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Title: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on February 16, 2009, 10:56:28 AM
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 1
Feb 16, 2009, 12:01 AM | by Phil Keoghan

Categories: Reality TV, Television, Things That Are Awesome!

 What can I say? Season 14 is officially under way. It's actually pretty crazy to write season 14. I think we’ve really outdone ourselves this time around and also performed some spring-cleaning, if you will. We freshened up the graphics, the music, the maps, and we're letting the show breathe a little more when we have the opportunity to show off the spectacular places that we travel to each week. Maybe a little less airport process and a little more postcard moments.

Love our diverse and colorful, including our first-ever deaf contestant, a pair of Harvard grads, a carpenter, a jockey, former NFL cheerleaders, a Hollywood screenwriter and even a gay rights activist/minister. Of course, the other big stars of the show are the locations, including first-ever stops in Siberia and Romania. Because we never repeat ourselves by going back to the same locations, we have endless opportunities to keep it fresh. We have tons of drama, adventure and even a few occasions where I was forced to mediate several Mat meltdowns.

The Joint Forces in Los Alamitos, Calif. came out in full force to support us with two massive military helicopters. While flying into the start of the race, the teams were treated to a couple of spectacular rainbows. A good sign that we had a golden opportunity to create another Amazing season.

As always, the adrenaline started pumping right from the start. The teams have been waiting in anticipation for months or, in the case of Luke, who has been an avid fan since season 1, years. They all have a ton of built-up energy and they're eager to start the race. As I always say, the world is waiting for you.

Right out of the starting block our oldest racer, Mel White, suffers a groin injury. Not a great way to start the race, but something tells me he's not going to throw in the jock strap just yet. When it comes to comedy, the Whites are going to be the kings this season.

People ask me if I ever grow tired of racing around the world with the teams. But how could I when everything is so unique every time we make the journey. This isn't like going to the same old studio where you can guarantee 69 degrees and perfect weather. Just like the teams, we have to be ready for anything.

Speaking of unpredictable, Switzerland took us to a whole new level of mayhem. You know you're capturing classic television moments when all around you people are yelling out "watch out for the flying cheese." The locals lost it. The teams certainly lost it. And to be perfectly honest with you, no one in production knew what might happen next. Thank goodness for those fences or who knows where those cheese bombs might have ended up.

Personally there are many special moments that I will treasure when I look back on my time hosting The Amazing Race: Gus during season 6 when he pays tribute to his ancestors; Ian from Season 3 remembering his time in Vietnam. But being able to sign to Margie and Luke that they were team #1 on the first leg and knowing how much it meant to him makes this one of those moments I will never forget.

more here .....
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Jobby on February 16, 2009, 10:58:29 AM
But being able to sign to Margie and Luke that they were team #1 on the first leg and knowing how much it meant to him makes this one of those moments I will never forget.

Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: redwings8831 on February 16, 2009, 11:28:39 AM
The website wouldn't load for me.  :duno:
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on February 16, 2009, 11:30:54 AM
The website wouldn't load for me.  :duno:
It went down  (:;)
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Kogs on February 16, 2009, 11:51:17 AM
works for me
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: redwings8831 on February 16, 2009, 11:52:34 AM
works for me

It's back up now.  :yess:
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on February 16, 2009, 12:34:00 PM
I edited my post and put the whole blog up in case ew goes down again.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: georgiapeach on February 16, 2009, 06:28:34 PM
I love Phil, and the signing was awesome!


Because we never repeat ourselves by going back to the same locations

Jaipur? ???

I was forced to mediate several Mat meltdowns.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Jobby on February 16, 2009, 10:52:57 PM
I was forced to mediate several Mat meltdowns.

But it doesn't seem like this season teams will give Phil a bad job to do. Unless Amanda and Kris decides to turn on each other, Steve decides to abuse Linda for losing the race for them.. Brad and Victoria kill each other for their elimination??

I can't see any teams having a possible meltdown.. Hmmm~ :duno:
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: TARAsia Fan on February 17, 2009, 03:28:44 PM
It's early yet. Just wait as the stress level gets higher.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: michael on February 17, 2009, 05:24:29 PM
I'm glad Phil is blogging about the season  :yess:
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on February 17, 2009, 05:46:11 PM
I'm glad for Phil anything ,,,,,,,,, :)
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Bathfizzy on February 17, 2009, 10:48:31 PM
Thanks Puddin for posting the blog.  It is always nice to know what Phil is thinking about.  I loved it when he signed to Luke and his mom that they were team number 1.  I enjoyed the scenery of Switzerland.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on February 17, 2009, 11:23:34 PM
I can't say enough about Phil's awesomeness! For reals! What would the race be without him? I'm thankful to EW for asking him to blog. I mean Jeff Probst been doing it so why not Phil?
I loved the signing too BathFizzy and of course the famous browsie  :hearts:

Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Jobby on February 17, 2009, 11:40:37 PM
Phil's sign = LOVE

He better get nominated for best host this year!! (:;)
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Ruth on February 22, 2009, 03:12:38 AM
Wow, mat meltdowns. Perhaps Amanda and Kris, Tammy and Victor, Linda and Steve, or Cara and Jaime. Lol.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on February 23, 2009, 10:29:56 AM
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 2
Feb 23, 2009, 12:01 AM | by Phil Keoghan

 One of the biggest challenges we face planning the race is dealing with unpredictable weather. Paragliding is such a fantastic challenge for a place like Germany, but of course, when youíre dangling from a few strings and a big piece of nylon itís a good idea to make sure you only launch when the experts tell you conditions are absolutely perfect. I actually had my first solo flight when I was on a shoot in Chile and we had to wait a couple of days for the right weather...not an option when you are running a race in real time.

