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Title: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: Mrs Shrek on June 30, 2010, 03:41:07 AM
TARA 4 Timeline
(under construction with assistance from Peach)


Thursday June 10

Race probably started early on morning of June 10.
Evidence: Allan Wu was still promoting China Rush the previous day.(1)

Startline: Thean Hou Buddhist Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.(18 )

Travel: to Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.(6)

Travel: from Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia to Penang, Malaysia.(3)
Flight duration approx 50m
Evidence: Allan Wu and other crew spotted on flight MH1140 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Penang, Malaysia: KUL - PEN Dep: 10:35 Arr: 11:25.(2)

Travel: to Futsal Court in Gelugor.
Possibly Gembira Parade Futsal Court, Lorong Delima 1, Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.(4)
Approx 10 miles/15 km from Penang Airport.
Evidence: Witness was spectator at task.(5)

Task Description: 10 teams arrived after 12:00 for a task at Futsal Court. Spectators were present to cheer on the teams and make noise. Task had finished by approx 16:00.(5) Image (

Pitstop: Possibly Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Penang, Malaysia. (19)

Friday June 11

Sighting: 9 (?) Teams at Airport in morning.(7)

Travel: from Penang, Malyasia to Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia.(9)

Travel: from Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.(10)
Flight duration approx 2h 30m
Evidence: Teams spotted on flight AK 5106 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia: KUL - BKI Dep: 12:50 Arr: 15:20,
and AK 5112 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia: KUL - BKI Dep: 18:30 Arr: 21:00 on June 11.(8 )

Sighting: Sutera Harbour Resort.(11)
Sutera Harbour Resort, 1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard, Kota Kinabalu, 88100 Sabah, Malaysia.
Approx 3 miles/5 km from Kota Kinabalu airport.

Probable team accommodation in Kota Kinabalu.
Evidence: Guest in Hotel.(13)

Sighting: Allan Wu filmed at Kg Tanjung Aru Baru.(14) (just south of Sutera Harbour Resort). .com/rble36.jpg]Image (http://i46.[banned image hosting site)

Travel: to Filipino Night Market.
Approx 1.2 miles/2 km from Sutera Harbour Resort.
Evidence: Sighted by market worker.(12)

Task Description: The task at Filipino Night Market was to eat 200 chicken meatballs. 7 teams were spotted on June 11 between 17:00 and 01:30. Many were sick. Task believed to have finished at approx 04:00 on June 12.(12)

Saturday June 12

Task Description: The task at Filipino Night Market was to eat 200 chicken meatballs. 7 teams were spotted on June 11 between 17:00 and 01:30. Many were sick. Task believed to have finished at approx 04:00 on June 12.(12)

Travel: to Sapi Island (approx 15-20 min boat ride from Kota Kinabalu).(16)
Evidence: Tweet.(15)

Task Description: Possibly searching for a flag? (15)
Speculation: Sapi Island is also known for snorkeling.(17)

Sri Lanka

Sunday June 13

Travel: from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia to Colombo, Sri Lanka.
There are multiple flight options. Most probable route either BKI-SIN-CMB, BKI-KUL-SIN-CMB or BKI-KUL-BKK-CMB depending on departure time from Kota Kinabalu (BKI).
Evidence: reported sighting of teams in Malaysia trying to get tickets to Sri Lanka,(1) and team(s) seen in Colombo airport (CMB).(2)

Sighting: Allan Wu seen flying from Kota Kinabalu to Singapore,(3) possibly on MI 391 BKI - SIN Dep:12:00 Arr:14:10 probably connecting with UL 312 SIN - CMB Dep:16:00 Arr:17:20 or MH 9181 SIN - CMB Dep:16:30 Arr:17:35.

Sighting: Photo evidence of Amazing Race Asia in Singapore Airport at 11:20,(4) possibly on MH 2637 BKI - KUL Dep:06:05 Arr:08:30 connecting to MI 333 KUL - SIN Dep:10:25 Arr:11:20 (actually arrived 7 min early) probably connecting with UL 312 SIN - CMB Dep:16:00 Arr:17:20 or MH 9181 SIN - CMB Dep:16:30 Arr:17:35. Image (;topic=21997.0;attach=146313;image)

Sighting: Team(s) possibly seen late night at Colombo Airport (unconfirmed time).(5)

Monday June 14

Possibly visited Sigiriya Lion's Rock on Monday June 14 or Wednesday June 16. (8 )

Tuesday June 15

Sighting: in Beruwala.(6)
Approx 35 miles/55 km from Colombo.
Speculation: Task could involve something to do with the beach or the mosque.(7)

Wednesday June 16

Possibly visited Sigiriya Lion's Rock on Monday June 14 or Wednesday June 16. (8 )


Thursday June 17

Travel: from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Manila, Philippines.
Likely to have flown via Singapore or Hong Kong, or maybe Bangkok or Beijing as possibilities.
Evidence: Sighting at Manila Airport approx 6pm,(1) and at unknown location posted at approx midnight.(2)

Friday June 18

Travel: from Manila, Philippines to Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines.(3)-(7)
Likely to have flown from MNL to LGP on either 5J 325 Dep: 06:00 Arr 06:55 or PR 277 Dep: 06:30 Arr: 07:30

Travel: to Ligñon Hill(10) to collect clue.
Evidence: Tweet.(6) Photo of clue box.(7) Image (

