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Title: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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Jaime and Cara

Name (Age): Jaime Edmondson (32)
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Connection to your Teammate: Former NFL cheerleaders
Current Occupation: Playboy Playmate
Previous Season/Result: Season 14/2nd place

Biggest mistake you made in your previous season: Over-packing! I could have been fine with about 7-10 pounds less stuff in my pack.

Most memorable moment from your first Race: Finishing the Race from the starting line to the finish line.

Favorite place you visited on your first season: Switzerland. It had the most magical scenery and it made me do something I would never have done if there had not been a million dollar carrot dangling at the bottom -- bungee jumping.

Why do you want to run the Race again? Who wouldn't want to do an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity twice?

How have you changed since the last time you competed? My whole life changed since the last race. I moved to LA, became Playboy's Playmate of the Month (Miss January 2010), traveled the country nonstop and am living a life I never dreamed of before the last Race. I love every moment!

What are you passionate about? Animals.

People would be surprised to learn: People are often surprised to learn I was a police officer.

One location that you hope to go on this adventure: Australia. It is the one place I had hoped to visit during the last race.

Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on the Race together: Luck! We were solid racers when it came to the actual tasks but the luck with the taxis was a killer. We're hoping that turns around this time!

What do you hope to accomplish by running the Race again (other than winning one million dollars): I hope to win, not for the million dollars, but because finishing in second place the first time around, I now feel like winning is the only way to top it.

Pet peeve about your teammate: I don't have any pet peeves about Cara. I chose her the first time to be my partner for exactly that reason. She is the perfect balance to me and honestly one of the only people I know who I think could handle racing with me.

What would you do if you won the million dollars? This is probably the most boring answer ever, but I would put it in a retirement fund.

Any strategic changes you will make heading into this Race: I believe Cara and I ran a good solid race the first time, and plan to run that way again.


Name (Age): Cara Rosenthal (28)
Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla.
Connection to your Teammate: Former NFL Cheerleaders
Current Occupation: Government Relations Consultant and law student
Previous Season/Result: Season 14/2nd place

Biggest mistake you made in your previous season: Packing way too much stuff in our backpacks. We were each carrying twenty five pounds and we didn't need half of it!

Most memorable moment from your first Race: The whole race was memorable but I really remember the plethora of ailments, injuries and occurrences I sustained while racing. I fell running down the mountain in Germany and busted my knee wide open, had a lung infection and somehow managed to find piles of animal feces to step in all the time throughout multiple countries.

Favorite place you visited on your first season: I really loved Guilin, China. It was a truly beautiful place and a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new.

Why do you want to run the Race again? Redemption! I hate to lose almost as much as I love to win.

How have you changed since the last time you competed? I have not really changed. I am still the same spirited, driven and competitive person I was last time.

What are you passionate about? I am most passionate about friendship. My father always told me to be friends with everyone and to see the good in people. I have tried to live by this advice and as a result I am fortunate to have incredible friends.

People would be surprised to learn: That my law school outlines are coming on the road with me as I am taking my finals as soon as I return from this Race! So people may be surprised to learn that I'm moderately insane!

Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on the Race together: Luck! Last race, Jaime and I weren't the luckiest, but we still persevered leg after leg. This time, we hope to have a little luck.

What do you hope to accomplish by running the Race again (other than winning one million dollars): To experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, AGAIN!

Pet peeve about your teammate: Jaime's impatience and complete disregard for others' feelings is my pet peeve about her.

What would you do if you won the million dollars? First of all, it's not IF I win, but WHEN I win. Secondly, it will probably be something unexpected.

Any strategic changes you will make heading into this Race: Yes – we won't be starving ourselves. Last time we pretty much only ate on airplanes when we were racing. Being conservative with our limited funds is important, but so is nourishment!

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Glad to see them back!  :<3
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Glad to see them back!  :<3

Me too! <3
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I love Jaime's new hair  :hearts:
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New video added in post 1...
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still redheads! <3333333333  :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
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I loved them in their previous season, they remind me of the BQs, smart,strategical, and of course, pretty <33
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Post by: georgiapeach on February 19, 2011, 04:40:06 PM
 Keoghan explains the show's picks below.

Jaime and Cara — Season 14, 2nd place
Last we saw them: They suffered some bad taxi luck when their cabbie got lost and stopped for gas in the finale, foiling their goal to become the show's first all-female winners (Season 17's Nat and Kat have since accomplished that feat.)
Why they deserve a second chance: Every show needs a villain. With their competitive and aggressive attitudes, the former NFL cheerleaders earned a "mean girls" label. "Jaime, man, you do not want to get in a fight with her!" Keoghan says. "She is feisty. She tells it like it is and she has no qualms about it." And with Race airing in high-definition for the first time, the ladies can show off the hair that matches their fiery 'tude. "The hair this year is flaming! These redheads are back," Keoghan says. "Let me tell you, that HD really brings out the red. There might be a lot of orders for that color."
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Post by: slayton on March 21, 2011, 02:38:51 PM
The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business - Exclusive Interview with Jaime Edmonson and Cara Rosenthal
by Gina Scarpa


Perhaps Jaime and Cara said it best in their pre-season interview for The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. Fans either loved the former NFL cheerleaders or hated them when they first raced in season 14. No matter what your feelings are on the pair, they always spoke their mind and you knew where you stood with them. They were eliminated last night, after being U-Turned and failing to complete a difficult Road Block, and we spoke to them today about their experiences on the race in an exclusive interview.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: What was your reaction when you found out you were returning to The Amazing Race as all stars?
A. Jaime: We were super pumped! We dreamed of it, for sure. Even when we were flying on the final leg in Hawaii, we were already asking Bertram on the plane ride about an all star season. We heard they would never do it again. We definitely dreamed of it happening! When casting called, I was like, "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" I couldn't get a hold of Cara because she's in law school and I was like, "Check your phone!"


