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Treasure Hunters Episode 3 June 26th

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Figure we can start a new topic for each episode.  I don't how long everyone will continue to watch. 

1.  Only 2 hours sleep really would suck. 
2.  Product placement is at it again.  Are they going to advertise the potty break stops??
3.  Teams getting on each other nerves this early is just crazy.  Give it a break.  Reminds me a little TAR family edition.  Once you get beyond 2 in a group the dynamics of reality teams just get a little strange.

Its EP 2 chunky !

I think the answer for tonights question is :Montana The Treasure State

I was figuring since they have broken up the first one into 2 episodes that this was the third.  It was not a 2 hr special it was two 1 hour shows.  It really doesn't matter either way.

They really just need to get Team Brown out of the race for their own good.  Someone is going to die on that team as the tasks get harder.


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