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Title: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on June 10, 2004, 01:39:15 PM
They say 13 is an unlucky number, so who knows what will go down during the 13th season of Road Rules. This time around, the RV is cruising along the rugged roads of Chile and Argentina where the Roadies will attempt their most over-the-top missions ever, including bungee-jumping over an active volcano and repelling down a 210-foot waterfall. You won’t want to miss a second of this dramatic season.
Road Rules X-TREME airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m ET/PT, 9:00 p.m. CT.
Episode 1 Summary:

Mission: Volcano Bungee
Location: Billerica Volcano in Pucon, Chile
Description: Bungee jump from a helicopter over an active volcano

We meet Patrick, the guy who’s got a girlfriend, but always manages to “F” it up. He meets up with Jodi, who considers herself an “extreme sports person” and they both hitch a ride on an ox cart. Then we meet, Ibis, a goofy, girly girl, who was born in San Juan Puerto Rico. The other cast members will be relieved to learn she can speak Spanish and Portuguese. Danny, an affable dude, is hoping he doesn’t have to live with a close-minded homophobic person. The ox cart picks up Road Rulers along the way and Kina and Derrick are the last two people the group picks up. Kina admits that she can be weak at times and Derrick says he had a rough life growing up, which made him tough. Right off the bat, he develops a little crush on Kina. Now that all six players are together, they begin to find similarities and common bonds among each other.

Derrick starts things off badly by saying he doesn’t want to look like some “bleep” from an 80s sitcom and Danny thinks he has found the dude who is homophobic. The Roadies squeal when they see the RV and the girls note that the large bed in the RV just “promotes relations”. Once they are on the road, Derrick wants to find out who the gay person is among them. Danny puts himself out there by saying he has a boyfriend and all the girls love the fact that Danny is gay, but Derrick seems a little tripped out upon learning this news.

Before we get too far, let’s go over the 411 of Road Rules X-Treme, which is unlike any other season of Road Rules. Every time the Roadies successfully complete a mission, they will receive an X-Treme Key. After they get all the keys, they will be able to unlock the X-Treme Machine, which will reveal their X-Treme handsome reward. Okay, so their handsome reward isn’t X-Treme, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? If they fail one mission, the will receive a warning and won’t collect the X-Treme Key, which fits into a puzzle located in the dashboard of the RV. When they fail a second mission, the will be forced to vote off one of their teammates. The new Roadie who arrives, will then give them the X-Treme key for the mission they lost. Got it? Okay, moving on…

After they give up their cash and credit cards, they learn they will be given $3,000 cash and Visa credit cards with a $500 spending limit. But it’s not going to be handed to them. They’ve gotta earn it.

Cue the death defying Volcano Bungee jump. Kina astutely observes. “If you’re body falls in lava, you’re cooked.” That’s right, honey. They learn if there is a problem with the helicopter, they will be released and their bodies will plummet into the volcano.

Ibis and Derrick go first while the others wait at Base Camp. They jump and Derrick says it was an experience of a lifetime. Jodi and Danny, two people who are afraid of heights, are scared to jump, but do it anyway. Kina and Patrick are last to go and with their jump, the Road Rules X-Treme team wins their first mission. They are handed their X-Treme key and receive their money, which adds up to about $1000 per person for 10 weeks.

The first thing they buy with their money is some alcohol, then, they join a bonfire on the beach where Derrick gets a little too rowdy. The roommates really start to worry when he turns violent after drinking. Patrick tries to get him to chill out, while the other roommates worry about this becoming a trend. The roommates tell him that they really need him as a team member. Acting like a crazy drunk person could get him voted off. “His love for life also becomes his greatest fault,” Patrick says. It’s only the first night on Road Rules X-Treme in South American and things are going to only get crazier more and more extremer from here on out. Yeah, “extremer” is not a word, but it’s fun to say. Extremer.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on June 10, 2004, 02:44:27 PM
wow sounds good... I have not watched road rules in a while....but this sounds great.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on June 15, 2004, 06:48:03 PM
Episode 2 Summary:

Mission: Waterfall Rappel
Location: Puma Waterfall in Pucon, Chile
Description: Rappel down a 210 ft. waterfall in pairs

The next morning, the group goes swimming in the ocean and it’s not long before Danny is skinny dipping, which most everyone finds amusing except Derrick. Derrick takes this opportunity to make it clear that he doesn't want to sleep in the same bed as Danny.

