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Title: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: marv on August 31, 2004, 09:00:55 PM
who is the winner?? tonite
Title: Re: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: puddin on August 31, 2004, 09:09:09 PM
Hi Marv...Colin & Christie were the first to arrive at the pitstop..Brandon & Nicole came in last..they messed up and went for the Fast Forward and decided they didnt want to shave there was a non- elimination episode Brandon & christie   Nicole were stripped of all there money as a penalty  :)_{}
Title: Re: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: marv on August 31, 2004, 09:13:53 PM
non- elimination  again? i thought it was last week, twins sister.. why again???

chip and kim place?
im big fan of them
Title: Re: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: Blue Jean Baby on August 31, 2004, 09:56:12 PM
i want Chip and Kim to win too marv...

Title: Re: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: puddin on August 31, 2004, 11:37:51 PM
Chip N Kim came in second..I adore them and am rooting for them to win this race  **:)**
The CBS update should be up soon..I'll post it  :)_{}
Title: Re: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: RudyRules on September 01, 2004, 02:36:08 AM
Yeah Chip n' Kim!  Love 'em!  ;D

Nice to see you posting, Marv!

Ruday :)_{}
Title: Re: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: Texan on September 01, 2004, 08:59:19 AM
Thanks....I missed the show sounds like a good one.
Title: Re: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: Cole on September 01, 2004, 10:08:02 AM
Missed the show  :(*8  :(*8

okay i don't see B/N modeling....has anyone ever found pics of their modeling?

I wish they would have cut their hair.  :()()
Title: Re: whos the winner tonite??
Post by: puddin on September 01, 2004, 10:51:54 AM
I had pics of Brandon modeling..I'll be back when I find them  :)_{}


After a wild ride down a waterslide in Dubai, Teams made their way to Kolkata, India, where a brick-making Roadblock caused major frustration. Dating couple Colin & Christie bickered again, but the pair recovered and narrowly beat married parents Chip & Kim for another first-place finish. Dating Christians Brandon & Nicole opted for the Fast Forward. However, when faced with the prospect of having to shave their heads, they chose to go back and complete the Roadblock and Detour, thus arriving at the Pit Stop in last place. But the dating Christians received a reprieve, as this was the third of four pre-determined non-elimination legs.

Departing from the Pit Stop in first place at 10:51 pm, Colin & Christie opened their first clue to discover they needed to drive 35 miles to Dubai and find Wild Wadi, the largest water park outside of the United States, for the next Route Marker. Reflecting on her partner, Christie noted, "Colin has a weakness for losing his temper pretty fast. When he's frustrated, we actually end up making mistakes, and it could definitely hurt us in the Race."

Leaving the Bedouin Camp Pit Stop 36 minutes later, dating Christians Brandon & Nicole began the drive back to Dubai. About his relationship with Nicole, Brandon remarked, "Things are good between us. There's bickering here and there, but for the most part, Nicki and I are great. We're in love, and we're ready for this next leg."

Exiting the Pit Stop at 11:41 pm, Chip & Kim commented on what the Race has meant to them. Kim said, "THE AMAZING RACE has given us the honeymoon that we have never had." Chip added, "Now we have this opportunity of a lifetime to see the world together. I'm just loving this."

Leaving one minute later, bowling moms Linda & Karen set out for Wild Wadi. On their chances of winning, Karen remarked, "The other Teams see us as average moms, and they don't feel us as a threat. We're getting near the end of the Race, and we're going to surprise them."

Departing the Pit Stop in last place at 12:14 am, twins Kami & Karli faced the daunting prospect of being penniless, but offered a strategy: "Because we have no money, we are so going to manipulate people. We are going to use whatever sexual gifts God gave us. That's the only way we're going to survive." To this end, the twins used their feminine wiles to solicit money from two men in a rescue vehicle as well as a gentleman in a Porsche, earning enough money for the leg.
Arriving at Wild Wadi in first place, Colin & Christie discovered that the water park wouldn't open until 8:00 the following morning. Soon, Chip & Kim joined the dating couple for a night's slumber, explaining their new strategy regarding Colin & Christie. The married parents planned to downplay their own abilities to make Colin & Christie overconfident, in hopes of causing the dating couple to make a critical error. Kim remarked, "Chip and I want Colin & Christie to self-destruct." Eventually, the three remaining Teams joined Chip & Kim and Colin & Christie as all slept in anticipation of entering the water park.

