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Title: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: georgiapeach on September 13, 2017, 10:53:53 AM
Talking Points: ( feel free to add your own!)

Did you like/love/tolerate this season?

Thoughts on the cast?

What about the Route?

Enough/too much/just right International?

Twists: Express Pass, Face Off, Uturn, Fast Forward-- are you happy with them?
Thoughts on which work, which don't? Which should be dumped? How could they be better?

What would you like to see moving forward?

Let's make this an intelligent well thought out discussion.

You never know who might be reading! :hrt:

Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: Maanca on September 13, 2017, 11:50:03 AM
Alright, here comes my essay.

Personally, I'd rank this one at the bottom in almost a tie with Season 3. Then it goes 4, 1, 2 - 4 had competitive, fierce personalities (BB crossovers, 'nuff said. And some badass female racers. 1 was full domestic, yes but they still had all their freshest ideas and a good cast. Still blew Family Edition out of the water).

It feels like I know more about this country than the task planners, everytime I theorize a great new place to go still left in Canada, or the things to do there, we got the opposite. Almost every time (well, I got a couple this season. That Algoma train, I had a yearning to ride that thing back when my family and I moved west and I saw it in a guidebook. And the best part of Newfoundland, Gros Morne. Very let down in what was shown of Moose Jaw, as it's my favourite western city. None of the cool 1920's/Capone gangster stuff that lends to its "Little Chicago nickname". Just can stacking). And it kinda frustrated me everytime I was wrong for that reason, because I know it could have been better. On a lot of the tasks, it feels like they're phoning it in for ideas.

If there is another one...My deepest sympathies to the xenophobic casuals, but it's time, time to up the international. I whipped this up Friday night out of having not much else to do, and have been saving it to post until after this thread came up. A map of all the visited cities colour-coded by season - note, though, poor Manitoba and Nunavut with one lone dot, and none in Labrador. There's all the "showcasing this great country" they've done in black and white (this is what that post was going to be earlier, Peach, that I made then changed to "nvm". Was too soon :) )

If true that CTV signed on for 6 seasons, yeah, more intl, and maybe an All-Stars to go out with. If it's their last season, I'd think they'll want to go out with a bang and we'll actually get some of the best that they've been saving for it. If you read those news articles where the producers gush about international legs, you can just sense they put more care and effort into designing them than it feels like the US producers have for a few years now (a lot of legs are little more than Roadblock, Detour, Pit Stops. Canada ALWAYS puts 1, 2, sometimes 3 extra tasks into the leg). If those took up more of the race course, this would be a damn good franchise!

Still holding out hope. If you get one more chance with a season 6...please, PLEASE don't waste it!!
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: stunami on September 13, 2017, 12:05:42 PM
This season in general was okay, I would rank it before Season 3, but after the others.

For the route:

I like the mix of Canada/International (I would prefer all international but that's not going to happen). Loved both Asian legs, and the Panama leg was good also (the tasks).  I would prefer 6 legs in Canada and 5 international.
As for the Canadian Legs:

Love: Western Newfoundland, Fort McMurray, Sault Ste Marie
meh: Castelgar (Like it was nice but SOO many BC legs, like it's ridiculous), Regina/Moose Jaw
No: Ottawa/Gatineau, Vancouver, Québec City

I liked the starting line, but I really didn't understand the logic behind it... Why not start in another province if you are going to come back to Newfoundland later in the race? They should have started in Fredericton, New-Brunswick (the only provincial capital not visited), and that would have check another province on the list for this season. This was also the thirst time for Vancouver and Quebec city... And I wished they would have went to the north (Jon said coast to coast to coast, but that was a bit of a lie). Maybe a visit in Nunavut after Ottawa?

The tasks:

Some good and some bad... I liked the concept of Canada 150, but i think they should have done them also at the international level (Play Hockey in Beijing, Eat at the Montreal Deli in Shangai, something in Panama). I didn't mind the product placement (The campbell soup was good, and the sinorama was not THAT bad)

Loved the tasks of the premiere and the finale. In between there was some good task : Puppet show in Thailand, the medicine task in Beijing, helicopter task in Alberta, etc. It's fun to have task are not 100% physical or dancing all the time. What makes a good route in my opinion is a mix of physical, logic, luck, knowledge, agility, etc.

The teams:

I don't really know what the problem with the teams this year was... For some reason they were all nice but there was no big personalities (beside Giver's, which I was not a fan).