The Road Rulers receive a clue that indicates they must be at their second mission at 9:30 a.m. the following morning. Without giving it a second thought, they go out and party into the evening. This time it's Danny who drinks way too much and goes nuts. He throws up on the floor and in a bucket in the RV, while the rest of the group worries they will fail the following morning. At three o'clock in the morning, Kina is crying about how everyone is mocking her effort to care for Danny and she rips into Derrick for his poor behavior. The group wakes up at 6:30 a.m. and Danny is still drunk. He says he has never drank that much in his life.

The Roadies must rappel down the waterfall two at a time. They have to start within six seconds of each other, then meet at the middle of the waterfall within six seconds and then meet at the bottom within six seconds. Not sure what's up with this six seconds business, but it must be important to the mission in some way.

Patrick and Ibis go first and it's difficult because the water is pounding on their heads. Before Jodi and Kina start, Jodi falls backwards at the top of the waterfall and she has difficulty getting herself in an upright position.

The unlikely duo of Derrick and Danny actually bond before they rappel down the waterfall. Derrick appears interested in learning about Danny and vice versa. Danny also slips at the top of the waterfall, but he is able to straighten himself out so he and Derrick can come down together.

The Road Rulers receive their X-Treme key, which means they have successfully beaten another mission's ass. "Twelve more awesome experiences to go," Patrick notes.

Things we learned this week: Derrick is starting to see Danny as a buddy. Derrick definitely knows he disrespected some people, so he apologizes for his actions. The girls are learning he really is a sweet person. They appreciate his apology and hope this doesn’t happen again in the future.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on June 16, 2004, 08:45:17 AM
so much drama....would nto be a MTV reality show if it was not.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on June 22, 2004, 08:40:04 AM
OMH I watched this show last night and they had to stand another 15 minutes because the one guy moved his toe!  even the guy with the bad Knee stood there.

And we knew the guy was going to break up with his girlfriend..they were stressign the girlfriend way too much.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Old Timer on June 22, 2004, 01:17:26 PM
You knew that break up was happening.  When Patrick was telling Jodi how he likes Courtney and would like to remain faithful to her you knew that meant Patrick is definitely cheating on her in this episode, probably with Jodi.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on June 22, 2004, 03:00:43 PM
dang..I missed it  :(...hopefully I'll catch the reair...(just missed it again  :( )

Just read the recap~Can't wait to watch it.. :D

Episode 3 Summary:

Mission: Living Art
Location: Puma Store in Santiago, Chile
Description: Pose in a store window wearing nothing but body paint

Patrick tells Jody about his girlfriend and notes that if he does one more break-up-worthy thing, they are done. Kaput. Fineto.

Meanwhile, Derrick is goofing off and when he picks up Kina, he feels an amazing amount of pressure on his knee and topples over. Apparently he has had surgery on this knee and he now worries that he did something terrible to it, which may prevent him from giving 100 percent today.

The Road Rulers meet their mission mayors in front of a Puma Store in Santiago and learn they will become “living art”. The Roadies will be the blank canvas, i.e. they will be completely nude, wearing only body paint. Most everyone is unhappy about this except Danny. He’s practically strips his clothes off before the mission mayors could say “body paint.”

In addition to getting naked, they will have to shave off all body hair that grows below their neck. Ew, gross. After they are painted, they must pose for one hour in the store window on a busy street. They must stand motionless. If the mayors notice any movement, 15 minutes will be added to their hour. If one of them doesn’t want to perform the mission, the Road Rulers will have to stand in the window for two hours. It’s unclear whether or not Derrick can even stand for one hour and Ibis is very uncomfortable with being naked in front of everyone.

