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Rules of the Big Brother boards!


Get to know the rules, they are your friend and will keep you out of trouble. These are to keep everyone happy and to make sure everyone has a fun time, because that is what it is all about!

Our updaters post what they hear, and is usually uncensored. Eye's & Ear's beware!

Questions about what is going on right now, will be deleted. We will be keeping you up to date the best we can. If something is not being written, that probably means there isn't anything significat going on.

No spoilers in the subject line. There is no way to keep spoilers out of the live feeds, and that is what they are there for, but we cannot post spoilers in subject line, so we respect those who do not want to know.

If you are posting a spoiler in the General Discussion board, please put Show content in the subject line.

Any topics started in live feed threads, that have nothing to do with live feeds, will be moved out to the chit chat board

No linking to other websites, other than giving credit to a site for information gathered from that website.

If you have a concern about a post, please use the "Report to moderators" button. Its in the lower right hand corner of every post, and the moderators will get an email with your report.

Have respect for each other, regardless of opinion. This of course includes no flaming/insulting other users AND their posts. However, you can post your opinion of the contestants, because sometimes you just need to call someone a bitch.

Keep checking back here, as more rules are brought to our attention!

Discussion of the Rules here: http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php?topic=8677.0


* Absolutely no video from the Big Brother Live Feeds will be allowed. Any video from the feeds will be removed, and your membership here will be evaluated. Pictures are still allowed but videos have been banned by CBS of the actual feeds!  Posting links to pirated Big Brother videos is not allowed. Only CBS YouTube's or content from CBS's website will be allowed. Please do not post any videos including Animated GIF's from the feeds in the forum or post links to any site that illegally distributes copyright material. They will be removed without notice. If you aren't sure about a video, please ask a Mod before posting. If you notice a questionable video, please use the "Report to Moderator" button and let a Mod know so it can be checked.

*Please remember to credit your source when posting an article or something of interest related to Big Brother. It's not always necessary to provide a direct link, but still they should get credit as we'd hope they would credit us as well. No linking to other websites, other than giving credit to a site for information gathered from that website.

*Please no hotlinking pictures from other sites. Yes they may do it but that doesn't make it right, its just not how we do it here. When you copy/paste a picture using someone else's link--the picture is on their site and we are actually seeing it from there. And the picture is theirs. So if it is from say another forum/myspace/photobucket  who is paying for that site--then everytime someone looks at that picture from here--that forum is still paying for our looking and so we are "stealing" from them. That is "hotlinking" and "stealing bandwidth". And we do NOT do that here. So all pictures from other sites need to "hosted" somewhere before you post them here. And  it is also important to not copy "copyrighted" pictures at all.
* Some free hosting sites:
*Posts in ALL CAPS are not necessary, it's as if we are being yelled at to get a point across.

*Need some help? Feel free to ask in the Support board where you can practice and experienced members will be quick to offer assistance.

I hesitate to make a new rule but, because religion is something that people can and do disagree about, we have to put an end to the religious aspect when discussing a house guest and his game, we are a reality show forum not a discussion forum for politics or religion. I hope everyone understands. 


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