Author Topic: Katrina-affected teens will take part in Outward Bound with RW Denver cast  (Read 1435 times)

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The cast of The Real World is once again being allowed to interact with minors. A group of teenagers from Katrina-affected areas have “interview[ed] for the chance to be on the show and win an all-expenses-paid trip to Outward Bound in Denver, Colorado for five days and four nights,” The Picayune Item reports. There, the kids will “share their stories of loss, hope, and recovery concerning Hurricane Katrina” while “cast members from ‘The Real World’ would be acting as their counselors.”

This news story confirms rumors that the cast is working for Outward Bound, and also explains the cast’s absence earlier this month. The boys who were selected went on their trip in mid-July, while “the girls’ trip is scheduled for the first week of August,” according to the paper.

The social worker who was asked to pick the 10 boys and 10 girls who’d interview for the chance at the trip was, smartly, initially skeptical. Terri Bailey “had heard of the questionable nature of the show and was not sure if it was a good idea to send the children to the camp” with cast members as their counselors, the paper reports.

But then she changed her mind. Oh, Terri! “It suddenly occurred to me the opportunity we had to change the face of MTV, if only by one episode. The world should be afforded the opportunity to be inspired by these kids who can change it and leave it a better place for those who follow,” she told the paper.

If history is any guide, she’d better brace herself for some major disappointment.
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Oh please she changed her mind to change MTV . ... yeah that and  big donation check from MTV i am sure