Patrick worries that his girlfriend is not going to be pleased when she hears about this mission. Surprisingly, Derrick is cool with standing face to face with Danny for the hour cuz they are all buddies now. Ibis is very close to saying that she wants to quit, but she worries about the implications of that and decides to go through with the mission.

A crowd gathers in front of the store window and the Road Rulers are revealed to the public. Fifteen minutes in, Patrick moves his foot and they add 15 minutes to their time. Meanwhile, Derrick’s knee hurts and he’s unsure if he will be able to complete the mission. As the mission nears the end, the Road Rulers are almost about to collapse, but they mange to remain motionless. When the garage door finally closes, they are all emotionally drained and psyched that they made it through.

To celebrate, the Roadies go out dancing. Patrick is all over the ladies at the bar, including Jodi. As they dance, they kiss. That one little indiscretion might be enough for Patrick’s girlfriend to officially dump him. BTW, Jodi isn’t exactly a single-mingle… she’s dating a guy back home.

Sobered up, the next day, Patrick says it drives him crazy that he can’t treat his girlfriend like she is supposed to be treated. Via phone, Patrick tells his girlfriend that right now he needs time to straighten out his life, so they split and Patrick is now free to hook up with whoever he wants.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on June 29, 2004, 08:49:19 AM
Well I watched the show last night.  IT was yucky last night!!  IT was an eating challenge ~ they showed them puking... :o

Most of the leftovers were from danny...he cried at the end.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Old Timer on June 29, 2004, 12:41:47 PM
Danny really did blow it yesterday for the Road Rulers.  I am looking forward to next week's episode when Derrick gets arrested.

Tonight is the final Real World.  This has been Five Star Season of the Real World.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on June 29, 2004, 12:54:59 PM
I always forget when Road Rules is on  :( It sounded like a good one !
Thanks Oldtimer ,could you give us a update about the Real World finale?  :) We really would appreciate it  :)..

"Road Rules X-TREME"
Episode 4 Summary:

Mission: Don't Have a Cow
Location: Sepia Restaurant in Santiago, Chile
Description: Eat a cow. (Seriously!)

Turns out Kina has a lot of characteristics that Derrick would look for in a future girlfriend. The two of them hang out a lot and flirt, but Kina insists she is not interested in taking their relationship to the next level. Kina tells Ibis that Derrick tried to kiss her last night and she really isn't interested in hooking up with anyone on the trip. She just doesn't want to ruin the friendship she has with Derrick.

The Roadies get a message that implies their next mission will involve cows. Being the country girl that she is, Kina is psyched she’s gonna get to see some cows. It's funny to see her so excited because she really has no clue what kind of disgusting thing is in store for her and her teammates.

The Roadies are hoping to win their fourth mission in a row today. Then they learn they have to eat cow eyes, brains, tongue, testicles, rectum, among other disgusting things. :o

They must pair up and feed each other the food. One person must be nominated as the leftover eater. Anything that is not finished by the others must be eaten by this person. Patrick volunteers to eat the leftovers. They will each get one glass of water and will have five minutes to eat what is on their plate.

Patrick tries to motivate his team before the competition starts, but Danny is freaking out before he even eats anything. The mission starts and the Roadies grin and bear it and try and choke down as much cow as possible. After eating cow brain, Danny throws his napkin down and curses the mission. Jodi narrates that 99.9 percent of the food on the leftover plate are Danny's. It's clear that Danny is the one who is holding his team back in this mission.

After the thirteenth item, Patrick has to sit down and eat a full plate of leftovers in only five minutes while Ibis feeds him. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to finish all the food in the allotted time. They don't get the X-Treme key and they are one step closer to eliminating a team member.

Derrick comforts Danny after the mission and Kina sees how good a heart he has. Perhaps she'll have a change of heart about hookin' up? Danny cries saying he let his team down.

