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Mama, sorry to hear about your dog.
But How psyched am I.  Finally a suvivor surprise.  I stayed away from spoilers all day.  Expecting to hear about Darrah and Lill in the F2.  I can't believe the "Lippiest Mom" ever won :o :o :o :o ;D ;D ;D
Finally Survivor redemies it's self. LOL

I'm glad to see Survivor end the way it did :D
Ive waited all week to see it and am happy with the results.
Now I look forward to seeing Allstars Feb. 1st.
Does anyone know at to when it will take place?

P.S. MAMA - - I hope your doggy is doing ok and here's to getting good news soon.


--- Quote ---Now I look forward to seeing Allstars Feb. 1st.
Does anyone know at to when it will take place?
--- End quote ---

Allstars just finished filming approx 4 days prior to the finale.  It is set to debut immediately following the superbowl.  I would imagine CBS will release the official cast list about 30 days prior to the show, however, Survivornews has posted a list of who they thought was on the show already (see a thread somewhere on this board with the info...)

It is amazing how accurate these people are with their predictions.  But the spoilers tricked me that the final 2 was between Lil and Darrah.  I am glad they were wrong.  The way it ended was perfect.  And final tribal council with all the questions were perfect.
Mama, I hope everything is okay with your dog.  I will have my fingers crossed for you.  We just said goodbye to our dog today.  We are all heartbroken as we had our dog for 13 wonderful years.   :'(

I'm a little late writing here, but just want to say I'm elated Sandra won!  :)  She was my pick in all the contests.  I'm Sooo happy Sicko Jerk Jon did NoT win!!  yahoo!  

Sorry about your sick doggie, mama.  How is she?

I lost my 14 yr old poodle 1 yr ago.  :'( Still miss him.  I have a totally indoor cat Clancy, 9 yr old.  Can't believe he's a Senior Citizen now!  Oy.

Happy New Year Everyone!



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