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Who were you most excited to see return to the race?
A. Cara: I think it goes without saying that we were so pumped to see Margie and Luke there.
A. Jaime: I'd say Mel and Mike, too. Mel is a really great man.
A. Cara: I think we were actually pretty excited about seeing all the racers from our season. We were a little surprised that there were SO many racers from our season. It was nice to see them. I personally was excited about Zev and Justin. We were predicting who we thought would be involved and we were pretty dead on.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Did you feel that this race was more difficult that season 14?
A. Jaime: Yes! I feel like it's something that, in order to do it, they felt like they had to go above and beyond. Bertram [van Munster] succeeded in making it a very different race than anyone had ever run or seen before.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Sometimes, it seems that the thing that's more difficult than the tasks itself is actually getting to them! What was your worst driving experience, either when you were behind the wheel or in a cab?
A. Cara: I think that we would give it all to the taxi cab driver in Hawaii [in the season 14 finale]. You raised a good point, which is true. It's the travel that made Unfinished Business so treacherous. Jaime and I love watching our friends' and families' reactions to what we're doing. Some of the tasks were definitely challenging. We had some really, really difficult tasks our season. When we finished, Bertram said that was the most difficult season he had created up to that time. What made a world of difference this season was the travel and the superlegs. Just the idea that you've been running for three days and all you're thinking of is salvation and letting go of the race for just a minute and go to the bathroom or take a shower or eat... and to have those things eliminated time and time again and to realize that with each superleg, there was not an elimination was very frustrating.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Fans had a big reaction to Kent and Vyxsin U-Turning you right in front of your face last night. What was your reaction to it?
A. Jaime: Cara and I have always said... we're brutally honest... we have never been secretive about how we would run a race and we've always said that the race is designed to be given certain tools to force you to advance yourself. We would never hold it against anyone to use it. We always said we would use the U-Turn. The only thing that was frustrating was how long it took for him to decide to U-Turn us. That was what we got upset about. To actually use it... we never hold that against anyone.
A. Cara: We felt they shouldn't have even been there and we all felt that way. All the teams were united in Lijiang [China] in believing that it was unfair that they were still running this race. It was made very clear to be on a mandatory flight that was offered once a day every day. I felt, and I know Jaime and many others felt, that the only way they should be running this race is if they took the same flight 24 hours later.
A. Jaime: To be given only a 30 minute penalty was a slap in the face.
A. Cara: Above and beyond which they had 11 hours to make the mandatory flight. They had more time than Jaime and I had. What peeved me, seeing how everything unfolded, was they told all of the teams that they got in this car accident... I was confused and I was conflicted. I was thinking, "Maybe we shouldn't be so mean to them." Certainly, Jaime and I can understand that something external can come into your race and takes control of the race as I felt was the case. Come to find out that was a boldfaced lie to make us feel more compassionate.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Are you satisfied with your experience running the race for a second time?
A. Jaime: Cara and I would do it again! Even though by the time I got to the dinosaur task, I was the most miserable I felt in my life, I still wouldn't pass it up. We're competitive, we're aggressive, we don't like to pass up opportunities, and who knows? Maybe the third time's a charm!
A. Cara: Hopefully!
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Amazing Race's Jaime and Cara: We Wouldn't Have U-Turned Kent and Vyxsin
by Joyce Eng

After surviving a U-Turn, Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal fell victim to a grueling life-size dinosaur assembly task on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. "[It took] about four hours," Jaime tells "We knew we were last and I'm very happy knowing that even though we knew we were last, Jaime didn't quit," Cara adds. "We finished because the one thing we aren't is quitters." The former NFL cheerleaders also aren't bitter about Kent and Vyxsin U-Turning them right in front of their faces — but they wouldn't have done the same to them.

Were you surprised Kent U-Turned you with you right next to them?
Jaime: I said that Kent would do it if we didn't get there first. At that point, none of us thought we were the first teams there. We all thought we were the last teams there, so the only team Kent and Vyxsin, and Cara and I saw behind us for a fact at our Detour was the Globetrotters, so that's why we kept saying to U-Turn them and that's why we [used the second U-Turn] on them. We wouldn't have chosen them had we known we had so many teams to choose from.

Would you have U-Turned Kent and Vyxsin had you gotten to the cluebox first?
Cara: No. I think we still would've chosen the Globetrotters even if we stepped on the mat a minute before because we knew they were the only team still behind us.
Jaime: We wouldn't have chosen a team that was standing right there because I'd rather choose a team that was further behind us so that they then become even further behind us. [Laughs]

Did you understand Kent and Vyxsin's reasoning for U-Turning you?
Cara: Well, not really at the time because we didn't know about their penalty ... since they chose to lie to us, so we thought they could ultimately get to the Pit Stop and get disqualified for not taking the mandatory flight that the rest of us made.

You seemed to take being U-Turned pretty well.
Cara: Jaime and I have always been upfront since our first season that the Race gives you particular tools that you're expected and allowed to use to your advantage. If we were in Kent and Vyxsin's position, we would've definitely used the U-Turn. Maybe not them, not in front of them, but we would've felt we had to use it for our own survival. It would've been a waste of our time to get upset at Kent and Vyxsin when we had a task to get our heads in. That's exactly what we did. I was really proud of us for dealing with it, moving on and getting ahead with our task, which as you saw, we did very quickly.
Jaime: Absolutely. I would never be mad at someone for using a tool that was given to you.

How much time did you lose when the cabbie stopped for gas?
Jaime: Um, we didn't just only stop for gas. [Laughs] We were lost for a long time and then stopped for gas, so it was like Hawaii all over again because [our cabbie there] got lost and then stopped for gas the first time we were in the Race. It was quite awhile.

The dino task seemed really hard. Did you flip the crux of it like a few other teams did?
Jaime: The hips were backwards. The problem was it still fit either direction. So when you built the whole thing — a 20-foot dinosaur from scratch — and locked those pieces in, it took a tremendous amount of effort to pull them out. And you're on a stepstool and so when you realize the one piece you slipped on backwards is the part that anchors the whole thing together, that means the whole thing has to come apart.

The judges would tell you if it was unsafe, so even with the hips backwards, it was still safe?
Jaime: I guess. They wouldn't tell if you if it was wrong; they would only tell you it was unsafe.
Cara: In some teams' cases, they had the pieces correct, but they hadn't fully locked them in. It was very hard for each of them to figure out what the problem was because there was no direction that it was wrong. They would simply say it was unsafe and that could've meant a lot of things.

You were known as the mean girls during your first season. Do you hope fans have a different impression of you this time around?
Jaime: I hope so! Yeah, I mean, we're just two girls that are competitive and driven and we never intentionally try to be mean and hopefully people saw that this time.

The first three teams eliminated so far have been from Season 14. What's up with that?
Cara: I know! It seems like a curse. I don't know what's going on!

Would you come back for a third Race?
Jaime: Sure or Survivor. [Laughs] I'd like to do Survivor! I always try to tell the casting lady, "Wouldn't it be fun if you did a version where you took different people from different [reality] shows and put them together because everyone would think they would already know them having watched them in their respective shows? But you never know how people behave in certain situations." I thought that would be a fun one. They haven't fallen for it yet. I would totally embrace that villain role on Survivor though!

You think you can top Russell?
Cara: Jaime can take him down! [Laughs]
Jaime: They need a girl like that. They've never really had a girl like that.

What are you up to now?
Jaime: Work! Cara has work, law school and a husband to take care of! She's Wonder Woman.
Cara: I just don't sleep. Insomnia — it heals everything!
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Excerpt from E! (
"I felt there was an exception made, personally," Jaime Edmondson complained to us today about the wrist-slap that let the Goths advance in the game while she and pal Cara Rosenthal were eliminated.

"The fact of the matter is," Cara added, "Kent and Vyxsin were the only team of all the teams that did not get on the mandatory flight...This leg was a very tough pill for Jaime and I to swallow."

Cara insists it's not sour grapes, recalling the entire group's discussion before the Goths finally reunited with the rest of the racers at a train station in China. "All the teams were pretty united in feeling it would be horribly unfair considering they had 11 hours to complete a task—the task was to navigate yourself to the airport two hours from where we were to get on mandatory flight—they had 11 hours to do it in."

