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Title: Gauntlent 3 3/5/2008
Post by: Texan on March 05, 2008, 04:31:21 PM
Tonight is another show with hopefully alot of drama.  I am goign to Rodeo tonight so i will have to catch the show on rerun.  If anyone is around please feel free to put in their comments on the show.
Title: Re: Gauntlent 3 3/5/2008
Post by: Texan on March 10, 2008, 01:32:11 PM
okay i just watched the show online at 

Coral catches the boys and EV saying they need to trhow missions to get rid of katie and Coral.  they have told the rookies this so they will put Ev in the gauntlent.  In the challenge CT, more then obviously throws the mission.  Coral and katie call them on it and Ev and all are laughing.  coral decides to quit prior to the gauntlent saying she does not want to be around these people and the money is not worth it.  She tells Evand katie.  The rest of the Vets are calling her every name in the book about it.  But basically they got what she wanted, coral is gone.  The problem is there is still a gauntlent and they now have to send someone else in and KAtie is safe.  no one will say anyone's name but you know they are thinking Casey.  Finnally 6 vote Casey and the rest will nto vote so Casey steps up and goes in but calls Coral all kinds of names.

So Casey against Ev in Ball Brawl.  Ev rams into casey and throws her back.  Come on girl you know you can beat Casey, do you really have to be that brutal?  Ev wins easily.

Next challenge they are rolled up in blankets and have to roll across the sand to the other side.  The Vets have more players so they are at a disadvantage.  Well they decide to block the rookies as most of their players get through.  Ryan does not stay to help his team and you guessed it rookie lose.  They put Nehamiah against Ryan.  Nehamiah beats ryan in the push it challenge.  But Ryan made Nehamiah really work for it.

Previews for next week katie telling Robin that the guys are throwing the challenges and that they are not her friends when it comes to money.  And yes CT is drunk and picking a fight with Frank.  Frank admits he wants CT to punch him to get thrown off.  Adam steps in between so CT pours beeer on him.  He is such a brute and has no control.

Should be interesting next week.

**Now with all this said, I think Coral is a better player then Casey, maybe even Diem as they do not show her very often.  Yes she is a mouth but she has tried in every challenge.  And I Love Katie, but after they threw the challenge, knowing you are next after Coral why did you not throw the man challenge.  You could have easily done it.  She says in the previews that she will next week.  But if you go into the gauntlent and are not there you can not.

Previews show it is a Vet gauntlent for the girls.