Author Topic: PAs, police harass those who dare get near The Real World Denver cast  (Read 1466 times)

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Obnoxious PAs and complicit police officers continue to bother private citizens on public property who dare threaten the organic documentary project that is The Real World Denver.

The Denver Posts Real World blogger/stalker John Wenzel was actually threatened with arrest for taking pictures of the cast and crew on Monday night. Heres part of his story:

    An angry female MTV production assistant finally came over and recommended filing harassment charges against me. Since, you know, I’ve had direct contact with the cast and crew a grand total of two times. I again asserted my right to be on public property and again asked what law I was breaking. This really angered the cop who said, I suggest you go in there and close out your tab right now. I asked why and he threatened to arrest me.

As he points out, producers seem to be all about intimidation and shaky, quasi-legal threats, although not everyone is being harassed. One blogger got a smile from a cast member. How nice.
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