"It didn't seem quite fair. We were really miffed they were allowed to keep racing."

The cheerleaders believe that if that particular flight was "mandatory," the Goths should've been forced "to wait 24 hours for the next time that particular flight left...They said, 'All teams must take this mandatory flight.' They missed it, and then they only received a 30-minute penalty for what would've taken them 24 hours. I didn't think 30 minutes was a comparable punishment for missing a mandatory flight we all managed to make it to."

"Equally disheartening," Cara said, was the fact that Kent and Vyxsin lied about having car trouble instead of admitting they got lost. "I felt like that was an attempt to make us all feel bad for them, like Oh, poor Kent and Vyxsin and their broken-down car. And we did!"

Cara said the redheads sympathized with the Goths' "plight" even as they were being sent home by host Phil Keoghan on the finishers mat, telling the host, "I feel bad for them—it was completely out of their control. We know how that feels. We've been in many a taxi cab that has changed the course of the race because it was out of our control."

Now, Cara says she feels like "an idiot" for believing the Goths' tale: "I can understand not wanting to show all your cards or tell about a penalty, but to make up a whole convoluted story when it was your own lack of navigational skill? At least be honest about that."

"I felt legitimately bad for them at the time. Now I'm like, Really? How manipulative."

But the cheerleaders don't fault Kent and Vyxsin for double U-turning them—forcing them to complete an extra challenge. "We took that in stride," Cara said. "We took it like champs—we don't hold it against them. But lie to me? I'm not a big fan of liars."
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Thanks for always sharing after-elimination interviews, slayton! :tup:
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You were known as the mean girls during your first season. Do you hope fans have a different impression of you this time around?
Jaime: I hope so! Yeah, I mean, we're just two girls that are competitive and driven and we never intentionally try to be mean and hopefully people saw that this time.

The first three teams eliminated so far have been from Season 14. What's up with that?
Cara: I know! It seems like a curse. I don't know what's going on!

Would you come back for a third Race?
Jaime: Sure or Survivor. [Laughs] I'd like to do Survivor! I always try to tell the casting lady, "Wouldn't it be fun if you did a version where you took different people from different [reality] shows and put them together because everyone would think they would already know them having watched them in their respective shows? But you never know how people behave in certain situations." I thought that would be a fun one. They haven't fallen for it yet. I would totally embrace that villain role on Survivor though!

Definitely love and liked them more this season. As with the Survivor idea... ROCK ON.

But no more Russell.

I dare them to do a version of TAR VS BB VS SURVIVOR. Epic!!! :jam: :lol3:
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I would never be mad at someone for using a tool that was given to you.

This. One thousand times this.
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I would never be mad at someone for using a tool that was given to you.

This. One thousand times this.

But fair to hate the darn tool.  :knuckles:
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Cara was/is always a very sweet person. Jamie reminds me of a quote from "Who framed Roger Rabbit", by Jessica Rabbit......"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn (edited) that way!!!"
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Jaime & Cara ('The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business')
By Lara Martin, News Editor

Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal definitely didn't have an easy final leg on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. The former NFL cheerleaders - who previously finished in second place on the 14th season - had to contend with a U-Turn (thanks to Kent & Vysxin), a cab driver who needed to get gas in the middle of the race, and a physically challenging roadblock that involved assembling a huge dinosaur. So, what did they make of their second race experience? Do they agree with the Goths' reasons for U-Turning them? Here's what they told us after their exit...

How did you feel going into this extended leg?
Cara: "At that point we had pretty much been going for about four days. Jaime and I don't spend our money on anything really - which includes food - so that we never run out of it. We hadn't eaten in days, or slept really or showered or any of those things, although we weren't in a different position to most of the other teams. The only team we felt in a different position from was Kent & Vyxsin because at that point we didn't really know what was going on with them or what would be the final outcome for them. Certainly we didn't envisage it being as minuscule as a 30-minute penalty."

Was there any one moment when you realized that this could be the leg you went home?
Jaime: "I think we didn't really realize it until we were the last people at the dinosaur challenge. Cara and I have been fighters on every leg of the race we have run, and it's not until you really know that you are the last person left that you really start accepting it. We wouldn't give up until we knew that."

Did you accept Kent & Vyxsin's explanation of why they U-Turned you? The idea that you guys were the only team they knew for a fact were behind them…
Cara: "We honestly didn't put too much thought into it. Jaime and I have always said since the beginning that the race affords you particular tools that you can use to advance yourself, and with that said, we knew that there might come a point in time in our race history that we would use a U-Turn or that someone could use one on us. We didn't think too much about why they did it; we were good at focusing on, 'Alright, moving forward'. The Globetrotters were the only ones we knew were behind us so we had to then U-Turn them. If we had known there were other choices I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have done it to the Globetrotters, but we didn't at that time."

What was the Globetrotters' reaction? Was Flight Time joking when he suggested you were being mean at the roadblock?
Cara: "Oh, at that point he was joking! He wasn't joking with Kent & Vyxsin, I don't think. I think all the teams were pretty tense with them at that time, because no-one really knew what was going on. During that roadblock some people found out they had a 30-minute penalty and you could see by the reaction no-one really felt like that was appropriate. But with Flight Time, I ran up to him and gave him a hug and said, 'Please don't hate us! You have to understand you were the only ones we knew that were behind us!' He said, 'If it was us and Kent & Vysxin had U-Turned us, we would have had to do it to you if we knew you were behind us'. They totally got it and he was just joking around."
Jaime: "I think every team would agree that once it has been done to you, you have to do it to someone else. That's why it exists. We had no choice."

You were all at the roadblock at the same time so do you think the extra time from not having to do a second detour would have made a difference?
Jaime: "Obviously I'd like to think so but a lot of things go into it. My mindset when we arrived was already above and beyond frustrated and wanting to break down because we had the detour and our taxi driver stopping for gas. It added about an extra hour when he pulled off the highway and went in the town to get gas. Between those two things, you are already so mentally frustrated, it was like Hawaii all over again… Those things start weighing you down, so when I got there I was so frazzled and also hadn't eaten or slept."

How long were you at roadblock after the last team left?
Cara: "We left just about an hour after Zev & Justin left."
Jaime: "It would have been close if you factor in the time spent on the detour and stopping for gas. It could have been a different outcome."

Obviously anything can happen on the way to the pitstop, but how important was it for you guys to complete the roadblock even though you knew you were the bottom team at that point?
Cara: "It was really important. I know Jaime very well and I know if she hadn't completed it, it would have really plagued her and bothered her. We've always said that we can deal with going out if we can't do a task better than the other teams or complete it in a better fashion because it's in our control. It's a lot harder, like in our first race, to swallow the pill of a taxi driver controlling your fate for you. Even though we did encounter that this time, it was very important that Jaime decided on her own to keep going. She asked me at one point and I said, 'This is your task and you have to make that decision. I will support you in whatever you decide'. I'm very proud of her for completing it. It wasn't easy and like she said, she had pushed herself to the point of exhaustion and still prevailed."

