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Title: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on October 20, 2009, 02:15:09 PM
'Celebrity Apprentice 3' cast revealed


Last Updated: 8:41 AM, October 17, 2009

Posted: 3:10 AM, October 16, 2009

The disgraced governor, the rehabilitated ballplayer, a couple of pro wrestlers, a comic and a comedy writer -- the cast of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" is supposed to be a secret.

But here they are, walking down West 15th Street like something out of "Ocean's 11."

They were shooting in the Meatpacking District, recording the opening sequence of the show for the new season of NBC's hit reality show.

Look closely. They're marching in unison now -- but once the show kicks off in March, they're bound to be at each other's throats.

Among the faces this time around are former Met and Yankees star Darryl Strawberry, ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Sinbad and big-haired pop star Cyndi Lauper (who seemed visibly upset during the shoot when she heard that her longtime friend, wrestler Lou Albano had died earlier that day).

Sharon Osbourne ("America's Got Talent") and Bret Michaels ("Rock of Love") -- two reality TV stars -- are on the show this year.

Actress Holly Robinson Peete and funny lady Carol Leifer, who wrote for "Seinfeld" -- the character of Elaine was based on her -- are also in.

Wrestlers Goldberg and Maria Kanellis, Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone and Olympic gold-medal swimmer Summer Sanders round out the crew, who will shoot the show over the next month.

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on October 20, 2009, 02:19:27 PM
I loved Patti Blagojevich on "Get Me Out of Here" and I suspect Blago will be good TV as well.  :tup: Can't wait for this to air!
Title: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: RealityFreakWill on October 20, 2009, 02:31:08 PM
'Celebrity Apprentice 3' cast revealed


The disgraced governor, the rehabilitated ballplayer, a couple of pro wrestlers, a comic and a comedy writer -- the cast of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" is supposed to be a secret.

But here they are, walking down West 15th Street like something out of "Ocean's 11."

They were shooting in the Meatpacking District, recording the opening sequence of the show for the new season of NBC's hit reality show.

Look closely. They're marching in unison now -- but once the show kicks off in March, they're bound to be at each other's throats.

Among the faces this time around are former Met and Yankees star Darryl Strawberry, ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Sinbad and big-haired pop star Cyndi Lauper (who seemed visibly upset during the shoot when she heard that her longtime friend, wrestler Lou Albano had died earlier that day).

Sharon Osbourne ("America's Got Talent") and Bret Michaels ("Rock of Love") -- two reality TV stars -- are on the show this year.

Actress Holly Robinson Peete and funny lady Carol Leifer, who wrote for "Seinfeld" -- the character of Elaine was based on her -- are also in.

Wrestlers Goldberg and Maria Kanellis, Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone and Olympic gold-medal swimmer Summer Sanders round out the crew, who will shoot the show over the next month.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on March 02, 2010, 05:06:46 PM

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on March 02, 2010, 05:08:02 PM
Look at their faces!  :lol: Cyndi Lauper is SCARY! (And I love her!)

Can't wait for this to begin!  :jumpy:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on March 15, 2010, 10:21:09 AM
 :res: :groan: :-[

I forgot to watch!!! But it repeats on Friday night on CNBC so I can catch up!  :iok
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: Cocoa on March 16, 2010, 08:23:19 AM
Hope there is an episode in Youtube. :lol3:

Out of the Celebrities, I only know two: Cyndi Lauper and Sharon Osbourne.  :lol3:
Others? I don't know who they are.  :lol3:

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: realshowfan on March 16, 2010, 09:21:24 AM
I watched a bit of the parts from Youtube. Someone said they might upload CA3 tomorrow? It was real nice, though they should really think of some other 'simple/common' tasks other than food tasks, but dining instead of selling on the streets is a good change. :lol: Maybe next season they'll sell in baseball fields. X)

I find ironic that I actually listened to Cyndi Lauper's song True Colors (Glee, Anoop's version, & her version, they all rock <3) before finding out the full cast. And then to hear her sing a bit of the song itself, gave me goosebumps.


She looked soooo clueless at the Boardroom, like she's wasted all her energy, and she's too nice. The women are so not fierce as last season.

I only knew Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Osbourne, Rod Blagojevich (thank you I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Outta Here =P), Michael Johnson, Holly Robinson Peete (I knew that name and I remembered reading something about her), Maria Kanellis, and Carol Leifer. The most I've known for a celebrity season yet, and by a mile.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on March 16, 2010, 10:29:38 AM
OMG did Carol get thrown under the bus by Hollie!  :meow: holy cow!

we all know even though Cyndi is awesome as a person and artist the project manager should have went home. she wasn't on top of anything. the POWER WOMEN just stepped up and took a role on their own. and that's the right thing to do when your leader doesn't lead!

I love Cyndi :hearts: but she's too soft for the apprentice war zone and casualties! :colors

 Now onto dump trump :ugot ... what's his deal belittling Cyndi when she brings up Rosie. if it's for charity, SUCK IT UP BIG BOY!  BUT NOOO instead he bashed Rosie yet again on national TV  and in turn insulting Cindy by being associated with Rosie.

I also would like to say Rosie should have donated, sent someone down with a check for her friend. I can completely understand her not wanting to be there but she should have supported Cyndi

 I think the girls are gona do themselves in! :groan: I hope Sharon is the next project manager and kicks ass! :neener:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on March 16, 2010, 12:55:39 PM
OMG did Carol get thrown under the bus by Hollie!  :meow: holy cow!

we all know even though Cyndi is awesome as a person and artist the project manager should have went home. she wasn't on top of anything. the POWER WOMEN just stepped up and took a role on their own. and that's the right thing to do when your leader doesn't lead!

I love Cyndi :hearts: but she's too soft for the apprentice war zone and casualties! :colors

 Now onto dump trump :ugot ... what's his deal belittling Cyndi when she brings up Rosie. if it's for charity, SUCK IT UP BIG BOY!  BUT NOOO instead he bashed Rosie yet again on national TV  and in turn insulting Cindy by being associated with Rosie.

I also would like to say Rosie should have donated, sent someone down with a check for her friend. I can completely understand her not wanting to be there but she should have supported Cyndi

 I think the girls are gona do themselves in! :groan: I hope Sharon is the next project manager and kicks ass! :neener:

Sure, Sharon's going to kick ass just like she did for years of America's Got Talent, one of my favorite shows except for those judging wimps Sharon Osbourne and David Hasslehoff. NOT!
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on March 20, 2010, 09:28:44 AM
I think an abbreviated recap is warranted for CA3. Here is one on episode 1:

Donald Trump invited 7 men and 7 women to Grand Central Station to begin this competition to show how much money can be raised for charity (I wonder it he donates his fees for the show to charity?). He claimed a key role in Grand Central Terminal renovations, which is true (see below).  He tells them that the men will start as one team and the women as another. The first challenge is to run a diner from 11am to 2pm the next day to sell food for profit but more importantly capture charity donations. Both teams are given workspace in Trump Tower and charged with selecting a first-class name and picking the Project Manager for the other team.

Next meeting is in the Boardroom. Trump asks for the names. Men are Rock Solid. women are Tenacity. The Women select Bret Michaela as Men's Project manger and the Men select Cyndi Lauper, both of whom end up doing a good job in those roles. Rock solid has an edge because they have celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who should be able to run a diner in his sleep. An important decision was choice of location. Trump offers either of two Manhattan Burger Heavens, one at 62nd and Lexington next to a subway the entrance/exit and the other at 53rd and Madison. The women pick the former, the Men are satisfied with the latter and there is no need for a coin flip. Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump (now newly married but not when this show was filmed are introduced as Trump's Eyes and Ears.

Rock Solid and Tenacity do more detailed planning and get their diners ready to open. Advertising is down with free ( I think) radio spots, flyers, posters and shills who are on the sidewalk(that would primarily be Carol Leifer and Darryl Strawberry) touting the celebrities involved, such as Cyndi Lauper and Sharon Osbourne as the 2 most famous and recognizable women's team members. Both diners get off to a slow start but it doesn't take long for both to get full. From that point on, winning the task is dependent on which team can bring in the most high rollers to pay up to $10,000 for a simple meal. In addition, trump send out Joan rivers with the special mission of deciding which team will get $10,000 as a prize for the better operation. That ends up going to Tenacity after Rod Blagoyovich, former ("they never proved anything") Illinois governor chatted up many customers before bothering to check on items to be served, including Joan Rivers' order which got cold. Trump was very adept in questioning Rod about this, but the cameras nailed him beyond any reasonable doubt. Both teams worked very hard and are satisfied that they did the best they could. They did indeed, as just a hair under $100,000 was raised for the charity of the winning Project Manager. Who will that  be?

The men raised about $30,000 more than the Women, so e3ven with the $10,000 prize from Trump Tenacity loses. The Men are excused and allowed to watch the Boardroom scene except for a short segment on closed-circuit TV from their suite. Trump is then headhunting asking every member of Tenacity who the weakest link was. Nobody wants to confess directly who that was, but there are hints that it was Carol Leifer for not using her intelligence for recruiting new customers past the point when the lines were too long for any new ones to be seated. When Holly Peete came out and talked to her Carol came inside and did a good job of serving at the counter. Cyndi Lauper in particular was portrayed as a leader interested in promoting the solidarity of her team and unwilling to offer up the required sacrifice to the gods. she should have been fired for this, but that honor of first person out of the contest went to Carol Leifer instead, as Trump made the decision on who to fire based on those tiny hints from Tenacity team members.

When the Pennsylvania Central railroad entered bankruptcy, Trump obtained the option on Grand Central Terminal. The 1975 deal included the dilapidated  119-acre railroad yards located on the west side of Manhattan along the Hudson River from West 30th Street to West 39 Street and West 59th Street to West 72nd Street. Although his initial plans to build apartments proved to be economically unfeasible, Trump promoted the location for a convention center. Trump was responsible for the designation and construction of the complex, subsequently named for Senator Jacob Javits.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on March 26, 2010, 08:29:05 AM
The second episode of CA3 is a winnrer. Trump explains that the project is to work with Kodak to publicize its dormant Share the Moments campaign through a storefront in a busy part of Manhattan. Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hazlett and VP-Brand Marketing Leslie Doane are there to explain that the key performance mesaurements will be brand messaging and the experience the public has. Rock Solid selected Sinbad As Prlject Manager and Maria volunteered for Tenacity. She focused on the theme "What Makes You a Champion?" and imported some children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the charity she is supporting, for a photo shoot.

Rock Solid is off to a slow start as Sinbad is inept as a PM. He does no planning or scheduling. Micahel states that "Sinbad knows it but does not communicate well." That is not the ideal choice for a PM. Brett is showing signs of dropping out of the group, as he goes off on his own and vegatates while the others worry about him. Summer takes Cyndi on a field trip so the rest of Tenacity can get to work without interruption from her incessant questiosn.

Tenacity has its share of issues, with Cyndi Lauper being a little slow to grasp almost any concept. She eventually gets them, but it takes too long for her to go through a litany of questions. It is obvious that her learning style is not conducive to being part of a team. I predict that her team will attempt to dump her, not in this episode, but in a future one, because they are so annoyed with her. The Kodak executives visit and Jeff pronounced the "Share the Moment, Celebrate the Champion in You" theme decent.

Rock Solid decided that the way to go was to have its most well-known celebrities organized so that people can take picture with them. That means Michael Johnson (track), Goldberg (wrestling), Curtis Stone (culinary) and most of all in NYC Darryl Strawberry, both a Met and a Yankee, put in the 4 corners of the room and encouraged to display their personalities, which are truly positive to be with briefly (evenwhen limited to the miracle of television). Brett continued to feel underutilized and Sinbad told him to "just jump in". During the later judging, Michael stated that he was able to find multiple places to help out on his own, but Brett needed something more concrete. Brett put himself in a self-imposed time-out. Michael tells Sinbad "you better give Brett something to do."  The men spent hours around Manhattan in photogenic spots taking her own pictures in various combaintions of celebrities enjoying New York. I found this absolutely memorable and the pictures are used to make huge collages of photos for display around their "store". The first day of competition ends.