I think the mother/son and the cousins had potential but they left too soon. I hated the youtubers, father/son were bland (Nice team but bland). Same with the girls (Ebonie and Andrea), we saw them as a little fiesty with the U-Turn drama, but that was it. Likes Adam and Andrea and Karen and Burt. Korey and Ivana, I don't know I just didn't relate that much to them.. I think the fact that Sam and Paul won 6 legs didn't help, and when I team dominates like that, it takes away the fun a little. Sam and Paul were okay also,but not like OMG my favorite team ever. It was a bit redundant to see them win (and sometime they got super lucky, like in Saskatchewan, and to a limit in Panama)

I feel like the only 2 teams that could come back are giver and Adam/Andrea...

Overall, was a good season and I hope we get a season 6, (not All-Star)

Season Ranking:

- Season 2 (the best in my mind)
- Season 1
- Season 4
- Season 5 (close to 4)
- Season 3 (the worst one IMO)

Winners Ranking:

- Tie: Steph/Kristen and Sam/Paul (Both teams are similar: young good-looking LGBT couple who dominated)
- Mickey and Pete
- Tim and Tim
- Gino and Jesse (not that they didn't deserve it, it's just a team I don't like)
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: TARUSAFan on September 13, 2017, 01:36:29 PM
I've nothing much to say but:

Route - Canada's 150th Anniversary is a truly milestone for the country. I think that they should have at least visited a majority of the provinces of Canada rather than doubling visits to provinces. Also, they should focused more on tasks that really focused on Canadian heritage and something that really defines Canada both modern and historic, although the 150 Challenges nailed some, some were lacking in substance for me. For the overseas visits, it was a surprise that we've had 3 international visits. This was the best, the tasks and everything about it. Honestly, China should have been 2 legs (Beijing & Shanghai) and Thailand a separate. The Panama leg puts the US Season 29's Leg 1 to shame. Also, they could have visited another country with deep ties to Canada.

Tasks - TAR Canada nails this one for me all the time. Other than being abundant per leg, the tasks are diverse and are suited for everybody, it is just a matter on how the teams will complete it. It combines both brains and brawn. Most of the tasks really pit teams together, some may seem physical and some may not be but it is an even playing field.

Teams - In terms of casting, it was really halfway for me. Adam & Andrea (the team that I rooted for in the beginning), Megan & Courtney, Karen & Bert, Korey & Ivana and Aaron & Deb were my favorites, they were all standouts. Zed & Shabbir were likable but were missing something. Andrea & Ebonie were boring, I expected them to be alpha females but no, The Giver's were too loud in my opinion. Not much for Dan & Riya, got Joey & Meghan vibes but not enough (maybe edits??). When Sam & Paul were winning legs straight, I already thought Steph & Kristen reversed/gender-swapped. It's now time for M/F team to win.


Season 2 & 4 still ranks as my top seasons. Season 5 was decent but it was not as great as I had hoped it to be. Season 3 still ranks as the worst for me.

Moving Forward:

Go back to the old formula, 12 Legs, 6 Canadian 6 International or better yet more international. We need 11 teams, that are fun, relatable, diverse and memorable.

Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: fossil-racer on September 13, 2017, 02:32:36 PM
Talking Points:

Did you like/love/tolerate this season?

The season was ok overall. I would rank it 4-2-1-5-3. The season had its moments but I feel like it wasn't memorable enough. The route was quite dull and the cast took some time to get acquainted with.

Thoughts on the cast?

There were 7 real contenders. When I first saw the cast in the contestant thread, it was easy to figure out who were the "duds" were and predict the placements. The "duds" were actually eliminated pretty quickly. The cast didn't pop as much as season 4's cast.

What about the Route?

We need more international legs. Legs 4 and 8 were some of the best legs this season! The route was awful when it came to the Canada legs because everything felt reused/filler.  More international please! Those legs are the best!  :conf:

What would you like to see moving forward?

More international legs!

More teams! Do the classic 11 teams and 12 legs!

Better cast! (Season 2 and 4 awesomeness)
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: Bookworm on September 13, 2017, 03:19:33 PM
I really like Stunami's idea of expanding the 150 challenges, not only would it have added to the final challenge's complexity, but it would done a better job of driving the Canada 150 theme home. There ideally should have been one every Leg, even if it was something minor (the Algoma rail was one of the better 150 challenges, but it could very well have been a minor ARI or one side of the Detour (Pump It, The Cart). I had nearly forgotten about 150 challenges after not seeing any for three straight legs at the beginning of the Race (Legs 3,4, & 5)
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: WindsorSue on September 13, 2017, 06:39:14 PM
Okay, here goes.