Things look up when they arrive back at their RV and Ibis finds a little stray puppy. They decide to keep the little fuzz ball as the mascot of the crew and they name her X. Meanwhile, Danny is afraid that if they fail another mission, he will be the one sent home. Patrick notes that Danny didn't have a lot of heart or will in the cow eating mission and he would certainly get his vote.

Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on June 29, 2004, 12:57:39 PM
Thanks for the summary puddin.... I looked this morning and it was not there.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: sinatrafan79 on July 02, 2004, 12:34:39 PM
gee i hope they don't screw up any more missions and have to vote someone off... cuz i'm really starting to like everyone in the cast!  :-\
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on July 02, 2004, 12:44:16 PM
just jumping in to say hello  sinatrafan79 that name  ;)
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on July 07, 2004, 05:40:01 PM
Episode 5 Summary:

Mission: Hold On
Location: Aero Club de Santiago, Tobolaba Airport
Objective: The cast must solve a riddle that will lead them to the X-Treme key which is hidden in the airport.

Danny narrates that Patrick and Derrick always shout out "earmuffs" when he talks about his homosexual lifestyle. Derrick claims he just doesn’t want to hear about "nasty stuff." Danny says he never calls out "earmuffs" when the talk about their hetero lifestyle. More on that later, let's find out what happens at the mission.

On the way to the mission, Derrick hits a tree, which shatters the windshield and Fs up the RV in a bad way. The Chilean police arrive on the scene and explain that anyone who is in a car accident has to be taken in to make sure they weren't under the influence. Derrick is hauled down to the station, while the others have to proceed to the mission.

The "Hold On" mission will test their concentration and focus. Their X-Treme key is hidden somewhere inside the Aero Club and they must find it. If they figure out the four missing words in their clue, they should be able to locate the key. In addition, they learn they will win a European adventure.

They are divided into two different groups. The "artist group" has four people and because Derrick is not there, the "puzzle-solver group" contains only Jodi. She worries that she will not be good at this position.

The "artists" will draw pictures of words that represent clues. The catch is that the artists will have to draw while they are in an airplane doing crazy acrobatics, sort of an Air Pictionary. They only have ten seconds to make their drawing. "I get airsick, carsick, boatsick, walksick, whatever," Kina warns. "I get sick."

Meanwhile, Derrick has been released from the police station and is determined to catch up with his teammates so he takes a taxi to the airport, but he can't find the other Roadies. He learns there is a small airport nearby and takes a taxi there. But, alas, he arrives at the wrong place.

Meanwhile, back at the mission, after Danny deplanes, he does a little "I did good" dance. Patrick and Ibis think the chance is greater that he didn't do well. Meow. Who stuck an X-Treme key up their booties? After all of the artists have flown, the bomb is dropped on them and they learn the mission mayors reviewed the tapes and noticed that someone started drawing before they were told to, so they will have to erase some of the pictures that were drawn. The Road Rulers are pissed. It turns out that Kina was the person who started too early. Now at a slight disadvantage, Jodi has 15 minutes to figure out the clue and then 15 minutes to find the key. Jodi solves the puzzle quickly and then goes to various landmarks that will lead her to the key. Jodi finds the key and they complete the mission. All the Roadies remark how well Danny did this mission. They can't wait to go home and tell Derrick.

Back in the RV, Danny tells Jodi and Ibis that he is bothered by the fact that the other guys say "earmuff" all the time. The girls advise him to talk to Derrick and Patrick about this. Danny discusses it with Derrick, who is genuinely sorry that Danny is hurt by that, so he will stop making those comments.

The Roadies learn they must move out of the RV while it is repaired. They will take up residence in a smallish van with Road Rules stickers on it. Ibis describes it as going from "castle to shack
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on July 08, 2004, 09:05:00 AM
thanks for the summary!!!  The little van ws the best! I lol when I saw it.

