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Survivor: Burton Blindsided
« on: December 12, 2003, 04:47:11 PM »
CBS) Burton got the boot. Again.  ;D ;D

Feeling confident that his alliance with Jon would carry him into the final two, Burton let his guard down. He and Jon underestimated the female contestants, foolishly assuming that the women couldn’t mount an opposition. In the end, the girls showed that they had the numbers, and the chutzpah, to bring down the boys.

During this season of Survivor: Pearl Islands, two competitors were given a second chance. But as Burton learned the hard way Thursday night, his former Outcast companion, Lill, was one scoutmaster who could not be trusted. When the three women (Lill, Darrah and Sandra) banded together to vote Burton out, the jury was cheering.

So, The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith wanted to know, why did Burton take Jon on his reward challenge, leaving the three women alone together and giving them a chance to strategize?

"At the time, there was no reason to think Lill was going to do anything but stick to our alliance," said Burton. "We were sticking to our game, and Jon and I went this far in the game, we were pretty much guaranteed top three. Don't know why Lill would have done anything different."

Harry said he had noticed that Burton had vacillated with Lill a few times, and perhaps gave her reason to doubt him.

"If you saw all of the conversation she and I had, I promised her I would never lie to her, which I never did in the entire game, and I would get her as far as I could. I never said 'top two,'" Burton countered. "It was clear in our conversations that you're not going to get someone farther than yourself… So I didn't think Lill would back up. It turns out she did."

But, as Harry told him, "Your goose was cooked, pal."

A viewer who called in to ask Burton a question challenged him: "Burton, the end of the show, you said to Lill, 'I hope you can live with yourself because we had an alliance.' My question is, can you live with yourself? Because you did the same thing to her."

Burton's response: "Lill broke our alliance, and I knew that before we went on the challenge, so when I got back, our alliance was finished. So I was doing what I could to stay in the game, and she back-stabbed me, and after Jon and I helped her get up on the game."

The final irony: Burton is an Eagle Scout.

Another caller wanted to know how Burton thinks he is going to manage to get any more dates after "the whole country saw you talk so poorly about women."

Burton's response: "I believe if you watch the tape, it was Jon talking poorly. I just said they couldn't come up with a strategy. I did not talk poorly about women… I'm not worried about getting dates. That shouldn't be a problem."

And did Burton know before the rest of the world that Jon had lied about his grandmother's death in order to gain leverage to win a reward challenge? To that, Burton said simply, "To me, it didn't matter."

On Thursday night's episode, Sandra, sulking after Christa’s ejection, hatched a plan to sabotage the tribe's survival efforts in order to seek revenge. She contemplated hiding the tribe’s water jugs and fishing equipment, but never followed through on her scheme.

At the “second chance” reward challenge, the castaways had to complete an obstacle course that combined elements of past challenges, such as untying ropes and solving word puzzles. Burton prevailed in the competition and selected Jon to accompany him on an excursion to the historic ruins of Panama City. Burton’s win also earned him a brand new GMC Envoy.

In Panama City, the men feasted on roast pig and potatoes and shared their chauvinistic assessments of the women’s capabilities. Later, Darrah claimed immunity for the third consecutive week, winning a challenge that involved walking across wooden planks.

Prior to tribal council, Jon said of the female contestants: “They’re nothing more than followers in this game.” But when Jeff asked him to comment on the three remaining ladies, he insincerely stated: “I’m very impressed with these women.”

Jon’s lip service didn’t diminish the women’s resolve. In a decisive 3-2 vote, the women canned Burton and took control of the game.