Task Description: Do a zip-lined 'with a twist' and catch a greasy pig.(9)

Travel: to Misibis Bay.(11)
Evidence: Multiple tweets.(5)(6)(8 )
Possible Team accommodation(8 )

New Zealand

Saturday June 19

Travel: from Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines to Manila, Philippines.(1)(2)

Travel: from Manila, Philippines to Christchurch, New Zealand, via Singapore.(3)(5)
Possible flight from Manila,  Philippines to Singapore MNL-SIN SQ 917  Dep 14:20 Arr 17:50
Probable flight from Singapore to Christchurch, New Zealand SIN-CHC SQ 297 Dep 19:40 Arr 09:20 (+1 day)

Sighting: 7 teams remaining at Manila airport.(4)

Sunday June 20

Travel: from Christchurch, New Zealand to Invercargill, New Zealand.(9)
Evidence: Teams seen on flight and also departing from Invercargill Airport.(6)-(8 )

Travel: from Invercargill, New Zealand to Kingston, New Zealand in a Maui Campervan via State Highway 6.
Approx 2 hrs 88miles/143km driving from Invercargill to Kingston.
Evidence: Multiple local online newspaper articles.(6)(7)(10)

Task Description: A 'wood-sawing competition'.(10)

Monday June 21

Travel: to Coronet Peak.

Task Description: Find a buried snow transceiver in Coronet Peak Ski Area.  Image (

Travel: to Gibbston to collect clue.

Task Description: Detour - choose between AJ Hackett’s extreme Nevis Highwire bungy or Arc swing.  
Warning: U-turn ahead.  Image (

Travel: to Queenstown Bungy Centre  for transportation via AJ Hackett Bungy to the Nevis site.

Sighting: A team was seen running to the Kawarau Bridge bungy instead of going to the Queenstown Bungy Centre for the Nevis Bungy. Image (

Sighting: A team was seen in central Queenstown at 13:40, possibly going to the Queenstown Bungy Centre.

Travel: to Queenstown Events Centre.

Task Description: Kick a rugby ball through the goal posts.
2 All Blacks, Ben Smith and Jamie Mackintosh, and a local schoolboy rugby team were present.

Pitstop: Likely Elimination? 6 teams remain.

Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Queenstown.

Tuesday June 22

Travel: to Coronet Peak.

Task Description: Ski Slalom on the Kaser Ski Carpet at Coronet Peak.(10)

Travel: to Gibbston.

Task Description: Detour: Herding sheep or Rolling a wine barrel at Brennan Wines ( (10)

Travel: to Arrowtown.

Task Description: Write a letter and post it at the historic post office.(10) Image (

Sighting: Queenstown Airport.(18 )-(21)

Travel: from Queenstown, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia.(23)


Tuesday June 22 - Friday June 25

Travel: to Circular Quay.(1)

Task: Find a man with a brolly.(1)

Travel: to the ANZ Stadium.(2)

Task: Speculated to be a task involving the outdoor Trapeze.(3)

Travel: from Sydney, Australia to Brisbane, Australia.(5)

Sighting: Teams seen running between cars and climbing into 'Wicked' Vans.(4)

Travel: to Streets Beach (formerly known as Kodak Beach),(11) Southbank, Brisbane.(6)

Travel: to unknown location near Maudsland, Gold Coast.(7)

Sighting: Teams photographed browsing maps in Dymocks Bookstore, Brisbane.(8 ) Image 1 ( Image 2 ( Image 3 ( Image 4 (

Friday June 25

Travel: from Brisbane, Australia to Jakarta, Indonesia,(9) possible via Sydney, Australia.(10)


Japan (Speculated)

Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: Mrs Shrek on June 30, 2010, 03:43:28 AM


1 [Allan Wu] is done with a full day of promotions for rushin around China. Now it's time to chill out before an early start tomorrow with a quick run. (June 9) Link (,22209.msg527241.html#msg527241)

2a Just got on the plane. The crew of The Amazing Race Asia is on board I think. Recognize the host. Link (,22209.msg527286.html#msg527286)
2b We were on flight 1140. To penang. The whole crew was there. All the production guys as well Link (,22209.msg527315.html#msg527315)
2c I only saw the production team wit allan..n 2 foreigners. No teams. No idea where they started. The crew were havin all their shooting equipments wit them. Tats all i know Link (,22209.msg527364.html#msg527364)

3 Speculation: All possible flights landing before 16:00 on June 10 that teams could possibly be on
    AK 5350     Dep: 06:55 Arr: 07:45
    MH 1134     Dep: 07:35 Arr: 08:25
    AK 5352     Dep: 08:25 Arr: 09:15
    MH 1138     Dep: 09:15 Arr: 10:05
    AK 5354     Dep: 10:20 Arr: 11:10
    MH 1140     Dep: 10:35 Arr: 11:25 *Allan Wu's flight
    AK 5362     Dep: 13:40 Arr: 14:30
    MH 1148     Dep: 13:55 Arr: 14:45

4 Web (

5 10 June 2010, we work?
Penang new futsal court in gelugor,
9am i was already there with ...& others.
We waited, waited, and waited for at least 3 hours.
We was waiting for the amazing race asia's participant to reach from kl
Our job is to cheer & be the spectators while the participants play their task.
10 teams altogether
We was given macdee set as our lunch, shirt & sorts of props to be noisy
it ended at about 4pm

Link (,22209.msg527403.html#msg527403)

5b Screengrabs Image 21 ( Image 22 (
Link (,22209.msg556913.html#msg556913)

6a went to batu caves this morning n saw filming for the next season for amazing race asia (Facebook)

6b Screengrabs Image 8 ( Image 12 ( Image 13 ( Image 14 ( Image 25 ( Image 27 ( Image 32 (
Link (,22209.msg556913.html#msg556913)

7 today would be interesting working day for me.Our counter- ticketing was surrounded by media in the morning.There were 9 groups of participants from amazing  race programme rushed to purchase flight tickets in our counter.