Sharon was sick and went home to rest day 1 and Day 2 she is still sick but comes anyway, assigning herself to handing out cupcakes. Bad choice!

The men settle on getting people in and out of the front door and Rod directing them to whichever champion they want to have their picture taken with. Rod stated that balloons are not part of their concept and definitely should be since every man (and woman too) deserves a balloom. He volunteered to go get some. When he returns he is particularly proud that he has found 
the goldenrod (do you get the inherent pun there?) color, which is part of Kodak's official colors (the women get yellow balloons) as well as other colors. I don't believe that Kodak will really cared about this fine point at juding time. Brett shows up what he claimed was 10 mintues late (I don't find that believable as Goldberg had tried to call his cell phone to get him up and out on time and failed to get an answer).  Brett apologized to his mates. Each of the Rock Solid celebrities is pumped and ready to interact with the visitors who choose to go to them. Micahel had made tentative arrangements for a 16' x 3' banner of photos, but Sinbad was responsible for the final arrangments with the printer. The printer say he just can't make one that big but has not communicated that until it is almost too late. Sinbad implores him to get done whatever he can. With 5 minutes to spare a beautiful 15' x 3' banner arrives for display on the most prominent wall. I swear that Trump  (or is is Mark Burnett the producer?) delights in pulling strings behind the scenes to provide interesting tests of survival skills for the teams and individual competitors.

The storefronts opened and the public streams (well, sort of) in. Summer had trained the prior day on how to operate all the Kodak equipment so she was available to demonstrate it. Rock Solid has paid no attention to the Kodak equipment other than to display it without any demos or attention. Both teams will have the Kodak executives visiting sometime but there are also two Secret Shoppers who will get and comunicate the real skinny on what wa going on in both stores.

The power starts going out intermittently (I suspect Trump had something to do with that too), which makes it very difficult in the women's store because the equipment to print photos cannot operate. Cyndi Lauper fills in with song and did a nice job of providing a memorable experience for visitors. The Tenacity store flow was not properly planned and there was a huge jam in front of the photo printer. Rock Solid solved this problem by giving all who got their picture taken a postcard sized set of instructions on where to go at a nearby location to get their photo printed. However, their follow through on this was poor as many (including both Secret Shoppers) did not get this card and did not end up with their photos.

Jeff provides a summary of his experiences while in both stores:
Tenacity's store had lots of chaos, with a huge line at the printer for photos.They did a great job in sharing the product.
Rock Solid's store had no branding experience, but their celebrities were well-utilized and there was great sharing. They had a brillliant concept of not bottlenecking the traffic flow in their store with people waiting for pictures to print, but their assuring that visitors got a card and knew what to do was poor.
So, how do you translate those statements into a decision on which team won and which team lost? The producers and Trump are careful to not telegraph the final outcome and ruin the suspense of this show. You can't tell at this point who will win.

Jeff was asked by Trump who did the best job among the women and Leslie responded that Summer did. Sinbad got the same opportunity at the start of the Boardroom and he nominated Goldberg and particuarly Darryl. Trump asked him which team he played for was the benefactor of his true allegiance. Strawberry hit a home run by answering "New York." Michael stated that Rock Solid was disorganized at the beginning, which I assume to mean the entire first day, and excellent on the second day. Rod was asked about his role. He was proud of being "the balloon man" and rightly so. Trump then did his ususal b.s. of having each side comment on the "product of" (pictures taken by) the other team. Each one does not want to admit that the other team might have done a good job, so we always get ridiculous platitudes when this comes up.

Trump has reached the moment that he is going to share with the teams who won. It is Tenacity, who was strongly preferred by the Kodak executives. They had fewer highs than Rock Solid but many fewer lows, so I guess that is why they did. The women are excused and Maria (who some of the women did not initially believe had the wisdom and experience to take on the PM role properly) is congratulated for their success and will take a check for $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Tenacity is excused.

The men hunker down to find out who the person eliminated is. The odds on favorite is always the PM and Brett had a lot of negative press from his actions or non-actions. There was a lot of desultory conversation about who was most responsible for the loss, but ultimately the system took over and Micahel, Curtis, Darryl and Goldberg were exscused as they had all perfomred well. Sinbad chose Brett (obvious) and Rod (no reason in my opinion to have him in the Boardroom so that and this poor decision may have contributed to what happens). In the end, it was the PM who had to walk the plank for the loss. Sinbad was eliminated.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on March 26, 2010, 08:50:22 AM
With 5 minutes to spare a beautiful 15' x 3' banner arrives for display on the most prominent wall. I swear that Trump  (or is is Mark Burnett the producer?) delights in pulling strings behind the scenes to provide interesting tests of survival skills for the teams and individual competitors.

I think you're 100% correct. Thanks for an excellent recap!

This is going to be just as good as the first season. I like the way Trump is using "secret shoppers" to get a better idea of how each team is doing. Teams will be aware now though but figuring out who they are will still be difficult.

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on March 31, 2010, 10:31:34 AM
CA3 episode 3 was another barn burner. We saw the usual gibberish to highlight personalities of the individual competitors at the start after the recap of the prior week. Marisa was shown delivering a $20,000 check to the cute male 5 year old representative of the Make A Wish Foundation. He told her his wish is to meet Donald Trump. She responded that he will be flown to New York City for the grand finale and meet not only Trump but the entire cast of CA3.

So Trump has a terrible lead-in to the day's challenge, which is that identity theft is a big problem and you can use a new combination of a Lifelock Identity Theft Protection product (represented by Todd) and a Norton 310 software system (represented by Janice). The task is to create a 4 page advertorial to support the product introduction of combined Lifelock/Norton product/service. So, what is an advertorial? That is a key question the women just swept under the rug and the men grappled with, but it eluded them. The standard definition of "advertorial" is an advertisement written in the form of an objective article for presentation in a printed publication, usually designed to look like a legitimate and independent news  story. Which team does that best? The criteria are creativity, celebrity usage and quality of the presentation. Don Jr. and Gavin Maloof (owner of the Sacramento Kings) will be the Eyes and Ears for Donald Trump. Ivanka must have been away getting prepared for her recent marriage. The winning Project Manger will get $20,000 for their charity.

Summer and Michael are named as Project Managers. Meetings with Todd and Janice, the executives who will judge the outcome, do not go well as Cyndi Lauper needs a zipper on her mouth to prevent her from asking irrelevant (to the immediate task) questions and Brett is out somewhere in left field. Cyndi, Brett, and Rod are all incredibly colorful characters and all of them are out of control almost all the time. However, Mark Burnett knows the value of such characters and so does Donald Trump, so we will be subject to those 3 on a continuing basis until about the middle of CA3. At that point, their ratings impact will have worn off and they will be swiftly eliminated as already deserved. Come back to look at this thread in mid May and see how many of those three are still competing. My belief is that it will be zero.

Summer and Michael promptly choose Sharon and Curtis as the Celebrity Spokesperson for their team. Both decisions were criticized, it is not clear how publicly, by other team members. Michael knows that Brett will be a special challenge for him to manage and Summer knows the same about Cyndi with her constant disruption of meetings with her need to know non-relevant information. Rod just can't help himself trying to buttonhole everyone he meets with self-promotion. They will not be on your jury of public opinion, Governor, so stop it.Summer deals with Cyndi to send her off with Marisa to do some manual (but honest) labor carrying carpets for the photo shoot.

Photographers arrive at both teams really before they are ready for them. Rock Solid is closer to being ready while Tenacity still had no concept of what they were trying to accomplish. Rod is assigned by Michael to do some extremely simple word processing, but Rod is no wizard at this, finishing one paragraph in about one half hour. Michael has the last word on this: "My 9 year old can type faster than Rod." He has to be given some other menial work so like a toddler he does not get into trouble, so Darryl in charge of props for the photo shoot is to supervise him. Tenacity finally comes up with the theme of Sharon as The Protector who prevents bad things from happening. She gets high marks for her presentation in the photo shoot. Rock Solid features Goldberg bare-chested with growls and grimaces, Michael in his sprinter's uniform and Curtis being all-around Family Man. Everyone likes the photos except Brett, who does not like the focus of them. Goldberg at the end of his shoot embraces Michael and Michael claims there is "Goldberg Goo" left all over his best shirt. That's a really good one!

The teams each have a graphic designer assigned to them to do the grunt-work in translating their design concepts into real images on the PC. The women's is not shown but the men have Lee, a sexy young woman as theirs. She gets a LOT of camera time. Michael and Brett duke it out over the difference between ad and advertorial. Michael said a campaign Brett developed on his own is an ad, not an advertorial, and that Brett does not understand what they were trying to accomplish. Gavin comes by to view their progress and Michael notes that Gavin looks confused (that's not good). Gavin states that Rock Solid has a good concept and a clear message but is too wordy and not simple and concise. My own observation is that pages 2 and 3 of their advertorial at that time was very compressed, impossible to see piles of information instead of a few bullet points that summarize Rock Solid's message. Tenacity's presentation was too airy/fairy, with lots of white space and little content, but their image of Sharon Osbourne as Mother, Manager and Protector was much stronger than how Curtis came across. Holly had responsibility for putting all the details of the Tenacity presentation together and she has no idea whether she succeeded in getting the last-minute changes in properly (She didn't.).

Right from the beginning of the Tenacity presentation, Sharon does a good job but Summer saved the day. She has memorized the presentation good enough that she gives it effectively without any notes or on-screen slides. The 4 pages of copy are easy enough to see stand-alone. Rock Solid presents and Brett says he can't read the screen for pages 2 and 3. That is all too true as nobody could. Page 4 finished with a large picture of Curtis and his photogenic family. It is obvious that neither team has given a first-class presentation, so who will win?

The executives give Trump a summary of what they observed (women succeeded in establishing an emotional connection; men had much more information but some of it was suspect) but the outcome was not revealed until the Boardroom. We have the usual b.s. of having the men looking at the hard copy of the women's presentation and the women looking at the hard copy of the men's. Michael said that the Tenacity presentation was an ad but not an advertorial. It did not matter. Trump stated that the executives chose Tenacity's presentation as the winner. The Men's team does not appear to be rock solid right now. Michael started with a preemptive move by saying that Rod was not the reason Rock solid lost. Trump gets to say nonsensically that Rod can't attack Darryl, but Michael was somehow right on top of that one and immediately quipped "and Darryl is bigger than him." Trump raised the question of "who should have been the Rock Solid celebrity spokesperson?" He thinks Goldberg would have been better because of his massive physical presence conveying the image of security. I think he was right. Summer as winning PM got the $20K plus an unnamed percentage of the sales of the combination product/service for her charity Right to Play.

Michael says the team as a whole was the star and "Brett wasn't as hard to mange as I expected" and also "Darryl may not appear to be contributing but he gets it done." to preempt potential attacks against Darryl. If you look at the men's team on this, Goldberg and Curtis are safe due to having done good jobs, Rod and Brett would be chosen for the Boardroom but be judged to not deserve elimination and Darryl was a nonentity this episode and would not have been affected. That leaves Michael as Project Manager to take the hit and be eliminated. He clearly believed that he deserved it. However, fate intervened and it did not happen that way.

Darryl volunteered to "Let me go." Trump asked him if he was tired of Celebrity Apprentice 3. That was true, but not the real reason, which is that he believed his teammates had outshined him in desire and effort, particularly Michael. Darryl did not want Michael to be eliminated if he could take his place. Trump's incisive questions brought all of this out, no doubt aided by knowledge of things said on camera that did not make the telecast but that he had reviewed before the Boardroom. Trump told Michael that he is very lucky and just has to accept that and become worthy of the sacrifice Darryl was making. And Trump fired Darryl.

I believe Darryl made the right move. His lack of energy, enthusiasm and motivation made it apparent that he would never be the winner of CA3. He thought Michael could (he's right) and so he sacrificed himself to make that possible. I call that a real classy move and I applaud Darryl for making it.

