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Title: The new Apprentice is.........
Post by: Mamaschatzi on April 15, 2004, 09:43:30 PM
Congratulations Bill  :D You deserve it!
Title: Re: The new Apprentice is.........
Post by: Mamaschatzi on April 15, 2004, 10:19:00 PM
Bill Gets the Job on 'The Apprentice'
24 minutes ago 

By FRAZIER MOORE, AP Television Writer

NEW YORK - Kwame was fired. Bill is hired. "The Apprentice" came to its much-anticipated climax Thursday when Donald Trump chose Bill Rancic, the street-smart 32-year-old Internet entrepreneur from Chicago, to be his apprentice for the next year.

"Kwame, I think you have an amazing future," said Trump. "You're a brilliant guy, great education, and I have no doubt you're going to be a big success. But right now, Bill, you're hired."

Rancic edged out fellow finalist Kwame Jackson, the laid-back 29-year-old New Yorker and Harvard MBA, for the Trump-described "dream job of a lifetime" and its $250,000 salary.

Rancic will get to return home to Chicago to manage the construction of a hotel and residential tower.

"Don't worry, you're going to have plenty of supervision of that building, I don't care if you're president or not," Trump told him. "I'll be the one supervising."

The decision closed out a two-hour showdown for the hit NBC reality competition. Billionaire developer Trump, the host, put 16 would-be apprentices through numerous business tasks then, in the boardroom, "fired" someone at the end of each episode.

For his final assignment, Bill was put in charge of a Trump golf tournament, while Kwame handled an appearance by pop star Jessica Simpson (news) at one of Trump's Atlantic City casino hotels.

Each "boss" was teamed with three "employees": previously fired "Apprentice" candidates who, possibly still nursing grudges, sometimes seemed as much a hindrance as a help.

Thanks to Bill's team, a vital sponsor's sign went missing.

Thanks to Omarosa on Kwame's team, Jessica Simpson went missing. Then disappeared again, while Trump tapped his foot.

When was an apprentice ever made the president of a company right away? And how can 15 people be fired when they were never hired in the first place? Those are questions that may never be answered.

But the boardroom summits with Trump, where he pronounced "you're fired" amid even more exchanged glances than you'd find in the squad room of "NYPD Blue," helped make "The Apprentice" a sensation since its January premiere.

Created by Mark Burnett, who brought "Survivor" to the airwaves, "The Apprentice" trades on a similar survival-of-the-fittest strategy.

"It's not a game," Trump declares. "It's a 13-week job interview."

Viewers have flocked for the bravura display of competitive greed and backstabbing. Another draw, perhaps: the eight female contestants were attractive and tended to wear short skirts.

"The Apprentice" has launched Trump into stratospheric new heights of renown. Not only has he dined out on the catch phrase "you're fired" (and threatened to copyright it), he scored deals for a Trump-brand credit card and as a celebrity spokesman for a telecommunications company.

Two weeks ago he was guest host on "Saturday Night Live" and has agreed to come back for a new edition of "The Apprentice" next season, reportedly at a substantial pay raise.

Meanwhile, the show has had several breakout characters, chief among them Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, who's beautiful, scheming and cantankerous. Her feigned martyrdom from falling plaster on one episode earned her the ultimate pop-culture salute: She was spoofed on "Saturday Night Live."

Suspected hanky-panky between two other rivals, Nick Warnock and Amy Henry, has also added to the fun.

Whatever the reasons, "The Apprentice" has been a huge hit, last week ranking second in viewers, with 22 million even edging out CBS' "Survivor: All-Stars." It ranks seventh for the season to date, according to Nielsen.

Taking a page from CBS' playbook on publicizing "Survivor," NBC blanketed its schedule with "Apprentice" promotions, especially on its news shows. "Apprentice" stories were set for "Dateline NBC" the day before and after Thursday's finale.

And "coverage" on Thursday's "Today" show included an appearance by a CNBC business analyst with her forecast of the winner. She predicted Kwame, whom she described as "charismatic," "coachable" and a "complement" to Trump's style. Trump, of course, was on hand at "Today," too, along with his "You're fired!" punch line.

Title: Re: The new Apprentice is.........
Post by: puddin on April 16, 2004, 08:56:57 AM
 :'( :'( Thats great that Bill won Mama..but ,I was such a fan of Kwame that I was really upset...Dang Omarosa!!!!!!
Title: Re: The new Apprentice is.........
Post by: Mamaschatzi on April 16, 2004, 11:50:20 AM
I like Kwame also Puddin but he secured his loss by picking Omarosa.  I can't believe she LIED on national tv.  I think she has definitely ruined her chances at getting another high profile job.   She has shown that she can't be trusted.
Title: Re: The new Apprentice is.........
Post by: Theresa on April 16, 2004, 01:59:11 PM
Woo hoo, i didnt listen to Puddin and i changed it to Bill right before work yesterday, lol (i think)...
Title: Re: The new Apprentice is.........
Post by: CindiLou on April 16, 2004, 06:28:29 PM
Congrats to Bill!