Did I enjoy this season? Of course. TARC always brings it. My problem is Season 2 is the one I compare all other seasons, with Season 1 a close second. I would say Season 5 was comparable to both 4 and 3. Although they were perfectly good seasons, they each had a couple of things wrong. But hey, nothing can be perfect. FOR ME, their main problems were the teams who won. I just find it very hard to get behind teams who dominate the season, even if like this season, it is mostly due to luck.

Last night's Finale was incredible. So many tasks and RMs. The monumental mistake by Kenneth, followed by a gleam of hope that they would be the underdog winners. 

Some other points:
I would prefer at least 4 international destinations.
No more Southeast Asia. PLEASE.
I do not mind them revisiting destinations as long as tasks are fresh. That is why Vancouver, Regina, Ottawa & Quebec City worked. Having said that, please no more. Those destinations are done.
Quite frankly, being Canada's Sesquicentennial, I expected more from the destinations. Yes. I expected London, somewhere else in the U.K. or The Netherlands. I expected Dawson City, the interior of Quebec or the Gaspe, Labrador, anywhere in Manitoba, and of course, Fredericton.

In the future:
I don't mind the Face-Off, but please put it near the beginning of the leg so the penalized team has a chance to catch the rest.
More character task judges. Remember S1's RCMP judge?
Pitstop Greeters: Go back to the likes of those in S2. The only thing I remember from any of this year's greeters were the budgies in Beijing.

Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: Granth on September 13, 2017, 08:14:32 PM
Seasons: 2 > 4 > 1 > 5 > 3

Winners: 4 > 1 > 5 > 2 > 3

Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: BourkieBoy on September 14, 2017, 01:08:31 AM
Did you like/love/tolerate this season?
I liked this season, cause they had good and deserving winners, unlike some other seasons.

Thoughts on the cast?
To me, it was a little bit boring, but not as bad as some others seasons!

What about the Route?
I will not be satisfied with any route, unless it goes full international. If that doesn't happen then, could we please get more visits to Nunavut, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Yukon and the Northwest Territories :res:

Enough/too much/just right International?

Twists: Express Pass, Face Off, Uturn, Fast Forward-- are you happy with them?
Thoughts on which work, which don't? Which should be dumped? How could they be better?

Please never offer 3 Express Passes in one task. It doesn't work. FF's are fine, but we need more of them. Face-Offs need to stop being sports tasks. Finally, please one U-Turn per team AND NEVER OFFER THEM BEFORE A DETOUR!!!

What would you like to see moving forward?
12 legs of FULL INTERNATIONAL legs. That's it.

Hope you enjoyed guys!  :<3
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: gamerfan09 on September 14, 2017, 09:57:47 AM
Finally, please one U-Turn per team AND NEVER OFFER THEM BEFORE A DETOUR!!!

Am I missing something because they didn't do the latter lol? TARCAN kept the U-Turn placements the same
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: BourkieBoy on September 14, 2017, 05:14:39 PM
Finally, please one U-Turn per team AND NEVER OFFER THEM BEFORE A DETOUR!!!

Am I missing something because they didn't do the latter lol? TARCAN kept the U-Turn placements the same

I meant don't change what they are Doing right now, etc, etc
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: claude_24hrs on September 16, 2017, 09:08:34 AM
I do like TAR Canada lot but I had not watch right before season 4 which I chose not to download all episodes of TAR Canada from one to the current fifth seasons due to copyright fears.
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: georgiapeach on September 17, 2017, 01:54:49 PM
You don't have to download anything Claude. I have messaged you.
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: saskvagabond on September 22, 2017, 03:36:26 PM
I'm coming at this as a self declared superfan of the franchise. Hell, I even remember exactly what I was doing when the very first episode of the US version aired (baking cookies for my high school bake sale). I went out of my way on my Round the World trip to visit as many specific locations that Amazing Race had visited as I could. It was the only TV show I kept up with while traveling. I became a huge fan of the Australian version and was struck speechless when I ran into TAR Australia winner Nathan on the streets of Bondi. I love this franchise.

And yet, for the very first time, I didn't keep up with this season. I watched the premiere live and then just forgot about it. I'd be reminded a few weeks later and catch up. I wasn't invested in this season at all. So to answer the first question: I tolerated this season. I gave it my time and viewership as support that maybe things will change for the better.