Of course, if Race was set in a studio we wouldnít have to factor in the weather but we also wouldnít have the great moment that occurred when Mel was able to soar over other teams who decided to run down the mountain instead of waiting for the right weather. Melís ongoing groin injury forced that decision, and this time it paid off big time. There were a lot of cell phones going off between production members when we all realized we had captured another great game changer. As I travel along the course I pick up key story points and then rely on event producers to call them in to me once Iím at the mat. Sometimes geography prevents those calls from getting through but information always makes its way to the mat as more and more teams and production members arrive.

The long trail down from the 6,000-foot mountain really took its toll on the other teams. Linda became completely overwhelmed when she took a few too many wrong turns and found herself slipping into last place. In the end, Steve and Linda were never able to recover. Their emotional finish continued well into the night as a number of us tried to comfort them at the pit stop. Donít forget we have only been on the go now for a few days and the realization that itís all over is a lot to take. Teams canít help but go back through the day and talk about the what-ifs.

Iím not sure if youíre ever tried a Segway but they are awesome. I love seeing them being used in more and more practical applications, police force, airport personal, etc. I met a guy who was confined to a wheelchair the other day and he said being able to move while standing up has completely changed his whole mindset. I digressÖso the teams get the chance to ride a two-mile obstacle course and then more mayhem. Why is it that pies in the face always get a laugh? Not so funny for Margie and Luke, who got seriously creamed for longer than any one, and so funny for me when they arrived at the mat covered in sour smelling cream! Just be thankful that you didnít have to smell the scent of racer's sweat mixed with cherry and stale cream.

How many times have we seen a team stumble because of a simple clue? Fourteen races and itís still happening. Christie and Jodi found themselves completely flummoxed as they aimlessly picked up random pieces of wood hoping they would find their next clue. It was a tough leg for them.

We are building up to a mat meltdown. Stay tuned!'The%20Amazing%20Race':%20episode%202
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Jobby on February 23, 2009, 10:35:54 AM
Mat Meltdown prediction = Kisha and Jen
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: TARAsia Fan on February 23, 2009, 10:40:36 AM
I say it's Tammy & Victor.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Jobby on February 23, 2009, 10:45:06 AM
I say it's Tammy & Victor.

I expect meltdowns to be intense quarrelling from both party. Victor is too much a nice guy to yell/scream at Tammy i believe. When Tammy told him to stop singing, he even apologized for annoying her.

Kisha and Jen on the other hand... :funny:
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: TARAsia Fan on February 23, 2009, 11:07:38 AM
From the previews, Tammy was crying so I really think it's going to be her and Victor.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Ruth on February 25, 2009, 10:34:52 AM
Maybe an unexpected mat meltdown, say, Amanda and Kris? That'll be interesting lol.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: apskip on February 26, 2009, 01:05:31 PM
I love Phil, and the signing was awesome!


Because we never repeat ourselves by going back to the same locations

Jaipur? ???

I was forced to mediate several Mat meltdowns.

I think that meltdowns involving Tammy and Victor and Kisha and Jen are probable.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on March 02, 2009, 12:55:31 AM
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 3
Mar 2, 2009, 12:01 AM | by Phil Keoghan

Categories: Reality TV, Television, Things That Are Awesome!

 You know you have another great episode when you've got quotes like these:

I personally don't want to see you in a unitard. That's just not sexy.
I'm not wearing that girl's leotard.
I don't want to stay here tonight. It's kind of freaky.
I want my frickin' medal.
I think your brain just froze.
Gotta keep our eye out for Dracula.
Why are we driving on the sidewalk?
Look, we're doing so great.
Tell me when we're going to stop.
My Superwoman leotard is full of poop.
Go ahead. Scare me. I don't even care.
We're alive and that's what matters.

You know that feeling you get when you're being chased in a dream and you can't seem to run fast enough? Well it's a feeling many of us in production get during the Race. The reality is it's not a dream, we are being chased...all the time. I'm constantly getting calls from my colleagues making sure I'm heading to the next location to stay slightly ahead of the teams at each event. The challenge is maximizing my time so I can shoot something for my behind-the-scenes diaries. There's nothing worse than rushing away from a great location and missing out on sharing something cool. Check out my second diary and you'll see what I'm talking about. I really wanted to hang with those paragliders, but we got word teams were arriving at the bottom of the mountain. As a matter of fact, when I got down to my car I saw a couple of teams running up to the gondola. I always keep myself out of sight just so they don't get the feeling they are on the right track.

The one spot I was really keen to hang at during last night's leg was Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci's old gym. Looks like we've all been saying Nadia's last name incorrectly.  Coman-nich, not Coman-nichi. Grown men in tights, mmmm, there is something very wrong with that. Clearly some of the racers agreed "...I personally don't want to see you in a unitard. That's just not sexy." "...Iím not wearing that girl's leotard."

