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Treasure Hunters Episode 4 July 3rd

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TH took another dive in the Nielson ratings.  Down to 4.7 million (thats .5 million less than last week) At this rate we will be at a  minus figure by the time they find the treasure!!

yeah, I stopped watching the show cos I was like Cinni and saw the same episode but did not see the one that Hanlons were in.  I can't quite put my finger on why the show is not that good. It doesn't grab me the same way as Amazing Race does.  It does get confusing with their editing and I can't stand that stupid ring of the cell phone and the bland host telling the teams the clue that I had just heard minutes ago with the other teams.  The show has a good concept because I love the clues and uncovering things.  I liked the "follow the gourd"clue --that was good.  Anyways, now I have more free time to enjoy the nice hot summer weather outside.

What little I saw of TH, I'm not terribly impressed yet.  Like you, Bathfizzy, it doesn't grab me either...not like TAR.  But I will watch my tape...maybe later today, then decide if I'll keep watching or not...

You just never get to bond with any of the teams; you learn very little about them besides their "team" name.  Just a bunch of cold fish.

Yeah that, Gingerman.  I probably won't keep watching.  I've seen enough.  That Fogel girl is a spoiled brat w/ her throwing tantrums & constant complaining. :groan:  Her poor attitude doesn't help her team.   
Most of the teams are kind of humdrum boring for the most part.
What I do like about the show are the clever ways they hide the map hidden inside quilt peices and blowing on the mirror relflection for the clue. 

I don't like the host at all.  He's stone faced and impersonal...and using the cell phone to communicate everything is robotic.  Even the elimination is done via the phone!  No personal contact at all...unless they did in EP 1, which I didn't see.   

Bzzzt...4 thumbs down...for TH. 
I'll take TAR and Phil K anyday!!  :hearts:   :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:


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