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Title: *Read this First* RFF BB Rules* -UPDATED July 7-
Post by: TexasLady on June 20, 2010, 01:22:13 PM
Live Feed Report threads will be created, stickied by Admin & Mod staff and are to contain Live Feed Reports only, any post not containing any real Live Feed content will be deleted or moved to another thread without notice.  

As always, we will provide a separate ongoing Live Feed thread where you can talk about house happenings i.e.whats going on with the Live Feeds. Questions can be asked there as well and are welcomed. One of our astute members or moderators will be more than happy to try to answer any questions.

One note to members or viewers that might think its okay to let their children read the updates [and commentary], we do not filter the HG's language which can be explicit at times as well as nudity at times. We therefore do NOT recommend that children or minors be allowed to view the Live Feeds/updates (or ongoing commentary)

And last but not least, we can all agree to disagree but please remember that flaming of other members will not be allowed but flaming of the HG's is to be expected.

No Big Brother video content will be permitted other than what CBS or RealOne allows. Only CBS YouTube's or  content from CBS's website will be allowed. Posting links to pirated Big Brother videos is not allowed.

Addition from Rob: Absolutely no video from the Big Brother Live Feeds will be allowed. Any video from the feeds will be removed, and your membership here will be evaluated. Pictures are still ok! Video has been banned by CBS & Real of the actual feeds!

Also, during Big Brother Live Feed Challenges, where the website will be busy, many parts of the website will be unavailable for posting, such as the Anything & Everything board, and many other portions, only BB Boards will be accessible during that time!

Detailed Rules here   (,8928.0.html)

Thanks to puddin for these rules. More updates as needed.
Title: Re: *Read this First* RFF BB Rules* -UPDATED July 7-
Post by: Rob on July 07, 2010, 09:36:34 PM
Updated on July 7th, please read my additions!