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Names: Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris
Ages: both 32
Occupations: Teacher, program analyst
Hometown: Birmingham, Ala., Helena, Ala.
Relationship: Best friends
Name: Lyn Turk
Occupation: 4th Grade Teacher
Age: 32
Hometown: Birmingham, Ala

Name: Karlyn Harris
Occupation: Program Analyst
Age: 32
Hometown: Helena, Ala.

Relationship: Best Friends

These two Alabama mothers have known each other since 9th grade. The Amazing Race will be the first time the two have ever traveled abroad together. Both have limited traveling experience, but are hoping their resourcefulness and wit will make them the team to beat.

Team videos are up  :tup::



 :luvu:  I love these girls.   I am so excited and I know they are too!!  The anticipation of your edit..... (:;).....the bickering..... :argue:   I am so glad that I can watch the premiere without feeling like I am going to puke.

Go L&K!!!

Yes....Yes....Yes....Regular People without agendas!!!!!!!! :woohoo:


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