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I agree Pedaler, I got the Team names down, but I gave up last week on learning their individual names.  And they have less people on TH than on TAR8.  TAR8 had 8 teams of 4 = 32 people (If I remember correctly) and TH had 10 teams of 3 = 30 people. 

And Strawberry Banke, the place in Pourtsmouth NH a few of the teams visited, is actually ten minutes away from where I live.  That's cool, IMO.

I was wondering, since the teams were supplied with laptops, how some could have gotten lost on their way to the school: all they had to do was quiz Then I tried it myself--"mary c. burke school" address--and got the answer: five hits that had little to do with my search (a couple of hits assumed I was looking for a person). When I used the same phrase in Google, the very first hit supplied me with an address, a phone number and a map. Ol' Jeeves has some work to do.

Let me amend that. If teams had used the natural language questions that Ask prides itself on--where is mary burke school--they would have gotten a quality hit. They didn't (see cap below), but managed to find an address eventually. I'm not sure how the Fogals would up on the NorthEnd; I'm sure production told the teams to play with their GPS but if they had just followed the directions from the laptop I think they would have been better off.

Good stuff, Slowhatch. Thanks.

Another unexplained shot to me a shot was one of the ex-Air Force team driving after they first went to Mary Burke school.  If you recall, they decided to go to Lexington.  However, for some reason they decided to go back to the school and try again.  When they were shown turing around, they were in downtown Boston on a city street.  If they were actually driving from Chelsea to Lexington, there's no way they would be on a downtown Boston street.

I never noticed that.  And about the shot with, the teams could have actually typed in "Where is mary c. burke school" and found it.  Later on, after filming ended, they put in a shot of someone typing in those words into  And notice how everytime they show an question on the screen, the screen doesn't shake yet they're in a car while typing. 

somebody screwed up big and showed next week's episode up here and not this week's show. so i missed the hanlons getting eliminated. on the other hand...i can tell you about next week's show having watched it be continued


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