Today, suddenly Amazing race Asia approached our Sales counter.
Link (,22209.msg527456.html#msg527456)

8a OMG.There is filming here! Is Amazing Race Asia! waiting at the same gate with me! To KK! and they are just sitting at the bench same row with me now! Link (,22209.msg527430.html#msg527430)

8b Has kindly replied and she saw a M/M team on her flight: 6/11 AK5106 dep 1250PM arr1530. They left the airport by taxi about 1555. Link (,22209.msg527512.html#msg527512)

8c ! Flight delay due to heavy rain... But its still OK because got the Amazing Race contestants and crew waiting with me... Very cheeky bunch of people... Link (,22209.msg527476.html#msg527476)

8d I saw them on the 11th June, about 5pm local time in Malaysia. They were in the LCCT airport, waiting for a flight to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It was the AK5112 flight. (email)

9 All possible flights from PEN to KUL on June 11
    MH 1133 Dep: 06:40 Arr: 07:35
    MH 1137 Dep: 07:10 Arr: 08:05
    AK 5353 Dep: 07:10 Arr: 08:00
    AK 5351 Dep: 08:15 Arr: 09:05
    MH 1139 Dep: 09:00 Arr: 09:55
    MH 1143 Dep: 10:45 Arr: 11:40
    AK 5355 Dep: 10:50 Arr: 11:50
    MH 1145 Dep: 12:00 Arr: 12:55
    AK 5363 Dep: 14:55 Arr: 15:45
    MH 1149 Dep: 15:20 Arr: 16:15
    AK 5375 Dep: 15:35 Arr: 16:25
    AK 5365 Dep: 17:10 Arr: 18:00
    MH 1155 Dep: 17:25 Arr: 18:20
    MH 1157 Dep: 18:40 Arr: 19:35
    MH 1161 Dep: 19:30 Arr: 20:25
    MH 1165 Dep: 20:40 Arr: 21:35
    MH 1167 Dep: 21:45 Arr: 22:40
    AK 5369 Dep: 23:00 Arr: 23:55

10 All possible flights from KUL to BKI on June 11
    AK 5100 Dep: 06:50 Arr:09:20
    MH 2604 Dep: 07:30 Arr:10:05
    AK 5124 Dep: 07:50 Arr:10:25
    MH 80    Dep: 09:00 Arr:11:35
    MH 2612 Dep: 09:20 Arr:11:55
    AK 5102 Dep: 09:30 Arr:12:00
    AK 5122 Dep: 10:20 Arr:12:45
    AK 5104 Dep: 11:10 Arr:13:40
    MH 86    Dep: 12:00 Arr:14:35
    AK 5106 Dep: 12:50 Arr:15:20 *Teams spotted on this flight
    AK 5108 Dep: 14:10 Arr:16:45
    MH 2616 Dep: 14:15 Arr:16:50
    MH 68    Dep: 15:00 Arr:17:35
    AK 5114 Dep: 16:00 Arr:18:30
    AK 5110 Dep: 17:10 Arr:19:40
    MH 2662 Dep: 17:30 Arr:20:05
    AK 5112 Dep: 18:30 Arr:21:00 *Teams spotted on this flight
    MH 2628 Dep: 20:00 Arr:22:35
    AK 5126 Dep: 21:25 Arr:23:59
    MH 2626 Dep: 21:50 Arr:00:25

11 Amazing race~located at sutera harbour res0rt Link (,22209.msg527430.html#msg527430) Web (

12a tadi ada shooting AMAZING RACE ASIA kat pasar malam filipino. damn. haha. all the contestants have to eat 200 meatballs for each team. Link (,22209.msg527504.html#msg527504)
Translation: there had been shooting AMAZING RACE ASIA near the Filipino night market. damn. haha. all the contestants have to eat 200 meatballs for each team.