What was the highlight of this race?
Jaime: "Australia was somewhere I always wanted to go on the first race. I ran the whole race the first time not once opening a clue that said, 'Go to Australia'. It was so fantastic to get the first clue of this race and be told to fly there. I would love to go back on my own and actually enjoy sitting on the beach instead of being the one running across the sand like a lunatic! The pitstop for the first leg was actually in the middle of a beach! People were sunbathing and thought we were crazy just running up with backpacks and running away again. I want to be the person laying on the beach next time!"
Cara: "We both really liked Japan, and I'll never forget something funny that happened there. We were trying to figure out how to get out of Tokyo to get to Narita Airport. We stopped and asked for directions without it occurring to us it was a Friday night, and there were all these businessmen around who had been enjoying Happy Hour for many hours! We had so much fun with a bunch of people trying to guide us on our way… It was really hilarious!"
Jaime: "Even the cameraman couldn't not laugh at us trying to ask a large group of drunk men how to get to the airport! That was probably one of the funniest days of my life."
Cara: "I think we laughed harder at that moment than I did on all my moments on the race put together. It was genuinely hilarious!"

Cara, did you really bring your law books on the race?
"Yes I did! I brought along outlines for my courses and actually two days after we got home from the race I sat my first final of three. I was that person in the airport sitting in a corner trying to study amid all this craziness. It was pretty wild!"

Which team do you think is emerging as a possible winner?
Jaime: "When we were eliminated, we said this was a different race than the first time. So other than Kent & Vysxin - who I think should have been out of it before it became a super leg and hadn't earned a spot at that point - pretty much anyone who could survive the leg without dying at this point in the race really earned it! It was so challenging mentally and physically that we can honestly say we were happy for whoever would win because they truly earned it."
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‘The Amazing Race’: What Team Are The Redheads Rooting Against?
by Julie Zied

After being U-Turned by Kynt and Vyxsin and subsequently eliminated on Sunday night’s “Amazing Race,” it’s no surprise the Redheads (Cara and Jaime) want to see the Goths go. “We don’t feel that they earned their spot,” Jaime said on a joint call Monday. So what specifically provoked their ire? Surprisingly, it’s not that U-Turn…

On watching their elimination:
Jaime: It really wasn’t hard for me to watch because Cara and I had three months to prepare for it. It’s a little harder for fans who are routing for our team, and obviously friends and family.

On Kynt and Vyxsin’s surprising U-Turn:
Cara: We’ve always said we wouldn’t look poorly upon another team for using the tools that “The Race” affords you. That’s the way the game is played. I think more than anything, Kynt was just taking forever to do it. We were like, “Dude, just do what you’re gonna do!” We just tunnel-visioned, and luckily we did it extremely quickly, so it really was just a blip.

On the difficulty of Sunday’s challenges:
Jaime: Having been a team that has survived an entire “Race” the first time…And Cara and I are both very competitive by nature – for being girls we are just as tough as some boys. But it was truly the most miserable day – the last day – of my whole life. And I would not toss that out lightly, having been a former police officer, where I worked the night shift for a couple years, and my dad was a Green Beret. In thirty-two years I have never been as miserable as I was at that time.

Normally I’m not a whiner. Cara and I, the first time [on "The Race"], we wouldn’t waste our money on things like food because we’ve seen teams be eliminated from running out of money. So we’d been really frugal. We didn’t realize it was going to be a four-day leg, otherwise we would have probably spent a little bit to nourish ourselves and try to get strength. But after choosing the solar panel challenge – and they were so heavy, up six flights of stairs, there were three cases – that expended a lot of our energy after four days of no sleep and no eating. And then to go to that dinosaur challenge -it took me four hours to do it – my shoulders were burning and I was utterly exhausted at that point.

Sometimes when you watch the show it’s difficult to realize how hard a challenge is. You don’t realize how much time passes. For example, when we stopped for gas, that was an hour-long detour. People probably thought we pulled off for five minutes.

On who they’re rooting for:
Jaime: We’re obviously not rooting for Kynt and Vyxsin. As soon as we were eliminated, that was the only team we felt strongly about: As long as it’s anyone but Kynt and Vyxsin. We obviously didn’t think they deserved to still be there. When we checked into the Pit Stop in China, we were like, We all clawed, like tooth and nail, to get to that Pit Stop. They should have been there. We don’t feel that they earned their spot. And it was such a brutal race this time around that we honestly felt that whoever made it to the end had earned it.

Cara: This is the worst part for me: We understand that they didn’t want to tell about their penalty. But quite frankly the reaction to their thirty-minute penalty was, What?! That’s completely inadequate, considering they had eleven hours to get themselves to the plane. But what really upset me – and I literally didn’t know while we were standing on the mat being eliminated – was that they had lied about the reason they never made it to the plane – that their car had broken down. That story really made me mad. I was truly shocked and upset because I try to see the best in everyone, and I was literally sitting there with other teams saying, “You know what guys? It’s not their fault. I know how it feels. It’s out of their control. We can’t hate on them for that. It wasn’t their fault.” But, in fact, it was entirely their fault. They just couldn’t figure it out. It made me feel more compassionate to their experience, and I felt bad they’d spent eleven hours dealing with this broken down car. Then to find out it was just their own incompetence really frustrated me.

On what’s going on in their lives now:
Jaime: We’ve had a lot of changes in our lives. The first time I came back, I had just ended an engagement and moved back from where I was living, and I didn’t yet have a job because I’d left my job. I figured out what I wanted to do, and after “The Race” ended, Cara and I both got the offer to do Playboy. Cara was in law school at the time and decided that it wasn’t the best choice for her down the road, but she supported my decision to go ahead and do it.  So I became a Playmate. From that moment on, life has just been a whirlwind of travel, and nothing like my life before. And Cara is like Wonder Woman!

Cara: I came home and took my first final exam for my law school semester two days later. Two days after that I took another, then two days after that another. I literally came back to my final exams, I work full-time, and I also got married since the last Race. My poor husband! I do exist! But I’m not sure he sees me very often.
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Cheerleaders: Amazing Race Course 'Designed to Break You Down'
By Carrie Bell

Why did you want to race again?
Jaime: To win this time.
Cara: We're competitive girls so the prize could have been a crappy man's T-shirt, which it sometimes was at cheerleading competitions, and we'd still want to win.

The general consensus is that this all-star season is much tougher.
Jaime: It was more challenging in the way the course was designed. The first time we didn't have as much travel in between challenges, which is the part we really enjoy. This one was designed to break you down with four days in between pit stops with very little food or time to sleep. It took forever to get to and from challenges.
Cara: When we finally did get to one, it was hard to approach them with our normal gusto. Usually doing a task well juices you up for the next thing. It's hard to get excited about an eight-hour drive followed by a long plane ride.

