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Title: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on March 15, 2004, 07:11:21 PM
NEW LEASE ON LIFE: Filming of The Simple Life 2 got underway over the
weekend as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie embarked on a 30-day cross-country
trip from Miami to Beverly Hills aboard a shiny metallic Airstream trailer.
"I've never been on a road trip anywhere," Hilton told The Associated Press.
"The farthest I've driven is from L.A. to Palm Springs." Among the everyday
conveniences the duo were forced to leave behind: money, credit cards, cell
phones, boyfriends and grainy night-vision cameras.
Title: Re:The Simple Life 2
Post by: WENDY on March 16, 2004, 04:53:52 PM
If this show never came on again, I would love it.
Title: Re:The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on March 16, 2004, 08:00:27 PM
Aww,, Wendy.. :D I guess that you didn't care for the first one either?  :D..Did you give it a chance? It was really funny! ;D
Title: Re:The Simple Life 2
Post by: WENDY on March 17, 2004, 10:44:05 AM
Yeah, It just frustrated me......
Title: Re:The Simple Life 2
Post by: The young and new Nicole Richie on March 19, 2004, 11:38:42 AM
OMFGGGGGGG I love that show :D

WHOO HOOO I can't wait till it comes on.



Hehe I'm all excited now :D

yayyy Thanx for posting :D

does anyone know when it will come on? like the day and stuff
Title: Re:The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on March 22, 2004, 08:28:20 PM

Television - AP
Paris Hilton Thrown From Horse in Taping    
Sat Mar 20, 9:42 PM ET  

TAMPA, Fla. - Paris Hilton was hospitalized after a horse she was riding threw her off and kicked her in the stomach during the taping of "The Simple Life 2," a reality show featuring the hotel heiress and a friend on a 30-day cross-country trip.

Hilton, 23, was first treated at the scene in rural Florida north of Tampa on Friday, then taken to a hospital, said Chris Alexander, publicist for 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles.
The kick to the stomach left her bruised, but she was not seriously injured, said St. Joseph's Hospital spokeswoman Lisa Patterson. Hilton was released about three hours after she was brought in and was never admitted to the hospital, she said.
Hilton was able to walk around immediately after the accident, Alexander said.
Camera crews were taping the socialite-turned-TV star when she was thrown, Alexander said.

The sequel to "The Simple Life" features Hilton and Nicole Richie on a monthlong cross-country trip with no money, credit cards, cell phones or boyfriends. The show is set to hit Fox in June.

Hilton, the leggy blonde hotel heiress, and Richie, daughter of singer Lionel Richie (news), helped make the first season of "The Simple Life" a huge success for Fox.

The young women appeared to break free from their sheltered upbringings, working odd jobs milking cows and hawking burgers at a fast-food restaurant while living with a family in ultra-rural Altus, Ark., population 817
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on May 14, 2004, 10:08:35 AM

The site is up..  ;D

The boards are open  ;)
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on May 31, 2004, 09:35:06 AM
Stooping to new lows (NYPOST)
 Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton
Poor Paris Hilton goes from begging to being trampled by a horse on the long-awaited sequel to "The Simple Life."

Well, to be honest, I wasn't long-awaiting it, but some people have been, so here's a preview of what happens when "The Simple Life 2: Road Trip" premieres Wednesday, June 16, at 8 p.m. on Fox.

In "SL 2," Paris and her friend (now foe, according to the gossip columns), Nicole Richie, embark on a journey from Miami Beach to Beverly Hills.

This will give them the opportunity to touch down in a variety of hamlets, where they'll shack up with people city folk refer to as "hicks."

The first gang of befuddled bumpkins to get the Paris-Nicole treatment are the Battens, who live among a collection of hunting trophies on a ranch somewhere in central Florida.

As revealed by a preview tape sent to critics earlier this week, Paris and Nicole arrive in Bumpkinville via a pink pickup truck towing a trendy, streamlined Airstream.

It's a pretty fancy way to go cross-country, but not for Paris and Nicole, who have been compelled to give up all their cash and credit cards.

Because of this forced (and contrived) poverty, the girls resort to begging — at a toll plaza, at a gas station and in a convenience store.

At the Batten Family Ranch, though, the girls go from begging to working, which includes picking up fresh cowpies with a shovel and removing them to a compost heap.

Here, the producers of "The Simple Life 2" have seen the need to videotape these great masses of manure in extreme closeup.

Mercifully, the excrement excitement soon subsides, and it's time for Paris and Nicole to saddle up and take two of the Battens' horses for a spin.