12b venue: filipino market, located in kota kinabalu, sabah, malaysia.
time: 12june, about 5pm until 4 am(next day)
actually i'm a worker in the market. i did saw 7 teams before i leave the market. the 7th team that managed to arrive is about 1.30am. their task is to eat 200 chicken meatballs.
i do not know where they are from before arrive at the market. and where are they were heading to after completing the task because i already leave the market at 2am.
Link (,22209.msg527673.html#msg527673)

yup, most of them got sick. haha. they just like drunk. haha. meatballs drunk. Link (,22209.msg527677.html#msg527677)

13a Am in the same hotel AND was on the same flight as the AMAZING RACE ASIA participants (*hush,hush*) Link (,22209.msg527492.html#msg527492)

13b yups, in sutera harbour (email)

14 TARA is shooting in Kg Tanjung Aru Baru. I managed to take a picture. So this it is. It's really shoot infront of my house. Unfortunately, my house is not in this picture. No timestamp for image yet. Link (,22209.msg527790.html#msg527790)

15 Wah! Amazing race shoot in sapi island..find the flag hurry....! yeah.. I believe its amazing race asia Link (,22209.msg527535.html#msg527535)

16 Travel to the TAR Marine Park is easy as hourly speedboat rides can be caught at the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal in the northern end of Kota Kinabalu, along Jalan Fuad Stephens. Prices are fixed: It costs RM17 per person for each island visited (return to Jesselton Point included). A compulsory Tariff Fee of RM6 pp must also be paid at the Jesselton Point Terminal before departing. A RM10 pp Environmental Conservation Fee is payable upon arrival to the first island of the day. Each additional island you want to visit will cost an extra RM17 pp. Boats depart every hour to the island of your choice, with earliest departure at 7:30am and last departure at 4:30pm. The last return boats are at 5:00pm. The trip takes 15-20 minutes depending on the island. For unscheduled trips, you can charter a boat starting at about RM200. Web (

17 Sapi is like Manukan, but smaller and is the second most developed and popular island in the park. It has basic restaurant facilities, toilets, snorkelling equipment rental and a few representative stands for water sports agents. Shallow water snorkelling offers some excitement, especially as the fish react favourably to tourists who usually feed them bread. There is a sand bank to the north of the island, which, at low tide, makes it possible to cross over to the south western tip of Gaya island. Web (

18 Screengrabs Image 3 (
Link (,22209.msg556913.html#msg556913)

19 Screengrabs Image 7 (
Link (,22209.msg556913.html#msg556913)

       |                               _                                                                
        \ _ /                            (  )                                                    _  _        
     -= (_) =-                       ( `  ) . )            _                                  ( `   )_      
       /   \          _  _          (_, _(  ,_)_)        -=\`\                               (    )    `)  
         |           ( `   )_                        |\ ____\_\__                          (_   (_ .  _) _)
                    (    )    `)                   -=\c`""""""" "`)                                        
                  (_   (_ .  _) _)                    `~~~~~/ /~~`             _ .                          
                                                        -==/ /               (  _ )_                        
                                                          '-'              (_  _(_ ,)                      


Sri Lanka

1 just got caught in the ca-ffufle of contestants from the Amazing Race trying to get tickets to SL Link (,22209.msg527671.html#msg527671)

2 Soo Cool! The Amazing Race Asia teams are in Sri Lanka! They just got to Colombo via Katunayaka Airport. Link (,22209.msg527739.html#msg527739)

3 My fren just got back from KK this morning (14 June 2010, 01:26:49) and I asked if he saw any of the TARA folks.  He didn't see any of the teams but was on the same flight as Allan (KK -> SG) Link (,22209.msg527710.html#msg527710)

4a Touchdown singapore and then snuck in a pic of... guess what (tweet)

4b This photo is for TARA...EXIF data: Date: 6/13/2010 / 11:19:27 Link (,22209.msg527719.html#msg527719)

5a Okay. If the twitter post above is true [Reference 2] and posted right away as stated "just got" Teams should have arrived in Colombo at 1:10am local time Link (,22209.msg527791.html#msg527791)

5b Team(s) possibly sighted late at night in Colombo Airport could have flown in on
SQ 468 SIN-CMB Dep:22:36 Arr:23:45
TG 307 BKK-CMB Dep:22:25 Arr:00:15
CX 703 BKK-CMB Dep:22:55 Arr:00:40

To be on these late night flights, a team would have had to have landed in Singapore after approx 15:30 to have missed both UL 312 and MH 9181, or after approx 18:50 in Bangkok to miss flight UL 889 which departs at 19:50.

6 Just saw amazing race being shot in bloody beruwela Link (,22209.msg527918.html#msg527918)

7 Beruwela is the starting point of the 130 km long stretch of beach. Msjid-ul-Abrar, a landmark of Beruwela and Sri Lanka's oldest mosque, was built by Arab traders on a rocky peninsula overlooking the town. Web (

8 Screengrabs Image 18 (
Link (,22209.msg556913.html#msg556913)
       |                               _                                                                
        \ _ /                            (  )                                                    _  _        
     -= (_) =-                       ( `  ) . )            _                                  ( `   )_      
       /   \          _  _          (_, _(  ,_)_)        -=\`\                               (    )    `)  
         |           ( `   )_                        |\ ____\_\__                          (_   (_ .  _) _)
                    (    )    `)                   -=\c`""""""" "`)                                        
                  (_   (_ .  _) _)                    `~~~~~/ /~~`             _ .                          
                                                        -==/ /               (  _ )_                        
                                                          '-'              (_  _(_ ,)                      



1 saw the amazing race during 6:00 pm at the airport....the have a pit stop here somewhere at manila...... Link (,22209.msg528164.html#msg528164)

2 saw 2 Indian gals picked a taxi and rode off...some foreigners were taking a video of them...never knew they were one of the participants of the Amazing Race Link (,22209.msg528163.html#msg528163)

3 is one of the paramedics and PA member of this upcoming famous reality TV show that will be held in Albay "___THE AMAZING RACE___" Link (,22209.msg527471.html#msg527471)