The following morning at 8:00, the gates of Wild Wadi opened, and Teams raced to the clue box. Arriving first, Brandon & Nicole discovered they must climb to the top of Jumeirah Sceirah, a 100-foot tall waterslide, and take the plunge, which would have them going as fast as 50 miles per hour. Once both Team members finished, they would receive their next clue. Taking the wild ride down the slide, the very wet dating Christians opened their next clue to discover they must fly nearly 2100 miles to Kolkata, India. Once there, they had to find the Sahid Minar, a 170-foot monument where their next clue waited. Reading the rest of the clue, the dating Christians noted that Teams must drive themselves to the airport.

Two Teams encountered problems on the way to the airport after finishing the slide down Jumeirah Sceirah. Chip & Kim didn't read the instructions carefully and drove off in a taxi, while Linda & Karen left their pack containing all their money. Both Teams were forced to return to Wild Wadi, putting them at the back of the pack. Chip & Kim had little difficulty catching up to the Teams at the airport, but Linda & Karen faced a new crisis.

At Wild Wadi, Linda & Karen met a cab driver who offered to lead the duo to the airport since he was headed there anyway. The moms were shocked when the driver asked for full fare when they arrived. Linda protested and refused to pay, since she was told he was already planning on driving to the airport. After Linda unsuccessfully offered a tip in lieu of the fare, the driver called a security guard, who asked Linda to join them for a talk, a predicament surprisingly similar to Colin's in the previous leg. Unlike Colin, Linda ended the conflict peacefully, realizing that the 41 dinars the driver demanded were only 15 American dollars, not the 41 dollars she had imagined.

All five Teams booked tickets on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Mumbai. Colin & Christie, Kami & Karli, Brandon & Nicole and Linda & Karen all booked their connecting flights from Mumbai to Kolkata on Jet Airways, which was scheduled to land at 9:30 the next morning. Having arrived last at the airport, Chip & Kim found the Jet Airways flight sold out and booked tickets on Sahara, which arrived at 9:40 am. Facing a ten-minute deficit, an optimistic Chip commented, "This is the chance for a miracle to happen."

After landing in Kolkata, Brandon & Nicole and Kami & Karli got an early lead in their cabs ahead of Colin & Christie and Linda & Karen. Chip got his miracle, though, as all four Teams became entrenched in gridlock traffic, allowing the married couple to catch up. Arriving at the Sahid Minar in first place, Colin & Christie encountered the Yield mat and opted not to exercise their power to force another Team to stop for a predetermined amount of time, explaining, "We don't want to win by using the Yield." Opening their clue, the dating couple discovered they needed to travel 13 miles by taxi to the town of Garia and find the Globe Brick Factory.
Arriving in second place at the Sahid Minar, Chip & Kim also opted not to use the Yield, saying, "We don't think it would benefit us right now. Once we get closer to the end of the Race, we'll concentrate maybe on using the Yield." Opening their clue, the married parents found the second of only two Fast Forwards on the Race. In this Fast Forward, Teams had to travel seven miles to a temple and perform a traditional Hindu ritual. What Teams didn't know was that the ritual would require them to shave their heads, an act performed by Hindu men and women at least once in their lives. Once both teammates were completely bald, they could claim the Fast Forward. Thinking there were Teams ahead of them with a better chance of claiming the Fast Forward, Chip & Kim decided to head to the Globe Brick Factory.

With Brandon & Nicole, Linda & Karen and Kami & Karli all eschewing the Fast Forward in favor of taking a taxi to Garia, Colin & Christie arrived at the Globe Brick Factory in first place, only to encounter a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one Team member must enter the brick factory and use a traditional Indian mold to make 20 mud bricks. The task appeared simple, but if the molds weren't filled in the correct way, the bricks would fall apart. Once the factory owner determined that all 20 bricks were properly formed, he would hand the Team their next clue.

As Colin started making bricks unsuccessfully, Chip & Kim arrived at the brick factory, where Chip performed the Roadblock for his Team. With Colin becoming increasingly frustrated at his inability to pack the mold correctly, Chip successfully made his first two mud bricks. When Christie suggested Colin pack the mold better, Colin screamed, "I am packing it!" The pressure only increased for Colin when Brandon & Nicole and Linda & Karen arrived at the factory.