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on March 31, 2010, 05:06:38 PM
Another great recap apskip. We were babysitting and missed a lot because my son's TV is on its last picture tube, this helps fill in what we missed.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on March 31, 2010, 10:06:00 PM
TexasLady, I missed it too because there was too much on with Life, Masterpiece Classic and Underground Boss all on at the same time as CA3. Fortunately, you can watch the 85 minutes of real show on the Internet using this:

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on March 31, 2010, 10:35:53 PM
TexasLady, I missed it too because there was too mcuh on with Life, Masterpiece Classic and Underground boss all on at the same time as CA3. Fortunately, you can watch the 85 minutes of real show on the Internet using this:

Thanks!  :hugs:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on April 05, 2010, 09:39:27 PM
I had a recap of ep. 4 completed but not saved due to proofreading and it was eaten by my PC. I have no idea when I will be able to redo it.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on April 05, 2010, 10:54:34 PM
I am going to redo my recap from memory, but no doubt things will get lost in translation and it will be shorter.

CA3, ep. 4 had Summer deliver a check for $20K to a her charity Right to Play (supporting children worldwide) and she announced that Lifelock/Norton will donate $10 to Right to Play from each sale of the combined product. Trump calls the partying group back from eating, drinking and mingling to the Boardroom. First he wanted each team to nominate a PM. Rock Solid chose Rod, primarily because Michael wanted Rod on the firing line for winning or losing. I think Michael and Curtis want to get rid of Rod and this is a way to accomplish that. On Tenacity, Selita speaks up and volunteers for PM. rod and Selita will be limoed to Teterboro Airport for a flight to an unknown location in the U.S. the next morning. Trump says it will be an exercise in remote communications skills, as there will be a big delay in when each PM can communicate with their team. George Ross and Eric Burnett (of CNBC) will be the Eyes and Ears for Trump.

Rod and Selita get on the plane, Selita brings a change of clothes so that she can go from fashion model to comfortable on the way home. They find out from a Trump video that they are headed for Orlando and the task will be to create an Interactive 3-Dimensional Display of Universal Studio's new "Wizardry World of Happy Potter" for showing to selected Harry Potter fanatics. Rod has little experience with a PC, but does know how to turn it on. I guess he might be able to do rudimentary browsing, taking much more time than Selita does. They both researched the Harry Potter collection of stories to come up with preliminary design ideas. When they reach the hangar in Orlando, they are allowed to make the first call to their team. Later, after visiting Universal Studios and touring the site of "Wizardry World of Harry Potter" they call a second time. The executives from Universal educate them and answer their questions.

Cyndi and Holly have been duking it out, as Holly has little regard for Cyndi and the feeling is mutual. Cyndi points out that she was the director of 5 music videos, so she has more actual experience in this sort of thing than Holly. Despite that, I would much rather have Holly on my team if I had to make a choice. Selita gives out assignments. So does Rod, who appoints Bret to be responsible for design, Goldberg for graphics and Michael (obviously underutilized because Rod wants to minimize his role) as timekeeper and accountant.

The Rock Solid design by Bret is innovative and creative. The women play it safer, with Selita's concepts in control. The designs are being turned into reality by a team of carpenters plus the grunt labor of team members. Selita makes some design changes when she returns. Bret is distraught that Rod has set him up as the fall guy, but there is nothing he can do about it. He is stuck with that risk.

The presentation for Tenacity has Selita in the lead role, with all the others doing something important. I personally felt the women's presentation was, to coin a phrase, "rock solid." Rod gives it too, with Curtis as the Professor who guides kids into the castle, Rod as the Headmaster, Michael as the creepy guy (another attempt to minimize him) and Goldberg as the tree (with many good lines). The kids go through each one one at a time and offer their comments. They love the tree (so do the execs), but find the Harry Potter facts from the tree not accurate. The men are more creative and the women do not do enough incorporation of the theme park into their presentation to satisfy the execs.

It's time for the Boardroom. Trump asks Selita who was the weak link, but she is not buying that one at all and says (like Tenacity PMs previously) NONE and gets away with that. Trump asks her to tell who she would bring into the Boardroom but she is ahead of him and says that decision will be made at the proper time and not before. Trump accepts it as feedback from a worthy adversary.  The Men are asked for feedback on their PM. Goldberg says Rod was below the average PM of the past. Curtis, who wanted Rod outs, was diplomatic while Michael was more bold.  Erin and George offer comments to say that the execs liked the men, but the kids had mixed results. However, Trump intercedes with the statement that the women won because the kids selected them (not the execs who went with the men). So it is a closer loss than I expected and much of the credit for that has to go to Bret and Goldberg, but definitely not to Rod. Tenacity wins; Selita gets $20K for Shine a Light on Sierra Leone, where she has visited extensively in an effort to help children there. Rod picks Michael and Curtis to go to the boardroom even though Trump urged him to consider Bret. That makes it 2 against one there and Rod also has the stigma of being a losing PM. They just tell it like it was. Rod was undercut by two stupid things said in the Boardroom. when Selita had earlier truthfully answered Trump's question about Rod's behavior on the flight back (napping) Rod tried to weasel out of it but did not succeed. Also, Rod was mispronouncing "wizardry" using a different word, indicating that he did not know the most basic thing about his task.

Trump was slick in leading the  questioning where he wanted it to go. Rod had no chance. He was eliminated gracefully.

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: chill_sd on April 06, 2010, 01:36:06 PM
Excellent recap, Apskip.  Rod may be an excellent politician, but he's not much of a communicator.  He was almost as bad as Sinbad.  The men in general this season have had a hard time expressing themselves.  It will be interesting to see if it gets any better.

As much as I love her, Cyndi Lauper is also sometimes hard to follow.  The women, however, seem to have found ways to work around this.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on April 06, 2010, 03:40:57 PM
BYE BYE Governor! :waves:  however it should have been Brett! and he said it all along if this goes bad I'll be going down for it!

 none of the guys even though they knew the gov.  was technically challenged did anything to help themselves!!  it was almost like a concensus to just let him flop on his own out there!

 I wonder who will be the fall guy next week.?? :duno:

 i think it's a good season though! :tup:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on April 06, 2010, 05:50:43 PM

How interesting that you thought Bret should have been eliminated instead of Rod! The governor was consistently the most inept, bumbling, useless and only-interested-in-gladhanding Apprentice participant I can remember. Why would Curtis and Michael want to keep him around to screw up future tasks? They just gave him all the rope he needed and let him hang himself. Their strategy clearly was to not support a player that they wanted off  their team. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve that was to let him fail so totally that Trump could not rationalize keeping Rod.

I am no fan of Bret's but he did bring a lot of creative input to the Men's Interactive Display design which, according to the Universal Studios executives, was superior to the Selita's and others on Tenacity's design. He deserved to be retained for at least one more episode. Nobody made any case that Michael or Curtis should have even been taken to the Boardroom. This was one of those situations where Rod should have just fallen on his sword.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on April 06, 2010, 07:07:47 PM
The objective in Celebrity Apprentice is to have the WINNING TEAM first and formost! so as a TEAM you do what you have to in order to WIN! 

 This was NOT accomplished by the mens team. Not Even after the GOV. offered to be Project Manager did anyone of his TEAM MATES  give him a quick tutorial on how to even use a blackberry! :groan:

 way to go team!!! NOT!!!!!! (:;)

I was only RESTATING what Brett himself said. That if this fails he should be the one that goes.   NO matter what- you can only win for charity if you are a TEAM at this junction of the game!

 once the teams dwindle down and "merge/single out " then by all means each person should be for themselves.  thus throwing the weakest Link on the Mahogany board table to be slayed by the almighty realty Mogul Mr. Trump!

It's for charity and everyone should be checking their egos at the door and helping their team mates out!

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on April 06, 2010, 10:22:16 PM
Darn it! This is the 3rd week in a row that I've had to miss CA. I have them taped though. I can't comment on who, what or why someone was fired but I felt like Rod was holding back, trying to stay out of controversy and conflict. He has a law degree and has been a politician all of his working career so it makes sense that he doesn't have a lot of skills that the others might have. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up tomorrow.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: apskip on April 12, 2010, 11:18:02 AM
CA3, ep. 5

This opens with Selita, last episode's winning project manager, stating that "we've won 3 in a row" and Tenacity is cruising with good teamwork and camaraderie. Others disagree with the camaraderie. Michael stated that Rock Solid must work together and be organized, but he does not think Bret is up to that. Selita gets to deliver the $20K winning project manager's check to Shine a Light on Sierra Leone. Trump asks Michael what he misses most about Rod no longer being available. Michael has a big grin on his face and does not answer the question for fear of self-incrimination.

It's time to have Project Managers nominated by their teams, but first Trump announced that Sharon is still too ill to participate and Cyndi is going to the White House for a celebration, which she says is for the signing  by President O'Bama of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act into to honor Matthew Shepard by President O'Bama. The men only can choose Goldberg or Curtis and Curtis is the man. The women can choose Holly. No doubt she stepped up when she heard that Cyndi would not be there to distract and torment her for one day. George Ross and Ivanka are playing the Eyes and Ears roles.

Trump introduced the task on a basketball court by saying that it is to promote a new right Guard product and Eric and Ben from that company will be the executives in charge and deciding who wins. They stated the criteria of creativity, use of the celebrities and the overall presentation. A 30 second commercial and a 10 second Internet ad (intended to be viral) will be created. He also says that Right Guard is the official deodorant of the National Basketball Association and former NBA stars Scottie Pippen and Clyde Drexler will be assigned to work one with each team.  Before anything further can be done, Trump took a basketball, strode to the foul line and hit the 15 foot shot with a swish. He slyly remarked "I hope you got that on camera." Right. Was that take 25 or take 50? However, he was not about to be overshadowed by any of the celebrities, particularly the men. He offered $10,000 to the winning PM of the team what got the first basket (I believe for fairness giving the other team the chance to tie if the team making it had gone first).  Goldberg, Curtis, Michael and Bret have many talents  and Goldberg and Michael are world-class athletes) but clearly shooting a basketball is not among them. The women did better, but Selita, Summer and Cyndi did not come close either. Holly had a shot that appeared to be in but it trickled over the rim and out. Up walks "little Selita in her 6 inch stilettos" and she banked it off the backboard straight in. Holly's charity wins the $10,000. That would be the HollyRod Foundation she founded with her husband former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete to provide comfort and medical, physical, and emotional support for those with Parkinson's disease and autism.

Each team meets with Eric and Ben to gain critical information. Have you noticed that when really top-level executives are the liaison to a Celebrity Apprentice episode they are introduced by the Donald by their full names while when you have them introduced by first names only you can assume they are at best low-level Vice-Presidents? I have noticed this. If they are listening carefully teams learn that the target audience is young, male and sports-oriented.

Tenacity is impacted by a brainstorm that Holly has right at the beginning of the task that focused attention on "the first time a boy gets the funk" and on his mother. That would be the centerpoint of the Tenacity 30 second commercial, which has a boy being lifted in the air by Pippen and deodorant rolled onto his armpits for the first time. The women have the usual trials and tribulations of creating a proper space for the commercial shoot. They must select and move a large group of props. The four Tenacity teammates are doing this as George arrived for his observation, but Selita had taken a break to figuratively "stroke" and be self-appointed guardian of Pippen's well-being. George noted that she was not contributing to the hard work.  Cyndi called in from Washington DC and delivered over the phone her essay on her child's experience with "the funk for the first time." Holly made an executive decision to edit a 10 second middle segment of the commercial in place of the 10 second viral video they had already completed. The editing process extended to 2 hours the following day. Cyndi returned for the 2 hours and offered to add to the song recording track necessitated by Holly writing and singing a jingle. Holly was offered the opportunity by Maria to check out the final product but just delegated approval of it to Maria, but when it was too late she interjected herself to see it and complain that it was not done right. Holly had been working on the final script for the presentation, so she was required to make a value decision that could only be avoided if Tenacity had gotten to that point earlier.