Previews for next week show they lose a memeber ~ any one else think it is any one other then Danny?
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on July 13, 2004, 11:41:28 AM
Okay I did not see the whole thing....but saw the last 15 minutes.  I cried when Danny left.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on July 14, 2004, 06:36:06 PM
Some night I'll actually remember to watch RoadRules instead of reading the recaps  :-[

Episode 6 Summary:

Mission: Blind Driving
Location: Andres Munos Catillo Race Track in Calama, Chile
Objective: Successfully drive a dune buggy around a course (in pairs) while the passenger wears a blindfold and must be in control of the break and gas.

Going into their next mission, Danny is still determined to prove that he is not the team’s weakest link. If his team loses another mission, he could be the one to go, but he believes he deserves to stay.

During the Blind Driving mission, the Roadies will be separated in groups of two. All three pairs must drive around a dune buggy track three times. The total time of all nine laps must be 20 minutes or less.

The tricky part is: driver will have to let the passenger know when to step on the gas and when to break because the passenger will be wearing a blindfold and will be in charge of everything but the steering wheel. That is bound to make things veddy interesting.

Ibis and Derrick do the first lap and have a difficult time, but end up scoring a good time. On their second lap, they better their first time and on their third lap the car dies about 2 minutes in. They finish with a total time of 7 minutes and 21 seconds. The Road Rules know that they must make up the time that Ibis and Derrick lost when their car broke down. Patrick and Danny finish all of their laps under 2 minutes. The last duo to go, Jodi and Kina, know there isn’t a lot of leeway to mess up during their turn. Unfortunately, their first lap is completed in over three minutes. When it comes down to their last lap, they must finish it in one minute and 38 seconds in order to win the mission. The girls are feeling the pressure to win the mission for their team, so they go “balls out” and end up tipping the dune buggy. Jodi is extremely upset that they lost the mission and initially, she feels somewhat responsible.

Because this is the second time they have lost a mission, the Road Rulers are now faced with voting someone off. Danny believes Jodi is the weakest link because she failed the Blind Driving mission. Danny thinks he has done extremely well with all the other missions except for the Cow Eating mission. Unfortunately, the Cow Eating mission is what everyone else remembers.

Not a lot of discussion goes into the vote off and it is pretty clear that Danny is the target. Derrick starts the vote off by saying it’s nothing personal, but he’s casting his vote for Danny. Danny votes for Jodi, but the rest of the group votes for Danny. They all tearfully bid him goodbye and know that their team won’t be the same without his joyful personality. Too bad he sucks at eating disgusting cow parts.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on July 28, 2004, 10:50:53 AM
Episode 7 Summary:

Mission: Go Fetch
Location: Escueala de Adiestramiento in Santiago, Chile
Objective: To retrieve items from inside of a dog house being protected by trained attack dogs

The Roadies are very hesitant to welcome a new Road Ruler. The remaining five discuss what they are going to have him do for an initiation and how upset they are about the fact that he gets immunity for the first vote-off that he is part of.

Nick from Minnesota arrives at Melipilla Lake in Santiago, Chile with the "key" the Road Rulers have been missing. Nick says he likes to have a great time, but can get stressed out when situations overwhelm him. Hmm, this should be interesting. Nick waits by the newly refurbished RV and the Roadies greet him as warmly as possible.

Ibis is not initially impressed with Nick and the girls quiz him on whether or not he's athletic, straight or gay (he's gay, BTW), competitive, etc.

The Roadies agree that until they see Nick in competition, they won't know whether or not they will accept him. Nick picks up on the fact that his new roommates have a little bit of animosity towards him because of his initial immunity.

For the mission, the Roadies must retrieve bones from a dog house while a couplethree German Shepards try to attack them. The Road Rulers are paired off in three teams of two. One team member has to enter the "attack circle" dressed in an attack suit. Once the person has reached the circle, the other teammate may run to pick up the bone and must also fend off other dogs.

Derrick and Ibis go first and Derrick enters the attack circle, while Ibis runs for the bone, after she has gotten the bone, she is knocked down hard by a dog from behind. She can't get up and complete her part of the mission so time runs out.