4 The Amazing Race Asia dashes through Legazpi. Coming Soon! (Facebook) Link (,22209.msg528192.html#msg528192)

5 Amazing Race on Legaspi Albay soon.... Confirmed at Misibis Bay....... Go legaspi go..... (Facebook) Link (,22209.msg528192.html#msg528192)

6 Amazing Race Asia was here in Legazpi City last week. They went to Lignon hill, Cagsawa park and Misibis resort. (tweet) Link (,22209.msg528652.html#msg528652)

7 "AMAZING RACE ASIA 2010" (i was there) @ Lignon Hill, Bogtong, Legaspi City, Albay PHILIPPINES (Facebook) Link (,22209.msg528213.html#msg528213)

8 Amazing Race Asia at Missibis fir three days???wow!!! (Facebook)

9 Was not able to tell you that TARA was here. it was confidential "daw". they zip-lined with a twist and caught a greasy pig..  (tweet) Link (,22209.msg528652.html#msg528652)

10 Ligñon Hill’s summit offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of the City of Legazpi, the deep blue Albay Gulf, nearby towns and islands, and of course the majestic Mayon Volcano. It is becoming one of the most popular destinations for locals and visitors alike.  Entrance to the hill is free. The hilltop is accessible through a scenic concrete road that winds up the hill offering a challenging 20 minute trek. Because of this, it has become a favorite exercise area for local joggers and fitness buffs.
From the airport: Turn right to Magayon Drive (you will pass through a private subdivision). Turn left at the junction with Bogtong Road and proceed until you reach the tennis courts, just before the gate to the Albay Wildlife Park. You may start your trek up the hill at the entrance (near the tennis courts). You can also drive your vehicle up the hill. Web (

11 Misibis Bay is located on Cagraray Island. From Legazpi City, it's a 30-minute trip by fast water craft or an hour's drive along the scenic coastline.
Web (
       |                               _                                                                
        \ _ /                            (  )                                                    _  _        
     -= (_) =-                       ( `  ) . )            _                                  ( `   )_      
       /   \          _  _          (_, _(  ,_)_)        -=\`\                               (    )    `)  
         |           ( `   )_                        |\ ____\_\__                          (_   (_ .  _) _)
                    (    )    `)                   -=\c`""""""" "`)                                        
                  (_   (_ .  _) _)                    `~~~~~/ /~~`             _ .                          
                                                        -==/ /               (  _ )_                        
                                                          '-'              (_  _(_ ,)                      


New Zealand

1 Speculated Flights that teams could be on from Legazpi to Manila
5J 326 Dep: 07:25 Arr: 08:25
PR 278 Dep: 08:00 Arr: 09:00
5J 324 Dep: 11:40 Arr: 12:35
Z2 221 Dep: 12:35 Arr: 1:30

2 [Allan Wu] finally had a good night's rest and now it's time to take it up to the air for a 24 hour flight plan. Time to buckle up and here we go! June 19 (tweet)

3 Undocumented reference :secret

4 7 teams left ... upon leaving manila! Link (,22209.msg528290.html#msg528290)

5 Had the whole set of crew + contestants from Amazing Race Asia in my Christchurch flight.. Link (,22209.msg528411.html#msg528411)

6 The Amazing Race stopped by the deep south over the weekend with competitors and camera crews seen filming in Invercargill.
Teams of two were spotted running through the airport after disembarking flights from Christchurch at 3.30pm and 4.20pm yesterday.
At least four Maui campervans were seen in the parking lot of Invercargill’s airport as well with the yellow and black striped Amazing Race envelopes in their windscreens.
Details are scarce but all people are saying they saw teams of two being filmed as they ran out of the airport and into the campervans before taking off up State Highway 6.
Link (,22209.msg528325.html#msg528325) Web (

7 Emmy-award-winning show The Amazing Race passed through Invercargill yesterday, understood to be filming for the next instalment of the global phenomenon.
While people on the ground refused to confirm the show's presence, at least four Maui campervans with yellow and black Amazing Race envelopes on their windscreens were parked at the Invercargill Airport yesterday afternoon.
Camera crew were also seen filming teams of two as they exited flights from Christchurch, the first about 3.30pm, and the second at 4.20pm.
The people were filmed running from the airport building and around the carpark before climbing into the campervans and leaving the airport.
One crew member said they were filming a travel show.
The campervans left Invercargill on State Highway 6.
Link (,22209.msg528327.html#msg528327) Web (

8 Flew in with the Amazing Race teams on Sunday. Link (,22209.msg528338.html#msg528338)

9 Flights from Christchurch to Invercargill:
CHC-IVC NZ 5097 Dep 13:45 (14:20 actual Dep) Arr 15:05 (15:33 actual Arr)
CHC-IVC NZ 5007 Dep 15:00 Arr 16:20 PM (16:12 actual Arr)
Link (,22209.msg528329.html#msg528329)

