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Should the winners of others survivors be brought back?

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i dont think that the winners of other survivors should be brought back, i dont think its fair to others who didnt get a very good chance to get very far, maybe because they were judged too soon, like debb, or people who got voted out because they were too nice, like elizabeth. please reply on your opinions.

I agree with you Koosey.  I believe the non-winners should have a shot at the prize.  I don't think that any of the top winners should be there but this is the "all stars" .  I think that the Survivors who brought the most to the show were chosen.  Oh, and welcome to the board!  Most people here just call me Mama.

I agree, give the others chances to win.  However keep in mind that this is the ALL Stars ~ and like pro athletes ALL STARS are the best players.

Also keep in mind that those that won other seasons or were IC winners will be the ones everyone will be targeting in the beginning.  So Rupert is helped here as they did not see how far he went or did not.  But they saw how he carried his team in the strength department.

I heard everyone who had been on teh program before was given an opportunity to audition for all-stars

Hurt'n for Burton:
I agree. I dont think the winners should be able to compete in this all stars show. Give the people who didnt win a chance at it. However, I think in a few more seasons down the road, they should have an "Ultimate Sole Survivor" show where it is only the winners from each show competing for a larger cash prize. Maybe $2,000,000.
That would be a great show to watch!!!!  ;D ;D ;D


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