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Alumnus tries to master 'The Amazing Race'

Dr. Thomas P. Rock ’92, director of Admissions at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City, will be appearing this fall on the 10th season of “The Amazing Race,” to be aired Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS. (Filming is already completed.)

Tom and his partner, Terry Cosentino, a special events director, make up one of 12 teams who embarked on a four continent, 13-country adventure that took them more than 40,000 miles in less than 30 days.

Admissions director at Teachers College for three years, Tom is also an adjunct professor in the higher education program on campus. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Dayton (Ohio), a master’s degree in education from AU, and a doctor of education in higher education administration from Teachers College. His research interests are in access and equity in the college admission process.

Tom was recently elected president of the National Association of Graduate and Admission Professionals.
Originally from the Finger Lakes (NY) area, Toms is a three-time New York City Marathon finisher and can be seen weekend training in Central Park.

( I'm trying to keep locations/spoiling out of the bios Kogs  )

Beth Kavon:
Thanks for the warm welcome, Rudy!!!!   :waves:

And great detective work on Tom, Kogs - I googled Terry but couldn't find anything (other than all the latest TAR news)...would like to know what type of "special events" he does.  ??? 

Glad to see there's a team representing NYC!!!!  Yeah!!!   :jam:  :woohoo:  :jumpy:

Beth Kavon:
One more it me or do they look A LOT alike!   ???

Welcome Beth  :hello2:

I cant get into myspace now , it must be busy but anyways Terry & Tom have myspaces and I'll try ot get in later .

Terry's Blurbs
About me:
I live at Sheridan Square in the West Village of Manhattan. I'm a Service Director for Special Events. I love meeting different people from all over the world. And I love to travel. I'm extremely extroverted and energetic, and it takes a lot for me to get embarassed which pretty much never happens. I truely believe you have to begin your day with laughter and a smile. 
Who I'd like to meet:
Regis and Kelly, Dave Letterman, Barbara, Joy, and Rosie, and Jay....Can we Talk! I love to gab ! 

   Tom's Blurbs
About me:
I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan near Central Park and work as a college admissions director at a highly selective institution in NYC. I have been in NYC for 10 years but grew up in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of NYS. I have worked at many different universities but have been at my current position for 3 years. I love my job as I get to travel around the world, meet interesting people, and help students with such an important part of their lives. I lead a busy life and keep myself active in many ways. I am an athlete, a stand up comic (at times!), and a scholar and practitioner at work. I have my doctorate from Teachers College at Columbia University in higher education administration. It took me 5 1/2 years to complete my doctorate, but it was well worth it. The doctorate allows me the opportunity to teach as well, which I have done twice at Columbia. I have completed 5 consecutive NYC marathons (2001-2005) and am training for my 6 marathon in November. I have performed Stand Up Comedy in Clubs throughout Manhattan and have been invited to perform at The Improv, Stand Up NY, and Gotham Comedy Club to name a few. 
Who I'd like to meet:
I love tennis, so I would love to meet Serena or Venus Williams. I actually follow women's tennis more than men. I go to the US Open each year in NYC to cheer on my favorite players. I would also love to meet Katie Couric. One day maybe I will! She lives right across town from me in Manhattan! 


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