10 According to a ... source, the show was down to eight teams [believed actually to be seven teams] when it hit the Wakatipu – they arrived in six-berth campervans on Sunday for a wood-sawing competition in Kingston.
On Monday their first challenge was finding snow transceivers buried at Coronet Peak Ski Area.
Teams then tore to Gibbston, where they had a choice between AJ Hackett’s extreme Nevis Highwire bungy or Arc swing.
Their challenge last Monday was to kick a goal between rugby posts at the Events Centre.
On hand were two All Blacks, Ben Smith and Jamie Mackintosh, and a local schoolboy rugby team.
The teams, who stayed at Crowne Plaza, started Tuesday by returning to Coronet Peak for a slalom challenge on the Kaser Ski Carpet.
... understands only one of the teams had been on skis before.
From Coronet Peak the teams swung through Arrowtown, where they wrote a letter and posted it at the historic post office.
For their last local challenge they went back to Gibbston, where they had a choice of herding sheep or rolling a wine barrel at Brennan Wines.
The teams flew out to Sydney on Tuesday afternoon.
Link (,22209.msg528477.html#msg528477)

11 they had to pick up campervans @ QT airport and get their next clue from QT events centre.
On Monday they did something at coronet peak and then had a goal kicking/rugby challenge with some All Blacks and children before finishing up with a pitstop. Unsure if this was an elimination stop but 6 teams started Tuesday, they had to do a sheep mustering challenge and something else, then post a letter at the post office to get their next clue to head to the airport and onto Sydney.
Link (,22209.msg528504.html#msg528504)

12 The Amazing Race moved through Arrowtown yesterday morning before heading to Queenstown Airport yesterday afternoon.
While no-one will confirm it is the popular television show, the Otago Daily Times understands Destination Queenstown and Lakes Property Management had been involved in the seeking of permission for filming, including inside the historic post office in Arrowtown and along Buckingham St between 9am and noon yesterday.
It is also understood participants had to try to kick a rugby ball through goal posts at the Queenstown Events Centre on Monday, before heading to Coronet Peak.
Yesterday, the ODT saw two teams of two people entering the post office, camera crews in tow, and leaving moments later.
One of the teams, comprising two women, asked for directions to a travel agent.
One woman mentioned going to Australia.
About 1.40pm yesterday, another team with two cameramen was spotted in central Queenstown.
Link (,22209.msg528447.html#msg528447) Web (

13 I saw the crew at New Zealand on the 20th June at the Nevis Bungy/Arc site. Allan was probably doing the recording for the task intros.
There was a u-turn sign there! I took a photo with it quickly before the crew realized it and hid it away hahahaha.
21st June was when I saw a team running to the Kawarau Bridge bungy; wrong place! Sad.
Link (,22209.msg528616.html#msg528616)

14 The Nevis Bungy. Want an outdoor adventure, beautiful scenery and extreme highs? Then the Nevis Bungy (Bungee), 134m above the rugged Nevis River, combines all these elements into a mind blowing series of unforgettable events. With 8.5 seconds of falling its a breathtaking ground rush like no other. Web (

15 The Nevis Arc is the World's Highest Swing! Located next to the Nevis Bungy in the Nevis Canyon... Swing forwards, backwards, alone or with a friend. You will be suspended high above the canyon floor and release yourself, let your mates release you or leave it up to our crew. Then experience a massive rush of adrenaline as you find yourself accelerating through the canyon at mind blowing speeds in a 300m Arc! Web (

16 The Kawarau Bridge Bungy - home to the original 43metre Bungy Jump. If you've heard of Bungy, you've heard of the Kawarau... it is where Bungy founders AJ Hackett and Henry van Ash started it all. Web (

17 Nevis access [is] via AJ Hackett Bungy only. Transport from the Queenstown Bungy Centre located at the Station on the Corner of Camp & Shotover Street.
Your Nevis Highwire Bungy expereince kicks off with a rugged 35 minute back-blocks 4x4 drive before your harnessed up, aboard a shuttle and crossing the canyon to the Bungy Pod. Arc swing next to bungy. Web (

18 is on koru club......afta just seeing 2 amazing race teams in queenstown airport. Link (,22209.msg528358.html#msg528358)

19 so today i am about to get in line at qts airport and like 6 ppl from the amazing race come storming in so crazy Link (,22209.msg528367.html#msg528367)

20 i saw an indonesian couple come in at about 2pm. they were coming into queenstown and were off to sydney. I think they flew direct at 4.20pm. then about 20mins later these 2 arab looking gurls came in. i think these two teams were in last and 2nd to last. As the one of the air line people said they had been coming in all dae.
I knew it was the amazing race, because i watch the show. and i was in arrowtown earlier that day and a resturant owner told me that the amazing race was being filmed here, but i didnt c anyting, and then wen i got to the airport later on, i saw them.
Link (,22209.msg528397.html#msg528397)

21 While at the airport in Queenstown, New Zealand today they were following the AMAZING RACE FILMING. GUESS it will be on next season, look for me, They were trying to get a flight to Syndey, Australia. Link (,22209.msg528411.html#msg528411)

22 made a guest appearance on the Amazing Race today. Fastest way to 1st place? Book with Brooker Travel Arrowtown.... Arriving at their destination earlier than Amazing race producers thought possible and now rushing to organize film crews to meet their flight Link (,22209.msg528358.html#msg528358)

23 believe there was only a 30min gap between all the teams arrivals in Sydney. Link (,22209.msg528504.html#msg528504)

24Majority of contestants are believed to have flown on the direct flight from Queenstown to Sydney.
(unsubstantiated report that this flight was possibly pre-booked for some teams from Philippines due to visa issues)  
ZQN-SYD PBI 89 Dep 16:30 Arr: 17:55 (Sched) Arr: 18:23 (Actual) - delayed by 28 mins.
This is the last flight of the day out of Queenstown.

