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Title: Why, America, Why?
Post by: Rob on February 05, 2003, 04:26:04 PM
Why didn't America choose Kimberly? I thought she was the best singer out of ALL the group. She was my pick for the winner! Boo Hoo
Title: Re: Why, America, Why?
Post by: Bathfizzy on February 05, 2003, 05:07:38 PM
ooops I shouldn't have read this.  American Idol wont be on for another hour here.  So Kimberely didn't get picked eh?  My guess is because her voice only suits a certain kind of sound.  Her voice is nice but if sort of  reminds me of Ryan and Nikki last year.  And the American Idol should be able to sing and sound good on different kinds of music.  That is the reason why Kelly Clarkson did so well last year.
Title: Re: Why, America, Why?
Post by: Theresa on February 05, 2003, 06:20:05 PM
Cindi was ticked by the picks tonight.  She said the girl they picked was good, but she was mad because she said that it didnt really go by talent that it turned into a popularity contest.  She wanted Kimberly also.  I listened to her sing and thought she was very good, but the other girl was good too.  I think she didnt like the other person that won.

Title: Re: Why, America, Why?
Post by: Mamaschatzi on February 06, 2003, 05:06:19 AM
Wanna take bets that Kimberly Caldwell will definitely be one of the judges "wildcard picks"?  I, myself, like her voice but I think she has a real attitude problem.  
Title: Re: Why, America, Why?
Post by: Theresa on February 06, 2003, 05:17:09 AM
I don't even know how this show works, but if she has a chance to get back in Cindi will be happy.  

I am not sure she knew how the show worked either, she sure wasnt happy when they let America pick, LOL.  

Title: Re: Why, America, Why?
Post by: Bathfizzy on February 08, 2003, 09:28:07 PM
I agree with you Mama, Kimberly will be one of the contestants asked back by the judges for the wildcard spot shot.

Theresa, I will explain to you how the show works.  I saw the first one and the way it works is.  The judges were responsible for picking and narrowing the field of contestants to 32.  Now they turn the choosing to the voting audience.  As you saw on the first show for American Idol 2.  They had 8 performances with the judges critiquing them.  But it is up to the public to decide who should go on.  They will do this for 3 more shows where the viewing audience will have picked 8 contestants.  Then the final two spots will be chosen from the wild card show.  Last year the judges picked the singers that they liked (from the group of 30) and gave them one more shot in the wildcard show and then they determined who got the last spot to be part of the final 10.  Last years wild card pick was RJ.  According to what Ryan Seacrest (host) said it looks like in this years wild card show the judges will pick one and so will the viewing public.  I think it is a good idea because sometimes 4 or 5 good singers are lumped together and only two can go on.  Then once the final 10 are chosen, they will perform a different genre of music each week and each week the public will vote for who they like and the contestant with the fewest votes is let go until they get to the winner. 8)