Rock Solid opened their task with Curtis asking Michael which team Clyde Drexler played for in the NBA. I myself, a big NBA fan but focused mostly on the Eastern Conference, could not remember that it was Houston (indeed Houston U.'s Phi Phi Slamma Jamma plus the Houston Rockets but also starting with Portland in the NBA) Rock Solid has nobody really creative except for Bret and he is like a machine spewing out a wide range of different ideas but with no focus. They start down one path and send Michael and Goldberg to the prop shop, then Curtis got feedback from a production assistant type that there was a reasonable probability that their design could not be finished in time (I sense Mark Burnett or Donald Trump orchestrating this here). Curtis changed his mind when Bret came up with something new and was about to change the prop list 180 degrees for Michael and Goldberg when he decided that he had to take the risk and stick with the original plan. Bret was really pissed and threw a tantrum. Through all of this, Bret was weepy over the fact that his 9 year old daughter Rainbow had just been diagnosed with diabetes and he could not be home to support her. Well golly, Bret, maybe she will live for another week or two until you get eliminated form the celebrity Apprentice! This has all the signs of a decision by either Mark Burnett or Donald Trump to put this rubbish (Bret's extreme emotionalism) on the air for this episode. The focus of the Men's 30 second commercial is a cute Clyde Drexler and 2 kids. The 10 second viral is better and used the tag line "your only defense is Right Guard Defense 5."

At the presentations, the executives said that Tenacity had too much focus on the mother and not enough on the product and it was not aimed at the target audience. They did have a great jingle and a very good commercial, but their repeated material in the 10 second viral video was an opportunity lost.  They said that Rock Solid was excellent at product focus, the use of Clyde Drexler and the testimonials of the men and their commercial was good.  So, what does that mean on who will win? As always, the producers feel like they have to leave you hanging.

After the presentations, Michael apparently got a call from home about his son Sebastian, who I discovered from research is age 4. I am guessing that it was his wife Kerry calling about "personal problems" that Michael would not discuss. Michael told Trump he had to go home. Trump responded that he understood but if he did then he was out of CA3 because it would be unfair to excuse anyone for multiple episodes (I believe they do a new episode every one to two days while filming to conserve the time of the celebrities).

In the Boardroom, Trump had George and Ivanka repeat the perspectives of the executives. He then announced that Rock Solid had won. this caused some considerable sniping on Tenacity. Curtis had won $20K for Food for America. The long knives were out with Cyndi repeating her previous personality conflict with Holly. Trump asked Holly who made the decision on reusing material for the 10 second viral video. Holly strongly responded that it was her decision and was made because that material was better than what it replaced. Trump say it was a major reason Tenacity lost. the usual Trump questioning on "who was the weakest link?" could not be evaded this time and the women knew it. Maria volunteered in her meekest tone that Selita did not contribute as much energy. Holly seconded that and told the story of the editing mistake. Selita defended herself in what I regarded to be an appropriate way, but Trump and George were out for blood. George supported what Maria and Holly said with his own observation. When Trump asked Holly who were the 2 weakest, she without hesitation said Selita and Maria. The Selita story was already public, so she had to explain to Trump the incident with Maria which was really minor. In essence, Holly had to make a choice between Maria and Summer and I suspect she felt Summer was the easiest one to beat in later episodes. Holly asked if she could nominate Cyndi because of her disruption of the brief period she was "helping." Trump told her a firm NO and also made a public statement that if Sharon did not return to the set soon she would be out, following Darryl and Michael. Cyndi wanted to comment but used some rare discretion and kept her mouth mostly shut. If she had, it would have cost her in future episodes, so I think she did the right thing. Cyndi and Summer were excused.

In the final conclave between Trump, Ivanka and George, they all agreed that Selita's lack of energy and fighting spirit was not going to allow her to last through future rounds. He eliminated her without much further ado.

I was appalled by that decision. Maria did not do enough of the task badly to really screw anything up; the part she may have messed up was minor and nobody noticed except Holly. Holly as the PM was totally responsible for all key decisions. It was Holly's vision at the beginning and the "use the middle of the 30 second commercial as the viral video" decision which caused the defeat of Tenacity. If either one of those had been made differently, I bet Tenacity would have won. Holly had a strong controlling personality, which because it is similar to Cyndi Lauper's causes the clashes between those too. Maria is also similar. Selita and Summer were more low-key but better organized and they got it done through more teamwork and less micromanagement. I know that except for her beauty Selita is less dysfunctional so she did not make the best TV, but she was solid.  I have the best answer to the question of "who was the weakest link?" This week, for the first time I can remember, it was DONALD TRUMP!

So, where does that leave the viewers of CA3 with respect to who might win? The strongest player of Rock Solid, Michael, is gone, leaving Goldberg (who is still a cipher so far other than the brief glimpses that he is a really good guy and quite talented in a number of different things) and Curtis (who is more of the smooth team-oriented operator). Bret has no chance because he has no respect from his teammates and his creativity is overbalanced by his flakiness and lack of organization. The strongest of the women, if she doesn't stay too sick, is now Sharon. Cyndi is a loudmouth who may know everybody in New York City (all 8 million of them) but also does not have the respect of her teammates. Holly deserves to and will suffer from her loss in this episode. Summer and Maria will be waiting in the swings and they could positively surprise me. I hope one or both of them do. If Sharon comes back (and I predict that she will as it will lead right into the June start of the NBC summer hit "America's Got Talent" where she plays the role of the "I like everyone" judge (I forgot, it's a reality show and she is just being herself) along with her sidekick David Hasselfhoff) she will be a contender because she is the voice of reason.

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on April 19, 2010, 09:52:28 AM
How catty things got with the women  last nite! :meow:  The women are just scratching at the surface of drama! Holly gives off a vibe even i can feel thru the screen! even though i think she's great. I don't think she knows how to release the controling part of herself. It may just do her in!

I'm glad Sharon is back. Holly bitching about her getting special treatment is true! She does have another show with NBC so i doubt very much if Donald would fire her  unless it ws to do with a task as project manager. but holly for pete's sake stop your gripping! :groan:

IT'S FOR CHARITY! tsk tsk tsk!

OK sooo Bretttttttt shoulda been fired. he took control and ran with it. goldburg really didn't do anything overly productive and  that was his downfall! when he let trump know he didn't!  :res:

 TRUMP! he seemed drunk or something! he was talking about  the ladies photo shoot package to trace and  asked if he was a "skin guy" when trace said no everyone seemed to be uncomfortable in the board room.  then trump went onto to make some more uncomfortable "men type" jokes to which only he got the giggles from. Like i said he musta been drunk or something!! :iok:
so trump throws solid rock a bone next week by splitting up the teams.  I'm sure a cat fight will result from this with Cindy and Holly! :meow:

WTG Cindy!   :jumpy: you rocked it out!  and what a great singer  she had to work with!! :tup:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: realshowfan on April 19, 2010, 10:05:10 AM
I thought I recalled, back in the first episode, when they show scenes of boardrooms, tasks, bla bla bla, and in one boardroom scene which was Goldberg seemingly getting pissed off at Cyndi while Cyndi says 'I'm saving you' or something like that. I can't recall that happening in any of the episodes though? Maybe I forgot, but if so can anyone clarify?

And final 7 already. Wow. And yah they had better switch it up. Poor men.  :groan:

As for today's episode, Maria, that stare when Emily gets her photoshoot...really, really scared me. Her statement about 'idols ruined' also got way beyond personal. It's business, you can't get personal. But still, wow, harsh. I still love Cyndi but she really needs to start being able to stay put and listen for a few minutes, even seconds. That would've been appreciated. Surely what we saw on TV is not how she's done her job, right? Hope it's the power of editing, then.

Sharon is back, yay!! Miss her voice and judgement!

The task was unique. I really liked it. And I feel I've heard/seen the name Emily West before.  ??? Anyway, cool task.  :tup:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on April 26, 2010, 06:31:42 PM
I missed 5 episodes. I'm nearly caught up but wow! What happened to the men?  :ascared :lol:

Loved last night's episode. Sharon should have let Bret call for money as well. Rocksolid's routine was great and looked like a lot of fun.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: realshowfan on May 01, 2010, 08:13:49 PM
Just a fun fact: Bret Michaels has been on's 'TRENDING NOW' section (right hand side on homepage) for almost 2-3 weeks I think, possibly more? And right now he's at number 2 as we speak, and the other subjects there weren't there regularly, but I ALWAYS (except once) see Bret Michaels on that list!! Is the Apprentice increasing his popularity?
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 03, 2010, 10:46:44 AM
poor Summer :'(

She didn't have it in her to throw Curtis to the wolves.. even though she delegated work she still did alot of work!

From what we got to see as viewers it seemed like Curtis was just hanging around with limited constructive suggestions thru the task.

on the other hand i can't believe she didn't use both Holly and Cyndi in a more productive manor- collaboration as  opposed to letting them do their own thing.

I felt bad for Cyndi having lost her voice. I'm sure that put concern on Summer's choices as well.

It was too funny when they were in the board room and Cyndi was talking about Ben Franklin :lol3:  but I think this has become a really a bad showing on the editors. Seems like they are taking the brilliant creativeness of Cyndi and MOCKING HER and this isn't the first time!

I do not like the underhanded talking from the others regarding Cyndi. oddly enough it's just what Cyndi said she's  not in HS anymore. I wonder how she feels now that she's watching  what we are watching? :(

HANG IN THERE CYNDI!! :hearts: I love your genuineness
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on May 07, 2010, 07:32:10 PM
I don't like her (Cindi) editing either. Or the way she has been treated by Summer and Holly, as if she's an imbecile that needs to be kept locked in the closet.

I think it will be a Sharon/Holly finale. Bret being sent back to the Tenacity team sort of solidifies it for me. Either Bret will outdo Holly or he's gone. At least that's the way I see it.  :umn:  :lol: 

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: bee1233 on May 10, 2010, 01:25:58 AM
Personally I have had enough of Holly.  She should have been fired tonight.  Her style was what the judges didn't like.  Although I like her charity the most.   :duno:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 10, 2010, 08:43:01 AM
UH oh!! I hear that truck beeping sound!!  oh wait that was a CRASH!!

Poor Cyndi!! she said it all along that it was just like HS.  :meow:

Holly is a CONTROL FREAK!! she complains that Cyndi never listened to anything anyone had to say while she was PM but what does Holly do 2x's??? yeah NOT LISTEN!! It would have been smart game play for Holly to say " hey lets go along with Cyndi's idea's this way IF it flops she will be sent packing."(which she was anyway) and then she would have seen that Cyndi's creativeness would have brought her more $$ for her charity and possibly some respect  at how she interprets Cyndi as a whole.

I really feel that even though Cyndi was "told" she can have the red room, the way we got to see it(editing)the room was completely ALL OF CYNDI's ideas! i.e.  the disco balls to which Holly was SOOOOOOOO against.

 again poor Cyndi.. :'(  I now appreciate you more now  than before and woman you were already on top! :tup:

 Bret.. you sat there like a whipped husband! :ugot  not getting involved. stick by your words man!!(btw hope you are feeling better :D)

ok Sharon and Maria are just fickle with their  likes and dislikes of people!! they are actually making me dizzy with how often they change thier minds and attitudes towards people!! :iok

Curtis i think you pulled out your magic hat and  charmed the women! wtg!  :yess:
I wonder what will happen next week with a double elimination!!  :wohoo:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on May 10, 2010, 11:41:06 AM
Cyndi was thrown under a two ton bus and run over several times.

Whipped husband!    Perhaps he was thinking when your enemies are destroying each other, get out of the way.  :lol3:

I don't like Holly, she's slick though, I give her that. She is extremely talented in taking credit and covering her rear end doing it. She told Cyndi to paint the room red and Cyndi tells Trump this and that's a reason to be fired? More like an excuse. She should have been the one fired. The apartment was cluttered and the colors were all over the place, especially the green walls and discordant green throw pillow on the bed.  :colors 

RockSolid's rooms were more contemporary and expensive. The celeb room was blah though.