At least one team was reportedly able to arrange a flight scheduled to arrive approx 30 mins earlier into Sydney than the direct flight option. Assuming no teams were able to complete tasks and get to the airport before midday, these are the possible earlier flight combinations, via Christchurch or Auckland.

ZQN-CHC JQ 276 Dep: 12:55 Arr: 13:50
or ZQN-CHC NZM 5044 Dep: 13:45 Arr: 14:45
connecting with
CHC-SYD EK 419 Dep: 15:55 Arr: 17:15 (Sched) Arr: 17:14 (Actual)

ZQN-AKL NZ 638 Dep: 12:30 Arr: 14:15 (Sched) Arr: 14:06 (Actual)
connecting with
AKL-SYD QF 56 Dep: 15:45 Arr: 17:25 (Sched) Arr: 16:58 (Actual)
or AKL-SYD NZ 105 Dep: 16:00 Arr: 17:30 (Sched) Arr: 17:26 (Actual)
       |                               _                                                                
        \ _ /                            (  )                                                    _  _        
     -= (_) =-                       ( `  ) . )            _                                  ( `   )_      
       /   \          _  _          (_, _(  ,_)_)        -=\`\                               (    )    `)  
         |           ( `   )_                        |\ ____\_\__                          (_   (_ .  _) _)
                    (    )    `)                   -=\c`""""""" "`)                                        
                  (_   (_ .  _) _)                    `~~~~~/ /~~`             _ .                          
                                                        -==/ /               (  _ )_                        
                                                          '-'              (_  _(_ ,)                      



1 Once they arrived at Sydney they had to find Circular Quay & find a man with a brolly for their next clue, thats as far as I know... Link (,22209.msg528504.html#msg528504)

2 watching the amazing race getting filmed next to the anz stadium lol Link (,22209.msg528411.html#msg528411)

3 Undocumented reference Web ( :secret

4 it is the Amazing race. Is it coming to Aust? Literally running between the cars. Couldn't stop laughing. They are got into Wicked vans and opened their yellow envelopes. Look out Brisbane commuters. Link (,22209.msg528407.html#msg528407)

5 the Amazing Race was in Brisbane tonight 97.3FM Nightshow with Hinksy Link (,22209.msg528409.html#msg528409)

6a They were at Southbank filming and off to the Gold Coast now... 97.3FM Nightshow with Hinksy Link (,22209.msg528409.html#msg528409)

6b Amazing race clue box was spotted at Kodak beach @ south bank last night Link (,22209.msg528460.html#msg528460)

7 My sister spotted a flag this morning at a set of lights near where we live. We're fans of the show and she planned a Amazing Race challange for my 21st, so the flag caught her attention and made us wonder what was going on. We followed the markers and signs to a property out the back of Maudsland on the Gold Coast. There were street signs put in for a place that we've never heard of and know aren't normally there. They've gone to a lot of trouble to replicate our road signs.  Link (,22209.msg529341.html#msg529341)

8 Tour resident reality TV fan, Robyn, stumbled on the crew of a very well known reality TV show filming in our city streets this morning!

She stumbled on the crew and contestants of the US’s The Amazing Race filming Season 17 in Dymocks bookstore on Albert Street! She’s taken some pictures of the contestants and crew looking for maps in the bookstore.
Link (,22209.msg528560.html#msg528560)

9 I have a post suggesting they may have been seen in the Jakarta airport...following up! Link (,22209.msg528515.html#msg528515)

10a Teams apparently flying Jetstar out of Brisbane 6/25 Link (,22209.msg528488.html#msg528488)

10b Possible flights using Jetstar out of Brisbane from BNE-CGK via SYD (Brisbane - Jakarta via Sydney)
BNE-SYD on June 25
JQ 811 Dep: 08:25 Arr: 10:00 (sched) Arr: 09:54 (actual) or
JQ 817 Dep: 17:05 Arr: 18:40 (sched) Arr: 18:43 (actual)

SYD-CGK on June 25
QF 41 Dep: 13:50  (sched) Dep: 13:55 (actual) Arr: 18:40 (sched) Arr: 18:44 (actual) or
MH 6208 Dep: 20:35  (sched) Dep: approx. 22:00 (actual) Arr: 00:50 (sched)

11 Australia’s only inner-city beach, South Bank Beach, previously known as Kodak Beach,Breaka Beach and most recently Streets Beach, is one of Brisbane’s most popular attractions.
With panoramic views of the CBD and South Bank reach of the River, South Bank Beach truly is the epitome of the great Brisbane culture and climate we enjoy. Our inner-city beach features gleaming white sand and a man-made lagoon, which is surrounded by sub-tropical landscaping. (Page 5) Web (

Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: Mrs Shrek on June 30, 2010, 03:45:16 AM

saved ^^^

just in case...
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: georgiapeach on July 03, 2010, 05:32:59 AM
Mrs Shrek is doing an AMAZING job pulling all our bits and pieces together!! :hearts:

This is a work in progress, so check back often for updates in the TARA 4 Timeline and Spoiler Summary!! :yess:
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: georgiapeach on July 25, 2010, 04:01:24 PM
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: Mrs Shrek on August 23, 2010, 04:14:29 PM
Apologies that I haven't completed this yet.