Jodi and Nick, the new guy, go next and Nick performs admirably. After Patrick and Kina succeed, Ibis and Derrick are allowed a second attempt. This time, Ibis goes into the attack circle, while Derrick gets the bone. That works much better.

After the mission, the original Roadies feel that, so far, Nick has held his own, but seniority still rules.

Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on July 28, 2004, 10:51:32 AM
Episode 8 Summary:

Mission: Leap of Faith
Location: Lake Esmerelda in Santiago, Chile
Objective: To jump out of a moving helicopter and land in the water in the middle of various targets for which they will receive points. The mission will be completed in pairs and each pair jumps twice.

The Roadies go out to party and Kina and Jodi meet a British babe named Boris. Kina complains that Jodi originally said she wasn't interested in Boris and then a few minutes later Jodi was hugging up on him on the dance floor. Kina is not pleased. Ibis tells it like it is, "When Jodi has drinks in her; she becomes a slut." Later in the RV, Jodi tries to smooth things over, but Kina doesn’t quite buy it.

The Roadies will be divided into three teams for their next mission, titled "Leap of Faith." Each team will board a helicopter and be transported to somewhere in the lake where they will see three diamond targets. They must jump into one of the diamonds (the smallest is worth five points and the largest is worth one). Each team will jump twice. The first jump, one of the Roadies must jump blindfolded. His or her teammate must tell him when to jump. During the second jump, the roles will be reversed. At the end of the mission they must have accumulated a total of 40 points. Jodi makes the first jump blindfolded and doesn't get any points. Patrick learns he landed between two targets and didn't get any points. On their second turn Patrick scores five. Jodi doesn't score any points and Kina wonders if Jodi has her head together in this mission. When it's Nick and Kina's turn, Nick scores five and Kina gets none in their first try and suddenly their margin of error has become zero. On their second turn Nick only receives 3 points, which means they have failed the mission. There is no way the rest of the jumpers can earn enough points to add up to 40. They are now faced with eliminating another teammate. They have four hours to decide who they will eliminate. A few days ago, they made a pack that they would put the five original Roadies names in a hat and pick one out and that would be the person they would send home, but Kina narrates that they are contemplating voting Jodi out. Hmm, sounds like the work of shadesters. New Guy Nick is not involved in the voting, while Jodi works to do damage control so she isn't voted out. Finally everyone decides to stick with the original plan and put everyone's names in a hat for the voting. Kina tells Jodi that that they came close to voting her off, but they couldn't do that because she has too much strength and heart, just like everyone else. Each person will choose a name and put it back and the person whose name is chosen the most goes home. Jodi gets one "vote" and Derrick gets one and in true cliffhanger fashion, we've got to next week until we find out who was voted off.

Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on July 30, 2004, 12:53:28 PM
Well patrick was in the preview to the next show so we know he is not voted off.  Who do you think it will be??
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on July 31, 2004, 07:12:12 PM
I don't watch it Texan..I only read the recaps sorry
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on August 03, 2004, 02:32:14 PM
Episode 9 Summary:

Mission: Balance on Me
Location: Cordoba, Argentina
Objective: All six Roadies must cross six parallel tight ropes at the same time.

The Roadies are in the midst of drawing names from a hat to decide who will go home. Kina's name is pulled twice, so she will be headed home. Kina feels good about the decision and keeps a strong face in front of her roommates, but when she retreats to the X-RV by herself, she has a good cry. Poor Derrick wonders who his cuddle monkey is gonna be now that Kina's off the team.

Meanwhile, Jodi feels guilty because she thinks she would have been voted off if they didn't pull names from a hat. The rest of the Roadies now worry about how their team chemistry will be affected. Jodi declares she will help fix the communication problem her teammates feel exists. Patrick isn't going to cut Jodi anymore slack. "If we don't win this next mission, it's Jodi's ass," he warns.

