices his absence - his leg is the only part of him that gets screen time and it's right there for the camera crews to film

Twila's typical day:
- Make googly eyes at Sarge
- Work on curing her "Cubicle Syndrome" - the tendency to make it look like you're doing work by having a purposeful expression on your face and holding a work-related object in your hand, while actually doing nothing

Julie's typical day:
- Contemplate Kimmi's patented "dirt line" method of eliminating pesky tan lines.
- Decide to get naked and sunbathe (Hey, she's on national television, and those tan lines are soooo not attractive)

John K. (Confessional): This afternoonís been great. We won our challenge, and since then, came back, had a little snack of plantains and papaya, and just kind of been napping for the past couple of hours. Canít really beat it.


We just won four challenges in a row. Weíre going strong. And I donít see us not winning Ė I mean, not losing Ė any for quite a while now. As long as we have our tribe, I think we can keep winning these challenges.


The rest of the day is probably a little more napping, followed by firewood gathering, and then cooking. Same as always. Just gather the firewood, cook some plantains and manioc, and just relax, cause weíre not too stressed out. We donít have tribal council tonight. We can breathe a lot easier. Everythingís easy.


I think Yasurís probably freaking out right now because weíve just won four in a row. Their strategy, whatever it was, of getting rid of Bubba first, I think theyíre going to rethink that, because if they were to get rid of Rory, heís their only other strength. And without them (HIM), theyíre going to have some trouble beating us.

Say a Little Prayer

Description: Before she and Rory try to rekindle Yasurís dampened fire, Scout asks God for a sign. She gets her sign, which makes her decision about whom to vote off next.

DC Notes: This clip has those yellow headlines that give the day, personís name, tribe name, etc. It looks like it was supposed to be included in the actual episode.

(Day 15 Ė Scout and Rory are trying to make a fire)

Rory (Confessional): Last night was an extremely, extremely windy night. The wind must have been blowing 25 miles an hour all night. It really wiped out the campfire. At this point, the fireís completely out, and we have to start over from zero. But it will be a good morning. Weíll get it done.

(Scout chops wood)

Rory: Chafes me a little bit that Scout obviously runs this whole operation, and not one of the ladies has stirred to help with the fire. They all slept right through it. And theyíre letting the oldest lady in the group pull the weight. My first response the morning was to go and kick the hut until each and every one of those ladies gets their asses up.

(More shots of Scout and Rory doing chores)

Scout (Confessional): Iíve had a little scare in my belly since weíve been out here, and Iíve had a good shake with the earthquake. That got me a little rattled. And then this morning, the thought of our flint, going down, and not having fire. But I did say a prayer this morning, and I said, okay, if weíre striking the flint and it wouldnít go and it wouldnít go, and I said, ďOkay creator, if you want Eliza to go first and Rory to hang out with us, let this fire happen.Ē

DC Notes: So what did Scout think would happen? Sheíd never, ever get a fire? She wants Eliza to go. Sheís just trying to justify her situation with mysticism.

(Rory tries over and over to make a fire and eventually succeeds)

Rory: I think we got it.

Scout: Okay.

Scout (Confessional): Give me a sign, and PHOOF! That thing flamed right up. I take those things seriously. I ask. When you ask, youíre given.

Rory: Good work (hugs Scout). Good way to start the morning.

Scout: Yeah.

Scout (Confessional): But Rory and I do work well together. Weíre both scorpios, so we have a good understanding of emotions. They run deep. This morning, I know that if we continue to pay the numbers game, that Rory and Eliza would come up next if we have to go to the immunity challenge (SHE MEANS IF THEY LOSE). We know that at some point weíll have to vote a sister out, and itís a matter of sequencing and timing. So Iím going to talk to Ami and Leann, and right now, I think we really need Rory to help keep the fire going. He and I Ė what weíre doing in the morning Ė is really important. So weíll see how the day goes. Thatís where my thought is today. It ainít over till the fat lady sings. (Laughs) Thatís the truth!

Load of Crap

Description: Ami expresses her displeasure about Elizaís performance in the Pig Pen Reward Challenge. Apparently, Eliza suffers from a deep fear of pigs, and Amiís not thrilled about that.

Ami (Confessional): The challenge today was a blast! I had fun. Iím sad we lost. We were to catch 10 pigs, put them in a pen, keep Ďem there and do it before the other team did, and we didnít make it. Eliza was a little afraid of the pigs, I think (laughs), and she ended up with a faceful of mud. And she was not about ready to touch one of those pigs, so it was kind of sad we lost the steak. Back to cabbage soup.


