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Title: Episode 4 Spoiler's
Post by: puddin on February 13, 2004, 07:57:57 PM
(Fever is my favorite site for pictures ;))
Voice Over Transcript

VO:  CBS Thursday, it's an out of sight competition.
Richard:  I can't see him.
VO:  Until someone gets blindsided.
Survivors:  Ohhhhhh.
JP:  Big Tom may be hurt.
VO:  And is romance blooming between Boston Rob and Amber?
Boston Rob:  She's beautiful.
VO:  Plus when the worst storm in Survivor history strikes...
Tom:  May day, may day.
Boston Rob: We are homeless.
VO: ...will it break the Survivor's spirit.
Ethan: That was the worst night of my life.
Jerri:  It's not worth it
VO:  Don't miss a new Survivor: All Stars episode, Thursday.

Title: Re:Episode 4 Spoiler's
Post by: puddin on February 13, 2004, 08:02:02 PM
Picture courtesy of
Title: Re:Episode 4 Spoiler's
Post by: puddin on February 13, 2004, 08:10:12 PM
Gotta Love this site :D

Inside the Challenges:
Episode 4 Preview
by Keith Privett

The Immunity Challenge bumped from episode 3 to episode 4 - as depicted in the previews - is a remake of Thai week 11 Immunity Challenge (IC11) “Cube Crisis,” the one the relatives returned to help play.  Here it’s merged with the “loud leading the blind to collect things” challenge seen in Marquesas RC5 “Tiki Towers” (the first Maraamu win), and Amazon RC2 “Flip Out.” Three blindfolded players bring puzzle pieces to the box marked on the sand, when all are in, the blindfold comes off and the caller joins to solve the puzzle.

There are other differences between the All-Star Puzzle and the one in Thailand: It first appears to be a 4x4x4 cube, with 64 blocks, more than twice the 27 units in 3x3x3 Thai puzzle for twice the assemblers. However, the pattern on the mat hints that it may also be hollow in the central four columns, yielding a 48 cube “fort.” Since nine pieces are visible in the aerial shots, I further suspect a “fort” which only needs 10-12 pieces vs. the 14-16 for a full cube.

To keep the challenge from lasting two hours, solving the larger puzzle was made much easier. In Thailand, all the outside parts of the puzzle had the same pattern. This time the pieces have parts of the tribal icons, which indicate where it fits on a side. (In the image at left you will notice that the three pieces will actually go to different places in the pattern.).

Also the pattern of the circle  varies from a solid line to a hollow line to a pinstripe (see at right), which means each side looks slightly different. If Jeff doesn’t pointed it out explicitly in the beginning, the first to notice is more likely to win. That team will finish one side like a corner of a jigsaw puzzle, and use the images on the ends to assemble the next sides.

Who has an advantage? Shii didn’t survive long enough in Thailand to play the cube challenge and she’s sitting out anyway. The players who did blindfold challenges were those in Australia (RC6), Marquesas (but Rob M. sat out), Thailand (IC2), and Amazon. I give Mogo Mogo the nod because they have Kathy, the winning caller in Marquesas and Colby who wore the blind fold in Australia. Saboga is second, because Jerri was the losing caller in Australia and may learn from her mistakes. The only experience Chapera brings is Alicia, but she was on the winning side, while blindfold game vets Amber, and Rob C. who was in two.

(Personal Note to the webmaster, assign an intern to spell check the flash programs on the All Stars site. Both the Tribal Council and Challenge trackers have incorrectly spelled tribe names.)

Keith Privett has written “Inside the Challenges” columns for Survivor Fever since Thailand. He is a top twenty finisher in the Google U.S. Puzzle Championship, an urban planner, and alumnus of the same high school as Marquesan survivor Gabe Cade.

Title: Re:Episode 4 Spoiler's
Post by: puddin on February 13, 2004, 08:28:29 PM

I found this posted at sucks..Hey..I don't know if  it's true or not but ,It had me ROTF  ;D I do remember seeing a picture of Rupert w/a broken tooth?? We'll see hoe this plays out?

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Edward C Moss
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(2/13/04 3:29 pm)
Reply   New spoilers for 2/19/2004
 I hope none of you mind another piece of nonlinear composed info from a newbie and avid fan, but it seems to be okay at this point. I have it from a very valid source that Rob C can't keep his mouth shut to Rob M about not trusting Amber. This prompts Rob M to tell Rob C that he's a "Lazy, do nothing a**hole who should worry about himself instead." You can expect to see Rupert rip up the underground hut and rebuild it to save himself. He breaks his tooth fixing it and gives it to Jerri to cheer her up. Mogo wins first immunity, Saboga comes in second. Rob C talks to Alicia, Big Tom and Sue to form an
alliance to get rid of Amber, but Big Tom votes against him.

So, you can keep this here or put it somewhere else until next week. You might want to keep it handy though. The industry is quite large.
Title: Re:Episode 4 Spoiler's
Post by: puddin on February 15, 2004, 12:18:06 PM

Kathy Makes the Merge?
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien sporting a Blue Buff appears to indicate that she will be safe at least until the merge. Plus more...
Saturday, February 14, 2004

By:  The Wingedmonkeys

Message board user "Efjendar" at Survivor Blows uncovered a picture of Kathy at this website store where Kathy is hawking the sales of Vermont Teddy Bears. In the promotional photo (seen below) she is wearing her Survivor: All-Stars outfit and a Blue Buff. That buff may be the official one used once the merge takes place, when competition turns from Tribal to Individual. The colors used for the existing three tribes, Saboga, Mogo Mogo, and Chapera, are yellow, green, and red, respectively.

In addition to the photo indicating that Kathy made the merge, the website further tells us that Kathy used a Vermont Teddy Bear as the keeper of the rice while on the island.  From the website:

"Kathy reports that her Vermont Teddy Bear was a great luxury item. "To me, he represented innocence and a 'no worries' type of attitude," she said, "which helped me stay focused and grounded. And he was a constant reminder of friendships, on the island and back home, which gave me strength. He also made a really great pillow!" Kathy also tells us that her Bear became an important "watchman" of sorts on the island, serving as the "Keeper" of the all-important rice!"

We last saw (in Episode 3) Mogo Mogo with only one out of three locks opened for their chest containing the rice. However, last week the tribe did win a clue to help them find their 2nd key. Will Mogo Mogo win another reward soon to help them unlock the 3rd and final one? If the site is telling the truth, apparently so.  (

Title: Re:Episode 4 Spoiler's
Post by: puddin on February 15, 2004, 12:29:01 PM
RC Challenge Pictures!! It looks like the grooming supplies ?? I think that Chapara wins??

Title: Re:Episode 4 Spoiler's
Post by: CindiLou on February 16, 2004, 07:09:11 PM
Thanks Puddin! I usually spend 2 - 3 hours looking over the Survivor sites for all the spoiler info. This really helps!