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Well everyone I'm back and I loved this season.  It was awesome.  From the 2nd episode for me I wanted the Casaya 4 of Shane, Courtney, Danielle and Aras to makes final four :snicker:.  For me that would have been a perfect final 4.  I guess two of them made final two but damn Cirie and Terry threw a spanner in the works and ruined my plan. :'(  Discuss!

I think a final 4 of Shane, Courtney, Danielle, and Aras would have been somewhat boring. While Shane was one of the best characters ever, it would have been too "pagongish" to have all of the F4 to come from one tribe. Also, don't you just love it when one tribe thinks they have all the numbers in their favor, only to see their plan foiled!!! Sort of reminds me of a couple of games of fantasy survivor I played!!!  (:;)

Also, I loved what the hidden immunity idol added to the game!!! Added to the fact that Terry was such an immunity whore, made me want to tune in each week to see the fireworks. The only way it could have been more perfect for me, was if Cirie had won!!!  :tup:

Nah Tanbuns I totally dissagree anything with Courtney and Shane involved could not possibly be boring,  I for one wish the Casaya 4 alliance had stuck together at the beggining to at least get rid of Cirie who while not a bad person irritated the hell out of me.  Don't even get me started on Terry,  I will never understand why after so many perfect oportunties he never played the imunity idol.  For me even though it kept him safe through to final 3 the Idol was a dud in this season, mostly due to Terry's lack of playing it.  Shane, Courtney, Aras and Danielle were all hilarious and entertaining characters who at the same time play a all around solid strategical game and I for one wish they had outlasted Terry and Cirie.

Thats just my opinion however.  Take it with a grain of Salt.   :jam:

courtney has to be the most obnoxious player in survivor history....i'm glad they blinde sighted her cause anyone who took her would have won.  she talked too much, didn't do anything other than her yoga in the rock garden and bothered everyone out there!!! I loved sally ...wished she would have made it further...and Terry is like Rupert to me...I thought he was awesome!! hey played the idol perfect!! he didn't need it and kept it away from other people.  in regards to giving it up for council...who knows if someone would have exposed it when he didn't win immunity that he had given it away...that wasn't a chance he was willing to take...on top of that he couldn't give it away once he was at tribal council.  danielle was not to be trusted...and for him to give it away early would scr3w him if he lost an immunity... :meow:

Courtney=ratings, She was edgey in your face and outspoken, she got involved in an awesome alliance at the beggining of the series and if the alliance had stuck together as long as she had hoped they would she would have made it at least one spot further.  Shane and Courtney to me both entertaining and hilarious.  I loved the tension that Courtney caused by doing yoga in Bruces rock Garden. 

As for Sally and Terry, they are your classic poor players in my opinion.  Sally made absolutely no attempt to get in with the Casay alliance and oust Cirie or Bruce which she could have done had she reformed her ties with Dannielle and Courtney.  She knew her Alliance with Tarry was doomed and just sat back to do nothing about it.

Terry was awesome at the physical aspect of the game I agree and he did use the Hidden Idol to get him too Final three but strategically he made some stupid moves.  For one he should have played the Idol as soon as he got it and saved Nick.  If he saved nick and took out Aras Bruce would have joined his alliance and he would have had control of the Game.  Annother stupid strategic move he made was being so damned Arrogant and working Up Aras.  Why didn't he just sit back and enjoy his immunity wins without bragging about them and claiming he would keep winning.  Stupid move.  Then there was the whole continuous attempts to be with Dannielle he should have realised that wasn't going to work. 


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