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Post by: Rob on May 16, 2010, 06:50:14 PM
Alright, here is a topic to discuss the Survivor Finale!! Did golf run late and push it back????
Post by: TexasLady on May 16, 2010, 07:18:31 PM
It started a little late about 8:10PM EDT.  :wohoo:
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 17, 2010, 06:59:31 AM
 :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: CONGRATS SANDRA!!!

I thought Sandra deserved to win. especially after her speech and jury fireside chats! :lol3:

 The jury were for the most part hero's and they all knew she did in fact offer to help get Russell out. but not one of them believed her.  and as Rupert said " I now feel worse about my game play" because of it.

Parvati lost because she stated that she had no one to align with BUT Russell. and the jury just didn't like to hear that.

  I think parvarti played an awesome game! dominated in important challenges and did infact  pull the wool over Russell's game play with her dangerous villain smile and curves!  :-[

I am sooo flippin happy  :jumpy:  that Russell did not win! sorry Russ fans :'(

IN his tribal plea to the jury he was again too arrogant. and just doesn't understand how wrong he rubbed everyone!  I don't think he ever will. Even probst had to put a leash on that guy  on the live finale! I'm glad he  told him how Survivor works!!

I hope they don't ever ask him to  play again!  :ugot  ( sorry Russ fans) 

 I'm sure that love letter he got from JT will be up on eBay in no time soon!!  he did spend all of 12 cents to put it in a plastic sleeve!  :groan: c'mon man you're a oil millionaire can't you at least put it in a frame for the show! :lol3:

 although I'm not a huge Rupert fan.. i :bow: to his  humbling speech to Sandra.  it even got me teary eyed.  you can feel it was sincere.

 I think this season  was one of the best Survivor has ever had!

the biggest game changing moves of the season for me   are when Tyson flipped his vote  cuz that destroyed the hero's tribe and when parvarti passed out the 2 HII. cuz that kept her ladies safe and ruffled russ's loyalty feathers!

Finally.. I absolutely loved it and yelled in my house with hysteria when Sandra told Russell "i don't have to come running to you and tell you I got the HII!" :lol3:

  even though Sandra lives in CT  I would petition to have  a street  named after her in the Bronx  to honor her with  that strong attitude- lippiness she gave Russell. I felt so close to her at that moment!! :lol:  :jam:

Post by: realshowfan on May 17, 2010, 07:19:47 AM spoiled the winner. Just right in front, big!  :lol:  Must be that important. But I already knew who won before I saw that anyway so yeah.
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 17, 2010, 07:48:02 AM
OMG I just saw the early show and Russell was soo   (:;) arrogant and i felt condenseding towards Julie!  Julie told him to go try out for AI if he wanted America's vote cuz he asked how do you get voted greatest player and not win! he says" IF you saw my tribal council last nite... " as if she wouldn't know  anything!  :groan: DUDE THAT'S JULIE CHEN  YOU JUST DISS'D ON NATIONAL TV!!   I doubt you'll be asked to come back for anything  that has to do with CBS  again! :neener:

 Sandra stepped in and noted that he assumes that all of America voted for him but reminded him that 1/2 voted for Rupert!!

 you could hear the hissing come out of Russell's ego balloon!! :lol3:
Post by: kavin on December 08, 2010, 05:27:52 AM
WOW!! great reviews. Actually i missed this finale. But I have to watch it today.