I wouldn't allow Omarosa anywhere near me. That woman is plain nuts.
Title: Re: The new Apprentice is.........
Post by: puddin on April 16, 2004, 06:29:52 PM
Doesn't matter T..I still beat you..neener neener :D :D I did well on the 5 point questions.. ;)

I'll put the last recap here~

Bill Racic Becomes the Apprentice

At Trump Taj Mahal, Kwame, who was in charge of the Jessica Simpson concert, worked feverishly with his team to try to find the singer. Because of a transportation mix-up, they had no idea where Jessica was. Omarosa got off the phone and said she'd found Jessica, who was now at the Taj Mahal. Kwame and Omarosa immediately headed for Jessica's suite, where they met Jessica and her husband, Nick Lachey. Omarosa joked about losing Jessica and not knowing where she was. Jessica admitted that she was at a loss when she arrived at the airport. No one was there to meet her. She said that she called her production manager, who arranged her transportation to the Taj Mahal. Omarosa said not to worry. She promised that the rest of the logistics would be tight. In an interview, Kwame said it felt good that things were finally straightened out.
At Trump National Golf Club, Bill was in charge of the Chrysler Trump Golf Tournament. Bill got his group up at 4:30am to get an early start on the day. But the problems also started early. Bill's team had lost something of their own: a Marquis Jet sign. Marquis was an important sponsor of the tournament and the Trump organization had a contractual obligation to display their signs. On top of that, there was a frost delay on the course that would throw off everyone's schedule. As Bill was running around searching for the sign, representatives from Marquis Jet arrived. Bill greeted them warmly and acted like nothing was wrong - even when they asked about their sign. Bill then hustled back, looking for the missing sign. Finally, he decided to search through the trash dumpsters, where he found it. He met up again with the Marquis Jet representatives and they went off to put their sign up.

Kwame and Troy met with representatives from Operation Smile, the organization that the Jessica Simpson concert was benefiting. Operation Smile repairs childhood facial deformities for those who can't afford the procedures. Next, Kwame and Omarosa met Jessica and Nick in their suite, along with the Operation Smile representatives and Mark Brown, who runs Trump's hotels in Atlantic City, for a VIP breakfast. The only problem? There was no breakfast. The breakfast was originally Omarosa's responsibility, but she handed it off to Troy. The hotel's Food and Beverage Manager said that Troy never told him the exact time of the breakfast. Mark Brown was not happy. He pulled Kwame aside and said that this makes them all look bad. In an interview, Mark said, "We're looking at Kwame under pressure and he seems to be cracking a little bit."

Donald arrived at Trump National Golf Course where Bill was running around checking on things. Bill touched base with Donald, who announced to the room that if Bill screws up, he'll fire Bill, "like a dog." Donald then wanted to play golf. Bill told him about the frost delay. Donald told Bill in no uncertain terms that he wanted to play by 10:30am. In an interview, Bill admitted he was feeling the pressure.
Omarosa blamed Troy for the breakfast failure and said that the meet and greet with Jessica, the press and her fans must go flawlessly. Heidi, who was in charge of the event, had a problem with the fact that Kwame suddenly put Troy on the event too. In an interview, Heidi said that she feels like Kwame doesn't trust her. And she said that if your boss doesn't trust you and company morale is low, then you end up saying, "Screw that." Kwame tried to reassure Heidi. He said that she is still in charge of the event and that Troy is her "co-pilot."

At the golf course, Bill said, "I'm always doing a hundred things at once. I like to operate at a fast pace." But the others in his group saw Bill as "frenzied" and "panicked." Lesley Rey, Director of Sales and Events at Trump National Golf Club, said that Bill went in and out of the clubhouse at least 150 times during the day. She also said that it doesn't look good for Bill, as the tournament director, to be running around like he was. In an interview, Amy said, "I, right now, don't think Bill will win - and it makes me very sad."

At the Jessica Simpson meet and greet, there was a problem, again caused by miscommunication. The number of people coming to the event had nearly doubled, but the hotel staff said they never got this information from Kwame's group. As a result, the ballroom for the meet and greet would never be able to accommodate the expected 150 people. Heidi called Kwame on the walkie-talkie and he came down to sort it out. Kwame said that they could just split the fans into smaller groups and only allow in one group at a time. This seemed to satisfy everyone. Kwame then had to track down Omarosa to get her to escort Jessica to the meet and greet, which was running late. In an interview, Kwame said his style is not to micromanage people. Instead, he gets talented people and assigns them tasks. Then he expects everyone to get their jobs done.