The girls seem experienced enough at riding, but when Paris kicks her mount into a full gallop, the animal bounces her off and steps on her — a scene caught on videotape and seen in its entirety on "The Simple Life 2."

While some meanies might be tempted to stand up and cheer at this point, Paris' injuries seem serious enough for her to be evacuated by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

The good news is, the injuries turn out to be minor and Paris is well enough to once again hit the road, where — among other things — she and Nicole will get a job stuffing sausage casings in one town and work as sheriff's deputies (and jail matrons) in another — neither of which sounds "Simple" to me.
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on June 11, 2004, 10:23:49 PM
The Simple Life 2
Wednesday 8/7c
Road Trip! Paris & Nicole are taking over America! PREMIERE! ( ;D ;D I can't wait )

THE SIMPLE LIFE 2 follows celebutantes and best friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they pack up their Louis Vuitton bags... again. Only this time, it's for the ultimate cross country road trip when THE SIMPLE LIFE 2 premieres Wednesday, June 16th. On this night, FOX will air a special bonus episode at 8/7c and the regularly-scheduled episode at 9/8c.

Armed with a road map and their trendy dogs Tinkerbell and Honey Child, the girls leave behind their luxurious lifestyles as they embark on a modern-day "Thelma & Louise" adventure that brings new meaning to the phrase "road kill." From the jet stream to the Airstream, the privileged princesses pack up their hot pink pickup truck with all the travel necessities -- Manolo Blahnik shoes, Pucci scarves and Marc Jacobs purses -- as they say goodbye to private parties and hello to public restrooms.

The outrageous fish-out-of-bottled-water series focuses on Hilton and Richie, who are again stripped of their cell phones, cash and credit cards. Departing from Miami Beach, FL and ending up in Beverly Hills, CA, the girls must navigate their way through this wild ride full of new jobs, host families and small towns across the country. From making reservations at The Ivy to making sausages for the locals, from trapping hot guys to trapping crawfish, these hilarious heiresses discover that life on the open road can sometimes drive you crazy. As the girls go from life in the fast lane to life in the carpool lane, the question still remains: can they survive THE SIMPLE LIFE 2? And can America survive them?
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on June 11, 2004, 11:59:51 PM
Posted on Wed, Jun. 09, 2004


Pampered pair not high on South


BILOXI - Are you sitting down, South Mississippi?

We hate to bring you bad news, but Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie won't be coming back to Biloxi.

"This is the bush... the outback," Hilton told an Entertainment Weekly reporter who followed the pair during their spring 2004 stay on the Mississippi Coast (other choice comments appear below and on Page 40 of the June 11 issue of the magazine).

Hilton, hotel heiress, and celebrity daughter Richie (her dad is singer Lionel Richie) spent time here in late March to tape part of Fox network's "The Simple Life 2: Road Trip," the surreal sequel to the original "The Simple Life." That earlier show drew an average of 13 million viewers, so Fox simply couldn't let it die.

Part two begins next Wednesday (June 16), but already EW has published comments by the pampered pair about their experiences on the trip from Miami to Los Angeles, one that took them not only to Biloxi but Kissimmee, Fla.; Lafayette, La.; and Austin, too.

Executive producer Jonathan Murray says he chose the Southern sojourn because it was "the only way to see the girls in bikinis in springtime... We're not doing radio here."

Reporter Jessica Shaw followed the young women on the Biloxi leg, which included sausage stuffing in Jackson County and an "artery-clogging meal" at Cajun's Fabulous Fried Chicken, where the women chowed down on rice, beans, corn on the cob, buttered biscuits, fried chicken and, for Paris, "a big ol' brownie."

Shaw remained on their trail through a visit to the spa at Beau Rivage, where the fish-out-of-water duo indulged in manicures and pedicures. And the EW reporter recorded virtually every observation and comment, including these:

Richie on sausage-stuffing: "I was trying to get the sausage into the intestines and I left my finger on for too long, and I let it go, and it exploded... all this sick, disgusting (bleep) all over the ceilings and the walls."

Hilton, on a poster for Sen. Trent Lott: "Oh, my God... (We're) deep in Bush country."

Richie, on the South in general: "This IS the bush. They haven't developed yet. Maybe it's because they don't want to."
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: CindiLou on June 12, 2004, 10:56:33 AM
I can't wait! I just hope it is still good.