You were the first team to ever be U-turned to your face.
Cara: It was a shock. We don't fault them for using the U-turn. The Race has tools that can help or be used against you. I was proud how quickly we snapped into the mindset to do the task. It was a blip ultimately.
Jaime: [The dolls] were a joke compared to the other side of the Detour. In retrospect, we would have U-turned one of the other teams because the solar panels took a lot longer and were harder.

Was being U-turned the difference between going and staying?
Jaime: It's hard to say. We had to do the second task and then we had an hour-long joy ride to get gas in our taxi. Each minute of wasted time messes up your mindset. I was so frustrated when I got to the dinosaur and that affected my performance. I was there for four hours. It was the most miserable point in my whole life. A million dollars would change my life, but by then my body's basic necessities were more important.

What's it like to watch your partner fall apart and not be able to do anything?
Cara: You feel very powerless at Roadblocks. I wasn't upset even when we were the last team because she was doing everything she could to finish. It would be different if I thought she was distracted or giving up.

Did seeing what colossal blunders Kent and Vyxsin made make it harder to swallow your elimination?
Cara: It was frustrating then to have them catch up, but it was worse to hear that they lied about car trouble. I only learned the truth last night. I don't care that they didn't tell us about the 30-minute penalty, which in my opinion was horribly inadequate considering they had 11 hours to make a mandatory flight every other team made ... To lie about car trouble was horribly manipulative ... Why'd you have to lie?

Safe to assume they're not who you're rooting for?
Jaime: I will say definitely they're not the team.
Cara: The worst part is that they were one of my mom's favorite teams ever. We thought they were going to one of the nicest and most straightforward teams competing. That's all been washed away now.
Jaime: We have always loved Margie and Luke, our Race boyfriend, and if it can't be us, we want it to be them. That's never going to change. No matter how great anyone else is.,,20475469,00.html
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Jaime and Cara on Their 'Amazing Race' Unfinished Business
Carla Patton
Writer, BuddyTV

After a grueling double leg in China involving completion of a large dinosaur skeleton, Jaime and Cara were eliminated from The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. We caught up with them and found out more about their experience the second time around and what they're up to now.

What was it like going into the Race a second time against other returning teams?
Jaime: It was exciting and an honor to be invited back for such an amazing adventure!
Cara: It was really exciting! I was really surprised there were so many from our season, but it was cool to have an opportunity to run against teams that I have watched and admired in their seasons.

It seemed like there were a lot of factors that held you up in that final leg; what do you think slowed you down the most?
Jaime: The stopping for gas was really a killer. It took about an hour and that's about how far we ended behind Justin and Zev at the Pit Stop ... it would have been interesting.
Cara: Ultimately, the dinosaur task was our downfall. We had withstood and overcome a great deal of adversity that day, with the Double U-Turn and our cab driver getting lost and a gas stop, but when all is said and done, we arrived before the other teams and left after them.

What was your favorite part or challenge?
Jaime: I actually loved the yak. I am such an animal lover and I take a lot of comfort from them.
Cara: I loved being in the shark tank and we both enjoyed the skiff sailing in Australia.

We'll miss seeing you on The Amazing Race, but what are you up to now?
Jaime: Since becoming a Playmate my schedule has been non-stop with travel and events, it's been fun!
Cara: Work! Work! Work! I'm carrying a full time job as a government relations consultant and a law student by night. In addition to being a newlywed since last race, I am keeping quite busy!

What's it like at Elimination Station?
Jaime: It's great -- massages on the beach and reading books all day ... can't complain
Cara: Elimination Station is a very special place. Of course each team is disappointed to be eliminated from the Race, but it is very cool to see how all the teams come together and prevail with positive attitudes. It is also a great intermediary between racing and the return to "real" life. Last race, we were racing in Hawaii one day and home the next! It was a far more difficult adjustment last time because we hadn't had an opportunity to "come down" from the Race's energy boost!

Do you still feel like you have Unfinished Business?
Jaime: Given my competitive nature I think anything short of winning will always feel like unfinished business. Third times a charm?
Cara: Definitely! I think any team, but the winners, will undoubtedly feel that they have more to prove out on the course. Jaime and I have never doubted that we could win the Race and until we accomplish it, we'll feel it is unfinished! Maybe they'll give us another chance one day and we can prove that the third time really is a charm!
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(WARNING: I don't know if the link/pics are safe for work because I didn't check them all.)

Jaime pictures at An Inside Look at Playboy’s All-Star Weekend (
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Tom Jicha asks Jaime Edmonson and Cara Rosenthal of 'The Amazing Race' 5 questions

Ex-Dolphin cheerleaders talk about what makes life amazing.
March 14, 2011|By Tom Jicha, Staff Writer

Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal have the planes and trains parts of "The Amazing Race" down pretty well. It's the automobiles component that is killing them.

The former Dolphin cheerleaders seemed on their way to the $1 million grand prize on the Emmy-winning CBS series a couple of years ago. Then a confused Hawaiian cabdriver sabotaged their chances by getting lost in the final leg of the race. They still wound up finishing second, at the time the best finish ever for a two-women team.

Edmondson, a former cop and now Playboy Playmate from Fort Lauderdale, and Rosenthal, a law student from Boca Raton, were doing well on the latest "Race" until last week when they got lost again driving in Japan. They barely stayed in the competition, finishing next-to-last, one position away from elimination.

They'll have to pick it up in Sunday's edition (8 p.m., WFOR-Ch. 4, WPEC-Ch. 12) to stay alive in the game.

A movie I never get tired of watching is…

Jaime: "Anchorman." I laugh just as hard as I did the first time I saw it. I have a collection of T-shirts with quotes from the movie

Cara: The "Harry Potter" series. I'm obsessed and convinced my Hogwarts letter is arriving any day now.

If I ruled the world…

Jaime: Bras would be banned and ice cream would be free.

 Cara: My parents would be pretty proud and have bonafide bragging rights.

Something about me people would be surprised to know is...

 Jaime: I am a chubby chaser. I love big boys with extra meat on their bones.

Cara:: In college, I won a hot dog-eating contest.

Calories be darned, my favorite meal is...

Jaime: Rare churrasco steak, black beans, white rice, tostones and tres leches cake.

Cara: Chips. A whole bag (or two) can constitute a meal if you're me. Obviously, hot dogs are high on the list, too.

Seven days, six nights, all expenses paid, my dream vacation destination is...

 Jaime: Somewhere in the sun, with no phones, lots of food and a bikini.

Cara: Anywhere my husband allows me to navigate.
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Audio interview:
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The Amazing Race: U-Turn Elimination with Jaime and Cara
by Reg Seeton

This week on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal of Season 14 saw their time on The Amazing Race come to an end after being U-turned by goths Kent and Vyxsin. Although Jaime and Cara were almost eliminated in Japan when the two former NFL cheerleaders were involved in a minor car accident, Jaime and Cara worked hard to make good on unfinished business as The Amazing Race hit China. In a strange twist of ironic Amazing Race fate, Jaime and Cara were also forced to the elimination mat by a slow cab driver like they encountered in Season 14.

