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Title: House rule: No violence
Post by: Mamaschatzi on July 01, 2002, 10:22:34 PM
From the NY Daily News

Contestants on CBS' third round of "Big Brother" have been warned not to fool around with knives.

Arnold Shapiro has told the show's 12 incoming houseguests that he and fellow executive producer Allison Grodner will not tolerate violence or threats of violence.

"We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violence," Shapiro said. "We don't want to lose another houseguest."

Shapiro's warning comes a year after he and CBS executives expelled "Big Brother 2" player Justin Sebik midway through the show's summer run after he put a knife to the neck of fellow contestant Krista Stegall.

The zero-tolerance policy on violence also was in effect last year, he said.

As in past editions, "Big Brother 3" will present 12 strangers who live in a house outfitted with hidden cameras and microphones. Their actions will be monitored around the clock for three months.

The houseguests are cut off from the outside world, and each week eject one of their number. The game's $500,000 jackpot goes to the last player standing.

CBS will reveal the identity of this summer's contestants on July 5, the day before they enter the house. The first installment of "Big Brother 3" will air Wednesday, July 10, at 9 p.m.

Fans will see minor changes in "Big Brother 3" compared with last summer. The players will live in the same home, which Grodner said designers have tweaked by adding Asian-themed decor. However, this year, in contrast to last, the producers will not resupply contestants who run out of cigarettes.

CBS' "Early Show" news anchor Julie Chen will continue as the series' host and will interview evicted houseguests.

Shapiro characterized this season's contestants ; plucked from some 6,000 applicants  as competitive and ruthless.

"This cast breaks down into two categories, those who'll leave their morals at the front door and will con anyone to win, and those who believe they can win by being just who they are," he said. "But they're all like hungry dogs waiting to get into that house."

Title: Re: House rule: No violence
Post by: Texan on July 11, 2002, 05:47:05 AM
I wonder if they will provid ethe contestants with the patch since there will be no more cigarettes?  Well, that is one way for them to kick the habit!

Description of the players seems interesting. :-/
Title: Re: House rule: No violence
Post by: Rob on July 11, 2002, 05:56:31 AM
I think it will make the game that much more interesting with no smoking!
Title: Re: House rule: No violence
Post by: Mamaschatzi on July 11, 2002, 06:08:01 AM
I didn't see any of them pick up a cigarette.  I don't think that I would want to be locked in a house while quitting smoking.  There's enough stress having to deal with that.  If someone is in the house trying to quit then we'd better watch for some tempers flaring!
Title: Re: House rule: No violence
Post by: Texan on July 11, 2002, 06:11:09 AM
Could give them more reasons to kick some one off it they are so irritable!

They vote off the people in this one too, right?