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Names: Erwin and Godwin Cho
Ages: 32, 29
Occupations: Insurance company manager, financial analyst
Hometown: San Francisco
Relationship: Brothers
Name: Erwin Cho
Occupation: Insurance Company Manager
Age: 32
Hometown: San Francisco, Calif

Name: Godwin Cho
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Age: 29
Hometown: San Francisco, Calif

Relationship: Brothers

These overachieving, super-competitive brothers say they are ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Godwin has grown up in the shadow of his Harvard-educated brother and is eager to show his brother and his family that he has what it takes to win The Amazing Race. This team's love for traveling the world and competing is infectious.

 :hearts: Good Luck Cho bros .You guys are one of my three favorites.  Thanks  Erwin for the heads up on kygirl. :hrt:

Team videos are up  :tup::




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