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Final Episode Title:"Flames and Endurance"

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Survivor: Pearl Islands
Final Episode Title:
"Flames and Endurance"
Airdate:  Thursday 12.14.03
The winner claims the cash prize
That's all I have for now :-\

Ohhh, makes me look forward the final episode more and more. Even though, it means S7 is over, it sounds like a great episode! I cannot wait!


5 blasting type speeches huh?  And you think the target of them will be Lil?  I am surprised no one likes her.  I figure the speeches would be against Jon.  Only one way to find out, bring on the final.

AHHH! Now I can't wait!!  Oops, I mean, some one could not like that nice older woman, but she has been a great role model for young girls  women men boys. Oh, my I'm lost, who has she been a good role model for..... Go! Sandra Blast her :-X

(Please, I am so full of sarcasm, because of all this snow)  (And the anticiapation is killing me)

ETA: for spaces between words ;D

Okay, I take that as a sign that.  It will be Darrah and Sandra in the F2, since the odds are against them.

P.S. My goal is to reach 300 post by the new year.  Off to anything and everything ;D


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