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RFF Radio LIVE - Aug 2nd 9pm EST

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Join Rob & Trevor at http://www.rffradio.com/live for the RFF Radio Live show. Show up 15 minutes early to listen to the pre show!

woohoo, a live show this week!!!! :jumpy: :jumpy:

I'll try to make it this week.  I'm going out to eat tonight with relatives, but hopefully I'll be home by 9.  I think I'll configure Skype for the 100th time.  You know me, Rob.  Every week I have trouble logging in to Skype.  I'll do that now so it'll be ready at 8:45.  Can't wait!

I wonder why Skype doesnt like you!! Does it give you any errors???


I just keep forgetting my passwords.  I have too many to keep track online, that I always forget my Skype one, I have to get a new one e-mailed to me and it takes hours for them to e-mail it to me.   :knuckles:


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