At Trump National Golf course, the golfers gathered after a day on the greens. Bill addressed the group and thanked everyone for their support of the Ike Austin Foundation, which focuses on the prevention of Diabetes. Donald thanked them all for raising a lot of money for a worthy cause. Donald then took off in his private helicopter for Atlantic City and Trump Taj Mahal.
Kwame met Donald on the Taj Mahal's helipad. Donald wanted to see Jessica before the concert, so Kwame took Donald down to the site of the meet and greet. Kwame radioed Troy at the meet and greet and told him to keep Jessica there because Donald was on his way. Troy told both Heidi and Omarosa. However, when Trump arrived at the ballroom, Jessica was gone - and no one knew where she was. Omarosa had left with Jessica without telling anyone. Kwame said that Jessica was at the stage. Donald was a good sport and went to the stage. They looked around, but no Jessica. That's because Omarosa and Jessica had gone back to Jessica's suite. Kwame tried in vain to get a hold of Omarosa, but she wasn't answering her walkie-talkie or her beeper. Donald was tired of running around, but he was even more tired of Kwame not knowing where Jessica was. In an interview, Kwame said, "This is the first time I thought I could be fired." Finally, they went to Jessica's suite, where Omarosa answered the door and greeted them with a big smile. In an interview, Kwame said, "Omarosa I would never hire because she's very intelligent, but she's a space cadet." At the concert, Donald introduced Jessica Simpson to a packed house. The audience, including Donald and Kwame, enjoyed the show.

Both Bill and Kwame thanked their groups and headed back in their limos to Trump Tower for their final day of the boardroom - and the final elimination. Kwame said, "I'm going to try to respectfully take Bill down. And he's going to try to do the same." Bill said, "It's going to be a battle down to the end." But when Bill and Kwame arrived just outside of the boardroom, they were asked to wait. Donald wanted to talk to the members of their groups first. So Amy, Nick, Katrina, Heidi, Troy and Omarosa headed into the boardroom. Donald asked for opinions. Heidi thought Kwame did a good job, but that he relied too much on Troy. Everyone who worked with Bill said he did a great job. Carolyn, who observed at the golf tournament, said Bill was exceptional. George, who observed at the concert, thought that Kwame was exceptional too. Donald asked about flaws. Amy, Nick and Katrina said that Bill's only problem was that he was frazzled at times. They said he needed to be calmer and not quite so on top of his people. Omarosa, Heidi and Troy said they had the opposite experience with Kwame, who they said needed to be more expressive and hands-on. Donald cut to the chase. Who would each of them hire? Not surprisingly, Amy, Nick and Katrina said Bill, while Heidi, Troy and Omarosa said Kwame. Donald joked that the group had been no help at all. The former candidates exited.

Bill and Kwame entered the boardroom. Donald first congratulated them. They were the final two out of over 215,000 candidates. Obviously they were each outstanding. But, Donald said, only one can get the job. Donald asked about Bill and Kwame's very different management styles. Donald said that Kwame's group wondered about his drive. Kwame said that he is just a calm, cool and collected person. Then, Kwame had to defend the fact that he chose Omarosa for his team - early in the draft. Carolyn said it was a risky choice and Kwame couldn't deny it. George brought up the issue that Kwame may not manage employees and situations closely enough. Carolyn told Bill that his group members thought he was too stressed at times. Bill disagreed and said that he's just intense. Donald asked Bill who the best choice would be. Bill said that he would be the best choice because of his experience, his "entrepreneurial blood," and his superior track record with tasks on the show. Kwame said he really wanted to work for Trump and said that he gave up a lot to try. Donald agreed and said that Kwame gave up so much, it scared him. Donald repeated that both men were outstanding and sent them out so he could confer with his advisors. George weighed in and said that Kwame was the best choice. He saw Kwame perform under fire and feels that Kwame is a better fit in the Trump organization. Carolyn said Bill was the best choice. She said that Kwame is too laid back while Bill is practical. She felt that Bill was a better fit. With his advisors split, the choice would be up to Donald. Donald asked his assistant to send the men back in.

Kwame and Bill got up and entered the boardroom. Donald said that the men were each winners, but that he could only choose one. Donald turned to Kwame and said that something was bothering him - big time. He said that Omarosa had lied to Kwame, twice. Donald wanted to know why Kwame didn't fire her. Donald sure would have. Kwame said he didn't know that was an option. Plus, he needed all three people in his group to complete his task. Donald turned to Bill and said that although Bill may have been a little nervous, he completed his task well. Then Donald spoke the words we've never heard from him before. He said, "Bill, you're hired!" In front of a live studio audience, Donald presented Bill with his first executive decision. For his job with the Trump organization, Bill could oversee the construction of a spectacular new building, Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, or he could manage an incredible golf course on the edge of the ocean, Trump National Golf Club - Los Angeles. Bill said both jobs were tempting, but that his heart is in Chicago, so he chose Trump International Hotel and Tower in the Windy City. The audience cheered. Trump gave Bill fifteen minutes of free time and then told him to get to work!