Of course, we would never let a piece of Lycra get in the way of good television. Naturally we got a few raised eyebrows from the locals, a good indication we are creating some water-cooler moments. Reminds me of a great Robin Williams quote, " tight you can tell what religion they are." I think he said it at one of his "Live at the Met" concerts.

Golden rule on the Race: Be very careful about isolating yourself from other teams when booking flights...especially flights with tight connections. Tammy and Victor were far enough ahead that they could fall back with the other teams on a later flight but Brad and Victoria let everyone get away from them while they stressed out in another country.

Another good rule of thumb: Listen to your teammate. On paper, Tammy and Victor are one of the smartest teams we've had on the race, and yet they made a huge blunder by aimlessly climbing a mountain while following the wrong markers. Victor simply refused to listen to Tammy. He'll have to change his approach pretty quickly if they want to stay in this race.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14 episode 4
Post by: puddin on March 09, 2009, 10:47:11 AM
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 4
Mar 9, 2009, 07:15 AM | by Phil Keoghan

 Luke and Margie's decision to use the U-turn really got some reaction. Is it dirty to use an element of the game? Is the idea that racers should make choices that keep them in the good books with everyone or should they simply do what they can to beat out teams they think are a threat?

From my point of view, I like that people are prepared to stir things up while following the rules. Certainly it makes for great content. Sad that Amanda and Kris have gone. I think they had the potential to stir things up down the track.

Writing this blog sure has increased the number of Race questions I have been getting. Clearly it is impossible to please everyone or answer every single question but I thought I would try and address a few. Beware...some of you may say, "Come on Phil, I know that!"  For those of you who do, I apologize.

Firstly, when it comes to pronouncing the various location names etc. people wonder how we arrive at making certain choices. The fact is at times we really get stumped and there have been a number of extended phone calls checking and rechecking the phonetic way to say a certain word with local producers, on the computer and with references gathered by those in production. In general we try and go with what people know or what the locals use. That said, sometimes locals themselves will give us many different options. I like to record some of the tougher location names with a local on camera for reference. If you saw my video diary at the gym in Romania you will have heard one of the ways Comaneci was pronounced. Checking with other locals I heard it the way we all know it and a few other versions too. In the end we stuck with the most common use. Pronounciation can be completely subjective. I had many people tell me I say Keoghan wrong.

Yes, teams do have to buy 4 tickets at airports to cover their crew. Since we don't see the crew we don't have them on camera saying 4, just 2 for the 2 you can see. Essentially, if there are not 4 seats the team can't go. There are lots of process things that obviously wouldn't make great TV. For instance, there has to be releases for each person on camera, location releases, lots of things that take a lot of time but things that we have to do as part of making the show.

As far as teams going off track, one of the biggest challenges is keeping crews loaded with tapes and batteries. When a team goes off into the wild like Tammy and Victor did, tape and battery power become a real issue especially when the crew has no idea how long they're going to be out. Now when there's no cell service to call in support...well you get the picture. The crew is already heavily loaded with gear (self sufficient) so those extra miles really take a toll on them.

While lost teams can make for good TV, it really can make life challenging for all of us. Crews work a different team each leg so when things get really spread out that can really make the turnaround tough. When I first started in television I trained as a film camera assistant. Over the years I have continued to shoot, and being able to operate is something that has come in really handy over the years. One of the toughest things about shooting is having a camera on your shoulder for an extended period. Broadcast cameras weigh anywhere from 20-30 pounds. That kind of weight in a backpack is one thing but when it is high up on a shoulder on one side of your body hour after hour, believe me, it really takes some effort. The guys on our show are definitely on the tough side and deserve huge respect.

Absolutely agree with those who have asked about other Race seasons on DVD. I have shared my opinion with a number of people at CBS. In the end I think the fans will have to lobby in numbers. I obviously don't have the pull in that department.

Kransnoyark was cold but next week we will take cold to a whole new level with some bare flesh and pixilation!
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on March 16, 2009, 10:52:50 AM
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 5

 Loved last night's episode. Talk about taking people out of their comfort zone. The racers got a firsthand taste of the frigid Russian climate we've grown to love on this show. I've never seen so many stunned locals in my life.

People always ask me what goes on while I'm waiting for the teams. Well, we never really know exactly how much time there is in between so we all stay close to the mat, at times for up to 19 hours. Back in season 2, we were in the middle of the Hong Kong harbor with people hurling over the side while waiting for Teams to arrive - that was a little rough - but being out of the cold and sharing time with these talented people was a real buzz.

At the pit-stops, I shoot the welcome to the pit-stop stand up, (explaining that teams have to come to a specific spot) then the opening for the next show. If there is a good spread between the teams then I get longer interviews with teams at the mat...sometimes up to 30 minutes each depending on what they want to share. Talking to the teams is actually the best part of everything I do. I love the energy they bring to the mat and capturing their emotions in the moment. The other thing I try and complete is a Phil's Diary segment.

No matter how much we prepare for teams arriving they still sneak up on us ó like you saw in last week's Diary. Even when we think we know when and how they are going to arrive someone will come flying in out of nowhere.