Following their elimination from The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, Jaime and Cara retraced their season steps with TheDeadbolt to shed more light on their luck with cabs, what it was like to get U-turned at such a crucial time, their car mishap in Japan, and running The Amazing Race for a second time.

THE DEADBOLT: So what was worse, the cab ride this season or the other season?

JAIME EDMONDSON: Oh, the other season for me. The test to basically lose a million dollars over a cab ride is a hard pill to swallow, because then you’re left with the "what ifs?" What if we took a different taxi? What if you hadn’t got lost? What if you hadn’t stopped for gas? That’s a lot harder to live with when you’re that close to it. Cara and I are out fairly early this season, so we got to go to elimination. We had ten days until the rest of the race was over to come to terms with it. It was harder last time to come in second place because of something like that.

THE DEADBOLT: Can you both understand why Kent and Vyxsin gave you the U-turn?

JAIME: Cara and I are not mad about the U-turn at all. We are a very vocal team, competitive and aggressive, and we’ve always played a very honest game, and have never had a problem saying that. We completely understand that in this race you’re given certain tools to advance yourself. We have always expected that if we need to use it, we would. And we’ve always expected that it could happen to us at any time. I have never agreed with these teams that you see boo-hooing and whining and are shocked, saying, “I can not believe they would do that to us.” You can not believe someone would do this to you for a million dollars? Are you crazy? Why shouldn’t they do this? So yeah, we had no personal issue with being U-turned in the race.

CARA ROSENTHAL: That’s exactly right. I think the only thing Jaime and I did take issue with was that Kent was just taking forever to put our picture up there. Once he realized what he was going to do, we were like, “Just do it already, because you’re wasting our time and we need this time.”

THE DEADBOLT: Were you planning on U-turning the Globetrotters, or were you going to use it at all?

JAIME: Well, at that point we were U-turned and obviously we were left with no choice but to U-turn someone. The only team we knew for a fact that was behind us, because we saw them at the challenge, was the Globetrotters. We would normally not choose to U-turn almost seven foot tall athletes, a dominant male team. We’re not stupid, we’re a very smart team. If we had any inkling that there were three other teams behind them, we would’ve obviously chosen to U-turn one of those teams. They’re not as big and athletic as the Globetrotters, and they were even further behind the Globetrotters, so let’s make them further behind. But had we even known we were towards the top and got there before Kent and Vyxsin, we wouldn’t be U-turned at all.

THE DEADBOLT: Cara, how did it feel watching Jaime putting together the dinosaur? Was it tough?

CARA: Yeah, it was very tough. I mean, she was obviously struggling and kind of at her wits and physical end. We hadn’t eaten in four days, we had barely slept, and we hadn’t seen a shower or anything close to it for days. It’s no great wonder after we lifted those solar panels, overcame a double U-turn, dealt with the fact our cab driver stopped for gas for an hour, that Jaime was a little frazzled and how the task didn’t go that well, or as well as we would’ve liked.

I think that it was very hard. When you’re at these road blocks, a lot of responsibility falls on the person performing the task and the other person is rendered helpless. There’s nothing you can do. You can’t guide them in any way and it’s her task to complete. I’m just happy she did ultimately complete it and we were able to show up at the mat as the competitive girls we are and not as quitters. I’m very proud of her for that.

THE DEADBOLT: After the car incident in Japan, did you guys feel like it was over at that point?

CARA: Yes, we did. We thought it might’ve been over at that point. But we were pretty juiced when we showed up at the roadblock and a good chunk of the teams were still there. We thought, “Wow! We know why we were detoured for two hours, but what happened to all of you?” So, it got us through the rest of the leg. It just goes to show anything really can happen on the race.

THE DEADBOLT: What was the most challenging thing for both of you this time, as compared to Season 14?

JAIME: I’d say the way the course was designed this time was very different from our race and from every other season. This race was designed to wear you out mentally and physically before you actually got to a task. Before, the tasks were fast paced, you had a little bit of time to research, get to them, do them, and move on. This time it was really draining to spend days traveling. It's seven hours until the train leaves before a fifteen hour train ride. Then you have to take a taxi and then you finally get to a task.

For Cara and I, being so competitive and aggressive and really loving the nature of the game, doing the tasks is what motivates us and pumps us up. It’s a little blah when you’re two days in between finally doing something. We’re active and we want to do this and keep going. So the way it was designed, the actual course, as far as getting to the challenges, it wasn’t like it was the first time. I think it was one of the harder thing with this race.

THE DEADBOLT: Well, at least you didn’t have to carry a pig on a stick this time.

JAIME: [laughs] That’s true.
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Excerpt from
Q: How would you compare the two races you have run?

Cara: “Obviously, just for the sheer fact that we got to run to the end, we’re going to obviously favor our first race … the two races were extremely different … the first race was very fast paced; it was task, challenge, back to task, back to clue, back to research, back to being on the move – just you were always going. For me and Jaime, that was a very effective way to race because there was just a great deal of momentum pushing me through the task because it just kind of got more exciting and better by the moment … I think what was hard for our team on this race was just that there were such long lulls between your first clue of what country you’re going to and then just the first task – in many cases, days at a time. There was so much time just spent on travel. The research was done, all the exciting parts were done; it was just sitting and starving in train stations or, ya know, long cab rides that were multiple hour rides or driving yourself places that were hours upon hours away or plane rides and plane delays – pretty much every plane we went on was delayed by some freak accident. It was hard to keep that momentum going, so I think for that reason we kind of favor our first race, but we are so happy we got the chance to do it again.

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A U-turn, a dinosaur and a cabbie all led to Jaime and Cara's elimination on 'The Amazing Race'
by: Sheri Block

Jaime and Cara know getting U-turned might have cost them “The Amazing Race” but they have no hard feelings towards the offending team Kent and Vyxsin.

After both teams agreed to U-turn the Harlem Globetrotters, the dating Goths blindsided the former NFL cheerleaders by posting their picture instead.

But Cara says the sneaky move wasn’t as shocking as it appeared.

“I think we had always gone into the ‘Race’ anticipating that they give us tools that we could use and that could also be used against us and Kent and Vyxsin did just that,” says Cara.

“If we were in their shoes, we might have done the same. I’m not sure we would’ve done it to them right there on the mat but mostly because it would’ve been poor strategy … you’d want to go for (a team) that’s further behind.”

Jaime and Cara, who chose to U-turn the Globetrotters in the double U-turn, were able to complete both sides of the Detour quite quickly but ran into problems once they got to the Roadblock challenge, which consisted of assembling a 20ft. tall replica of a dinosaur at the Stone Forest near Kunming, China.

“Once the pieces are locked in they are almost impossible to take back out without exerting a tremendous amount of strength,” says Jaime, who took on the task.

“We’d been running for four days -- no food, no sleep, and no shower. Cara and I had chosen the solar panels, which were very heavy, up six flights of stairs, four times, so we already extended a lot of our remaining muscle at that point on that challenge and it took about four hours to build that dinosaur.”