Yeah, Eliza didnít want to touch the pigs. You could tell. She was scared of the pigs. You could tell on her face, she was scared of them. Because they were easy to catch, they werenít too big. They were pretty slow. And maybe she hasnít been around pigs a whole lot (laughs). But yeah, she wasnít too excited about touching the pigs.


Do I think thatís okay? I think thatís a load of crap! (Laughs) I think itís a total load of crap. Check fear at the door and letís play this game! Thatís how I feel. We came here to play a game and to win, and I would have loved to have steak tonight, and eggs, and spices for later on. But.


I donít know how Iím going to deal with Eliza being scared today, and I donít really feel like even at the challenge before that, the diving challenge, that everybody really gave it everything they had. I feel like Rory did. I feel like Rory gave it everything he had today, and at the diving, and at the paddling. I feel like we all did all right, but it wasnít that intense. It wasnít that scary. You had to go for it.

I donít know how Iím going to deal with Elizaís fear (laughs). I think she has to deal with it. Thereís nothing really I can do. But Iím definitely going to say something to her.

Iím not eating steak tonight. I canít say itís all because of Eliza, that we lost today. I canít say that. But I would definitely say that her fear today but a damper on our performance.


There could have been a difference if Bubba would have been around, but I wasnít willing to take that playing-two-sides-of-the-fence attitude for the difference.


I think weíll all keep our chins up and have our dinner and go to bed and see what tonight brings.


I donít know how Rory feels right now. Heís gotta feel like weíre all laying it all out there, and here you got one of your teammates not performing to the top of her ability, and youíre thinking maybe about kicking me out? Heís gotta be questioning that a little bit right now. I know I would.

The Lone Survivor

Description: Aware that heís got a target on his back, Rory goes off alone and laments his pitiful plight while the women have breakfast.

(Nighttime at Yasur camp)

Scout (Confessional): Rory would like to go off on everyone right now, but that would just seal his fate. Heís had a fit and foul in it, sitting over there on his pity pot, so hopefully heíll wipe his ass and get off and get over it and start a new day. Weíll see what we can make of it.

(Morning Ė the women are eating breakfast together)

Lisa: This is like heaven

Ami: I wonder where Rory is.

Eliza: Heís out exploring. He knew breakfast would be ready. I told him.

Lisa: Is he okay? Scout, did you get a chance to talk with him?

Scout: Heís a good guy.

Someone?: Yeah.

Someone else: Um, I donít know, Iíve known him for two days.

Ami: It would stink to be in his position.

Rory (Confessional): Basically right now, Iím at zero. And I have no options. Very upsetting for me because my work ethic, I was hoping would shine through. Even through all the work Iíve done, theyíre not giving me a shot. Right now Iím a lone Survivor. Itís just Rory. And Iíve got to do whatever possible to ensure that I can make it past Day 15. And thatís going to be a stretch and a struggle for me, but Iím not going to quit.

Paltry Pig Pen Performance

Description: Leann laments Yasurís dismal failure at the Pig Pen Reward Challenge. Not only that, but their food supply is dwindling, and things are generally falling apart.

Leann (Confessional): The pig challenge? I was so sure we were going to win our next challenge, which was the grab-a-pig-in-the-mud challenge. And obviously we lost. It was really, really, really a hard challenge to lose, because it wasnít skewed towards strength. It was something we easily could have won. Not a happy camper. Hungry! I wanted that steak!

Actually, after the challenge, I felt really down. My spirits were down. I felt like just coming home, washing off, and going to bed. I didnít want to talk to anybody, I didnít want to be cheered up. I was just mad.

Iím still kind of mad about it. What do you do? We tried.


Canít say I didnít try. Iíll give it everything, I donít care. Iím a little bothered that Eliza didnít want to get dirty. Seemed like she didnít want to get dirty. I donít know. Just go and get after it! You know? I didnít get my two, so I canít complain, really, that much, but I tried hard. I got my one. I donít know how they did it. They just did it really fast. They just did it really fast. It seemed like we were doing okay. I think we just lost time with Eliza. Maybe I stayed out there longer than I should have the second time around. I donít know. This sucks. I hate losing. I hate it! More than anything! I realized how much I hate it, losing three things in a row now Ė four. I canít remember now.


Not only do I hate losing, I hate seeing other people win! (Laughs) I want to be the winner. And when itís food Ė all we do is think about food and dream about food thee days. All our supply of food we had when Dolly was here Ė I donít know, did we eat the island clean? Because all of the good stuff is gone. Weíre back to coconut and plantain. I hope I never see either again after Iím done with this.