Who do we think final 2? I'm certain that Sharon will be a finalist. Is Maria the woman Bill Rancic says has lost her fire? Bret and Curtis have performed well, do they get fired?

A comment about Sharon. I think she has a gift for working with people as she did with Cyndi, Curtis and Bret. Bringing out the best in them.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: chill_sd on May 10, 2010, 11:49:13 PM
I really think Trump made the wrong decision this week.

The judges rated the Zen Den best, not because of the color of the walls, but because of the entire concept, which was Cyndi's.

Tenacity lost for two main reasons, according to the judges.  The biggest failure was the choice of sea foam green for the master bedroom.  The second reason was the whole rest of the color scheme and the cheap look of the apartment.  All of this should have fallen squarely on Holly's shoulders.

That said, Bret probably stands a better chance working with Holly next week, than if he had to work with Cyndi alone. (I guess they're not working together next week.)

It was good to see Curtis working well with Sharon and Maria.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: realshowfan on May 13, 2010, 09:34:38 AM
Cyndi was thrown under a two ton bus and run over several times.

Whipped husband!    Perhaps he was thinking when your enemies are destroying each other, get out of the way.  :lol3:

I don't like Holly, she's slick though, I give her that. She is extremely talented in taking credit and covering her rear end doing it. She told Cyndi to paint the room red and Cyndi tells Trump this and that's a reason to be fired? More like an excuse. She should have been the one fired. The apartment was cluttered and the colors were all over the place, especially the green walls and discordant green throw pillow on the bed.  :colors 

RockSolid's rooms were more contemporary and expensive. The celeb room was blah though.

Who do we think final 2? I'm certain that Sharon will be a finalist. Is Maria the woman Bill Rancic says has lost her fire? Bret and Curtis have performed well, do they get fired?

A comment about Sharon. I think she has a gift for working with people as she did with Cyndi, Curtis and Bret. Bringing out the best in them.

My guess:
5th: Curtis
4th: Maria (or Maria & Curtis swap)
3rd: Bret
F2: Sharon vs. Holly
Holly shoe-in, unless Joan uses her magic and compares her to Annie in terms of her plays in editing-wise. You know, big money, enemy with Cyndi, who seemed like half of Joan this season, the other half being Sharon. Sharon would be questioned of her inactivity, but fights hard for her spot, while Maria's probably the guy commented as 'lost fire', being held back by personalities and not being the most serious of the bunch. Curtis will be the easiest out as he has done very little, too UTR for their liking. Bret has been just recently questioned about his activeness, and that's usually a bad thing in this situation. So, they will fire him for that.

I would be fine either Bret, Sharon, or Holly won. Or even Maria. Those four, along with Cyndi, have been my faves. <3
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 17, 2010, 06:54:09 PM
Holly and Bret!   :wohoo:  wow and Holly got Curtis and sneaky Maria!!  :lol:

 I hope bret pulls it together before  it's too late. :duno: but if anyone has come from behind the eight ball it's Bret!

Poor Sharon..  :'( :'( it's soo hard to watch her fight for her charity and still hold her head up  with having cancer and  all.  She just emotionally lost it. too bad. it would have been fun to watch her and holly duke it out!

 next week will be fun to watch! :jumpy:
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on May 18, 2010, 11:13:51 AM
I can't wait!! What a great season this has been. No wonder Trump was on TV saying he hoped Bret would recover and be able to attend the finale. I didn't see the finale with Bret but he has done well and I expect his commercial to be great like the last one. Every year there seems to be a clinker for someone to deal with and this time it's a dolly. I am betting he will find one in order to shoot the way he wants it to be.
Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: bee1233 on May 21, 2010, 06:59:40 PM
I wonder if Brett will only be on camera from the hospital.  Can't image he will make the finale.  Boy has life dealt him some tough blows lately.  I hope they can fix his heart and this is the end of his health problems for awhile.

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on May 21, 2010, 07:13:57 PM
You're right bee! He's had another setback, a hole in the heart.

Bret Michaels Hospitalized for Heart Problems

Originally posted May 20th 2010 2:40 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Bret MichaelsBret Michaels was rushed back to the hospital this week where doctors claim they found a "hole in the heart."

According to Bret's rep, the singer was complaining about "numbness on the left side of his body, predominately his face and hands."

After a series of tests, doctors concluded that Michaels had suffered a "Transient Ischemic Attack -- more commonly referred to as a "warning stroke."

During the tests, the doctors say they found that Bret had a Patent Forum Ovale -- which is essentially a hole in the heart.

Doctors say Bret's condition is "operable and treatable." The docs also don't believe the "warning stroke" is related to Bret's brain hemorrhage.

Bret will be treated with outpatient care -- which includes a daily injection of a blood thinner.

Bret's rep also notes that the singer is in "good spirits, great medical hands and is positive and hopeful that everything is going to be OK."

The rep concludes, "He is up, walking, talking, continuing his daily rehab and very happy to be alive but he has made it clear he is sick and tired of being in the hospital and is ready to rock again."

Read more:

Title: Re: Celebrity Apprentice 3
Post by: TexasLady on May 21, 2010, 07:15:08 PM

Michaels to attend `Celebrity Apprentice' finale
The Associated Press
Published: Friday, May 21, 2010 at 2:43 p.m.
Last Modified: Friday, May 21, 2010 at 2:43 p.m.

Bret Michaels is expected to attend the season finale of "The Celebrity Apprentice" despite suffering what doctors called a warning stroke earlier this week.

His publicist, Joann Mignano, said the rocker is receiving outpatient care and will be in in New York on Sunday for the season's final episode of the NBC show.

Mignano previously confirmed Michaels had been diagnosed with a patent foramen ovale, or hole in the heart.

Doctors said the condition is operable and treatable and likely unrelated to the brain hemorrhage he suffered last month.

The 47-year-old, rocker-reality TV star was hospitalized this week after experiencing numbness on the left side of his body, particularly in his face and hands.
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I am so happy, Bret being able to attend the finale and better yet, winning. I thought he had the better commercial and even if the Trumps don't realize it, a lot of people drink diet beverages.

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CONGRATS BRET!!!!! :wohoo: I'm glad you won!

 I think both holly and bret deserve it. and  snappled  must have too since they donated 250g's to each of thier charities!!

 this puts Holly as the highest charity funds reciever of all time with over 1/2 mil!!

 they both are winners in my book!!! :tup:
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My hubby noticed that Bret was limping when he entered the set last night. I really hope he recovers fully.
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Yeah he was limping, :'(  and all those break away teasers they had of him prior to his entrance .. i was like boy he's not looking that great.. but he pulled thru it! I think all of the support gave him energy and spirit!

 This morning on the Today Show he stayed seated  but he still looked drained., Happy!! but drained..

 he said he's going on tour but he's going to take it one day at a time and see how he feels.

 what a trooper! :tup:

On another note.. boy did Cyndi rock it out last nite! love her new song!! ♫ ♫ ♫  :jumpy:
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Yeah he was limping, :'(  and all those break away teasers they had of him prior to his entrance .. i was like boy he's not looking that great.. but he pulled thru it! I think all of the support gave him energy and spirit!

 This morning on the Today Show he stayed seated  but he still looked drained., Happy!! but drained..

 he said he's going on tour but he's going to take it one day at a time and see how he feels.

 what a trooper! :tup:

On another note.. boy did Cyndi rock it out last nite! love her new song!! ♫ ♫ ♫  :jumpy:

Now that's just asking for trouble, going on tour right now. He needs to have surgery to fix the hole in his heart. I knew Bret had it when Ivanka gave the "Thanks for the good job Holly" speech.

Loved Cindi's song and laying on the table in front of The Donald was hilarious.
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As a major contributor to this thread, I am way behind with my recaps. However, I should finally catch up this week. I will offer two of them that are already done today and the other 4 later this week.
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Excellent! Thanks apskip. I wondered where you were.
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CA3 ep. 5 Shooting with the Stars

Selita gets to present the $20K check for Shine a Light on Sierra Leone. Sharon is still out sick. Trump asks Michael how it feels to have lost rod from Rock Solid. Michael attempts to restrain his glee, but can’t quite pull it off. He was embarrassed by rod and happy to see him gone.

Michael announces to Trump on-camera (as he had certainly done so prior off-camera) that he has to return home immediately due to unspecified personal issues. Trump makes absolutely clear what happens by stating that Michael will not be allowed to return to the competition at any later time if he voluntarily withdraws. Michael says he understands. Trump wishes him well. One of the potential finalists for CA3 has removed himself from the field and weakened Rock Solid as a team. Bret revealed that his daughter is being tested for diabetes, which he has had since childhood, and that he is anguishing over this so his ability to focus is limited. Bret stated that he doesn’t want his daughter to be a diabetic like himself.  Curtis assured him that his teammates are there for him and they proved it throughout this task by allowing him unusual space. Bret admitted that “the task saved me; it took my mind off my daughter.”

The task for this episode is to market Right Guard deodorant’s new Total Defense product with advertising copy and separate 30 second and 10 second videos that will be a TV commercial and a viral Internet ad. Trump introduces it on a basketball court and says that Clyde Drexler and Scotty Pippen, two NBA greats from the past, will be working with the teams. Trump then took a foul shot and made it (how many takes did that require?). One by one, the individuals attempt to match him. Holly came close but it rimmed out. Maria steps up in her 4 inch heels and swishes the shot for $10K for Holly’s charity.  

Curtis volunteered to be Project Manager. Holly was PM for Tenacity. Both teams get right to it, as Drexler and Pippen both have to leave soon for other commitments. Curtis asked Michael for the team that Drexler, who was selected by Rock Solid, played for. Michael says it was the Houston Rockets. The initial Rock Solid photo shoot of Drexler with two young African American boys and a basketball is very funny. Cyndi missed the first day as a result of being at the White House with President Obama but she did call in (although that annoyed Holly). Tenacity came up with the theme “Funky Godfather” with one boy having an underarm odor that is wiped out when his funky godfather places the product on his armpits. This is labeled by the boy’s mother as “his first moment in funk.” Ew! Do the women really think this is going to be a winner? It’s all about the mom (what a surprise!) and not really about the boy. The women say that is reasonable since the mom makes the Purchasing decision.

Cyndi is questioned by her teammates when he decides to overdub the jingle that Holly had composed and sang for the TV ad. Cyndi says that “I just happen to have worked in my field for 20 to 30 years” as qualifications for doing what she did. There are aspiring singers on her team, especially Holly who was upset, but none of them has experience at the same level as Cyndi in music.

The teams make formal presentations to Eric and Dan from Right Guard, who were judging the videos and viral ad copy for their company, and to Trump, Ivanka and George. Eric and Dan tell the women that the focus should have been on the male 12 to 18 year old age bracket. They were also criticized for Holly’s decision necessitated by inadequate time management of their task to use some of the same footage from their TV video in their shorter viral ad video. They looked pretty much the same to me and right Guard wanted them to be quite different. The men’s ad did not get a lot of public comment at that point. Trump in the Boardroom tells the teams that he considered the Men’s video to be the funnier. Ivanka added that the Men’s presentation was phenomenal and that they had done a very good job. George stated that it was original, with good physical comedy. Since the Right Guard executives chose Rock Solid as the winners the final outcome is now clear. Curtis has won $20K for his charity Feeding America and Tenacity will stay in the Boardroom for a difficult session with Trump.

Trump started by asking whose idea the jingle was? Holly stepped up and said it was hers. Trump says that the Right Guard execs loved it.  Trump always wants to know who the weakest link on a team was. Maria stated that Selita wasn’t in the right place when needed, the classic throw-her-under-the-bus move from Mari's wrestling days. Although this was true there were extenuating circumstances so it should not have made a difference. Selita defended herself by saying she was organizing information, but the truth was that she had volunteered to be Pippen’s Go-For person. Trump stated he does not intend to fire either Cyndi or Holly, making it clear that it will be Summer, Maria or Selita. He asked Holly what she thought. She responded that there was a glitch by either Maria or Selita at the end of the CD that had cost precious time, which prevented her from doing her best good on the final presentation script. Goldberg in the Rock Solid lounge stated that Holly is not going down on this one. Trump gives the understatement of CA3 by telling Cyndi that she apparently does not like Holly. Summer is asked by Trump for an opinion on whom he should fire. She responded that Holly was the strongest (meaning I won't tell you whether it was Maria or Selita). Trump revealed that Cyndi’s participation had been too marginal to warrant her being at risk. He then released Cyndi and Summer from the Boardroom.