Still, loads of questions being fired at me...people wonder why teams run out of money. All teams get the same amount of money each leg but some spend more wisely than others, some get taken by taxi drivers, and, of course, sometimes find themselves cut short.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of fans who write in from Canada...and the number one question, "Why can't Canadians be a part of the Race?" Australians, New Zealanders...people from all over the world ask the same thing about their eligibility. There are lots of reasons from passports, logistics, casting resources, legal is way more complicated than you might think. The fact is there are simply so many choices for casting here in the States for a great show and of course there are now other versions being made around the world.

As far as an international race down the line...maybe, but again think of the challenges. Many people have suggested four networks get together (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA) and each puts in say three teams and equal money. But who would be in control of the show? What happens if all three Australian teams get eliminated in the first three episodes? Fun to talk about but it didn't work for the international Idol series.

A lot of people stop me and say, "Phil, if I was on the Race I would win that thing. I can't believe some of those people." First off, trust me, this is a lot harder than it looks and secondly, we are not picking people for their extraordinary racing skills...the fittest, fastest etc. We pick people who are extraordinary people who we think are going to be the most interesting at getting from one place to another. This season I really think we ended up with a great mix.

And lastly, one of the best things about the Race is how momentum can shift on a dime for all the teams. Just when you think you're in control, one bad leg puts you at the back of the pack. Jodi and Christie were truly shocked when I told them they weren't eliminated courtesy of this season's first non-elimination leg.'The%20Amazing%20Race':%20episode%205
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: TARAsia Fan on March 16, 2009, 05:44:37 PM
Best blog yet!  :yess: :yess: :yess: :yess:
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: tory on March 16, 2009, 06:08:49 PM
the philanater is awsome!!!!!
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on March 23, 2009, 10:59:29 AM
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 6

Mar 23, 2009, 06:08 AM | by Phil Keoghan

 Wow, who knew there could be so many questions about my underwear? Okay, for the record, here's the deal. Boxers...too much dingle dangle, briefs...too tighty whitey looking. Support is a necessity, looking like a overly tanned European tourist in a Speedo is an absolute no no. At the end of the day it's all about personal preference and what works...after spending three days at a nudist resort shooting an episode aptly named, Nude Awakenings, I am way beyond passing judgment about how or where people hang out.

Really good to know so many of you are enjoying the fresh aspects of the show. I agree that this has been one of our best seasons yet. Being able to choose fresh locations and new challenges never seen before really helps but of course this cast is really starting to heat up...and it's only going to get better. Remember that Mat meltdown I told you about? Well, it's coming soon.

What's interesting about doing a show like Race is the reaction people have to the challenges, both the racers and the viewers. Some people wrote to me and said having people run like that in the cold is way too extreme, others felt it wasn't extreme enough. Everything from ó "You could have killed those people" to "Ah, when I was young we used to run backwards ten times as far, on our hands." 

At the end of the day we are simply trying to push people outside their comfort zone, to challenge them. This is something I believe is an essential part of life. I really believe there are way too many people who forget to really live. Why? Because you can...because life is too short to be a spectator...because sometimes it's okay to do something just for the fun of it and you don't have to analyze everything to the point of exhaustion. Pushing someone outside their comfort zone is relative. What's extreme for one person may be quite tame for another...that's okay. And it's one of the reasons we don't pick people who would simply waltz through every challenge. As far as safety goes, as I've said before, everything we do is tested and retested, and at the end of the day the most dangerous thing we have people do is get in a taxi cab. Race is about getting people to take mental leaps not having people risk life and limb.

Look at the mental leap the teams took arriving in India. The reaction of Luke and Jamie is quite typical. It is very difficult for some people to suddenly be exposed to the realities of a world that many people simply try to ignore. Naturally there is a feeling of helplessness. One of the great things about the Race is that we are able to show real Americans the world in a way that is seldom seen on primetime television. Usually when you see the world there is a war, a natural disaster, political disruption. On Race we have been able to show the kindness of strangers, provide an insight into a different culture and capture moments of everyday life while driving down an Indian street.

I think Mel is great. I hope that when I'm 68 I have the same sense of humor and passion for life. The connection he has with Mike is very cool to watch. Mike definitely got his comedic timing from his dad.

Maybe some of you might want to be one of the next Amazing Racers ... well I'm six days away from heading out across America on a bike, and part of my tour includes casting for the new season of Race. Please check out the route and if you have time sign up to ride a few miles with me. See you soon!'The%20Amazing%20Race':%20episode%206
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: honeybee on March 23, 2009, 01:05:53 PM
What a great blog.  Seriously fantastic. It is so nice that he is answering as many questions as possible.  Love it!  :tup:

