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Title: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: PapaBear on July 15, 2004, 02:44:25 PM
I thought that since I is so much fun to badmouth  berate  belittle  make fun of discuss what we like and don't like about the contestants, I figured it would be a good idea to give us a place to do just that.  Take a minute and rate the remaining contestants in terms of how you feel about them.  Start with your least favorite and work up to the team that you like the most.  You can comment on why you feel the way you do or not (depending on how lazy you want to be  :) ).  This week the remaining targets  bashees teams are:

1.   Kami & Karli (twins)
2.   Marshall & Lance (brothers/restaurant owners)
3.   Colin & Christie (dating)
4.   Chip & Kim (married/parents)
5.   Linda & Karen (bowing moms)
6.   Jim & Marsha (father/daughter)
7.   Charla & Mirna (cousins)
8.   Brandon & Nicole (dating/Christian)
9.   Bob & Joyce (internet dating couple)

There you are - have at them discuss away!  I will start a new one of these every week so that we can see how our feeling change from week to week.
Title: Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: Texan on July 15, 2004, 02:58:59 PM
oaky here I go

1.   Kami & Karli (twins) ~ whiniey and think all men will help them
2.   Marshall & Lance (brothers/restaurant owners)  ~ rude ~ i so wanted to liek them as they are from TX but not originally Texans
3.Jim & Marsha (father/daughter) ~ Do not like marsha... she needs to be nice to someone
4.   Charla & Mirna (cousins) ~ they expect everyoen to help them with everything because of Charla. Mirna talks down to charla
5.    Brandon & Nicole (dating/Christian) ~ Brandon I am glad you have your faith but in the game sometimes you need to make a decision yourself and own up to it.
6.   Bob & Joyce (internet dating couple) ~ Wya to hang in there!!
7.   Linda & Karen (bowing moms)~ these ladies crack me up!! Glad they are doing well so far
8.      Colin & Christie (dating) ~ I think I like them, but are they on this show?? Not alot of air time
9.   Chip & Kim (married/parents) ~ Way to stand your ground!!  Chip cracks me ups. Kim does not talk much but chip is funny
Title: Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: pittgirl on July 16, 2004, 08:44:53 AM mine goes!

1. Charla & Mirna (cousins) (You got it Texan, they expect everyone to help them b/c she is a little persone and I hate the way they communicate with one another, I dont know what it is about them, and it isnt that I hate them as a team, they anonoy me more than any other team on reality tv ever has!)
2. Brandon & Nicole (dating/religious)( I can't take all the religious talk; another annoying team to me)
3. Colin & Christie (dating)(Because I have watched both weeks beginning to end and still can't remember who they are)
4. Kami & Karli (twins)(They really see themselves as a threat!  Good team, but not so much the threat they claim to be)
5. Marshall & Lance (brothers)( I dont agree with everything they do and say, but overall, i guess they are ok)
6. Chip & Kim (married parents) (Good team, i think they will go pretty far)
7. Bob & Joyce (I just think they are adorable, I hope they hang in there for awhile.  I love the way they support each other)
8. Jim & Marsha (father/daughter) (Love the dad!  I felt so bad when he busted up his knee so I think that is why I am rooting for them the most)
9. Linda & Karen(bowling moms) (They are great, who would have thought they would be doing so well.  Keep it up ladies!  I am rooting for ya!
Title: Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: PapaBear on July 16, 2004, 04:56:51 PM
OK, I guess I should answer my own question before I leave for the weekend.

