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Title: Amazing Odds
Post by: puddin on June 30, 2004, 08:24:21 PM
TV guide has announced their Amazing Race Odds..compiled by Race fan and Las Vegas professional odds maker Benjamin Eckstein, who sneaked a peek at the first episode.

Marsha & Jim McCoy

30-1 An early injury that requires stitches "sends their odds tumbling"

Kami & Karli French
7-1 "If they can control the hormones,these blond babes have a shot"

Kim & Chip McAllister
10-1 They may spend to much time in front of the computer , he jokes "but could surprise."

Colin Guinn & Christie Woods
2-1 "smart , supportive , beautiful. He's just as pretty. They are great for this race

Linda Ruiz & Karen Heins
10-1 "Tenacious duo , but {experience with} washing pins and bowling pins isn't good enought to take home the bacon."

Alison Irwin & Donny Patrick
5-1 "Unemployed control freak should drag this team to the top 5"

Marshall & Lance Hudes
4-1 " Too many Carbs , but New York street smarts keep them alive"

Bob Barron & Joyce Nicolo
20-1 "One Hundred and fifteen years betwen them equals no shot"

Mirna &Hindoyan & Charla Faddout
30-1 'Odds could be shorter physical limitations intercede in a feel good story"

Nicole O' Briens & Brandon Davidson
15-1 He'd bet on them to bicker not win . But he says, "its in the lords hands."

Erika Shay & Dennis Frentos
3-1 "Erikas tough and in shape, putting her team in the money"
Title: Re: Amazing Odds
Post by: Texan on July 01, 2004, 08:37:17 AM