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REALITY RED ALERT: Treasure Hunters on Monday? NO WAY!

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 :jam: The unthinkable has happened! Edmonton has SHUTOUT Carolina 4-0, meaning game 7 IS happening! So this is advanced notice that the 2nd episode of Treasure Hunters WILL NOT air Monday night, and in its place is the ultimate game 7 of the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals! Will the Oilers go all the way?

It will be the Stanley Cup on Monday, but not treasure... 
This is sure to be a RFF Reality TV Podcast topic on Wednesday...

That's Ok I will take a game 7 and let them rework the schedule for 1 week.  There is enough repeats on that this should not be a problem.  They could put 2 new episodes on the next Monday and still be on schedule.  I know that means they will probally have to air the first episode again but that also should not be a problem.

Next New Episode Next Monday June 26th.

Thanks CL , I can wait a week !

No problem.  Starts at 9pm EST.


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