Very cool to hear about his biking adventure that starts SO SOON (I wonder if he will keep blogging?) but very sad that Portland, OR is far from his straight-shot from LA to NYC.   Definitily try to see him if he's coming through your town!
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: tory on March 23, 2009, 01:16:31 PM
i hope he doen't hit all the mountians. if the rout they r showing is the one he is takeing he goes right over virginia don't blame him we have beautiful mountians here but i would not want to bike up and down them , i live near the beach but to get her would take him off cours to get to ny..go phill go..
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Ruth on March 23, 2009, 01:30:14 PM
Wow, mat meltdowns coming soon? Tammy and Victor? Kisha and Jen? The other teams don't look like they will flare up. Perhaps Cara and Jaime. Either way, it sounds interesting, can't wait to find out.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: tory on March 23, 2009, 03:05:04 PM
yea we should state a predition on who it is i am going with margie and luke they r very emotional..jmo
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Ruth on March 24, 2009, 01:13:32 PM
Hmm, but sounds like a huge quarrel, something I wouldn't expect from Margie and Luke. I think I'll go with Tammy and Victor, but I'll hate to see that happen, geez.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: TARAsia Fan on March 24, 2009, 02:40:16 PM
I say Kisha & Jen. They have had little fights that have been seen on the insider clips. I have a feeling they become Mount St. Helens this week.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Moo on March 24, 2009, 10:22:20 PM
Wow, mat meltdowns coming soon? Tammy and Victor? Kisha and Jen? The other teams don't look like they will flare up. Perhaps Cara and Jaime. Either way, it sounds interesting, can't wait to find out.

I think that this time, the mat meltdown Phil is saying is about Margie collapsing from heat exhaustion...  :lol: not some crying or fighting already...

T/V emotional - seen it
M/L emotional - seen it
Mel/Mike emotional - seen it

These people have somehow repaired their relationships (most especially T/V's blunder in Romania)

The only people whom I think would be emotional at the mat would be Cara/Jaime... nonetheless, the next leg seems to be rather refreshing than stressing...
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on March 30, 2009, 10:55:07 AM
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 7
Mar 30, 2009, 09:01 AM | by Phil Keoghan

 Crazy episode tonight. I know we say it all the time, but taxis can make or break you on this game. More spoilerific info from Phil after the jump...

I thought Mel and Mike were going to be able to salvage it and escape elimination. Sad to see those guys go. Definitely a great team. I love when we get teams who really walk away from our show with a great bonding experience. I think Mel and Mike are one of those teams. They really looked like they enjoyed every second of the show and their time together.

Great bonding between a father and a son. I can relate to that as I'm currently on the road with my dad on my "Ride Across America." Dad is pulling the Airstream, while I'm busting out 100 miles a day on the bike. Great start to the Ride on Saturday. Couple of hiccups along the way but so happy just to be underway. Was on the bike for 11 hours yesterday. Grueling first day, with a 9,000-foot vertical climb. Tons of Amazing Race fans showing their support along the way. Receiving warm greetings from people on the street in each town and all their well wishes are pushing me through the leg cramps.

Loved the "call of the wild" element to tonight's episode. Teams didn't know what to expect when that elephant was hovering two feet above them. I could use an elephant massage right about now.

How about Margie fainting from heat exhaustion at the mat? She was so overheated. Scary moment for us all ó especially Luke. With Margie down, no one could communicate with him, which made it so much worse for Luke.

Hope you guys are loving this season. I have to get some sleep. Riding to Vegas tomorrow. See ya....
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: RealityFreakWill on April 13, 2009, 11:38:49 PM
I just happen to come across this blog and consider this my first and probably last post on the TAR thread and I'm only watching TAR this season and never have in the past, only because of Luke, he and I are both hearing-impaired, but anyhow, I noticed this hasn't been posted  yet so here goes...
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 8

One of the things the Race does is give you a good idea of who would be useful on a desert island. And while Victor may be at the top of his game as a lawyer, he clearly isn't blessed with some very practical skills. I'm always amazed at how many very capable people have no idea how to do practical things.

For two guys who seem to know how to do just about everything, Mark and Michael really fell apart in this episode. Just when it looked like they were going to break out and start leading the pack, they were hit with a four-hour penalty because they continued to break the rules. Who knows where those guys would be in this game if they played within the regulations. Two penalties last week and two penalties this week? That's insane. I believe they are the most penalized team in the history of the Race.

We all joked about Mark and Michael having done everything. No matter what anybody working on the production said they had done, those two guys had done it or knew how to do it. There is no doubt they have a lot of life experience, but after a while it got quite hysterical.


On another point, one of the golden rules of traveling on the Race (or traveling, period) is that you never lose sight of the essentials -- namely, your passport and a way to buy yourself out of trouble. No matter where I go in the world, I never lose contact with or sight of either. After seeing what happened to Toni and Dallas in season 13, you would have thought we would never see a repeat of their costly mistake.

I don't think we really touched on it in the show, but that boat ride after they finished assembling the propeller was about 45 minutes long -- and that's in a boat. Jump in a taxi and add traffic, and that turns into a two-hour cab ride. It's almost impossible to overcome that type of play.   

I love the Detour in this episode. Margie was amazing. And as she said, being a nurse really helped her in finding the right piece for the perfect smile. I actually felt quite sick when I was on location. I definitely would have gone with the karaoke. I don't know how a dentist goes digging around in people's mouths. This was definitely Margie's leg. Obviously Luke was right there with her, but she was driving the team this week. From the propellers to the dentures, she had her A game on. By the way, all of us on the show thought the dentures were going to take quite a while to complete, but Margie flew through that challenge. She was reaching into the locals' mouths without hesitation. I would say she probably finished that in about 5 minutes. They were on a mission this week.   

I was really impressed with the way she bounced back after her collapse on the mat last week. A lot of you commented last week that it seemed like we dragged out that scene. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The safety of everyone is our No. 1 priority. If you really think otherwise, then you clearly don't know the outstanding safety record we've had for the past 14 seasons. Enough said.   

