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Treasure Hunters Episode 4 July 3rd

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I'm starting to like this episode so far.  The Browns are back in.  Big Shocker there.  :colealert:

you mean the " Clowns "  :lol: ?

Wow!  The Browns were the final team to get the artifact.  I'm actually proud of them.

Good bye Hanlons (as said on the spoliers part of this thread).

for next week ...theres a twist

It was a good episode.  Good clues, interesting locations, and bickering among teams.

The biggest drawback to me is the a problem that TAR8 faced.  Too many total participants in the game.
I still don't know all of the players. 

But then again, it took me half a season of TAR5 to be able to distinguish between Christie and Nicole. :groan:


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