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Woo Hoo!!!     :woohoo:    Go CHO BROS!!   :woohoo:   :kuss: :kuss: :kuss:

Okay I came in at the road building challenge.  Seem like good team work and willign to help other racers, that can always be a good thing.

Phew, first they almost got eliminated, them they raise and with a good teamplay make it.

One of my favs so far.

 :luvu:  I LOVE the Cho-Bros.  Those boys have some bods....not that I'm looking or anything.  I'm thinking of a shower scene....... :woohoo:

I really wanted to like the Cho Brothers. But they sure seemed to struggle a lot during the first 2-3 legs of the race. It should have been a strong point of them, since it was all in Asian countries!!!


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