By the time Jaime finished the task, all the other teams had already left and when the cheerleaders got to the mat, host Phil Keoghan confirmed they had been eliminated.

Looking back, both Jaime and Cara say the only thing that might have changed their fate is if their taxi driver didn’t stop for gas, which cost them an hour.

“Cara was able to somewhat estimate the amount of time it took me to finish re-building the dinosaur after Justin left and it was between having to do the other side of the Detour and (finding a) gas stop … but other than that, there was really nothing else we could’ve done,” says Jaime.

Even so, Cara says it was disappointing to be the third team sent home, considering they finished in second place when they ran the ‘Race’ the first time in Season 14.

“We got to run the entire ‘Race’ last time and came so close but I think for Jaime and myself we agreed that it was harder the first time around for a variety of reasons but the first and foremost of which is that we were so close (to winning),” says Cara.

This season was also more physically and emotionally challenging than the first time they ran, adds Jaime.

“The thing Cara and I loved so much about the ‘Race’ the first time is that we really thrive on the competition part, which is doing the tasks and doing the research … this time it could take sometimes three or four days before we finally got to a challenge because there was so much travel and layovers and trains and planes involved.  By the time we finally got to something we were starving, we hadn’t slept, it had been four days since we’d done anything.”

But Cara did find a way to make good use of all this travelling time -- the law student was studying for her final exams.

“I brought along outlines for each of my courses and studied and then as soon as we got back, literally a day and a half later I sat with my class for my first final in constitutional law. It was an additional challenge for sure … (and) all of the other racers got a kick out of it, too. They said they would borrow my outlines when they would have trouble falling asleep.”

Jaime also went through a major career change since running the ‘Race’ the first time -- she became a Playboy Playmate.

“I actually said to (Hugh Hefner), ‘You know that I’m not 19 and I’m not blonde. I’m a 30-year-old redhead.’ I thought I was being ‘Punk’d’ for a second there but it’s actually been a whirlwind past year and a half and I’m happy.”
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“It Was Like a Nightmare” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with The Amazing Race 18's Jaime & Cara
by Teeuwynn Woodruff

Reality News Online: Hi, Jaime & Cara! Thanks for talking to Reality News Online today!

Jaime: Thank you.

RNO: What’s been going on with you since the last time you were on the race?

Jaime: Oh, real life?

Cara: A lot!

Jaime: Yeah. I mean, Cara and I lead active lives. Since the last race I have become a Playboy Playmate which entails a lot of travel and a lot of events, so its constantly go, go, go. I actually leave next week for Argentina for a month for work. It’s been like that since the last race. There really hasn’t been a break. It’s great, but it’s definitely fast-paced.

Cara: I carry a full time job in government relations – political consulting work. I also am a law school student, so I work all day and go to school at night – and I’m a newlywed since the last race. We both have had very full plates.

RNO: What did it feel like, given your busy schedules, to know you’d be going back on the race?

Cara: For me, it felt very exciting. In some ways it was nerve wracking because I was very nervous about how this was going to pan out with law school. But I think both of us were just truly excited at the idea of running another race and having this experience again.

RNO: Getting to the race itself, what did you think when you saw Kent & Vyxsin at the train station after they had been gone for days and missed the required flight to China?

Jaime: I was actually frustrated and disappointed to see them because I felt like they shouldn’t have been there. I felt like, with the super leg, we all literally busted our butts. After having run a full race the first time and now this race – truly one of the longest, most miserable, and exhausting days of my life – and for them to have been given the chance to take a different flight when the flight that we all took was a mandatory flight. It was the only option. And the next one available was not for 24 hours.

There was only one flight per day, and for them just to be able to take the next flight out… And they had 11 hours to make the flight. Cara and I actually left that Pit Stop in last place. Kent & Vyxsin left two teams before us. It was a two hour drive away, and they had 11 hours to make it. They still didn’t make it and we did, and for them to just take the next flight out and only receive a 30 minute penalty… It was truly just inadequate – in all the teams’ minds. Everyone was in agreeance that it just didn’t make sense to us.

Cara: Everyone thought that the penalty wasn’t enough when there was a 24 hour wait for the next flight to go out. I mean, that’s kind of a joke. It was actually offensive that they gave them 30 minutes – I’d rather they didn’t give them anything at all. I just thought that was a slap in the face.

RNO: That was also an extremely long leg to deal with.

Jaime: Four days.

RNO: This leg you got to the Double U-Turn just a second after Kent & Vyxsin. Did you think you could convince them to U-Turn the Globetrotters and not you?

Cara: We weren’t trying to convince them of anything. We didn’t realize at first that we were on the table as potential candidates for their U-Turn. So, for us, we were just harping on the Globetrotters only because they were the only team we knew were behind us. We didn’t know at that time that Ron & Christina, Jet & Cord, Justin & Zev, and whoever else were behind us.

There were a lot of teams behind us, but we didn’t know that at the time because we chose the physical task and it was so very physical – the solar tubes – exhausting and time consuming. So we had no thought other than, “Clearly, this task put us all in the bottom half of the Detour doers. We need to get there and make it up.”

So we said we know the Globetrotters are behind us. Vyxsin was like, “Yeah! The Globetrotters!” Then Kent was just sitting there fumbling around with the papers forever! Finally, he’s like, “I gotta do this to you, ladies.” And we were like, “Fine! Then just do it.” At that point, he had taken so long that we were, more than anything, aggravated that he had wasted time putting up our photo.

We did it to the Globetrotters only because they were, literally, the only team we knew was behind us.

RNO: Had you gotten to the U-Turn before Kent & Vyxsin who would you have U-Turned?

Jaime : We would have U-Turned the Globetrotters. We were thinking, “Why would you U-Turn the team who’s already right there?” God knows how long the Globetrotters are behind us. You want to send the team farther back even farther back.

Cara: And if we had known we were in fourth place, we wouldn’t have U-Turned anyone at all and wasted a U-Turn.

RNO: How much time did the U-Turn cost you? It looked like you did well with the doll task.

Cara: It cost us maybe 15 minutes.

Jaime: The doll task was actually – in both races we’ve done – the easiest task we faced. It was actually kind of a joke compared to the solar panels which were so heavy. [You had to] go up six flights of stairs numerous times. It was so exhausting I can’t believe they were considered comparable tasks.

RNO: So how much time do you think the solar tube Detour took you?

Cara: I don’t know. We did it fairly quickly. We did it on par with pretty much all the teams who did it. It had to have taken at least 45 minutes – at best – probably more. But I don’t think either of us were keeping track of time then.

RNO: So the U-Turn didn’t actually cost you much then?

Cara: Not in terms of time. Stopping for gas actually cost us more time – it actually ended up being about an hour stopping to get gas.

RNO: You two have a history of problems with travel on the race.

Cara: Unbelievable!

RNO: Why did it take so long for your driver to get gas for his taxi?