The cast overall was ok, but lord help me, if I ever hear "Give'r" one more time, I will snap. I think the disappointment in the route as spoiled on here, mixed with the intense grating I felt anytime that team came on screen, really pushed me away this season. I liked all the other teams, even if there wasn't any Type A personalities (Adam and Andrea were the closest I'd say). I like competitive teams. I'd give the teams a 6.5 out of 10. Not horrible, but could've been better.

Route. Yeah . . . . I'm giving it a 3 out of 10. Would've been less but Gros Morne and the international legs helped hold it up. Everywhere else, no thanks. The route felt thrown together, especially with the jumping back and forth across the country. I agree with the poster above me in that a few of the places could've been a lot better had the challenges been more focused (I'm looking at you Moose Jaw. The Al Capone/Prohibition era part would've been a cool challenge).

Challenges were a 5 out of 10. Some places (Panama) had great challenges. Others (Regina) were boring. And while we didn't get any teams taking a penalty for quitting a task (save the first one), I think this speaks more to the ease of the challenges than to the capabilities of the contestants. No one even contemplated quitting from my recollection. Previous seasons were really elevated by the task difficulty. The location may have sucked, but at least the tasks made up for it. This year, not so much. I was most disappointed in the Great Wall of China task. TARC, when they finally do go international, really pulls out all the stops on the challenges, which makes the International legs by and large the best legs of any season. That challenge on the Wall though was . . . not interesting. I feel like something more interesting could have been done.

Express Pass needs to go. Fast Forward needs more than 1 per season to make it worth while to have. The Face Off is intriguing, but needs a better range of challenges; mental as opposed to physical/sports.

When TARC does things good, they blow it out of the water. This season was a weak splash. We are past the point where I feel they can justify spending the majority of the race in our own borders. Doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the visits to places in Canada should be enough evidence to show that we have exhausted locations. Season 6 MUST go full International. We know they can do International legs, and we know they can do them incredibly well. Those are consistently the best legs. And, if the rumours are true, and Panama was a last minute replacement for a different overseas location, Production should be given a standing ovation. To put together the best leg of the season last minute is beyond commendable. Even look at the RacePlay question that came up during the Bangkok leg: "What would you rather have:  More Canada  or   More International".   North of 85% voted for More International.

Listen to them!

Because if the next season doesn't up the travel factor, I may have to sit that one out and rewatch TAR Australia Season 2.

I know this was mostly negative, but I know TARC can be amazing and surpass the original. CTV and the powers that be just need to believe in themselves. 5 seasons of practice is enough. Time to show the world just what Canada is made of.
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: stunami on September 24, 2017, 02:32:41 PM
Anyone remembers how long it took last season to announce season 5? I think it was like a month or so...
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: Maanca on September 24, 2017, 02:39:16 PM
October 12, the Season 4 finale was one month earlier on September 13. It's on the WP page :)

If next was a returnee season, I wonder if they'd announce it as such that soon.
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: Brannockdevice on November 10, 2017, 06:58:52 PM
Where should one post for TARC 6 speculation?
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: claude_24hrs on November 10, 2017, 08:33:47 PM
Where should one post for TARC 6 speculation?,33429.0.html
Title: Re: TARC 5-Final Thoughts
Post by: stunami on April 04, 2018, 12:01:02 PM
Just noticed that Season 3 route and Season 5 route is really really similar (except International legs of course) and they are the only 2 season so far to skip the territories.
I was just bored lol and I can't wait for season 6 to start!!!  :ghug:

S3: Starts in Québec City
S5: Ends in QC City

S3: Ends in Vancouver/Whistler
S5: Leg 1 in Vancouver

S3: Leg 6 in Northnern Ontario (Sudbury)
S5: Leg 10 in Northern Ontario (Sault-Ste-Marie)

S3: One Atlantic-Canada Leg (Halifax)
S5: One Atlantic-Canada Leg (Western NFL) (sure it's different provinces...)

S3: One Saskatchewan Leg (Saskatoon)
S5: One Saskatchewan Leg (Regina & others)

S3: Leg 11 in Northern Alberta (Edmonton)
S5: Leg 2 in Northern Alberta (Fort. McMurray)

S3: One leg in Interior BC (Penticton)
S5: One leg in Interior BC (Nelson)

The only real difference is the two legs left: Ottawa/Gatineau vs. Magdelaine Island (You could debate both had tasks in Québec but I feel like it was a very different setting with the island vs. national capital)