One of the more odd occurrences from tonightís episode was the flooding of the streets. It was a little disconcerting, to be honest, for all of us in production. When we first started seeing the rising water, we started to panic a little, but then we were informed by some of the locals that this was a daily occurrence. The river rose above the banks and spilled over into the city. Pretty freaky. Favorite scene from tonight's episode was the party taxis ... so fun. Classic Race moment -- taking the racers completely out of their element and throwing them into an "out of this world" scenario. Without a doubt, Tammy and Victor welcomed the karaoke with open arms. All of the teams seemed to have fun. I don't think Mark and Michael knew that their backup singers were transvestites. They made it all the way through the ride without knowing, and then I think one of the locals told them ... reminds me of that scene in The Crying Game.

I've been teeing it up for weeks now, and we're finally here: Next week is the most memorable mat meltdown of all time. Margie and Luke vs. Kisha and Jen. These two teams battle throughout the entire leg and end up with mere seconds separating them at the check in. I've never seen two teams go at it like this before and have it carry all the way to the mat.

Thank you to all of those who understand just how much energy this ride is taking out of me right now. I am very focused on raising money and awareness for MS. And riding 100 miles a day in rain, sleet or snow is definitely taking a toll. Makes me wish I could multiply myself like Michael Keaton did in Multiplicty. I'm 1,500 miles into my ride, doing open casting calls along the way, and the response has been overwhelming. We'll keep you updated on future casting calls on

A huge thank you to Margie and Luke, who turned up in the pouring rain in Denver to support the start of one of my MS rides. Having you there meant a lot.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on April 14, 2009, 12:04:05 AM
Thanks Will! When I checked this morning it was not up. Phil had no internet he said on his Twitter. 
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: georgiapeach on April 14, 2009, 08:38:28 AM
Drop in anytime, Will! Thanks!
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: TARAsia Fan on April 14, 2009, 09:11:40 AM
Yes, Will! Glad to have you in TAR!
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: RealityFreakWill on April 14, 2009, 10:18:07 AM
No problem, guys! You all are very welcome.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on April 20, 2009, 07:07:52 PM
Phil is a very busy man! I thank him for taking the time to blog as he rides across America  :jam:
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 9
Apr 20, 2009, 06:46 PM | by Phil Keoghan

Categories: About Last Night, Reality TV, Television

 And then there were four. We now have a really strong group of Teams set to battle each other for the $1 million prize. I love when we get to the point in the show when Racers start to realize they actually might have a shot to win this thing. It comes down to who can put it all together for the final stretch, who has the stamina to keep racing full speed ahead after almost a month on the road, who can remain focused with the pressure of $1 million staring them in the eye, and who can put aside any personal feelings about their competitors and simply run the Race of their lives. Easier said than done.

Quick thoughts on the four remaining Teams:

Victor/Tammy: Smart, analytical, and competitive, but do they have the street smarts to pull it off?

Luke/Margie and LaKisha/Jen: I'll put these two together following last night's meltdown. Both are strong competitors and the partners communicate really well, but will the teams' feud with each other get in the way? Also, Margie and Luke have played out of their heads the past two weeks -- can they maintain that level of play?

Cara /Jaime: Strong team, but can they get through the rest of the Race without coming to blows with the locals? Case in point, Jaime yelling at the man during last night's dancing challenge because he couldn't understand English. Yelling at someone who doesn't understand your language when you're in their country -- are you serious?

After all these weeks of telling you about the "Most Memorable Mat Meltdown" of all time, we finally got to see it last night. What an episode. The throwdown between Luke and Margie and LaKisha and Jen was so intense. All of us in production knew that both teams were really going head-to-head throughout the entire leg, but no one could have predicted it would come down to a foot race to the mat and one of the most emotionally charged Pit Stops I have ever been a part of. It was downright uncomfortable.

Safe to say, Luke is not afraid of confrontation. I was surprised at the intensity level at which he ran this leg. Never backing down, never letting LaKisha or Jen get in his way. Last week I thought Margie was the driving force behind their Team, but this week Luke stepped up and took the lead. On the flip side, I always knew that Jen had that tenacity in her; you don't play Division I collegiate sports and not know how to compete. Thatís part of her DNA.

It was one of the longest times we've ever spent on a mat after the teams arrived. We were there for easily half an hour discussing who was to blame for the pushing and shoving at the cluebox, who behaved poorly, etc., etc. No matter how many times LaKisha said that she wasn't making fun of Luke when she laughed, Margie never bought it. I donít think LaKisha was making fun of Luke. I think she just has a nervous laugh and that's what she does in those situations.

By that point in the day, Margie was so fed up with the way the two Teams fought throughout the entire leg that anything was going to set her off...and it did. I have to say, though, even with all the yelling and arguing at the mat, one of the most comical parts of the entire scene was watching Victor and Tammy, who had no idea what was about to erupt when they landed at the Pit Stop.

And alas, Mark and Michael's past missteps finally caught up with them. They fought a valiant fight, but I think the hole was simply too deep to climb out of from last week. They were a solid Team and I honestly think they could have made a run at the $1 million had they been able to avoid such costly penalties. Good competitive spirit with those two guys.

