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Title: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: puddin on October 06, 2004, 01:01:37 PM
Thanks to okiebikergirl @ Chatter EZ Board  ( :)_{}
Rumored Pig Chase??
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: Rob on October 06, 2004, 09:41:13 PM
Oiled pig chase!!! LOL, now thats entertainment!

Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: 'keeta on October 20, 2004, 08:29:24 PM
I wonder who will be afraid of the piggy.
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: Texan on October 20, 2004, 09:09:29 PM
what is your guess chakeeta33 ~ who do you think is afraid  :\/
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: 'keeta on October 20, 2004, 10:54:19 PM

Why not, nobody else guess him?!
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: Riverrat on October 20, 2004, 11:26:16 PM
If they had just said "Afraid to catch a pig I would have thought Scout or even Chad for obvious reasons. Afraid to touch a pig??? I think Ami may be the one. She says bugs bother her so she may be afraid of piggies. Second guess is John.
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: puddin on October 21, 2004, 01:51:21 AM
 :()() this is driving me Crazy... Ok ..Leeann or Juile..I'm going with Juile..i just don't think its Eliza..I know I thought Twila too but..she ate those did um um ..worms & fave  :P
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: Texan on October 21, 2004, 10:30:24 AM
Scout is a rancher so i do not think she will be afraid of the pig.  I switched to Leeann, but maybe it is Ami.  We know it is not chad he is show in the previews of tackling one.

I think they get to eat a pig, but not one they catch.  They say piglet ~ this means little pig right?  I would think they would kill a big pig.
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: puddin on October 21, 2004, 11:06:58 AM
Ami lived on a farm..Eliza traveled to Bejing and lived in China & Hong Kong(she is probably use to pigs)..Scout..farmer..watched Rory's interview tape..he says hes not afraid of anything..Julie is a TomBoy..Twila eats maggots..Lisa had no fear of killing the Chicken..with that I'm going back to my first Hinkie feeling..LeeAnn ..thanks Texan.
Yeah Texan..I think they get to eat the pig..whats bugging me is that .do they know how to cook it? I hope that Jeffy gives them something to cook it on? Do you think they go somewhere to eat it or do you think they take it back to there camp to roast? ? Maybe we will see some native man nipples,you help them cook it?  I've been to pig it takes hours to prepare and cook ..
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: Texan on October 21, 2004, 11:22:04 AM
I bet it will be cooked for them already.  Too risky for them to cook pork on their own.

Crap now I changed from Leann to Twill  I think I am goign to change back
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: puddin on October 21, 2004, 11:30:48 AM
How about noone...that way we are safe  :()()
I wonder where Snickers is? Has anyone seen her ? ..calling Snickers...

Oh Snickers ...Where are you  ?   **:)**  
Post by: puddin on October 21, 2004, 11:26:26 PM
After losing their fourth Challenge in a row, the new Yasur tribe reeled all the way to Tribal Council, where they conspired to vote Lisa Keiffer, the 44-year-old real estate agent from New Orleans, Louisiana, out of the tribe in a four-to-two decision. Due to offhand comments and previous Tribal Council deceptions, trust of Lisa wore thin within her alliance, and they decided rid Yasur of this suspect comrade. After hearing the vote, Lisa turned to her former tribemates and reiterated her claim that she had been true to her word.

After witnessing the only other Yasur male get ousted at Tribal Council, Rory Freeman, the 35-year-old housing case manager from Des Moines, Iowa, was in a foul mood and let his tribemates know it. Knowing he was next on the chopping block, Rory was concerned about his tribemates' indifference to his work ethic or to any sort of fairness at all. "I can't push these ladies too far," Rory confessed. "I just kinda got to balance it and push them just far enough to get myself a little bit of an opening."

After recently receiving two women from Yasur, the previously all-male Lopevi tribe had a newer, softer look. Guessing who Yasur had voted out at the previous Tribal Council, Twila Tanner, the 41-year-old highway repair worker from Marshall, Missouri, and Julie Berry, the 23-year-old youth mentor from Gorham, Maine, stole away to take inventory of their new situation. "We're odd out. We're both vulnerable; we know it," Twila concluded.

After receiving Tree Mail inviting them to a Reward Challenge, Yasur gathered around to listen to Rory's heartfelt speech about fairness and respect. Trying to persuade his tribe from voting him out, Rory announced; "I have come to you all with the expectation that you all will give me a fair shot. Your sty is my sty. But I will not continue to slave around camp if I do not have a shot at making it through Tribal Council. All I accord to each one of you all is respect. And that's all I'm asking in return."

As the tribes convened for the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that this Challenge was sure to get dirty, as it involved catching Vanuatu's greatest status symbols, pigs. The teams must race through a muddy pigpen in order to chase down their tribe-colored pigs. The first team to get ten of their pigs back to their tribe pen would win a Reward of steak and eggs.

The Challenge started off with a squeal as the Survivors muddied themselves in order to capture the pork. Lopevi jumped out to a three-to-two lead as Chris Daugherty, the 34-year-old highway construction worker from South Vienna, Ohio, carried a screaming pig over to the Lopevi pen. With the competition in a tie, Eliza Orlins, the 21-year-old pre-law student from Syracuse, New York, and Chad Crittenden, the 35-year-old teacher from Oakland, California, went head to head, chasing down the frantic pigs. But Eliza plainly couldn't catch herself a piglet and had to give up. Eliza's breakdown gave Lopevi a large lead, which Yasur simply could not overcome.