The Restaurant went way down hill on its second series.
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on June 17, 2004, 09:45:15 AM
If anyone missed the two first episodes..heres a recap  ;)

They once survived living on a farm in Arkansas. Paris and Nicole are back! This time they are challenged to cross the United States, from Miami Beach to Beverly Hills, with nothing but the kindness of strangers. They are stripped of all money and credit cards, and they can only stay in trailer parks or other families' homes. Can they do it?

First, a shopping detour in Miami with the dogs. Many $400 shoes and multiple $2,000 outfits. But before they can hit another store, the girls find out that their road trip is starting earlier than they expected. A pink pickup towing an Airstream trailer pulls up. "Shut the f&%$ up," Nicole exclaims. Yes, honey, this is your home for a long while. They turn in their cell phones, credit cards and cash.

They drive off from Miami with 3000 miles to go before this road trip is completed. At the first highway entrance, they beg the toll booth operator to front them the 75 cents. Cars honk from behind. Nicole gets out and begs other motorists for money. Oddly, these normal people pay up. "This is going to be easier than I thought to get across country," Paris boasts.

The truck's gas indicator starts beeping. Paris pulls over to a gas station and she and Nicole beg people for money. They are successful not just with horny men, but with women. Paris and Nicole could be street walkers! Nicole steals food from the quickie mart, and when she's caught, she offers to work for the owner. With gas money in hand, Paris doesn't know how to maneuver the truck to the pump.

The first stop on this road trip (and the first paying job) is at the Batten Ranch, home of the Bull-It Rodeo. The Batten family is eager to have the girls work the rodeo. Paris and Nicole say they are both proficient riders, but all they are interested in is the horse fashion. The first task is to clean the arena of manure. Paris shovels, but they cover most of the piles up with dirt. Now it's horse time. Nicole seems more comfortable in her saddle than Paris. But Paris is undeterred. "I wanna go really fast," she tells the Batten boys. As she kicks the horse into gear, she doesn't even realize that she is supposed to hold the reins. The horse obediently gallops, and Paris falls off. She moans and whines. But she also sends out for backup. A helicopter flies in to airlift her to a Tampa emergency room.

At the hospital, the paparazzi stakes out the doors. Our little Paris and her little boo-boo have become front page news. She emerges from the hospital like a wounded war veteran. "I've been riding horses my whole life and this has never happened to me before," she says through her pain to the reporters. With just a few minor bruises, Paris is fine.

Back at Batten, J.O. the head rancher feels bad about what happened. He treats the girls to ice cream at a place up the road. The girls want to go in the gift store and pick out gifts for themselves. "How bad are you hurtin'?" J.O. asks. Paris purses her lips and shows the black and blue mark on her leg. J.O.'s a gentleman and agrees to foot the $113.56 bill for their silly purchases. Now J.O. feels bad for himself for getting duped. Don't worry, pardner. Many other men have paid more. The girls get J.O. to show them his chaps -- without pants. Looks like getting men to strip is one job Nicole and Paris are good at.

Time to leave the ranch.

Are we still in Florida? Apparently so, because the girls get pulled over in Tampa by a cop. Paris doesn't have her driver's license on her. Turns out the blue lights on the truck are actually a second degree misdemeanor and could send her to jail. Paris reapplies makeup just in case she needs to flirt to get out of the ticket. But the policeman lets her go with a warning regardless of the eyeliner.

The girls set up camp in the Brentwood trailer park. The manager of the park informs them that they have no propane and can't cook. Paris puts a metal pot into the microwave. She doesn't understand why it melts and emits a smell when she turns it on. Her mama raised her right. Or was it her personal chef? The next morning, they don't have any other food so they go out to make friends with the trailer neighbors. The girls find a family who feeds them. Guess what's back from last season? The ever-present blurring of the butt crack!

The manager of the park instructs them on how to unhook the Airstream from the truck. Paris and Nicole don't pay attention. The next task is to drive to the Weeki Wachee water park, where they watch a live mermaid show in the water tank. "That was sexual," Nicole observes. The park's marketing manager, Monica, offers to pay them to babysit her daughter that night.
Monica is perplexed when the girls ask how late little Kayla can stay out. Monica forbids them from cursing in front of her daughter. Paris and Nicole do anyway, and try to get the girl to curse too. They dress Kayla up to look like them, complete with makeup and a feather boa. Poor Kayla looks like a midget hooker. As they are playing hide and seek, Paris and Nicole lose Kayla just as her parents come to claim her. Monica is stunned that they have lost her daughter in the dark woods. But Kayla is hiding inside the trailer. "Bye, gorgeous," Kayla says, mimicking her babysitters. Monica pays them for their troubles. "Ten f*%#ing dollars!" Nicole says.