Did you see that we just got the official pickup for Season 15? Great news. We're holding casting calls in several cities that I'm riding through on my Ride Across America. We're in Chicago on April 24, Pittsburgh on May 1, and New York City on May 8. Come out and apply...maybe I'll blog about you next season.

Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: puddin on April 27, 2009, 07:46:14 PM
Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race': episode 10
Apr 27, 2009, 06:25 PM | by Pop Watch

by Phil Keoghan

Never knew the "virtual pit stops" stirred up so many emotions for people.  Last night, I was in Ft. Wayne, Ind. having dinner and this woman approached me and started berating me for not eliminating a team during last night's episode.

There's no better look on team members' faces than when they arrive at the mat and I get to say:  "You're the first Team to arrive... (cue the celebration) but you're not done racing this leg and here is your next clue." Cue: "Are you kidding me?! We're exhausted. This sucks." Teams were definitely not too eager to keep racing after that leg. It was pretty brutal for all four teams.

I just want to say for the record that I think Kisha is a great big sister. I believe she really showed some of her true colors during last night's episode. Her sister Jennifer could not have had a tougher, more frustrating leg. We were all pretty concerned that Jennifer wouldn't even complete the detour.  She was absolutely paralyzed by the water. I was really impressed with the way Kisha held it together for her sister and didn't resort to yelling...or as Mel and Mike would say, going all "agro" on her.  And for the record, not like I really need to say it, but how fast is Michael Phelps?     

I know a thing or two about having to overcome being paralyzed in the water. I'm sure some of you have heard me talk about it before, but I had a near-death experience when I was 19 years old, while diving in an underwater ship wreck. I became separated from my team, couldn't find my way out, and was quickly running out of oxygen. Talk about panic. I was eventually rescued, but it was definitely touch and go there for a while and by far the most fear I've ever experienced. I suspect Jen was feeling a little bit of that last night during the detour.

I was actually a little surprised that the teams were not better swimmers.  With the exception of Margie and Luke, who flew through the detour, the teams weren't as good in the pool as I thought they would have been.  The high-dive detour was nearly impossible.  Very difficult to sync up with another person like that springing off a diving board.

Margie-Luke vs. Kisha-Jen continues to fester.  They aren't putting aside their differences, which could definitely come into play as they head into the final two legs.  As we've seen in all the seasons, it's essential to try and ignore personal feelings when you get to this point in the race. If you don't, you'll definitely lose focus and make mistakes.

Still, out here on my Ride Across America...and just want to acknowledge all the Amazing Race fans who have come out to support us.  We've had such amazing support in every town along this trip.  Thousands and thousands of fans showing up asking to be eliminated. Wonder why no one ever seems to want to be the first team to arrive -- they only ask to be eliminated.

We were in Chicago over the weekend and had over 600 potential racers auditioning for the chance to race around the globe next season. Great to see that.

With two all female teams heading into the final two legs, do you think we could finally - after 14 seasons - have an all girl team win the Race?

Guess we'll have to wait and see. Blog you next week. Back to pedaling.
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Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race": episode 11
May 4, 2009, 02:44 PM | by Phil Keoghan

And then there were three. Letís go ahead and get this out of the way. That was without a doubt the most expensive bathroom break in the history of The Amazing Race, right? Even as I sat watching the episode last night from my hotel in Maryland, knowing what was about to happen, I still couldnít believe it. I know that it was really tough on Jen and that she felt truly responsible for their eliminationÖespecially considering they had battled through the U-turn, the eating challenge and even moved ahead of the redheads and still came up several minutes shy of the final three. Both Kisha and Jen have competitive natures and Iím sure that elimination stung.

But I have to say, Kisha really impressed me again with her stoic response to the entire situation. She could have easily lost her cool on baby sis but she didnít. She never blamed her or even get that upset...she knew that Jen was doing enough of that on her own. Kisha held it together like a great big sister should. Kudos to her.

I know that some people donít like the eating challenges, but you have to admit they are an excellent test of a personís will and determination -- especially at this stage in the game. If I were to make it this far in the race, I can promise you that a starfish or a scorpion wouldn't keep me from getting to the next leg. At that point Iím eating anything I need to in order to advance. But even I was truly impressed with the ease with which a couple of the teams handled those Asian delicacies. They blew through that challenge. Cara was a machine.

Speaking of team Redheads -- I think it goes without saying that Jaime might need to work on her people skills, specifically with taxi drivers. Each and every week I am truly amazed at her impatience with the language barrier she faces in these foreign countries. Seems like Cara should have stepped in to assist in communicating with the drivers by now but Jaime is still doing all the screaming.

Canít believe we are almost at the end of this season. I feel like this is one of the best editions we've ever done. The cast was amazing, the challenges were creative and unique and the pace was unstoppable. I hope you guys feel the same.

Hereís my quick tease for the finale episode:

After 3 continents, 9 countries, and 40,000 miles, it all comes down to one final leg. The final three teams will square off in a leg that will test everything from their endurance, their memories, and even their sea legs. And one racerís Karma may come back to haunt them. Two teams will put their friendship first when they set aside the Race and help each other finish a task, and the final three teams will find themselves racing neck-and-neck in their last task on the road to the million dollar prize.

Final-Three Team Breakdown:

Cara and Jaime: Fiercely tough competitors but you have to wonder if a local is going to lose their cool on them at some point with all the screaming. Having said that, they definitely have the strength to become the first all-female team to win the Race.

