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Post by: beccaluvswll on September 06, 2006, 07:23:34 PM

You screwed up, Will. Plain and simple as that. At least you had the honesty to look back on it all while on The Early Show after your eviction and admit to it. The world was there and yours for the taking. You had the game ... and the girl. But you just couldn't open up early enough to say you were wrong. It's not like you're the first guy to make that mistake, but doing it in such a public forum, it's not like you'll be able to just pick up and walk away from it. Just as Marcellas has heard for four years about him not using the veto, you'll hear about how you let your second win slip away from you.

Let's examine how you screwed up. First off, you underestimated Janelle from the get-go. and the cruel twist of fate is that the more you saw that she wasn't so easily had, the more you fell for her, and the more this woman intrigued you. She wasn't just a member of BB6 and America's Choice. She was the backbone. Kaysar, Howie, James ... they would have been nothing without her, and wouldn't have even been in an alliance together. She brought them all together last year. You had her pegged as just a good player, but the more you flirtmanced her, the more you saw that wasn't true.

Yet, even though you made that huge mistake of underestimating the person that she was, that she wasn't just a fembot or Robot Barbie, as you, Goobie and Erika used to joke about, you could have come clean with her at any time, and told her what she so desperately wanted to hear. Instead of playing the silly games, comparing the game and your relationship to fruit, you could have laid it on the line at any time. For gosh sakes, whisper about that. Take her into the DR, tell her how you feel.

Even if it was just to say, look I am totally into you right now, but I do have a girlfriend right now, and I don't know what happens when we leave this house. I don't want to lead you on, but I enjoy what we're doing in here. That's all the girl wanted. Had you ever been truthful with her, instead of the silly games, she wouldn't have been so willing to listen to Erika. By not doing so, it made your relationship look to Janie just like Erika and Goobie's homance.

You could have also owned up to your mistakes of the way you underestimated her at any time. At any time you could have said, look, I underestimated you. I didn't really know how good of a player you were, or how great of a person, until I got to know you so much better. I made some mistakes, some big mistakes, earlier in the game, because I didn't know you that well at the time. I said some very unkind things, and I sincerely apologize. I don't want you to be hurt later on to find out I said them. I just want you to know I no longer believe those things to be true.

Then to tell Janie the same things you said to Erika, again it cheapens what she thought you had, and makes it comparable to Erika's homance with Goobie. You could have at least come up with different wording. Janelle and the time you have spent with her were worth that much. You made her look really bad, and if you knew her at all, you'd know if there was one thing she hated, it was looking bad, looking stupid, looking like a ho.

Your friend, Goobie, certainly shares a lot of the blame for this, but that's what happens when you put your relationship at the hands of someone else. The guy can't hold down a girlfriend, as he doesn't respect women, and has no idea how to treat them. So you left him in charge of his showmance that was supposed to save yours? What were you thinking?

But if I were Erin, I wouldn't be mad at your for flirting with Janelle, for whispering little secrets to her, for hugging her, kissing her, sleeping in the same bed with her. I wouldn't even be mad at you for
fooling around under the covers like Janelle admitted to doing with you. I would be mad for the way you looked at her, and allowed her to look at you. That's something that is shared that can't be taken away. That's what people enamored with each other do, not people just doing flirting, or just having a showmance. That was a way you guys communicated; the rest of us could read it loud and clear.

So, at one point, you and your buddy thought you had it all wrapped up. You thought you were making good TV, having a little fun with the gals, and would easily slide into final two and split the cash. As much as you could manipulate people, though, you couldn't bring it when you needed to in the end. And why not? After manipulating everyone to get them to do whatever you wanted, you couldn't do it this one last time. Because you were falling just as much as she was, and it took you out of your game. You told her yourself that she made you play the game more emotionally than you wanted to.

But, I have to hand it to you. "Making great TV" was what you kept saying motivated you. And wow, when your best friend had to nominate you, and then your "flirtmance" kicked you out, and said it was for her friends that you kicked out, that was some really great TV. People will be talking about that one for years to come. Years. So we thank you for that.

You know what else would make for great TV? For you to own up to Janelle, and admit to your mistakes in the game and with her on the finale, whether she's sitting next to you or in the final two with Erika. And if she's in final two, all the better, instead of asking some lame question, telling her you screwed up. You don't know what feelings you had, real or unreal, is it was kind of confusing, and it was reality TV after all, but in the end, you had a great time with her. You can also admit to underestimating her as a player, and tell her that you were beat by the best. Because at the end of day, that's all that matters. Yep, that would make some great TV.

What would you say to Will, given the chance? Email me at
Post by: Student1 on September 06, 2006, 07:30:44 PM
Sounds like a letter from a Fan who couldn't take it that Will was able to have them so well wrapped and then happened to be evicted.

"People will be talking about that one for years to come. Years."
I don't think so?

Theres many ways to play the game and Will played it great. Why aren't there open letter to Howie or other HGs (Although I haven't checked and don't really care). Probably because they didn't have as much as an impact on the game as Will.
Post by: beccaluvswll on September 06, 2006, 10:02:50 PM
I don't think thats what the letter is saying... Will did have a HUGE impact on the game.. he ran the game.  It's just a letter of someone sharing their thoughts... thats all..
Post by: cgillila on September 06, 2006, 10:27:50 PM
Will may still be playing the game and producing his own personal show -- see this thread:,10428.0.html (,10428.0.html)