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Christa on David Letterman


puddin:        If you get a chance it's worth watching ;D!!
Did anyone see Christa last night!! She was bombed..I swear I couldn't beleive it :o We where laughing so much..David wanted nothing more to do with her and was trying to pass her off one else wanted to talk to her..including Paul and deli guy Rupert!! Survivor: Pearl Islands Castaway,
Christa Hastie~~ From Dave's Site
Did the other castaways not like her? Was she "too hot" for her own good? Or did they simply figure out she was this weird? Get all the answers -- and find out if it was worth getting that stinky now that she's just a loser -- in one of the wackiest editions yet of The Parade of Losers, featuring castaway Christa Hastie.
SURVIVOR CHRISTA HASTIE: The 13th to be voted off the Pearl Islands.
- 25 years old
- Married to a mechanical engineer who is also a racecar driver
- Hometown: Los Angeles
- Occupation: computer programmer
- Spent 33 days on the Pearl Islands. (Dave jokes to Paul, “I once spent time on Pearl Bailey.”
- Why Voted Off? The two remaining guys on the island, Burton and Jon, double-crossed her and voted her off.

Wow, Christa’s a wacky live-wire. She certainly has energy. I don’t think it was possible to get a straight answer out of Christa as she was all over the place. I think she saw her 15 minutes quickly passing away and she didn’t want to let go. I can’t really blame her for that.
Why was she voted off? The others were “boring and dumb.”
Does Paul have a question? Paul knows she’s married to a racecar driver and says he hates whenever someone tries to play the race car. It really bothers him when the race car is invoked. Dave jumps in and corrects Paul. “It’s ‘race car,’ Paul. ‘Race car.’ Not ‘race card.’”
Christa is a computer programmer and a website designer. “If you’re interested I changing your website I can do it for you.” She’s willing to charge the celebrity rate, which is higher than the norm. Sounds like a good deal.
Monty’s question: “Was it worth getting that stinky just to be a loser?”
The big winner is to be announced this Sunday. Does Christa know who’s going to win? She says she’s going to win. edited by Puddin to add~Dave asked Christa if she knew who was going to win..she said "Me maybe there will be another twist coming.. ?..maybe I'm expecting one..I'm going to be brought back like the other losers were brought back..look for me.." Dave "well that was refreshing wasn't it??Is it me tonight ?Am I the problem? "Paul .."naw not at all..I think that I'm the loser.."
Dave thanks Christa for coming and says goodnight.

Yeah, I saw her on Letterman and thought she was little loopy.


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