Author Topic: Katharine misses tour start but shows up for Cosmo Girl photo shoot  (Read 1273 times)

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On Wednesday, the American Idol 5 tour started without Katharine McPhee, who was too sick to attend or perform. In a statement, she said she needed “to recuperate.” On Thursday, Katharine “showed up for a Cosmo Girl photo shoot” in LA, according to E!’s Ted Casablanca, who cites an unnamed source saying she “looked pretty healthy.”

Why would she do such a thing? Ted says she’s a “supreme sass-follower in the diva shoes first donned by such AI legends as Clay Aiken.”

TMZ has a different, contradictory theory: Katharine has been “working so hard on her debut album that she’s hurting her voice, and sources tell TMZ that FOX is none too happy about it.” This sounds credible, but a nameless, pretend source tells me that TMZ’s lack of credibility combined with the all-too-perfect reason makes that sound like a story planted by a PR person.

Speaking of unnamed sources, Rush and Molloy cite a single unnamed source who actually confirms Ted’s claims, unless, of course, it’s the same source. Anyway, they report that “the other contestants … secretly despise Katharine for her diva-like behavior and the special treatment they feel producers have bestowed on her. She begged off the first three weeks of the tour — supposedly due to bronchitis — and the others are not looking forward to her antics after her return.”
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