The Roadies pack up the X-RV and head for Argentina and await the arrival of their new teammate. Angela, a girly-girl who has a real job back home, arrives at the RV and hopes to meet some down-to earth chicks and a guy who doesn't want to get into his pants. She has a boyfriend back home and according to her, he's "the one." Yeah, we've heard that one before. Maybe things will change when Angela gets a look at hunky Ben Afleck, er, Patrick. Looking for someone to bond with, Nick takes on the self-imposed task of making sure Angela feels welcome in the group. A working member of society, Angela says she is not used to hanging out with people who are still in college. She hopes that won’t be a problem. Angela calls her boyfriend to tell him that the rest of her teammates are very young-acting. The Road Rulers learn today's mission will involve walking a tight rope, suspended 150 feet in the air between two buildings. The catch is that they have to cross all six tight ropes at once, while holding hands. They must rely on each other for balance. Not knowing her new teammates at all, Angela is a "little sketched out" and admits this is the most nervous she has ever been in her life. This is the most extreme thing she has ever done. She has never even played football, for God's sake. During the mission, Patrick struggles to keep his balance, so Jodi takes over the leadership position of this mission and talks her teammates across the high wire and leads her team to victory. Back at the RV, Angela goes off by herself and Patrick comes out to comfort her and reassure her that she’ll find her place there with their team.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on August 10, 2004, 07:18:13 PM

Episode 10 Summary:

Mission: Falling at Your Feet
Location: Buenos Aries Factory in Argentina
Objective: Roadies must stand on a high pillar and land on their feet as a truck pulls the pillar out from under them.

Derrick is getting increasingly annoyed with Nick, apparently because of Nick's "stupid comments." No longer the newest person on the team, Nick still feels like an outsider. He feels ganged up on and is defensive and that has apparently made him persona non grata. When the gang goes that night, Nick is the designated driver for the second time in a row. Poor guy just can't catch a break. Desperately trying to gain acceptance in the group, Nick offers to drive to Buenos Aries.

In the Falling at Your Feet mission, the Roadies learn they must once again pair off into three teams of two. Each team of two must stand on an eight foot pillar, which is attached to a truck by a chain. The pillar is pulled out from under their feet as the truck zooms by. When the pillar is yanked from under them, the two Roadies must land on their feet in the designated area. No other part of their body must touch the ground.

Angela and Ibis go first and fail miserably. Nick and Patrick complete the jump successfully by timing their "jump" just before the pillar is pulled out from underneath them. Derrick and Jodi also complete their portion of the mission. When Ibis and Angela go a second time, they think they've completed it, but until an instant replay is viewed, there won't be a decision. Turns out that Ibis' booty touched the ground, so they fail the mission and now must eliminate yet another team member. Geez, Road Rules X-Treme is kickin' this teams' ass.

Nick is worried that he'll be sent home for personal reasons or for just "being the new guy," but he feels good about his performance in the four missions he has been a part of. At the vote-off, Ibis gets things going by voting for herself and gives a speech that pretty much says she is okay with going home because it's the right decision. The Roadies come to their senses and decide not to be petty and Ibis is voted off. Ibis leaves without any regrets and loves the experience she had in South America.

The roommates decide that their team dynamics might change, but they always need to be conscious of remaining a tight-knit team.
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on August 11, 2004, 11:15:37 AM
WOW!! They have  lost 3 players so far!!!  Has any other Road rulers team lost this many???

Get it together guys!!!
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: puddin on August 17, 2004, 05:53:40 PM
Recap our very own writer Trevor ! :)()  (
Title: Re: "Road Rules X-TREME"
Post by: Texan on August 18, 2004, 10:59:44 AM
OMH the new girl slept with Patrick the first night!!!!  now that is fast!!!

The other girl  ~ Angela is such a whinner!!!  She is complaining about how the new grils has messed up the team vibe.  UUHHMM 'scuse me but you have only been there like 3 days or a week whatever.  She was complaining as soon as she got there that they were all too young.  DUH who signs up for these shows!?!?!?