The next day at Weeki Wachee, Nicole dresses as Chester the Sea Turtle while Paris plays a mermaid. Paris does well in the swim test. Nicole has more problems in the bulky turtle suit. But after all that "hard work," the girls don't pass muster to make it into the mermaid show. How do they soothe their sad hearts? Dance on top of the bar at Coyote Ugly!

Next, the girls are headed to a nudist colony.
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on June 24, 2004, 06:36:39 PM

Nudist resort residents get their 'Simple Life' moment
By JAMES THORNER, Times Staff Writer
Published June 24, 2004

[Times photo: Erik Jacobs]
Caliente resident Storm, left, who gave only one name, and guest services manager Sabrina Vizzari watch The Simple Life 2 at the Caliente nudist resort in Land O'Lakes on Wednesday. The episode was filmed at the resort in March.
LAND O'LAKES - The naked and half-clothed residents of Caliente nudist resort aren't bashful. But appearing on national TV is another matter.

There was John Mitchell, Navy veteran and nudist, peering at his pantsless self on WTVT- Ch. 13, a star for the day on The Simple Life 2.

"This is it, yeah!" Mitchell said as the show's two stars, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, mingled with him on the screen.

Ulysses Bruce had a similar reaction as Richie, joining him in a "body acceptance" seminar at Caliente, saw the blond celebutante admiring his abdomen on screen.

"You're a star!" Bruce's friend yelled.

"Yeah, right," Bruce said.

Everyone involved in the show when it taped in March wore hot pink Simple Life 2 T-shirts or white "I survived The Simple Life 2."

Based on interviews with the likes of David Letterman, Caliente folk feared Richie and Hilton would belittle them. Most rested easy after the show clicked off at 9:30 p.m.

"It was all done for fun. We don't mind. We're all comfortable with ourselves," said Carole Van Dusen, whose naked form appeared on the show.

Amid the bubbling glass palm trees, swizzle sticks, pink balloons and jiggling ice, a few Caliente nightclubbers gave the show a thumbs down.

Zhenya Nichols said the show used Caliente as a cheap backdrop. "For teenagers, everyone over 30 is dead. We are Jurassic for them," Nichols said. But Bruce, Mitchell and others said they enjoyed their brief stint in the limelight. Hilton promised to visit again, without the cameras. And maybe she will.

"They edited a lot of stuff," Bruce said as the dance floor cranked up with naked bodies. "But it was cool."
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on June 24, 2004, 06:42:21 PM
Hunger pains hit on the highway, so the girls pull into the Burger King drive-thru. However, the Airstream is too big to fit through the overhead clearance. Paris just parks it as the other motorists honk in the stalled drive-thru line. With no money, the girls have a plan to get free food. They go inside and order up tons of food. Paris goes back to the car to get "money" as Nicole feasts away. Paris returns to the counter with only some change. Nicole goes back to the car as Paris nibbles. But this backfires when the store manager demands payment. The poor little rich girls are forced to hit up all the men in the restaurant for money. They walk out, proud of themselves for succeeding in another scam. They don't realize that they've left the car keys at the counter.

Back on the road, the girls make their way up the Florida panhandle headed towards something called "Caliente." They arrive to find out that it's a nudist colony. The sight of all these naked people grosses them out. We viewers are treated to happy, smiling faces covering the obscene body parts. After showering in one of the guest's houses, Paris and Nicole show up for work almost two hours late. Their new boss instructs them not to stare or laugh at guests of the resort. Little does he know they never follow orders. What's their actual job? Chambermaids. First they have to shorten their uniforms to comply with their usual, everyday attire.

It's time to see an actual chamber. Instructed by the head maid not to touch personal belongings, Paris and Nicole ignore authority and do just that. As maids, they are supposed to scrub toilets. But as Paris and Nicole, they let out squeals of nausea instead. Then it's onto the next room, where they make more of a mess than was there already. They brew some coffee and eat the person's candy. Time for a break! The head maid barks at them to get back to work.

In the next room, they take the owner's cell phone and order food from room service. With the room in shambles, they call up for a maid to clean the room. Paris and Nicole eat while she tidies the room. They tell her to put a big tip for herself on "their account." The head maid lady sees the room and commends them on the cleaning.