Someone, I think Ivanka, noted that Selita apparently had little energy (note that this is the kiss of death preceding the coup de grace). Trump questioned all three women briefly and then stated that Holly was strong, tough and smart and Maria was the same. He told Selita that description does not fit her and for that reason he was firing her. Was that fair? I don’t think the reason was valid because Selita had a different (quieter, but equally effective most of the time) style than the others. Cyndi has high apparent energy level but her disorganization causes a lot of unnecessary conflict as her team responds to it. I would have attempted to find out more by questioning Summer on what she contributed if I were Trump.

I have to interject that the conflict between Holly and Cyndi is raw and obvious to the viewer. Are we being set up for a Cyndi/Holly finale? Trump (or is it Mark Burnett?) certainly likes to pit the two individuals who hate each other most against each other in a finale. However, in order to that to happen Cyndi has to make it to the finale. Her competition is too talented and organized for her to prevail over them.
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CA3, ep. 6 Music Makeover

Curtis is cooking at the NYC Rescue Mission with Clyde Drexler as his sous chef gets to present a $20K check to the director of Feeding America, his charity. Drexler surprises the audience with a matching $20,000 check from Right Guard. Due to their exceptional efficiency and volunteers for the labor parts of creating meals, the food purchased with $40,000 will serve 280,000 meals.

Trump, Donald Jr. and Trace Adkins (distinctive with his 6’7” height and black hat) arrive and face off with the remaining competitors. You can anticipate that there must be music in the air if Trace is there. Trump notices that Sharon has not rejoined Tenacity yet, although I believe that this is all being stage managed and they know exactly when Sharon will be ready to return. Trump notes that the setting is the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame Annex. He states that he expects Cyndi Lauper and Bret Michaels to end up in a music hall of fame one day. The task is to take an up-and-coming young country song artist and give him/her a makeover, creating promotional materials and leading to a live performance in which the degree of forward progress made by that artist under the tutelage of the Tenacity and Rock Solid celebrities will be assessed. Cyndi Lauper is the obvious choice for the women’s Project Manager and Bret is the obvious choice for the men, but Goldberg wants to win some money for his charity and feels obligated to take a turn at being PM. This will create clear issues since the music expert on Rock Solid is Bret. Summer notes that Tenacity is no longer a cohesive group. Holly accuses Cyndi of preventing the members of Tenacity from asking questions, ironic since Cyndi has earned the reputation of being the individual wanting to ask a million questions.

The artists to be enhanced are Emily West and Luke Bryan. Both artists are personable and passionate, but it turns out that somebody in casting erred in selecting them since neither of them is really an up-and-coming country music singer, as they both have “been around the block” and have a track record of performances going back years. Luke in fact was winning two awards at the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards show on 4/19/10 while this episode of Celebrity Apprentice 3 was competing against it. Emily has much less previous career development.

 The first step is determining which team gets which artist to work with. Tenacity wants Emily based on her music performance style and her personality being a good fit for them. Rock Solid has Bret make phone calls on which one is better and the answer Bret comes back with is there are about the same. Rock Solid elects to “give the ladies what they want” as Goldberg puts it by allowing them to take Emily and having the men work with Luke. As Goldberg puts it, “I don’t like negotiating with people I can’t beat up.”

This has one immediate side-effect, which is that when Luke turns up at their work quarters, he is exactly the same shirt size as Curtis. This gives Rock Solid an instant wardrobe edge. However, Luke also expresses a desire for minimal makeover as he is comfortable with who he is rather than an aspiring person (like Emily) who wants to be different. Luke is typed by his team as an Elvis/Gomer Pyle combination. 

The judging criteria play a key role in how the workload is divided up. The factors are promotional materials to create an image (meaning that at least one team member should be dedicated to that), makeover (meaning that at least one should take charge of the wardrobe decisions and makeup) and coaching preparation for future stardom (meaning that someone has to improve the artist’s profile and ability to work with the press/publicity types). Goldberg sends Curtis out to shop, does some miscellaneous work himself and leaves Bret to handle the image/promotional materials and coaching issues, but also in complete creative charge of the entire project. Bret sees his main challenge to get Luke out of his comfort zone by trying out new concepts and ideas.

Cyndi appeared to be personally responsible for everything Tenacity did. As was typical, she demonstrated no respect for any of her team except Sharon (who has just returned from illness). She used the disparaging term “young ‘uns” to refer to Maria, Holly and Summer. Cyndi assigned Maria to redo Emily’s hairstyle according to a 1950s photo of Brigitte Bardot. Holly kept her head down and focused on the promotional materials. I think that the best exchange of this episode came as a result of “young ‘uns” attempt at a makeover came up with Emily looking many years older. Cyndi on observing the results commented “You air brushed her? You spray painted this kid. She's twentysomething. You don't spray paint them. You spray the old buzzards, not the kids.'' Absolutely right on. One of the things I really hate to see is a beautiful woman like Maria Kanellis way overpainted with lipstick and makeup. When she is just looking normal with minimal “enhancement” Maria is totally stunning. With enhancements, I have to look away.

Trace Adkins comes to evaluate the progress of Tenacity. He notes a lot of dissension on that team. As he leaves he tells Sharon that she has to be careful about the man she works with on a daily basis. For those who don’t get the joke, that is Trace’s bitter rival Piers Morgan, not Ozzie Osbourne.

There is a Photo Shoot for Luke between 4pm and 5pm. The makeup artist arrives but Bret knows Goldberg and Curtis were returning late and stalled for time. Everything that needed to be done supposedly was under Bret’s direction. The most that Luke was willing to change was the placement of a chain around his neck to lighten him up. Goldberg did repeat the mantra “Smile.” often throughout the Photo Shoot.

The makeover of Emily proceeds with the final attire all-black, a new look for her and a fairly successful one for the mournful song she will be singing in performance. Maria feels that Cyndi has made all the decisions without taking any input from her team. Summer states that Cyndi is the PM and has the ultimate authority, so why worry about what is clearly within the accepted practices of Celebrity Apprentice behavior (PM railroading their team). Sharon says that Cyndi’s leadership was disorganized (do I hear the second coming of Bret Michaels?) but it did get things finished as needed.

Maria did the coaching of Emily on how to be interviewed. When Cynthia Sanz of People magazine interviewed her, she did well. Bret knew from observation that Luke was looking very tired after a long day’s work when his turn to be interviewed came, so he coached him to admit that up front and still smile. Luke did OK. He even got on a recent cover of People Country magazine, which I attribute partially to his CA3 exposure.

The judging team for the live performance of Emily’s “Blue Sky” and Luke’s “Rain Is a Good Thing” consisted of a, Cynthia Sanz and a disc jockey. I found both performances to be highly polished, even though I strongly prefer the type of music Luke was singing.

In the boardroom, the fact that the women won the Makeover and the Men the Promotional Materials was quickly established. That left the change/image question to decide which team won. Trump wanted to go off on a tangent about how Bret should have put Luke in a bandanna, but Trace Atkins intervened and told Trump “Enough already about the bandanna.” He is one of the few people that have the guts to attempt to shut Trump up.

Trump initially questioned Tenacity about their roles. The conflicts between Maria and Cyndi came out in sharp contrast. Cyndi admitted that Maria was starting to get on her nerves.  Maria got the last word by stating that her image of her childhood idol Cyndi Lauper had been shattered. Holly and Cyndi have equally serious conflicts that I am sure we will see in future episodes. Poor Summer has been laying low, so we don’t really know what she thinks about Cyndi’s overall style.

Donald Jr. asked if the women took their change campaign far enough. Trace states that Emily sang the way she always sings. So as an audience member at this point, which team do you think won? Most should say Rock Solid. However, it is all a misdirection play. Tenacity actually won because Luke changed his image very little and I would agree that Emily changed it more. The women are dismissed as Cyndi won $20K plus a royalty form the sale of the records “Blue Rain” and

So, it’s Goldberg, Bret and Curtis who actually are at risk. Trump quickly dismisses Curtis as not being central to this episode’s tasks, so would it be Goldberg the PM or Bret the creative genius who makes mistakes who will pay the price? Goldberg loses credibility by initially saying 95% of the creative direction came from Bret, the later he says 85%, then even later he says 70%. Which was it, Goldberg? There was lengthy discussion of how Goldberg should never have allowed himself to be PM on a task where someone else would be in creative control.  Trump got Goldberg to admit that he made the wrong decision in stepping up as PM. For those prevarications plus the fact that occasionally the losing PM should go down with the ship, Trump decided to fire Goldberg. I felt that was quite fair although Bret Michaels is the original cat with 9 lives.

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CA3 ep. 7 Sweat Equity

This episode begins with Sharon complaining about the dynamics of Tenacity’s interpersonal relationships. She thinks it might be time for her to be eliminated.

Cyndi delivers a check for $20,000 to the director of the Stonewall Community Foundation, a GayLesbianBisexualTranssexual community group in New York City. In addition to the royalties from the recordings of those songs by the enhanced new stars a house will be built.
Trump remarks (what alliteration!) that Rock Solid has hit Rock Bottom, with only 2 men left versus 5 women. He sends Curtis to Tenacity and Maria and Sharon over to Rock Solid. Holly stated she was pleased by the new teams since the old Tenacity was worn out dealing with each other. Sharon too was thrilled at getting away from the in-fighting.

Trump announced the new task as making and running a 24 hour fitness class. The company 24 Hour Fitness is providing space in two of its gyms for these classes and will donate $24,000 to the charity of the winning Project Manager based on their total observations of which team runs a better class. The sub-tasks are to design a class, sell tickets and run the actual workout. This is all about fund-raising for a charity. Since it is pitched that way, Holly steps up as PM for the revised Tenacity and Sharon is the PM for Rock Solid. Neither has really heavy personal experienced in these type of workouts, but their lieutenants do. Both Bret and Maria know a lot and so do Curtis and Summer. Cyndi has the day off for a previous engagement with Lady GaGa, but still gets a $30K goal from Holly for fund-raising, including from Lady GaGa (who gives $2500).

Curtis is brimming with ideas and concepts that he wants to try out and puts them into proposals for his teammates to consider. Bret is doing the same for Rock Solid. His proposed theme is “Sweat Like a Rock Star” although Mrs. O’s Pump Up the Wizard(?) is also under consideration. Bret wants to use the names of Rock and Roll moves in the routine.

Summer claims that she has been doing these types of workouts her whole life and Curtis has since appearing on “the Biggest Loser.” They come up with the theme “Tenacious Guns and Buns” to focus attention on arms and butt while working their team name in.

Holly plans to focus on her area of strength based on her experience running the Holly Rod Foundation, dialing for dollars. The question is: does Holly have an advantage or a drawback from the knowledge the individuals being called have of why she is calling? Summer and Bret meet with Sean and his manager Matt of the 24 Hour Fitness center where their workout will happen the next day. Since Bret and Summer are returning late to the center when the graphics designer Gina arrives, Holly start with her on graphics without the benefit of their thinking. They finally arrive and relieve her to get back to what she does best. Bret develops the concept of a Back Stage Pass to enable each person taking the workout to feel special and important just like someone allowed backstage at a rock concert. Holly reaches Cyndi and tells her the expectation that Cyndi will aid her team by delivering $30K in contributions. Holly is concerned that Cyndi has missed day 1 and will not contribute much.

