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Thank you very much Tanny!  That helps clear up more information about next week's twist.

The Apprentice 6 Tour Bus Challenge


Reality Junkee:

--- Quote from: puddin on January 09, 2007, 02:34:30 PM ---The Apprentice 6 Tour Bus Challenge


--- End quote ---

Thanks for finding and posting this puddin.  I was just cracking up when James his high pitched squeel.  How they showed it over several times.   

Can't wait to see that episode. :jumpy:

Reality Junkee:
Another one from CheekyCricket:

Another date pinned down: the Sue Bee Honey episode will air on February 11th SiouxCityJournal.com: 'Apprentice' to Feature Sue Bee Honey. No information about the task itself, except that it's supposed to be "really funny," according to the producers.

So, now we have a bit more:
1/7 1st task: car wash, sponsor unknown
1/14 2nd task, swimsuit design, sponsored by Trina Turk
1/21 3rd task, sightseeing tour ("Rich and Famous" was on the banner), sponsor unknown
1/28 4th task, Pollo Bowl task, sponsored by El Pollo Loco
2/4 5th task, ???
2/11 6th task, sponsored by Sue Bee Honey

Then, ????


Hey, great sleuthing all of you!  :)  I looked all over before the show started, but no luck.  Twop was one I planned to check but didn't work out.  Thanks for all info!  :clap:


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