Well, it just seems like, it just seems like the area weíre in, the general area seems like thatís where the vegetation is, and weíve kind of exhausted that whole area. I know that various people have set off on hikes in all directions trying to find additional areas, but not really having much luck at all. I just think that the time of the year. Itís winter, and thereís just not much growing. Maybe if we had Da back he could show us some more tricks (laughs). Finding the manioc is proving to be difficult. Trying to dig up vines, and not getting anything once you dig them up. Thereís not much around. Sugar caneís at an all time low. Doesnít make me happy!


I was hooked on the cane. There might be one or two stalks left. Just donít want to use it up all now. We just need food! Oh my god! Itís hard! Itís two weeks already! Nothing but bland, starchy foods. Weíre not having any protein. And I havenít been on a tribe thatís won a reward for food yet, so that one pringle we had way back when was heaven. I havenít had anything normal since! Normal to me.

Twilaís Tough

Description: Twila assesses Lopeviís chances now that theyíve won an exceptionally tough Immunity Challenge. Find out exactly how glad she is to be away from Yasur.

DC Notes: This is the most interesting clip of the bunch. Twila has completely integrated with Lopevi, at least in her mind, and sheís broken off from the women. She also thinks that if they were to merge, the Lopevi tribe, including Julie and John K., would stick together and vote off all Yasur members. So far as she goes, the Yasur tribe is now the enemy. She thinks Yasur made a mistake in booting Bubba, but what she fails to realize is Sarge asked her to be in the alliance only because they needed a replacement for Bubba.

Twila (Confessional): I am so happy that we crushed them today. You just wouldnít believe it. We just know we need to win. We would like to win if itís tomorrow. Whenever it comes up, we would like to win the next two. The next reward challenge, thatíll really put them down, and then the next immunity, and I think we have it. We want it so bad. Itís kind of interesting to see whoís going to be around tomorrow. Even if I had been there I donít think I wouldíve changed their minds about who they got rid of last time. I think they messed up with muscle-wise, but Iím excited. Hell, Iím ready. Letís go.


That was tough. Iím weak - I would say I smoked for 30 years and my lungs ainít as good as these young kids. That, oh my god. That was a tough challenge. That was the toughest challenge weíve had since weíve been here, and Iím so proud of every one of Ďem, because that was a kick-ass challenge. It would have been tough. For me, that would have been tough. Iíd have been probably like Leann. It would have took me a while to get through it. The wind was up. The waves were kicking your ass every time you tried to come up from air, they said it was kinda hard cause theyíd get a mouthful of water. Shoo, that was tough.


Julie was awesome. I was so proud of Julie today. She just amazed me. She said she was a strong swimmer, and I thought damn, sheís awful small. But she got out there and she kicked some ass and I was so proud of her. She never quit. She just kept going. And shoo, I was proud of her. I told her. I was proud of her. She done good.


Yeah, I was happy. I just want to get ahead of them so bad. If we could win the next reward and the next immunity challenge and be six and four, I would be very happy. Very happy. Because if they get rid of Rory, or however you say his name (ROYRY), if they get rid of him tonight that shows the women are sticking together, but it also leaves them very vulnerable. To me, itís a piss-poor decision on their part because theyíve got at least one wink link they could get rid of, and they couldíve gotten rid of last time. Strategically, I donít think it was a good move, and it probably would have done me no good, and Iíd probably would have gotten a lot of people pissed off at me for expressing my opinion over there. But I donít think it was a good move over there. And yeah, Iím happy as hell. They did it. Scout picked the teams. I was just lucky enough to get on this one.

DC Notes: I didn't transcribe "From Rat to Pig in a Poke?" because it was shown in the actual episode. For anyone who wants to see the exact comments exchanged between Lisa and Ami again, this is the clip for you.

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Title: Re: SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 6
Post by: Texan on October 25, 2004, 10:41:54 AM
Godo readign ~ thanks for posting.  Should be interesting when they merge if Twilla is against the women now.
Title: Re: SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 6
Post by: puddin on October 25, 2004, 11:03:15 AM
I think that she goes before or after Sarge but, not before Rory  ;) At least she will have Sarge to keep her warm at night on sequesterville  :)* they make such a cute couple  *()* The new  Romber ... what do we call Sarge & Twila ..Swila?
Title: Re: SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 6
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Wow, thanks puddin!