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Names: Kellie Patterson and Jamie Hill
Ages: both 22
Occupations: Student, recent college graduate
Hometown: Columbia, S.C.
Relationship: Best friends
Name: Kellie Patterson
Occupation: Student - Broadcast Journalism
Age: 22
Hometown: Columbia, S.C.

Name: Jamie Hill
Occupation: Recent College Graduate
Age: 22
Hometown: Columbia, S.C.

Relationship: Best Friends

Don't let their Southern Drawls fool you. These former co-captains of the University of South Carolina cheerleading squad are highly competitive and just might have what it takes to be the first female team to win The Amazing Race.

3:12 pm | S.C. cheerleaders on 'Amazing Race'
TV/Radio Writer
PASADENA, Calif. -- Two Carolinians will compete in the next -- and most grueling to date -- season of "The Amazing Race."

Best friends Kellie Patterson and Jamie Hill, former cheerleading co-captains at the University of South Carolina, will be one of the 12 teams racing to Beijing for the show, starting its 10th season this fall.

Both are 22 and live in Columbia. Patterson is a student in broadcast journalism at the university and Hill is a recent graduate.

audition Video link

Columbia Women to Star on 'Amazing Race'

(WLTX) - Two Columbia women have made the cut for the next edition of the 'Amazing Race.'

Kellie Patterson and Jamie Hill will be part of the cast. The two say they're best friends, and were former co-captains of the USC cheerleading squad.

Patterson is still a student at USC, while Hill has already graduated. They cut their audition tape by going through a casting call here at WLTX.

If Patterson and Hill win, they'd be the first all-female team to capture the crown on the show.

The show will air Sundays at 8 p.m. this fall on CBS/WLTX.

Wow, I'm a better searcher than I thought!  :lol: I ran the name "kellie patterson" through the Newsbank database, accidentally adding a backslash after the name; I got several hundred hits, the first 50 coming from the future (sample below).  :o

USC cheerleaders join ‘Amazing Race’

Don’t be fooled by their fresh-faced, all-American good looks and winsome smiles. USC cheerleaders Jamie Hill and Kellie Patterson are ready to dig down and get dirty when the 10th edition of the Emmy-winning reality show “Amazing Race” hits the airwaves in mid-September.

On their audition tape for the show, Hill, a 2005 USC graduate, and Patterson, who is finishing her degree, said cheerleading honed them into tough competitors.

The $1 million prize money would go a long way for a 22-year-old pair fresh out of school. Hill majored in public relations and Patterson is in broadcast journalism.

The reality show, which began taping in May in Seattle, sent 12 teams of two around the world for five weeks, with stopovers in Mongolia, China, Kuwait and Vietnam, among other countries. The language barrier proved tougher than ever, said the show’s producers, who have run contestants through Africa, Asia, South America and India.

Hill and Patterson also face what the show’s producers called very diverse competition including a pair of former beauty queens, a once-estranged father and daughter, a pair of Islamic friends, two Asian brothers and a woman with an artificial leg paired with her motivational-speaker friend.

Three South Carolinians competed in a previous “Amazing Race” with mixed results. Kelly McCorkle, a former Miss South Carolina and Greenville native, and Ron Young, a military helicopter pilot from Georgia and her now ex-boyfriend, were one of three couples at the end of the seventh season “Amazing Race” in spring 2005. But they lost in the last episode.

In that same season Inman natives Ryan Wilson and Chuck Horton also competed but were the first pair eliminated.

With the start of the 10th edition, “The Amazing Race” switches to a new time and day, 8 p.m. Sundays, on WLTX-19, cable channel 9.

— Pat Berman


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