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Title: Nessa
Post by: puddin on June 03, 2007, 10:40:57 PM
Title: Re: Nessa
Post by: georgiapeach on June 13, 2007, 08:11:45 AM
 Nessa article (

Nessa, who moved back to the Bay Area last June and lives in Berkeley, says that last February she was visiting friends in Los Angeles when she was asked to audition for the show.

"I thought I was well-suited after living on a sailboat for a couple of years," Nessa says. "I've always led an adventuresome life. I've never been one for conventional society, never on the path of getting married, with the picket fence and 2.2kids. I like to travel and I'm adaptable."

Sister Lizzie says when she goes out with Nessa, all the boys are looking at her.

"I think she'll do well on the show because she's physically tough, but she's the charming one of the family. I'm sure half the pirates fell completely in love with her," Lizzie says. "And when she wants to be, she can be really sweet, so I can't imagine why anyone would want to vote her off. She's a good team member helpful, capable not afraid to get her hands dirty. Some of the others are there to win a million dollars, but she's there because she's passionate about being a pirate."