The rules of the donations program are that to count toward the team total donations there must be a physical body taking the class to associate it with. The focus shifts to recruiting those bodies so that all donations raised can be counted and not forfeited. Bret calls people he knows (rock groupies?) in New York City, Philadelphia and Boston so that can be matched with donations. Cyndi after she returns the next morning calls a radio station guy she knows so he can publicize this free class with celebrities and get people out. Presumably the Stonewall Foundation is also rounding up their troops for the workout. Sharon is headed for a World Wrestling Entertainment event. She raises $10,000 from WWE, another $10k from John Cena (?) and another $10 K from Vince McMahon. $30K in one night, that’s pretty good.

Curtis and Summer work on the promotional materials and workout details. Bret has to do the same and he messed up the spelling of some words that presumably caused him to have to redo his promotional materials.

Donald Jr. visits and Holly shares her feeling that Cyndi is away and won’t contribute much when she returns. I like Holly and dislike Cyndi but this was going too far and not giving Cyndi the opportunity to contribute before harpooning her. Holly also notes that summer does not like asking people for money.

Bret shows his motivations by noting the hotness of Maria (for sure without the makeup, which does not go well with a fitness workout), Georgia the trainer and Gina the graphics designer.

Summer suddenly realizes that music is an important factor in a workout and decides to refocus on making a workout music CD for use the following day. She took it with her, then Holly needs it back at their HQ for finalization but since Summer has it she and Curtis have to change plans and come back before the HQ office closes.

Ivanka visits Rock Solid and asked “What’s the Plan?” What she heard from Bret, Sharon and Maria convinced her that it was doable.

The first class starts with only a few participants. They do 5 minutes of guns then 5 minutes buns and continue alternating. Curtis and Summer are embarrassed as the 24 Hour Fitness Representative is there on the sidelines grading their performance but it looked like a solid performance to me.

Bret has the air guitar routine early in the workout. He and Maria look like pros leading their class, which look much larger than the first one of their competition.

Sharon was waiting for a donation to come in from Simon Cowell’s office. They ended up get $25K from an unidentified source right at the end of the period to count donations(1130am). Holly got a $50K one at the same time. Holly is used to raising $500,000 each year so this is not as intimidating to her.

Trump asks who was the star of Tenacity? Holly unabashedly nominates herself based on her ability to tap her contacts for money. Don Jr. asked about the concerns Holly had about Cyndi. Holly does not state just how much Cyndi pulled in, but indicated satisfaction with Cyndi’s performance for the team.

24 Hour fitness rated the Tenacity workout routine as very good, but used superlatives for the Rock Solid routine, astonishing, original and amazing. So Rock Solid won the $24K bonus from 24 Hour Fitness. Next Ivanka revealed that Rock Solid including the $24K raised $131, 903. However, Donald Jr. states that Tenacity has raised $206,090. Trump states that is the most ever raised outside of a finale fundraising event. He is very impressed by what both teams accomplished. He says Holly wins $347K for the Holly Rod Foundation. Holly says that due to the excellent performance of Rock Solid she plans to rebate part of it (it’s not clear whether that reached $131K) to Sharon’s charity.

Trump then asked the usual question, who should I fire? Will it be Maria, Bret or Sharon? Holly says that it should be the person raising the least money, but Sharon takes responsibility for the fund-raising that was the core reason her team lost. Sharon when asked says it should be me. Maria ducks and refuses to commit to who it should be.  Trump let everyone off the hook by stating that with $347K raised nobody should feel a loser and all should continue. He did not fire anyone, a rare event. Trump asked Cyndi if she liked what he had just done. Cyndi responded with a simple Thank You. Trump says Yes, I have a heart.
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CA3 ep. 8 Radio Days

This episode begins with Holly receiving a visit from her husband Rodney Peete for $347,000. He is stunned by what it can do for the cause of autism cure research, but he also has a surprise that stuns her. It’s their 4 children who have come from Los Angeles for a brief visit.

Trump introduced his third child Eric Trump as one of the Eyes and Ears for this project. He then presented the task as developing and recording 3 live radio commercials for the products of the Clockwork Home Services Company which owns Mister Sparky the Electrician, Benjamin Franklin the Punctual Plumber and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning  Summer is the Tenacity Project Manager and Bret takes that role for Rock Solid. It should be noted that Summer has the fabulous vocal support of Cyndi Lauper and Rock Solid has Bret. Both end up being used primarily for their voices and that is not a huge factor in this episode. The execs from Clockwork come for a visit with both teams and are asked a variety of questions, the most important of which is how funny can these commercials be? They respond that humor might be OK, but no references to a plumber’s crack will be tolerated. Both teams conclude that it will be risky to put any significant humor into their final commercials and bland is the way to go.

Bret as usual is all over the place with ideas of how Rock Solid should proceed. He decided to have Sharon and Maria work together on all 3 commercials. We’ll see how effective that proves to be.  He early on makes the critical decision that he would attempt to tastefully disregard the plumber’s crack advice and go for it in an edgy commercial. The quotable line from that commercial is “It’s easy to crack jokes” before a reference to the Benjamin Franklin plumbing service. The style of the Rock Solid commercials was edgy.

Summer plays it much safer to the point of dullness. She delegated responsibility for the creation of one commercial each to Cyndi, Holly and Curtis and played the role of manager herself. One exception to that is that Cyndi was responsible for the jingle and voiceover that tied them all together. Cyndi is expected to do the key singing with the support of a backup group, but she developed laryngitis and it looked like she would be unable to sing except backup. How would a commercial with Cyndi Lauper singing backup go over? That would be difficult to explain and Summer is relieved when Cyndi has just enough voice to give it a go. My characterization of the Tenacity commercials when performed are moving at a million miles per minute, as too much information is jammed into them. Eric visits and concludes that the Tenacity creative process has resulted in a product that is dull and lifeless.

The executives do not give away their reactions during the presentations, so even though it’s over nobody but the Trumps know what that result is as both teams and the Trumps go into the Boardroom. Trump plays with the remaining players in his usual style, asking both teams sharp questions. He finally tells Rock solid that their commercial was strongly preferred by the executives and that Bret has won another $20,000 for the American Diabetes Association. Tenacity gets top stay in the Boardroom. He does tell Cyndi that the execs loved her voice in the commercials and jingle and wished they had heard more of her.

Bret was asked who he would fire. He clearly stated Summer because she was strong and tough and a threat to his future success. Maria and Sharon do not like Curtis for some reason and they make that point.

Holly is asked by Trump who was the weakest player? She says Cyndi and that Summer was the strongest due to excellent organization skills. Although Trump is expecting to hear that Summer thinks Cyndi was weakest, she defended Cyndi and her creative process. Curtis is asked and says the PM should be fired. Trump goes though a conversation primarily with Summer and the result is that Holly is excused and the final 3 in the Boardroom are Summer as PM, Cyndi and Curtis. The questioning continues and Trump finally voiced his conclusion that Summer had played it too safe and got a low creativity result. Who pays the price in that situation? It would not be Cyndi, as she had been creative and had been excused by that point. It was Curtis versus Summer. In the end, Curtis had done little either good or bad and Summer was the losing PM. She went down with the ship, all other hands abandoning it in time.
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CA3 ep. 9 Suite Deal

This episode begins with some bitter commentary between Cyndi and Holly. Cyndi ends up calling Holly a “control freak and two-faced bi-atch.” Whoa, we’re off to a strong start. Trump invites the remaining 6 contestants to his apartment and Holly commented that “I think I saw Russia.” Well, at least Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester County and Long Island.

Trump announced that he is tinkering with the teams once again and switching Curtis with Bret so Curtis will have to work with Sharon and Maria, who apparently hate his guts and would love to see him be the fall guy. Bret is with Holly and Cyndi, the original oil and water. The task is to refurbish an apartment to be lived in by travelling executives. The teams must paint, furnish and decorate a room to give the “wow” first impression. The eyes and ears are Donald Jr. and Richard LeFrak, a real estate executive with Bridge
Street. The criteria to decide which teams wins are originality, celebrity style, value improvement and overall quality of the renovation. Judges are Lee Curtis of Bridge Street World Wide and designer Jonathan Adler. Holly is PM and Sharon is PM. The winner will get $20K for her charity. Sharon wants it badly.

Bret finds as expected that the women hate each other, which puts him into the role of middle man and conciliator. Cyndi throw out wild ideas and has to be told NO in ways that do not sit well with her. Bret likes Holly’s Zen idea and it becomes “New York Zen” with light colors. Sharon decided to make the room a media celebrity room. However, Maria objects after their meeting with Lee Curtis because executives may be living there for months and will need a certain degree of comfort. Lee tells Holly, Cyndi and Bret that theirs needs to be more fun and funky. Sharon, Maria and Curtis go to a furniture store, but get hung up on the differences between Sharon/Curtis’ tastes for a modern and clean-line look versus Maria’s desire for something different. They send Maria to a paint store to get rid of her. Bret does a super job in supervising the work crew. Bret departs to do a concert and Cyndi decides to change direction to a rock-and-roll lounge.

Curtis and Sharon both use their friends and celebrity status to get $140,000 of furnishings donated. Maria meets with Richard and tells him what the plans are, but the rooms are completely empty when he sees them. Cyndi does significant manual labor, carrying furniture and painting. Maria has started to paint a room purple, but Sharon says she wants it to be gray. Sharon keeps changing her mind on colors and that is not going to lead to decent task completion. Everyone is scrambling down to the wire and Holly has to pull Cyndi back from her good time shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Then she was castigating the workmen, who have been exceptionally helpful and do not deserve her crap. Bret took a bunch of photos in all direction from the rooftop and organized them just in time.

The judges come for the inspection and Holly, Bret and Cyndi present a room of sea-foam green and calming colors plus a second room of red “rock and roll Zen den designed by Cyndi. The judges move on to the rooms created by Sharon, Curtis and Maria. The first room is designed to look expensive and tasteful but the bedroom does not have a dresser. The judges liked what Rock Solid had done with the apartment, but not the celebrity room. They believe that Tenacity desized the room and did not like the sea-foam color, but they did like the rock and rock Zen den concept and execution. The winner is Rock Solid and Sharon gets the $20,000 matched by Bridge Street. That means a $40,000 check to the Cedars Sinai Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.

So the Boardroom now is down to Holly, Bret and Cyndi. Holly is confident of her leadership even though it was Cyndi’s creative vision that the judges liked most. Cyndi is miffed that she did most of the grunt work. Donald Jr. stated his belief that she could have done a better job. Cyndi called Holly a pain in the ass and Holly responded by stating that Cyndi needs to be babysat. Bret tells Trump that he should fire Cyndi because she talks too much. Cyndi said fire Holly because she’s difficult to work with. Holly stated that Cyndi is incapable of finishing any task at hand.

Trump learned from Cyndi that the vision for the effective red paint color in the lounge was Holly’s. Now it becomes even more of a free-for-all as Trump conferences with Richard and Donald Jr. Richard said he would fire Bret since he left to do a concert. Donald Jr. said fire Cyndi. Holly said fire Cyndi and Cyndi said fire Holly. Trump goes after Bret a bit, but he’s just playing with him. Bret defended himself well be pointing out that he and Holly redid 5 rooms while Cyndi was doing only one. Bret accused Cyndi of having poor time management skills (et tu, Brute?; careful Bret or that phrase might get turned on you).

Trump fired Cyndi with regret.
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CA3 ep. 10 Celebri-Tea, Finale part 1

The remaining 5 have little time to celebrate before Trump calls them back into the Boardroom. He tells them he will fire one individual immediately and then Celebrity Apprentice winner Joan Rivers and Apprentice 1 winner Bill Rancic will interview the 4 remaining to give him their insights into which two should be fired before the episode is finished.