After capturing the tenth and final pig, Lea "Sarge" Masters, the 40-year-old drill sergeant from Columbia, South Carolina, placed it into the pen, bringing home the bacon for his Lopevi tribemates. Lopevi would enjoy steak and eggs, while Yasur would be left to ponder their third defeat in a row.

Returning to camp from their exhilarating victory, Lopevi feasted on juicy steaks. While enjoying the fruits of their labor, the tribe members discussed Eliza's giving up during the Challenge and how detrimental it was to Yasur. "Why would they keep someone like Eliza and not keep their muscle?" wondered Twila.

Meanwhile, over at Yasur, the mood was somber as the tribe returned to camp winless since the reshuffling. Most bothered by the loss was Eliza, who continually apologized to her tribemates. Giving up on the Challenge seemed to place Eliza with Rory on Yasur's chopping block. "If they keep her on here, they're signing their own death warrant." Rory speculated. "Right now, they need somebody strong, and I'm their strongest recourse."

At the Lopevi camp, the tribe enjoyed the afternoon sun. Seeking a more extensive suntan, Julie decided to sunbathe bottomless. This caused quite a stir with the men of Lopevi. "I didn't want to look at it too much," Sarge confessed, "but it looked pretty good."

While fetching bananas, Sarge and Twila discussed the alliances within the Lopevi camp. Without Bubba and Rory, Sarge explained, his crew would need another member to stay strong. Twila and Sarge then agreed that she would join Lopevi's alliance of elders

As the tribes assembled for an Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that this would be a competition through a brutal water obstacle course. From a platform in the water, each tribe member must transport a tiki segment to the shore, navigating the segments over and under a series of above- and below-water obstacles. Once on shore, the first tribe to reassemble their tiki correctly would win the crucial Immunity.

The competition began with a splash as both Chris and Ami Cusack, the 31-year-old barista/model from Lakewood, Colorado, dove into the water with their Tiki pieces. After steering through the course, both Survivors collapsed on the beach, demonstrating how grueling this Challenge actually was. The competition was a close one until Rory overtook Sarge to give Yasur the lead.

But Leann Slaby, the 35-year-old research assistant from Kansasville, Wisconsin, lost that lead when she had serious trouble with the underwater hitching post. Leann tried and tried, but she could not stay under water long enough to accomplish the task. Leann's collapse allowed Lopevi to rout Yasur as they finished the course, then assembled the Tiki in order to win the Immunity. It was Yasur's fourth loss in a row.

Returning to camp from the defeat, the Yasur tribe discussed whom they would send packing. Crushed and defeated, Leann blamed herself solely for Yasur's losing the Challenge. Starting out on the chopping block, Rory was now joined by Eliza and Leann for losing Challenges.

After receiving an off-hand comment from Lisa, Ami furiously announced that she was going to vote off Lisa before anyone else. Not trusting Lisa, Ami then assured Rory and Leann that she was not going to vote for them. Hearing of Ami and Lisa's fight, Rory had new hope: "All I want is for somebody to leave the island other than me."

In the end, Rory got his wish as Lisa received the four votes needed to eliminate her from the Yasur tribe. Lisa became the seventh Survivor to be voted off SURVIVOR: VANUATU.
Title: Re: S9 Ep6 Title "Hog Tied"
Post by: Riverrat on October 22, 2004, 06:41:42 AM
Thanks puddin. I liked these challenges but not the show per se.

I didn't like Lisa and then I was beginning to liike Lisa now I think MB is giving me a reason not to like Ami. If all that happened was what I saw and heard, it was just wrong.

I just hate it when a person like Eliza floats along and ends up winning. Right now of those two I would rather it be Julie.
Title: 'Survivor' Sunbathes Nude
Post by: puddin on October 22, 2004, 10:52:48 AM
'Survivor' Sunbathes Nude

Oct. 21, 2004

Scout is still the one to beat.

(CBS) In a possible tribute to original "Survivor" champion Richard Hatch, one of the contestants does some nude sunbathing tonight.

The producers also say one contestant's fear of handling live pigs will result in snorts from the other team.

Some 19.2 million people watched last week's "Survivor," making it the fifth-ranked show in the nation.

"Survivor" pundit Greg Feltes predicts that Julia will be booted off the island this week. He bases this on a preview on the official "Survivor" Web site that says one castaway is heavily conflicted heading into Tribal Council. "No one on Yasur would feel conflicted about voting Rory out. However, there is a good probability that someone at Lopevi like John K. could flirt with idea of teaming with the women to force a tie," says Feltes.

He says Scout is still the contestant to beat.

Last week, the Vanuatu Survivors survived an earthquake, underwater contests and a tribe shake-up that redistributed the contestants and ended the gender split between the two groups.

After Travis "Bubba" Sampson was caught sending signals to his former tribe mates during the immunity challenge, his new tribe decided he wasn't a team player and voted him out.

The loser of tonight's episode will be interviewed on Friday's The Early Show.