Victor and Tammy: Seem to be coming on strong now. Theyíre focused, determined, and they feed off of each otherís tunnel vision. Definitely a stronger team heading into the final leg than they were when we first started this race. I love when teamís relationships grow on the Race.

Luke and Margie: Communicate better than any team left in the Race, but do they have the strength to battle it out against two very strong teams.
Guess we'll have to wait and see next Sunday.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Jobby on May 04, 2009, 07:41:56 PM
A million dollars toilet break. Sigh.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: Hooky on May 05, 2009, 11:39:02 PM
A million dollars toilet break. Sigh.

Kisha & Jen - I miss them. I enjoyed seeing the dream stay alive for so far longer than expected. :'(
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: DrRox on May 06, 2009, 06:08:59 AM
I certainly won't be suprised to see M/L win at all. I may be seeing significance where there is none, but the fact that CBS switched the finale with Survivior looms pretty big to me, this week.
Title: Re: Phil's Blog for TAR14
Post by: apskip on May 06, 2009, 07:20:49 AM
Huh? My memory says that the Survivor finale when both are active simultaneously is typically about a week AFTER The Amazing Race finale. I don't know but if the country music awards had not been televised by CBS then I expect that The Amazing Race would have started one week later.  If it's a Feb. to May Amazing Race, then you can count on the Amazing Race finishing in the Sweeps period. Most fall Amazing Races finish in December, so they span the entire Sweeps period but do not finish there, the result of not starting until late September.
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Phil Keoghan blogs 'The Amazing Race' finale: episode 12
May 11, 2009, 02:58 PM | by Phil Keoghan

Categories: About Last Night, Reality TV, Television, Things That Are Awesome!

 Another season in the can. I think season 14 was definitely one of the best we've ever done. Ranks right up there with some of my other personal favorites - seasons 1, 3, 5, and 7 to name a few. We had an extraordinary final three heading into Sunday night. We had a feisty all-female team in Cara and Jaime and who had what it took to potentially claim the first victory for the women; we had the Team that you may call this season's ďunderdogs;Ē and lastly Tammy and Victor, who may just have a bit more practical skills than I ever gave them credit for.

I was at the finale party in NY last night and Victor actually called my bluff and wanted to challenge me to a tire changing contest. However, he did admit that they struggled driving a stick shift and that he had bruises all over his legs from being a bit uncoordinated Ė if you think back, the propeller Roadblock wasnít exactly a whirling success.

In addition to the season 14 cast, we also had some past familiar faces at the party last night including former Racers Tom and Terry, Sarah and Terence, Kelly and Christy, Nate and Jennifer, and even Drew from Season 1 showed up. Really fantastic to see all those guys coming out to show their support for this group of globe trotters.

Seeing as this is my last blog entry for this season, I thought I would review some of my favorite moments from Season 14:

∑    Cannonball Cheese Wheels: If you ever hear the line "Watch out for the cheese," you know you have a great season on your hands.

∑    Big Brother Doesn't Always Know Best: While in Romania, Victor insisted they were going in the right direction. He was wrong. Turned out to be a game changer for the winners as Victor learned itís a Team sport and not a dictatorship.

∑    Mat Meltdown:  Who was to blame? Even several weeks following the infamous meltdown, we're still debating who was in the wrong.

∑    Most expensive potty break ever: Kisha and Jen work so hard as a team to battle back through a challenging leg and with a spot in the final three on the line, Jen makes a quick bathroom Pitstop.

∑    Last nightís Roadblock: Love the moment when all three teams are running neck-and-neck. Great finale episode last night.   

As Iíve stated before, I really love when teams' relationships grow on the Race and I honestly feel like Tammy and Victor's matured right in front of us. They learned to feed off of each other, communicate with one another, and most importantly listen to each other. And I believe theyíre probably walking away from the Race with a better relationship than when we started.  I have a lot of respect for those guys.

As far as their strength in the game, they were like the NY Giants two seasonís agoÖthey got hot down the stretch and everything started clicking for them. They ran one heck of a race in the final couple of legs. Don't get me wrong, we knew they were a strong team when we first saw them, but I think most of us thought their relationship may trip them up along the way.

Luke and Margie were definitely one of my favorite Teams we've ever had on the show. Their relationship is truly compelling and whether or not they were your favorites, you have to give both of them a ton of credit. Not sure they were on anyone's final three lists at the start of the season. Margie Ė or as I call her, ďBionic WomanĒ Ė is as competitive and strong willed a human being as I've ever been around. And Luke, who was probably the biggest Race fan ever, never let any obstacle get in his way and clearly never will.

Cara and Jaime definitely played a strong game. When we first saw this team we knew they were strong enough physically and mentally to make a serious run at the million dollars. They were also relentless in their pursuit of becoming the first all-female team to win the Race but came up just a bit short. Iím sure Cara was a great cheerleader on the field, but she is definitely an all-star off the field. She always maintained her cool throughout a very hectic race and was always supportive of her friend and teammate. 

Just want to say thanks to everyone for tuning in this season and for coming out to support me on my Ride Across America. Itís been a crazy couple of months. I am going home now (via airplane) in a much wider and more comfortable seat to gear up for season 15.