Trump questions each individual on why they should stay. Holly said that she’s been focused and dedicated. Bret is motivated by his cause, saving children from diabetes. Curtis believes himself a natural leader. Maria said she reaches out and asked people for help and she’s a fighter. Sharon agreed that Holly is the weakest player. I don’t, as Curtis stands out as my nominee for that category. Sharon stated that Holly is good at everything she does and also is a mother fighting for her child (how about Bret as father fighting for his child?). Curtis calls Maria the weakest link (even though Trump never uses that phrase, I say if the shoe fits put it on).  Maria then demonstrated bad judgment in fighting back at Curtis by accusing him of using the women’s bathroom and leaving a stench behind, indicating arrogance. Trump immediately fires Maria even though it would have been more logical to fire Curtis for having accomplished little through CA3. It hardly matters, as they both will be gone all too soon. The only question is who will go with Curtis. Will it be Holly (not likely), Sharon (possibly because she finally did well as PM for one recent episode) or Bret (possibly, but less likely because his creativity has overcome his lack of organization and he has demonstrated good interpersonal skills.

Curtis gets interviewed by Bill and Joan. Bill thinks he is a one-trick pony and Joan thinks he took a low profile hiding behind Bret too often. Scratch Curtis.

Sharon is next and her record has not been good throughout CA3. Joan thinks she is tough and smart, but Bill believes that she may be out of gas and does not have the necessary will to win. I would say scratch Sharon.

Bret is next and he admits that time management is not his forte as he is accustomed to musician/rock star time. Joan does not see the fire in him although acknowledging that Bret is very creative. Bill sees Bret as totally determined to do whatever it takes to win for his cause.

That leaves Holly, who claimed the right to be a finalist based on her dedication, passion and seasoning as the result of volunteering for project Manger the most of anyone. She has the experience based on her own work as head of a major charity. Joan and Bill agree that she is very strong and he wants her to compete with Bret while she wants Holly to compete with Sharon.

OK, now it’s on to the Boardroom where the positioning and gamesmanship is playing out. Trump tells Curtis what the findings of Joan and Bill are and he is gone just very quickly, as Trump told Curtis he trusts their judgment over Curtis’ claims. Of course Trump himself has had more time to evaluate all the candidates than anyone else, so what we are really seeing is his judgment behind the cover provided by Joan and Bill. The next decision is to decide which of the 3 remaining candidates will also be fired. Trump selected Sharon, which I think is totally fair based on her not being in the same league with either Sharon or Bret. Sharon herself recognized the impact of emotions from parents fighting for their children. That’s tough to overcome. I did not feel that she had and neither in the final analysis did Donald Trump. 

The two finalists celebrate briefly but in the morning they are back in full competition mode. In a departure from a “run a huge charity event to bring in a lot of money” final task, Trump presented a task from Snapple the beverage company. CEO Larry Young requires creation of a new tea flavor, along with an advertising campaign with a commercial and print advertorial. Then they'll launch their product at an event attended by Snapple executives and fans. They'll be judged on creativity, originality and how effectively they incorporate their charity's mission and message into the campaign. Their new Snapple tea product will also be sold across the country. The winner will receive $250,000 for their charity. This will test different skills than the charity event. Because it emphasizes the creative, I feel it gives Bret the edge.

Bret gets Summer and Darryl (so he can redeem himself) as his helpers. Holly gets Maria and Curtis. I would rate the strength of the helpers as about even. The flavors chosen will be taste tested at a local mall. Holly and Bret must negotiate to decide which flavors they
Get to assure that they are significantly different. Bret chose Diet Snapple because it fits the needs of those with Diabetes. Holly stated that she believes she has an advantage at this part of the task because Curtis is a professional chef. The primary flavor choice for both teams is passion fruit, although one wants it with cinnamon and the other with strawberry. Holly selected Curtis to negotiate for her. Curtis and Bret are at a standstill until Bret gives in and allows Holly’s team to have it.

Bret’s team revised its flavor choice to "Pear Plum Nutty" and "Trop A Rocka," tropical vanilla cinnamon. Darryl is sent to the mall to do the taste test. On Holly's team, everyone loves the passion fruit and strawberry mix except Maria, who wants to spice up "Compassion Berry". Holly adds sweet basil to the mixture and decides to taste test it.

Bret and Summer developed the campaign and his charity's message. Donald Jr. told them "Pear Plum Nutty" doesn't seem like something he'd drink. Don Jr. liked the way Holly used puzzle pieces to symbolize her charity, but he thinks Holly will have big problems if people don't like the "Compassion Berry" flavor because both flavors are very similar and allow little margin for different tastes. The taste testers love Holly's flavor. Bret's people like the “Trop A Rocka” flavor better than "Pear Plum Nutmeg.” Maria pirated a taste of Bret's "Pear Plum Nutmeg" and hated it. Darryl told Bret and Summer that the taste testers strongly preferred "Trop A Rocka."

Bret wanted to shoot both a serious and funny commercial so he can choose. Summer pointed out to him that they also need to create an effective 3 page print ad. Holly did casting for the commercial while Maria and Curtis visit the prop shop. Bret is using the Snapple character Arthur in their commercial while Holly I using the Snapple character Jim in her team’s commercial.

Bret wants to use very attractive women (there are some synonyms that I won’t use here) in his commercial. Curtis builds the set for Holly’s commercial. She decided to use a funny commercial and has designed her ad around the Holly-Rod Foundation.  Bret found that he did not have enough dolly track to get the shot angles he wanted. Curtis asked chefs around the country to send him whatever supply of passion fruit they have since it’s out of season.
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CA3, ep. 11 Finale

Struggling to obtain a dolly track for his commercial shoot, Bret improvised by putting the camera on a rolling cart. Bret's daughter has been diagnosed with borderline diabetes, he's doing everything possible to make his commercial and Snapple ads the very best. Darryl Strawberry demonstrates why he is a team player by wearing a pink beret in the commercial.

Ivanka visited Bret, concerned about both his time constraints and his decision to create two commercials. Holly's team needs to go to the edit bay but Maria is the only one who can do it. When Ivanka checks on Holly, she's working on her PowerPoint presentation. Ivanka thinks Holly may be playing it a bit too safe.

Bret finished his photo shoot and headed for the edit bay, leaving Darryl and Summer to finish the PowerPoint presentation and three-page ad layout. On the way Bret realized he had forgotten his voice-over script.  Holly has only two hours to pull her presentation together. Curtis had a personal engagement to go to dinner with a friend about to be married and wanted to call it a night, leaving Holly to finish alone. Bret calls Summer to retrieve his Snapple commercial scripts. Darryl tried to help out, but Summer can't find them at the studio. Bret continues the editing process and tries to make it work without the script. He decided to improvise with all his eggs in the basket of the funny commercial. Summer warned Bret about the two-hour launch event the next day, but she doesn't think Bret appreciates that the commercial isn't the only thing that matters in this task.

Holly thinks Bret's taking a risk in making it a "Bret Michaels" tea. Bret checked out the presentation space and realizes it's much larger than he expected. Bret's daughter Raine comes to visit. Even Summer gets a teary-eyed. Raine is borderline diabetic and the main reason Bret is working for the cause to help find a cure for diabetes.

Holly p[resents her campaign first to Donald Trump and the Snapple executives. She explains that autism is a serious disorder, affecting many people throughout the world. Snapple CompassionBerry incorporates both a great flavor and a good cause, with the HollyRod Foundation branding included on the Snapple bottle. Holly shares how deeply she was affected when her son was diagnosed with autism. Both the executives and Donald are entertained by Holly's commercial, which did not use any of her team.

Bret was really nervous at the beginning of his presentation, then decided to speak from his heart. He talks about his struggle with diabetes and brings up how it may now affect his daughter. He has incorporated his Snapple flavor into his charity by creating a Diet Snapple drink, with an awesome taste and zero calories. Bret's commercial for "Trop-A-Rocka" made the audience and the Snapple executives laugh. It used two celebrities, Darryl Strawberry and himself. Holly was feeling great about her presentation until Donald takes a poll which showed the audience likes Bret's Snapple product better.

Donald meets with Larry and Andrew, the two Snapple executives, who both think Bret is "very Snapple," meaning in the target demographic while Holly is the one they'd put in their boardroom. Donald worried Bret made a mistake in creating a diet flavor, but Andrew thinks it's actually more marketable. As for tying the charities in with the brand, Larry prefers Holly's label, and Andrew likes Bret's commercial better. Both contestants have two very different brochures and both are good. Overall, it's close to a draw.

Bret and Holly meet Donald in the boardroom with their teams. Bret says that both Darryl and Summer did a good job. Donald's happy Darryl came back to participate in this last task. Since Darryl didn't win any money for his charity, Donald has decided to give him $25,000 for the Darryl Strawberry foundation for autism. Trump believes in taking care of your friends, which is how Darryl got onto a finals teams despite an early exit.

Donald questioned why Bret decided to go with the diet flavor. Bret defended his decision. With over 1.6 million people suffering from diabetes each year, Bret thought making a Diet Snapple product was not only the right choice, but the smart choice. Don, Jr. thinks Bret did a good job in masking the diet taste in his product. . Ivanka played devil's advocate, saying Bret focused on celebrity in developing his product. She thought that was congruent with the Snapple brand.

Holly believed she did a good job. Trump didn't understand why Holly didn't use Maria in her commercial. Holly explains she was more focused on integrating her charity with the brand than celebrity. Curtis really helped her pick a great flavor for Snapple. Bret loves his brand name "Trop-A-Rocka," but Holly thinks her CompassionBerry is better and Trump agrees with her.

Trump told the contestants the Snapple executives liked Holly's label better because Bret's colors were too dark. Trump liked Holly's cover better, but he liked Bret's inside flap, so he calls it a draw between the two. Ivanka told Bret that he "is" Snapple. Trump asked his teammates how they feel about Bret compared to Holly. Summer is equivocal, reflecting her mixed feelings about that question. Darryl is unabashedly a fan of Bret.

Trump told the contestants they've all done a great job. The Snapple executives will donate $50,000 to both Holly’s and Bret's charities. Trump excused Curtis, Maria, Summer and Darryl from the boardroom. Trump likes both of the final two: Holly's distinction is raising the most money ever from a non-finals event and Bret’s is always winning as project manager. It's a tough decision to make. The live finale will get underway. Someone will be fired and the other will win $250,000 for his or her charity.

The live finale starts. Various eliminated contestants are asked for comments. Rod expressed his appreciation for being allowed on the show. Trump asked for a show of hands of who thinks Rod is guilty of the charges against him and Michael Johnson raised his hand. Michael said that he could have made it to the end if family issues had not required his presence elsewhere. Cyndi acknowledged $45,000 won for her charity and that she will perform from her new album later in the show. Summer received significant money for her charity Right to Play. Trump replayed Maria’s “potty mouth” moment in the Boardroom and she is disappointed in herself and stated for the record that is was inappropriate. Curtis and Darryl are both thankful for their opportunity to win some money and get good celebrity exposure.

Bill Rancic and Joan Rivers are invited to share their insights. Joan concluded Holly is admirable but Bret is a true fighter and Bret should win. Bill counters that you can't ignore how much Holly has done and that the popular decision isn't necessarily the right decision.

Holly returned to greet her former competitors and Donald Trump. Then, Bret makes an extra special appearance despite all the health problems he's had over the past few weeks. Bret talked about his health and credited his great doctors, though they told him not to attend the live finale. Even though it's a risk, he came to win and that's why he was there. Holly indicated that she had gotten close to Bret during the filming of the show and she was happy he could make it in person. Bret and Holly put in a plug for each of their causes. Cyndi Lauper sang “I’m Just Your Fool.”  Holly and Bret both made statements supporting why they should win.
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However, Cyndi is notoriously disorganized. She cannot get her act together unless it is a creative task or pure drudgery. Anything that involves using discretion or judgment is something that she is no good at. Her overuse of her inquiring mind to the detriment of tasks was theater of the absurd. She got the feedback from her teammates that she deserved and she was eliminated as deserved. Being a great artist does not make someone a Celebrity Apprentice winner. She just did not have anything resembling the entire package needed.

I was surprised that Bret did. I expected him to be eliminated early in this competition for the same type of disorganization overcoming his undeniable creative skills. He was very lucky that the final task was one requiring a high degree of creativity or he would have been beaten by Holly.