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Thank you very much Tanny!  That helps clear up more information about next week's twist.

The Apprentice 6 Tour Bus Challenge

Reality Junkee:

--- Quote from: puddin on January 09, 2007, 02:34:30 PM ---The Apprentice 6 Tour Bus Challenge

--- End quote ---

Thanks for finding and posting this puddin.  I was just cracking up when James his high pitched squeel.  How they showed it over several times.   

Can't wait to see that episode. :jumpy:

Reality Junkee:
Another one from CheekyCricket:

Another date pinned down: the Sue Bee Honey episode will air on February 11th 'Apprentice' to Feature Sue Bee Honey. No information about the task itself, except that it's supposed to be "really funny," according to the producers.

So, now we have a bit more:
1/7 1st task: car wash, sponsor unknown
1/14 2nd task, swimsuit design, sponsored by Trina Turk
1/21 3rd task, sightseeing tour ("Rich and Famous" was on the banner), sponsor unknown
1/28 4th task, Pollo Bowl task, sponsored by El Pollo Loco
2/4 5th task, ???
2/11 6th task, sponsored by Sue Bee Honey

Then, ????

Hey, great sleuthing all of you!  :)  I looked all over before the show started, but no luck.  Twop was one I planned to check but didn't work out.  Thanks for all info!  :clap:


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