Colin eventually got the hang of it, but Brandon discovered he was not cut out for a career in brick making. Once Kami & Karli arrived, the dating Christians considered going to the Fast Forward, since all the Teams were at the factory. After making several more crumbling bricks, Brandon and his teammate finally abandoned the Roadblock and headed to the temple, unaware of the ritual they would have to perform to get the Fast Forward.

As Kami struggled with the bricks, Colin finally completed the Roadblock. Opening the next clue, the dating couple discovered they must travel 13 miles by train to Sealdah Station to find the next Route Marker. As Colin & Christie sped away in a cab, Linda & Karen and Chip & Kim both finished the Roadblock, leaving only aggravated twins Kami & Karli, now bickering over how to make bricks.

At the station, Chip & Kim and Colin & Christie jumped on the first available train. Linda & Karen ran into trouble once again because they didn't have enough rupees to pay for their train ticket, and the attendant wouldn't accept American currency. The effort to exchange their money cost the bowling moms valuable time, forcing them down to third place. Kami & Karli, who had finally mastered the brick-making process, were on their heels, one train behind, in fourth place.

Arriving at the temple, Brandon & Nicole were stunned to see a razor waiting for their precious heads of hair. Nicole instantly refused to go through with the Fast Forward, insisting, "Brandon and I are both in the modeling industry, and his hair is what sells for him." The pair resigned themselves to a last-place finish as they headed back to the brick factory. A teary Nicole blamed herself for making the decision to come to the temple, but Brandon comforted his girlfriend and used the power of prayer to calm her down.
Exiting their train at Sealdah Station, Chip & Kim and Colin & Christie opened their next clue at the nearby Route Marker and discovered a Detour. In this Detour, Teams had to choose between "Heavy but Short" and "Light but Long." Teams choosing Heavy but Short must travel more than 10 miles to Lansdowne, a region of Kolkata, and choose a taxi with no engine to transport half a mile to a garage, where the owner would hand them their next clue. While the task would be physically demanding, Teams were required to push the taxi only a short distance and could finish quickly. Teams opting for Light but Long, must travel to the largest flower market in Kolkata and find a specific stall. The stall's owner would hand them a garland that they must release into the Ganges River for good luck to receive their next clue. While not a physically demanding task, it could take a long time to find the stall in a very crowded marketplace. Both Teams opted to perform Heavy but Short and quickly boarded a bus to Lansdowne.

As Brandon & Nicole, now very calm and relaxed, finished the Roadblock, Colin & Christie and Chip & Kim found their marked taxis in Lansdowne. After noticing the taxis were missing engines, both Teams knew they needed muscle to push the taxis and enlisted the help of locals. With the extra aid from the Indians, both Teams completed the task rather quickly and received their next clues, instructing them to make their way across town to the next Pit Stop at the Victoria Memorial, built as a tribute to England's Queen Victoria.

As Chip & Kim and Colin & Christie jumped into taxis in a race to the Pit Stop, Linda & Karen began their task with the engineless taxis, followed closely by Kami & Karli. As with the previous Teams, both the bowling moms and the twins benefited from the help of locals to complete the task.

As Brandon & Nicole started the Heavy but Short Detour, Colin & Christie and Chip & Kim approached the Victoria Memorial. Colin & Christie narrowly won the footrace to the mat for a repeat first-place victory. Host Phil Keoghan informed the pair they had won a vacation to exotic Mexico compliments of American Airlines website, The dating couple then greeted Chip & Kim, who captured second place.

With Linda & Karen and Kami & Karli finishing in third and fourth place respectively, Brandon & Nicole completed the Detour and arrived at the Victoria Memorial in last place, having come to terms with their impending elimination. To their shock, Phil informed them that this was the third of four pre-determined non-elimination legs. Though stripped of all their money, Brandon & Nicole would live to race another day. On their good fortune, Brandon remarked, "I feel so relieved, I don't even care that I don't have any money. That's the least of my concerns right now. What a blessing." Nicole added, "I see that the Lord really wants us in the game, and we've had this second chance. I'm really excited about it."

Next on The Amazing Race
Tuesday, September 7 10PM ET/PT

Two Teams go head to head at the airport, vying for the last two available seats on an important flight.

Realizing they have failed to secure a good flight, Kami & Karli try lying to ticket agents as a strategy. Will it work, or will they find themselves far behind?

An argument spurred by one Racer's driving develops into a bigger fight that tests one Team's relationship. Will it affect their performance on this leg of the Race?

Fear is not an option for several Racers, who chose a Detour that plunges them headfirst into powerful whitewater rapids