9.  Marshall/Lance - the useless foreigners line pretty much sums up what I don't like about them
8.  Bob/Joyce - I hope that I don't sound too evil here, but seeing people of their age being overly affectionate with each other gives me a small case of the willies.  Other than that, their personalities put me to sleep.
7.  Linda/Karen - I know, you all hate me now.  They just plain bug me.
6. Colin/Christie - Are they still playing this game?  I don't remember seeing them in this last episode.  Their lack of air time makes it hard to put them high up on a favorites list.
5.  Charla/Mirna - how can you play TAR and not know how to read a map?  I would like them more if they would lay off of the speeches about proving to the world what little people can do.
4.  Kami/Karli - they annoy me at times and aren't exactly nice, but they play pretty well and for some reason I find myself rooting for them.  Maybe it is just the fact that they are twins ...
3.  Chip/Kim - they aren't doing real well, but they get along great and just seem to be good people.  I'm glad Chip didn't give in at the taxi thing - it shows that he is here to win.
2.  Brandon/Nicole - last week would have probably ranked about 8th on my list, but this week they are working well together, getting along great and obviously doing well.  Plus Nicole is just so dang hot.  ;D
1.  Jim/Marsha - really I am just rooting for Jim as Marsha has some issues and bugs me at times.  However the ex-military dad playing wounded just makes you want to pull for them.
Title: Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: RudyRules on July 17, 2004, 11:18:38 PM
9.  Marshall/Lance - they're rude & insulting.  Hey, they don't need the 1mil anyway...they keep bragging about their pizza restaurant which sounds as if it's thriving.
8.  Brandon/Nicole - I'm not too sure about them yet.  He has made some decisions w/o her...seemingly based upon his faith only. 
7. Colin/Christie - Insufficient airtime so I'm unsure how to rate them at this point.  Hopefully, we'll see more of them soon!
6. Jim/Marsha - I like Jim & have the greatest respect for him...for his military background as well as tolerating his leg injury.  He's ruff n' tuff!  However, he needs a more compatible partner!  I do NOT like Marsha!  She is snooty & just seems phony.  She doesn't interact well w/ the other teams. Wish Jim had a military man as his partner!
5. Kami/Karli - They're ok and yes, playing ok...but sometimes they don't pay attention to the directions & details.  I'll keep my opts open for them tho.
4.  Bob/Joyce - I like this couple & think it's great they show affection on national TV! I don't understand why it gives you the willies, Papa!  More older folks SHOULD do that.  Heck the BB5 jerks show affection...except it's phony-baloney & borders on to me, Bob/Joyce's kisses & hugs are breath of FRESH air!! Also, I admire them for being gr8 team mates.  I hope they go far in the game!
3.  Linda/Karen - They're on the same wave length...great game players.  They're very nice down-to-earth folks, not putting on any airs. High energy level.   
2.  Charla/Mirna - Yeh...they need better map reading skills and talk less about "little peeps". And Mirna needs to tone down the constant "c'mon charla".  Charla is going as fast as her short little legs can go & doing purtee dang good! They seem to be underdogs so I'm rooting for them to be in the top 3!  They work as a team for the most part & they be good people.  Cool if Charla could be the Rep for all little peeple by winning the 1mil!
1. Chip/Kim - Their excellent relationship is obvious as they offer each other genuine support & respect, working together very well.  They are focused & determined.  I think they will  go far.  (Love their matching bandanas! Yeah, that's really the reason I'm rooting for 'em!)
Papa, thanks for starting this topic!  8)


Title: Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: Texan on July 19, 2004, 12:15:19 PM
I don't understand why it gives you the willies, Papa!

oh Rudy ~ it is just like the image of my parents ~ there is only me and my sister so they only had sex 2 times!  You can not tell me any different.  ;D
Title: Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: RudyRules on July 19, 2004, 06:14:29 PM
LOL Texan! Verrrry funny! Well, maybe they got divorced?  Whatever...I love seeing older peeps show affection in public. Cool 8)  The other day I saw a 65ish couple at the store holding hands & giving each other romantic glances.  It was so cute!  I'm thinking...gooo at it and have fun! One is never too old for matter to what extent!  Keeps 'em a whole lot get those ol' hormones rollin' like dice!  :-* ;D ;) ;D :D :-*
Title: Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: Texan on July 20, 2004, 09:16:50 AM
i agree, I hope me and DH will be still lovey in the 60s. 

It is funny my kids say gross on kissing on TV.....they will not always think it is gross.....   ;D
Title: Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 2
Post by: Bathfizzy on July 29, 2004, 01:55:13 AM
Here is my list:

1. Brothers - I find them annoying and rude.  They do not need to swear at people.
2. Colin and Christie - he actually had some air time and he is just an ass towards Christie.  Remember he told her to shut up at the airport because she gets high strung when she is excited.  I thought that was rude.
3. Brandon and Nicole - I don't like how he treats Nicole by not asking her opinon of what they should do, he just decides for the team.  That is not called team work.  He was also very competitive.  Remember when they teamed up with Charla and Mirna and the cousins got lost and he told Nicole to just drive and not wait.  And then he did it again to the other team.  I forgot who they were but he lied that he waited but he didn't.
4. Kami and Karli - They are okay and seem to work well.  They will do well as they are very athletic.  They did crack me up at the pit stop when they decided to swim for Phil and the island and then when they got there Phil told them that they had an usual entrance as everyone else walked over the shallow end.  The look on their faces was priceless.
5. Bob and Joyce - A very nice couple that seemed to enjoy and support each other alot.  This gives hope to other people.  I was sad to see them eliminated.
6. Bowling Moms - they crack me up and I hope they go far.  They look like they are enjoying their adventure together.
7. Charla/Mirna - I like them as I like to root for the underdog.  They are a good team as they are always in the top4.  I think it is great that they stop to enjoy the moments as they come.  I find it funny that Mirna always wants to look nice for Phil.  I hope they go far.
Chip and Kim - I like them as they work very well together and they are very supportive of each other.  I see them going far.  And he is funny.