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Johnny Rotten - A legend in his own mind???

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Hurt'n for Burton:
I have seen John on 2 different occassions make reference to being one of the all-stars. Once on the reunion show, and on another interview just a couple of days ago. When asked about his strategies, he replied, "It was easy enough for me to kick Rupert off the first time, lets see if I go 2 for 2 on the all stars."

Nothing I have read anywhere supports his comments on being one of the all stars. Does anyone have any more information on this? Or is Johnny Rotten just a legend in his own mind?
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If Johnny Rotten really was on the All Stars, he couldn't talk about it this soon, so no, I do not believe for an instant he is on ASS (All Star Survivor), because he really is an ass, according to Sandra anyway. LOL

In his own little world he is on All Stars, but not in this world.


I think John is trying to get as much of the 15minutes of fame he can...remember he did not get his early show interview.  All stars is tight liped by CBS until the release after Super bowl.  

The survivors could not talk about being on the regular survivor shows I find it hard to believe they can talk about all stars when CBS did not release the names yet.

News of people who were on the show came out before the start of the show. Most of this news was in the form of outside sources, revealing people who dissappeared for a month, but I have read some interviews in teh past in which upcoming contestans said how excited they were to be on. I think CBS is more concerned with details coming out then who actually is on the show.

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