Then the girls are sent to a body acceptance class. Do these people know who they're dealing with? You don't get into gossip columns for hating your body! Not surprisingly, the girls announce to everyone in the class that they love themselves. Paris particularly likes her stomach and her lips and her face and her arms and her legs. Then the class is asked to write a poem about how they feel. Paris is a regular Walt Whitman. "Everyone loves their bodies because they're all hotties," she writes. Yet Nicole is more R-rated. "I support places where you can show parts from which you pee," hers reads. "Shake your willy, let's get silly!" she ends. The teacher thinks the girls have the essence of what being a nudist is all about.

That night, it's party central at the disco. Nude "YMCA" for everyone! But the girls are the only ones dressed. "This is hot," Paris drones.

2392 miles to go after the stay in Caliente! Let's hope none of those miles are nude.

Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: Bathfizzy on June 30, 2004, 01:47:35 AM
Thanks for posting these Puddin.  I have not watched tv for awhile as the weather here is so nice that we have been bike riding alot after dinner and it stays light until almost 10 so I lose track of time.  I hope they show repeats of these shows so I can see them.  I loved the simple life from last season and it sounds like this season is just as funny.  Those girls are so bad!!!!!
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on July 01, 2004, 05:51:19 PM
We do miss you Bathfizzy
..but I am very happy that you are enjoying your life and your beautiful family.. :-*
On the road to Mississippi, Nicole mentions that she doesn't know much about the state. "It's where Forrest Gump was from," Paris explains.

The girls are set to stay with the Skinner family, where parents Jimmy and Patty lay down the law for sons James and Jarod. "Just cuz they got money, they think they can do whatever they want," James complains. Patty has one strict rule: no shoes inside the house. Do stilettos count?

Paris and Nicole notice the many animal heads mounted on the Skinners' walls. Jimmy boasts that they hunt and eat deer. He asks them to assist in cooking one. Between gagging noises, Nicole helps the preparation while Paris sits idly by. Dared by James, Nicole takes a bite of the meat. She quickly spits it out.

James works with the girls to knock down an above-ground pool. He makes fun of them, calling the two girls "Dumb" and "Dumber." Nicole is pissed. She threatens him and lets the expletives fly. Jarod takes her aside to let her know that this is his brother's way of showing off in front of women. Nicole has met many men, and this is not how they are supposed to act.

Jimmy invites the local firemen over to pose with Paris and Nicole for a calendar. But first, the girls change into the skimpiest bikinis. This is a job they can get used to! Nicole fires the water hose at James, who enacts revenge by squirting a fire extinguisher at her back. "I always get the last laugh," Nicole warns.

That night, Nicole refuses to come to the dinner table. The family implores James to apologize to her. He goes out to the Airstream where Nicole is blow drying. James is amazed that it takes her two hours to brush her hair. Instead of having dinner with the family, the girls go out to a club without telling the Skinners. Seems they don't need two hours to get ready for dancing.

The next morning, Jimmy has arranged a job for them. Since they need money, they agree to go to the Cajun sausage factory. Their new task is to make sausages. When she sees liver, Paris asks if it is "fuh grah." Both girls groan when the meat is ground up. They get instructions on how to put the meat into the casings, and are left to do it themselves. "Don't let the blood spot or your outfit will be ruined," Paris cautions Nicole.

It's self-imposed break time, so Paris and Nicole take a couple bags of potato chips outside and dance to the radios from cars driving by. Their boss orders them back in to work. But instead of making sausages like they were instructed, the girls spray the meat all over the kitchen. Their bosses are horrified, and have them attempt to sell what they made to passing motorists on the street. Apparently dressing like a hooker gives you the same set of job skills, so the girls pawn all the sausages by appealing to the men who stop to get a look at the freak show. Nicole even whips a link in her hand like a sexual toy.

Before they head home, the girls make one sausage out of dog food for James. Back at the Skinner house, Jimmy praises the girls for earning a living for the one day instead of "laying out on a beach with your daddy's money." They present the free food for the family from the sausage factory, singling out the special one for James.

The girls leave, eager to get out of Mississippi. Later, the Skinners cook up the sausages for dinner, putting aside the special one just for James. The dog salivates as James bites into the dog food-filled link. Gross!

1976 miles to go, and no foie gras in sight…

Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on July 08, 2004, 11:41:40 PM
As they drive into Cajun Country, Nicole says that she can't believe Britney Spears hails from Louisiana. "Ugh, no wonder she lives in L.A.," Paris snarls. They pull up to the Mequet home, and bemoan the fact that the family lives on a swamp. "Great, I'm wearing all white," Nicole says. They tell Mitch the Mequet dad that they love to fish. Yeah, right. Younger sister Jenny announces that she is a shopaholic, and the girls determine that this is what their "task" will be. In her baby-talk voice, Paris promises to help Jenny with her first date.

