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The Cho brothers have been in my top 3 favorite teams, and I really hoped they would do well.  But what is the thinking of the "six pack" alliance?  Now that Dave and Mary are gone, it's down to a 4-pack.  They've taken loyalty in a competitive game to an extreme.  The guys are almost TOO nice to win this race.  Seeing the previews for next week's show, which had the 'Bama girls leaving them behind, maybe they will finally realize they need to race for themselves.  Where is their competitive edge?  They can be nice guys, but they don't need to be walked over...and around!  I'm hoping they will pour on the steam for a big finish!

Oh, and...what's up with them calling each other "baby"???    :lol3:

The Chos on the Early Show
CBS link
or in realone

note the t-shirts , lol

there turning into mediawhores with there damm site and pictures

Amazing Race Exclusive Interview: Erwin & Godwin
The newly eliminated Cho brothers discuss why they stuck so closely to their alliance with other teams.
by Eric Goldman

more here ...

Both are nice guys and have appeared at "Reality Rally" multiple times.


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