Jaime: For people who have not been to China, it’s difficult to get around once you’re in a city area. Traffic is very congested. It’s slow – and he had to get off the highway to get gas. So it ended up costing us another hour. It took longer than the actual Detour itself.

RNO: That’s pretty horrible. What did it feel like sitting in the cab for that?

Jaime: It was like a nightmare. I made the comment at the gas station, “It’s like Hawaii all over again.” Getting lost and stopping for gas when you’re on the end of a challenge is so frustrating because there’s nothing you can do. Your fate is out of your hands completely. I think that’s what’s so frustrating to me.

RNO: There was no way to get another cab then?

Jaime: At that point it was so hard to [get people] to understand that we wanted to go to a place called the Stone Forest… There was just no English whatsoever. It took so long to relay to [the taxi driver] that we wanted to go to the Stone Forest, to start over again with someone else… Who knew where they would end up taking us?

RNO: You also had driving problems in Japan when you clipped another car’s rear view mirror. How much time did that cost you?

Cara: Probably about two hours.

RNO: Jaime, putting that large dinosaur puzzle together looked grueling. How long were you working on it?

Jaime: Probably, as a whole, it took me about four hours to do it. The pieces were so heavy and so big, trying to lift them over my shoulders and lock them into place. Then, having to start all over and having to unlock them exerted so much energy – especially after the solar panels – I just didn’t have any strength left to take it apart and redo it. I was just utterly spent at that point.

RNO: How often did you go back to the sign to check your work?

Jaime: Oh, you’re looking constantly. The problem is the piece I had wrong – the hip – was the piece that held the whole dinosaur together, it could fit in either direction. I had it flipped, but it still worked either way you put it in, and I think that was obviously on purpose. So, you built your whole dinosaur, then the hips actually needed to be turned the other direction. And they won’t tell you that it’s wrong.

They would tell you if it was unsafe, meaning the pieces weren’t locked in, but they wouldn’t tell you if it was considered wrong. So you could build the whole dinosaur, because it was considered safe because my piece was still locked in… It was just backwards. I could have checked [the sign] a thousand times, but my piece fit, so I thought it was in correctly.

RNO: Do you know how far behind Ron & Christina and Zev & Justin you got to the Pit Stop?

Cara: About an hour.

RNO: So that gas stop –

Jaime: I think the gas stop did us in. I mean, between doing the extra Detour and the gas stop it was at least an hour to an hour and a half of our time. I feel it would have been close [if the gas stop hadn’t happened].

Going into it after stopping for gas and stopping for another Detour – mentally I was so frustrated at that point. Then starting that dinosaur all over again. Who knows if we would have finished the solar panel task quickly, like we ended up doing, and then getting to [the Roadblock] and realizing there were only three other teams there – that’s revitalizing, that’s motivating. “Wow! We’re actually in the front of the pack.” Your whole attitude changes.

Then having to stop for gas for an hour, doing the other Detour… It just really changes your mentality. I was already down.

RNO: The only sleep we saw you get on the leg was on the train. What was it like trying to sleep on those bunks?

Cara: We didn’t sleep at all – that’s what that was like! First of all, Jaime and I aren’t the best sleepers. We’ve always struggled – in our first race as well. We’re just not great at sleeping on planes and things of that sort. And it’s not leisurely travel where, perhaps, you might give yourself a little bit of a sleeping pill or something! With those long flights you don’t want to run that risk when you’re running a race around the world.

So we aren’t the best sleepers and that train was very busy. We were the third highest beds and every bed in the whole train was full. Imagine trying to get a good night’s sleep with a bunch of strangers who aren’t nearly as tired as you are – so they’re shuffling around, moving about, talking to each other.

I think at one point we had a lovely couple eating peanuts – ballpark style peanuts, and those are noisy. We’re like, “Oh, we really need to sleep. How much longer are they going to be eating those peanuts?” Not that they knew. They didn’t know what was going on. You can’t blame them.

Jaime: And, they’re eating food, and you’re hungry!

Cara: You’re like, “I wonder if they want to share some of those peanuts if we’re all going to be listening to them eat them.” It’s not like how it may appear where you just hop on a train and go right to sleep. Plus you have all your possessions, your passport and things of that sort, and you’re sleeping holding on to all of those – because if any of those go walking while you’re sleeping that wouldn’t be very good either.

We weren’t rested.

RNO: You’ve been on the race twice – what’s best and worst about going on it?

Jaime: The best thing about the race is truly, even in the points of utter misery doing it the second time, still it’s just an amazing life opportunity to be given. To be given it twice is amazing. It’s called The Amazing Race because it truly is.

The worst part will always be having come so close the first time and it being out of you’re control… Cara and I are okay with accepting something if we couldn’t compete – for example, if we didn’t finish the dinosaur task in time, that’s one thing. But when you’re living the whole, “What if we had taken a different taxi in Hawaii? What if he hadn’t stopped for gas? What if he hadn’t gotten lost?” Those what ifs are way harder to live with. That’s the bad part.

RNO: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about the race?

Jaime: Just that if people watch it at home and dream of doing it, that’s how we did it. We weren’t recruited. We actually sent in an application and a tape on the deadline day and we got picked. We did it fair and square. If they dream of doing it – they should.

RNO: Thank you so much for talking to me again!

Jaime: We appreciate it.
Title: Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
Post by: Prophet on March 25, 2011, 07:12:50 PM
Wow, they did a lot of interviews after they left the show. I'm surprised that the doll detour only took fifteen minutes as well. They keep saying it was the easiest task they had seen. I think TPTB were trying to soften the Uturn this time. Making it a double and having an easy detour is a far cry from Joe and Heidi being Blind Uturned and stuck with an impossible task that no one completed. Or perhaps they were like Carol and Brandy and picked the harder one first and were able to catch up that way.

I do think that Gary and Mallory's decision to skip that RB will help them in the long run. That was a physically and mentally demanding chore that was performed in high altitude at the end of a grueling four days with no rest. They saved them selves from physical fatigue and mental stress that the other teams had to deal with, leaving them in a good position to compete for the rest of the race.
Title: Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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Four days without food or sleep? I can't even imagine that! The level of KF must be off the charts at that level!
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I'm not a fan of Jaime, but her dream meal made my mouth water.
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'The Amazing Race' exit interview: Jaime and Cara (
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According to the Mayne Event (a segment on NFL Sunday Countdown on ESPN), looks like former contestant, Jaime Edmondson from TAR14 and UB is expecting (with Evan Longoria).  No video of that segment, but here's a tweet ( that mentions it.
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Jaime and Evan welcome their daughter to the world!

She was a little early but all is well!


Elle Leona Longoria 2/20/13
4.1 pounds 18 inches
Welcome to the world xoxo
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 :partie: :partie:

Congratulations, Jaime!!!
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OMG Jaime is a mother now!!!  :hearts: :hearts:
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OMG Evan Longoria is a father now!!!  :hearts: :hearts:
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Jaime got married on New Years Eve!  :xmas146

Congratulations!  :cmas9 :cmas9 :cmas9