My laptop died, and took all my notes with it, so I have to go back thru all the forum threads and my emails to recreate the data. :(
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: chanan on August 30, 2010, 02:07:54 AM
kinda wish TARA would go out of the Asia and Oceanic region...could it be the limitation of budget? but i thought TARA 3 was really popular, and since they took a break last year, they would have more budget to go even further? and Australia an NZ are easy choices for the producers as the production company is based in Melbourne,, it's still good :)
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: georgiapeach on October 19, 2010, 02:47:23 PM
Would anyone like to help Mrs Shrek and me wrap up the Timeline (Brisbane onward)??

You need to be detail oriented and persnickety like us  :-[ ,and be very familiar with all the TARA spoilers, and have some spare time in the next week or so.

Let me know by email or PM if you are interested and I 'll fill you in on what we need!! :hearts:
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: apskip on October 29, 2010, 05:33:04 PM
The information in episode 6 allows us to figure out which flights teams used to get from Legazpi to Invercargill. Here's how they did it assuming that all flights except the last were on Saturday June 19:

5J326  LGP MNL 0725 0825
3K512 MNL SIN   1050 1413 (there are some later alternatives, but teams would have grabbed the first arriving flight)
SQ297SIN CHC  2003 0915+1 (as predicted by Mrs. Shrek, there is no alternative which gets them there in time)

On June 20, from CHC to IVC, the flights on Mt. Cook Airlines were:
NZM5063 1138 1251 Michelle/Claire, Ethan/Khairie, Hussein/Natasha, Richard/Richard
NZM5077 1420 1533 Sunaina/Dimple and Ivan/HIlda
NZM5007 1500 1612 Jess/Lani
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: georgiapeach on November 09, 2010, 09:04:43 AM
Would anyone like to help Mrs Shrek and me wrap up the Timeline (Brisbane onward)??

You need to be detail oriented and persnickety like us  :-[ ,and be very familiar with all the TARA spoilers, and have some spare time in the next week or so.

Let me know by email or PM if you are interested and I 'll fill you in on what we need!! :hearts:

Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: apskip on November 19, 2010, 03:36:52 PM
The information in leg 9 gives us some indication of how teams flew 4000km from Brisbane to Denpasar. Arrival near 6pm by Jess/Lani leaves only this possibility:

BNE PER DJ464 0930 1330 or one earlier flight
PER DPS GA725 1455 2835

For the other 5 teams they had to be on:

BNE MEL QF625  1455 1720 or any of 5 earlier flights
MEL DPS JQ35   1845 2245

Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: tarflyonthewall on December 08, 2010, 09:02:02 PM
Figure this is the right place for this question: Is anyone able to tell me (a) how to tell Sahil and Manas apart, and (b) which one did each of the RoadBlocks? I'm working on episode-specific timelines for this season at the moment and am not sure I have them right. (The same also goes for the de-haired Richards, but there are at least noticeable differences in their voices and such.)
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: tarflyonthewall on January 05, 2011, 09:23:29 PM
Would anyone like to help Mrs Shrek and me wrap up the Timeline (Brisbane onward)??

You need to be detail oriented and persnickety like us  ,and be very familiar with all the TARA spoilers, and have some spare time in the next week or so.

Let me know by email or PM if you are interested and I 'll fill you in on what we need!!

I've got the whole season done, barring working out the extended Pit Stops. Brisbane's a definite, and I'm 90% sure about Kalutara (if it's not, Colombo is), but the only thing confusing me is the departures on the final leg -- teams left from 1pm, which would indicate they arrived at 1am... but it was still light.
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: georgiapeach on January 05, 2011, 09:28:03 PM
Hope you'll share!

Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: tarflyonthewall on January 05, 2011, 09:56:12 PM
Yeah, but not until I finish doing the other seasons (I'm doing them all, in a random order, and there's about 5 US seasons, TARA2, and China Rush left)
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: georgiapeach on January 05, 2011, 10:32:57 PM
Hmmm...we wouldn't mind one by one! Yours are fun!
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: tarflyonthewall on January 05, 2011, 10:40:21 PM
Hmmm...we wouldn't mind one by one! Yours are fun!

If I can figure out how to separate one Excel worksheet from the rest in the file before I finish, I'll put it up. It's definitely not as massive as the ones I did way back in... TAR11, was it? Long time ago, anyway. Now they're more of an annotated graph than a text file.

Sadly, one of the seasons I've still got to do is TAR4, on which approximately nothing has been written, so it might take a while. At least with the seasons that have been timelined elsewhere, I've got some cribnotes to double-check my graphs against.

(What's left? TAR15, TAR4, China Rush, TAR12, TAR7, TAR Asia 2, and TAR16. I'm debating whether or not to add Shanghai Rush and Latin America's version, but I won't be doing Brazil's or Israel's because 1) I don't speak the language, and 2) they're near impossible to find.)
Title: Re: TARA 4 Timeline
Post by: tarflyonthewall on January 12, 2011, 09:09:56 PM
Here's this season's timeline ( I'm releasing this one a bit early to find out how it's received and what needs improving. (Apologies for the text in the black cells being coloured wrongly, it appears that all the colours have changed slightly when converted from CompareOffice to Microsoft Office.)