Jenny gets the family credit card and her mother Laurette sets a $75 limit. Does she know who she's sending her daughter out to shop with? Nicole informs thirteen-year old Jenny that she will need new underwear for the date. Bored with having the attention on someone else, Paris and Nicole go off to try on outfits. Then Paris gives Jenny a lesson on how to walk in high heels "like the models do." The total at the cash register comes to $489.76 -- just a bit above the $75 limit. The girls convince Jenny that it's not that bad. Back home, Laurette scolds Jenny for her heiress-like spending. But Laurette also blames the girls. She orders Jenny to take it all back.

Paris and Nicole go to their new job where they are to help catch crawfish on the bayou with fisherman Bradley Richard. "It's not crawfishing clothes, but it was good enough for me," Bradley's teenage son Boo Boo says about the girls' skimpy attire. Bradley orders them to bait 65 traps. The girls put on yellow overalls and cut up the bait. Then it's a speedboat ride to dump the traps, where they overfill 25 traps instead of the requisite 65. As the traps sit out overnight, Paris joins Bradley for a crawfish boil party alone because Nicole is "sick." Paris comes up with a BRILLIANT plan during the party. She decides to dump piles of the already cooked crawfish into her handbag and pass it off as raw at work.

The next morning, she takes the handbag bounty onto the boat. As Nicole distracts Boo Boo, Paris mixes the cooked in with the live trapped crawfish. The girls sell their 52-pound sack of "raw" fish, and the girls quickly drive away $78 richer. The buyer complains to Bradley that the crawfish he was just hoodwinked into purchasing is already boiled. "We got away with it, as usual," Paris giggles.

That night, the girls are to chaperone Jenny's first date. Mitch and Laurette warn Jenny that she is not allowed to wear high heels or skimpy clothes or too much makeup or perfume. But the Mequets don't know who they're messing with, and stupidly leave their daughter with the girls. "Let's get slutty!" Nicole tells Jenny. Paris loads Jenny with smoky makeup as Nicole teases her hair. Jenny resembles them! Polite date Matthew comes to the door, and the girls grill him for Jenny. "If you hurt her, I will hunt you down and I will kill you," Nicole warns him. Newly-sexed-up Jenny comes out and sits on the couch with Matthew. They have nothing to say to each other in the glare of the TV cameras, so the girls suggest that they all go "frogging." Both Paris and Nicole kiss a frog but he doesn't turn into a famous rockstar, so they throw him back in. As they leave Jenny to say goodnight to her date, Nicole comments on Jenny's outcome. "She'll be pregnant in six months," she says.

After swindling crawfishers and scandalizing a pre-teen, Paris and Nicole have only 1784 miles to go!

Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: Brown Guy on July 10, 2004, 03:41:45 AM
I found it extremely amusing when the guy opened the bag of crawfish and said that they were boiled. I am however wondering about a simple thought. The show make Paris seem like a complete airhead yet she manages to think of elaborate schemes of manipulating people. The crawfish thing for example. I mean she couldnt have thought of that on her own...could she? Any thoughts?
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on July 10, 2004, 07:48:08 PM
LOl Brown Guy...Nicole & Paris are Spoiled Brats..I think it's selective hearing..there told to do they just do the opposite..they are smart..(they remind me of my 10 yr old   :P )

The Simple Life 2: Road Trip 
Life in the fast lane comes to a screeching halt as charming celebutantes Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie rough it on a road trip from Miami Beach to Beverly Hills

Out Takes  (
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: Rob on July 11, 2004, 08:20:43 AM
I think if it is to get out of work, Paris and Nichole could think up some great schemes!

Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: WENDY on July 14, 2004, 07:13:07 PM
Rob, I don;t know how much "thinking" these girls could possibly do! I mean, just the thought of them thinking scares me!  ?:) I don;t mean to be mean, they just get on my nerves... And they made a show for them to look like a$$es and they love it. I would never let my daughter be on a show that makes fun of her..  Does anyone agree?
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: Brown Guy on July 15, 2004, 10:16:05 PM
Yesterdays episode was great. But it was a little less funni than some of the other ones. And that dad freaked me out
Title: Re: The Simple Life 2
Post by: puddin on July 15, 2004, 10:36:07 PM
great recap by Trevor  HERE (