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Survivor: Christa Dismissed
« on: December 05, 2003, 04:10:34 PM »

All I ever heard her talk about was chocolate chip cookies and getting a boob job."
Christa on fellow Survivor contestant Darrah

(CBS) Faltering alliances and redrawn allegiances left no one safe on Thursday’s episode of Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Christa, Sandra’s salty sidekick, couldn’t convince the tribe to keep her around, and her torch was extinguished at tribal council in a decisive 4-2 vote.

“I was thinking, 'Wow! I wasn’t quite expecting this,'” Christa tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. “But, then again, at that point in the game, you got to expect everything. So, you always kind of think maybe it should be me but maybe, I don’t know.”

After a conversation with Burton, Christa realized she had to even stab her friend in the back to ensure her welfare.

She says, “I tried to talk to Burton. I tried to find somebody else to get rid of him, this time. It’s all about moving one spot ahead every day. It’s just one spot more. Unfortunately, my plea with Burton to get rid of Sandra didn’t work, and get rid of Lil and here I am. Great!”

Surprisingly, even though the women outnumbered the men, they did not unite to get rid of Burton and Jon.

“The women were pretty indecisive,” Christa says, “I mean, Lil just kind of went with the flow. Sandra and I were just trying to get people to go with us."

To a caller, she further explained, “The women just weren’t going for it. Especially Lil; she is allied with Burton. They were both Outcasts. I mean, it was kind of hard to turn the tables there.”

As for Darrah, Christa says, “Darrah just sat there. She talks about food all day long and that’s about it. No strategy. Doesn’t really care about the game as long as she gives a vote to somebody. Apparently, it’s working big-time. All I ever heard her talk about was chocolate chip cookies and getting a boob job.”

That leaves the question of Jon. Did Christa really believe his grandmother story?

She says, “I did think that possibly he could be lying. I mean, as you can see, it’s a family reward challenge that Sandra and I were the only two people who were rolling our eyes the whole time. It seemed a little fake, the whole presentation. But then again, it’s kind of really something that’s hard to prove. So just like the whole sabotaging with the fish, you can’t really prove that I didn’t do it. But, then again, how am I going to prove that Jon is lying about his grandma?”

On to the issue of the fish: Sandra comes back after Rupert gets kicked off and knocks over the fish and the blame is on Christa.

Christa says everybody was convinced she did it: “I mean, I was almost convinced I did it.”

And the experience she says was “horrible. Everybody was making fun of me and pointing the fingers at me and treating me like I was in grade school. And I didn’t appreciate it. One of my best friends on the show, Rupert, left, and it was really hard, thinking that, "O.K., now I’m going to have to re-strategize again' and just not knowing who did it. I was just trying to figure a way out of it and, well, I got blamed for it, too bad.”

All in all she says she had a marvelous time playing the game.

On Thursday’s episode at the aquatic-themed reward challenge, Jon, Darrah and Lil beat out the other competitors to win a luxurious spa experience. Taken by plane to a nearby island, the three enjoyed massages, showers and privacy. Sporting silk pajamas, they dined on filet mignon and talked strategy.

But Lil’s sunny disposition faded when Jon mocked her and hurt her feelings. She stormed off to bed and refused to participate in his scheming session.

Darrah displayed her marksmanship at the immunity challenge, successfully hitting three targets. She won the coveted immunity necklace for the second week in a row.

At tribal council, all six castaways told Jeff that they trusted their relationships.

Christa says, “Everybody is trying to move one spot ahead and if they can do that by giving you the biggest lies, not a problem. Everybody will lie.”
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Re:Survivor: Christa Dismissed
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2003, 01:21:15 PM »
I saw this interview on the morning show and I enjoyed it.  The morning host seemed to enjoy Christa also as he talked to her for quite a bit.  At least she answered one of my questions of why the women didn't band together and get rid of the guys.  So to any future survivor members-- get with it and if you outnumber the men-vote them off early.!