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Title: Do you remember Jamie from BB1?
Post by: Texas_kimmie on September 11, 2006, 12:46:22 AM
She was always putting lip stick on, and looking at herself in the mirrors. Then she had the chance to either 1) Speak to her mom, whom I think was not well or 2) Meet with a Hollywood producer. She chose the producer. I've never heard anything about her since then. But I found this today. ----Sorry if I put this in the wrong place.

Jamie states that her new movie "Forever Yours" is currently in the editing stage and she will update us at when it is ready. She flew out and for the Miss America United States Pageant (the one Sandra Bullock was in in Miss Congeniality) as a celebrity judge for an event in Orlando. Jamie has been busy in Hollywood and hopnobing with many media professionals in what she calls a great time. Stay tuned as she will be on your television real soon. You can catch the latest news on Jamie at her website
While appearing on Big Brother 2000, Jamie held the the title of Miss Washington 1999. Jamie has also spoken professionally in such diverse places as Japan and Australia, and throughout the United States. She was selected as the 1999 student speaker at Washington State University's commencement ceremony. Jamie will not stop there as her life goals and dreams will continue to put her in the stoplight for years to come.